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Date 26th August 2018

Subject: English
Class: 3 UIA
Time: 1015-1115
Number of pupils: 30
Focus: Listening and speaking
Theme: World of Knowledge
Topic: Where am I ?
Content Standards: 1.2 Able to listen and respond appropriately in formal and informal situation
for a variety of purposes
Learning Standards: 1.2.3 Able to give
(a) simple directions to places in school

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils will :

(i) able to understand simple directions taught

Teaching Aids: i) A big chart of the school plan

ii) A long pointer
iii) Pictures of school building
Cross Curricular I. Learning strategies/approaches/techniques: Communicative approach,
Elements Whole class,
ii. Multiple intelligences: Verbal Linguistics, kinesthetic, interpersonal.
iii. Moral values: confidence, teamwork and respect

Activity Content Notes Remarks
Set Induction (5 mins) CCTS:
1. Teacher shows the Multiple Intelligence: Knowledge
pictures of school i. Verbal Linguistics 1. Do you have
building to the know what
students. Learning Strategy/ building is this?
2. Teacher asks the Approach/Techniques: 2. Which one is
pupils to guess the i. Communicative Approach the place that
name of the building you always
showed. see?

Instructional Language Teaching Aids: Integrated

1. Do you know what i. Pictures of school building Skills:
building is this? and places in school. Listening
2. What is the name of Speaking
the place?
3. Which one is places
that you always go?
Presentation(15 mins) Multiple Intelligence: CCTS:
1. Teacher shows the i. Linguistic Analysis
chart of the school 1. What is the
plan. Learning strategies/ directions used
2. Teacher explains to techniques/approach: to go to a
the students the name i. Read aloud place?
of the places from the ii. Audio Lingual
school plan. iii. Repetition through drilling
3. Teacher will list the Integrated
name of the places on Teaching Aids Skills:
the whiteboard and the i. A big chart of the school Reading
students read aloud plan. Listening
the names. Speaking
4. Teacher will explain
the simple directions to Learning content:
go to any place in the Places in school
school plan. 1. Classroom
2. Toilet
3. Canteen
Instructional Language 4. Office
1. What is the name of 5. Staff room
this place? 6. Field
2. Which one is on the
left? Moral Values:
3. Do you know how to go Respect
to the canteen?

Practice (20 mins) Multiple Intelligences: Thinking Skills:

1. Teacher divide the students i. Verbal Linguistic Application
into five groups. ii. Intrapersonal 1. Use the
iii. Visual pointer to show
2. Teacher give each group a the way to go to
piece of paper that contains a Learning Strategies/Approach: the places.
3. Each group will get different Techniques: Integrated Skill:
situation. i. Brainstorming Listening
4. A representative from the ii. Communicative Approach Reading
group will be in front of the Writing
classroom and holding a Learning content:
pointer. Simple directions
5. The group will discuss on 1. Walk straight ahead
how to go to the destination. 2. Turn left
6. The group members will help 7. Turn right
to give directions to the 8. Laboratory is on the left
representative in front to go to 9. Staff room is behind the …….
their destination.
7. The representative will move
the pointer according to the
simple directions given by the Teaching Aids:
group members. i. Marker
ii. Pointer
Instructional Language: iii. Paper
1. Be in five groups. iv. A big chart of the school plan
2. Each group need to
send a representative Moral Value:
in front. i. Teamwork
3. You need to tell simple ii. Respect
directions to go to the
4. You can write the
simple direction on the
paper given.
Production(15 mins) Multiple Intelligence: Thinking skills:
1. Teacher give a clue on i. Intrapersonal Application
the places they must ii. Visual Synthesis
2. The students name the Learning strategies/ Integrated
place and make techniques/approach: Skills:
sentences on how to i. Making connections Writing
go to the places. Reading
3. Teacher will give a Teaching Aids:
worksheet to the i. Worksheet
Instructional Language
1. Name the places Moral Values:
based on the stimulus i. Respect
given. ii. Follow instructions
2. Write simple directions
on how to go to the
3. Teacher discuss the
answer for each
Closure (5 mins) Multiple Intelligence: Thinking Skills:
1. Teacher asks pupils i. Interpersonal Comprehension
about what they learnt.
2. Teacher asks the Moral Values:
students to voluntarily i. Teamwork
give some examples of ii. Confidence
simple directions. iii. Respect
3. Teacher tells the
students to cooperate
with each other in
order to solve a
Instructional Language:
1. Class, can you tell me what
is the simple direction that we
can use to show direction to a
particular place?
2. We should cooperate with
our friends and respect them
for example, we must listen to
them when they tell us