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Dennis Copeland, Ed. D.


Jackie Fik Michael LoRicco

Vice Principal Vice Principal

February 1, 2019

Letter of Recommendation for Lisa DiAgostino

Dear Colleague,

It is with pleasure that I recommend Lisa DiAgostino for an administrative position within your
organization. I have served as elementary principal and middle school principal with Lisa for
thirteen years. During this time, I have observed her growth from classroom teacher to the most
revered instructional leader/administrator in the Randolph School District.

Lisa consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning and a

proven track record working as a member of a collaborative team a both the building level and
district level. She demonstrates a commitment to the development and support of a learning
community that includes shared decision-making, school-based planning and implementation of
priorities that have been collaboratively developed and agreed upon.

Lisa has excellent interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, mediation, and facilitation

skills that are frequently modeled by fellow administrators and teaching staff members. She has
the ability to make difficult decisions and the courage to do what is best for students both
academically and emotionally. She demonstrates the ability to engage in effective dialogue with
district staff, parents and the broader community about education issues.

Lisa possesses and consistently demonstrates the attributes of a highly effective leader, and a
compassionate individual. Her expansive knowledge and experience extend from curriculum,
instruction, and assessment to professional development, and human resource management.

In the area of professional development, Lisa has led training of staff across multiple disciplines.
Effectively using both internal and external experts. Furthermore, she has planned and
implemented professional development that supports district and school goals, and department
In the areas of curriculum, instruction and assessment, Lisa has been nothing short of stellar. Her
leadership has included the auditing of existing curriculum for revision and implementation,
coupled with the development of new curriculum and courses that have enhanced student
offerings. Specifically, the use of essential questions in curriculum writing and lesson plan
development. Of particular note is her introduction, implementation and execution of the DBQ
(document-based question) format currently utilized in both the Randolph Middle School and
Randolph High School.

Further leadership consistently demonstrated by Lisa includes her spearheading our district
movement to expect “best practices for improving student achievement” from all teachers. This
has included her targeted focus on data driven instruction based on the work of Dan Venables
and the work of John Hattie. She has educated and steered the middle school staff on the
importance of transfer of learning goals, in conjunction with course capstone projects. Her
leadership with the Teachers College Reading & Writing Workshop Project enabled the
Humanities Department consisting of English and social studies teachers to successfully
transition to a more authentic learning experience for students.

Lisa’s knowledge, patience and ability to thoroughly comprehend and critique issues related to
human resource and personnel management is undeniably superb. She is a skilled tactician when
conducting formal and informal staff observations and evaluations. One of her greatest talents is
the identification and subsequent recommendation of staff for hire. Additionally, Lisa has a keen
eye for talent development of existing staff. Her ability to identify the gifts and talents of
individuals throughout the organization are impeccable. One recent example involves her
recommendation of a fifth grade teacher to become a seventh grade social studies teacher at
Randolph Middle School. I had professional reservations regarding the candidate, however four
years later the candidate quickly became a master teacher, role model, and respected member of
my staff. I have Lisa’s expert knowledge and foresight to thank for this teacher.

Lisa possesses the required skills to lead any district’s K-12 curriculum in the role of assistant
superintendent or curriculum director. I recommend Lisa without any hesitation or reservation.


Dennis Copeland

Dennis Copeland, Ed. D.