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I. Choose the best asnwer.

Audy has won many awards recently. On the MTV Asia Awards earlier this year, she won
Favorite Artist for Indonesia. Audy is only 20 years old. Kevin met her in Bali late in 2003.
Audy was busily rehearsing for her appearance at Hard Rock Bali later that night. She was happy
to chat with Kevin even thought she was a little nervous about using English. Audy’s full name
is Paula Allodya Item and she is originally from Jakarta. She started singing when she was 17
years old. Audy’s first album or CD was called ‘Delapan Belas’.

In 2003, she won another MTV Award. It was called The Outstanding and Promising Young
Diva Award. One of Audy’s favorite artists is Christina Aguilera. Audy feels that she has unique
style and voice. As for Audy’s performance later that night, she planned to sing songs such as
‘Bila Saja’ and ‘Janji di Atas Ingkar’. Her English language song included ‘Bring Me to Life’
from Evanescence and ‘I’m with You’ from Avril Lavigne. Audy has many plans for the future
and some of those plans include continuing with her education. She plans to return to university
to study psychology.

1. Where did Audy win the prize?

a. MTV Top Hits
b. MTV Asia
c. MTV World
d. MTV The Most Wanted

2. What was the earliest album that Audy released?

a. Bila Saja
b. Janji di Atas Ingkar
c. Delapan Belas
d. Bring Me to Life

3. When did Audy win The Outstanding and Promising Young Diva Award?
a. 2004
b. 2003
c. 2002
d. 2001

4. Who is Audy’s idol?

a. Christ Patikawa
b. April Lavagne
c. Avril Lavigne
d. Christina Aguilera

5. What major does she want to study?

a. Psychology
b. Psychotherapy
c. Psychoanalysis
d. Psychiatric therapy
Grew up
Be interested in
A movie freak

6. Some tourists can … visiting mountains.

7. Agnes Monica started his … from a scratch.
8. Many actors become … because they have good acting.
9. Most successful people … that they work hard to get success.
10. Because Ari … in different country, he has some problems with his Bahasa Indonesia.
11. Swimming, jogging, and camping can be good … for you.
12. Besides having outdoor sports, some people prefer to have exercises in a …
13. The Indonesian … Contest held by a TV Program attracts people to participate it.
14. Because my Javanese …, I find it difficult to pronounce English words.
15. If he has time, he usually watches movies. He is really …

III. Read the text below and answer the questions that follow.

Pooh and the Honey Pot

Apart from seeing Piglet, there is nothing Pooh likes better than eating honey. So when Piglet
brought Pooh some honey one day and he was doubly happy! “Don’t eat all at once,” chuckled
Piglet, “Put it in a safe place in case a Heffalump comes along and tries to steal it!”

Piglet was only joking, of course, but Pooh was not taking any chances. He put the honey in a
safe place. Then he went to bed and fell fast asleep. But he began to dream that a Heffalump was
trying to steal his honey!

Pooh awoke with a surprise and ran to his cupboard. And the pot of honey was not there! “Oh,
no!” cried Pooh. “I was not dreaming! There really is a Heffalump here in my house!”

Making noises which he hoped would frighten the Heffalump, Winnie-the-Pooh looked under
the bed. Well, he did not find a Heffalump, but he did find his pot of honey! “Silly me!” he
laughed. “That’s where I put the honey to keep it safe! Still, a safer place would be in my
tummy!” So he ate the honey, and then fell asleep again.
16. What does Pooh like to eat?
17. How did Pooh feel when Piglet brought him honey?
18. What did Piglet suggest Pooh to do?
19. Where did Pooh put the honey?
20. What was the dream of Pooh?

This dialogue is for questions no 7-9

Lisa : “Hello, Sally, Have you read the announcement?”
Sally: “About what?”
Lisa : “I have jus told by Eric via SMS that you had passed the National Examination.
Sally : “Oh, really?”
Lisa : “Yes, you may read the SMS yourself, here you are.”
Sally : “Wow, thank you so much for telling me.”
Lisa : “Don’t mention it. I .... (7)”
Sally : “ ... (8) for saying so.”
Lisa : “...(9). So, where will you continue your study?”
Sally : “I still have no idea yet.”

21. a. congratulate on your graduation

b. congratulate on your achievement
c. am sorry to hear that
d. am so proud of you
e. like it
22. a. Don’t
b. Thank you very much
c. I’m happy
d. I’m really happy
e. I’m very proud
23. a. Okay
b. You’re welcome
c. Of Course
d. Yes, I do
e. Good Luck
24. is – fragrance – jasmine – the – hers – white
What is the correct arragement of the wrods above?
a. The white jasmine fragrance i shers.
b. White jasmine fragrance is the hers.
c. The fragrance white jasmine is hers
d. The hers is white jasmine fragrance
e. The fragrance is white jasmine hers
25. The following sentences are responses of congratulation, except....
a. thank you
b. thank you very much
c. it was really nothing
d. it’s nice of you to say so
e. no problem