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Cup 1  Fundamentals of Maximum of 2 Open to all 1st yr BSA

Accounting participants per team students
 Financial Accounting and
Reporting 1

Cup 2  Philippine Taxation Maximum of 2 Open to all BS-

 Financial Accounting and participants per team Accounting Technology
 Advance Financial
Accounting 1
 Management Advisory
Services (Accounting

• Regulatory Framework
for Business Transactions

Cup 3  Financial Accounting and Maximum of 2 Open to all 4th year BSA
Reporting participants per team
 Philippine Taxation
 Auditing Theory
 Regulatory Framework for
Business Transactions
 Advance Financial
Accounting 1 and Business
 Management Advisory

Cup 4 • Financial Accounting Maximum of 2 Open to all 5th year BSA

and Reporting
participants per team students
• Philippine Taxation

• Auditing Theory and


• Regulatory Framework
for Business Transactions

• Advance Financial

 Management Advisory

1) The Accounting Cups is open to all bona fide BSA and BS-Accounting Technology students of
Holy Cross of Davao College.

2) Each team shall have (8) participants which consist of :

 (2) Accounting Technology Students

 (2) 1st Yr BSA students

 (2) 4th Yr BSA students

 (2) 5th Yr BSA students

3) Each competing member has the power to substitute only with his/her the same year level.
He/she will only be allowed to substitute before the question is given.

4) Contestants are advised to be at the designated place at least 30 minutes before the time

5) Late contestants are still allowed to join the competition. However, he/she shall no longer be
allowed to answer the questions he/she have missed.

6) Contestants shall be provided pieces of chalk, writing pad (Illustration Board) and eraser.

7) Questions will only be read once (1) by the quizmaster. Contestants can also view each
questions and choices in a power point presentation.

8) Contestants are only allowed to write down their answers or manipulate their calculators after
the quiz master says “GO”.

9) Each contestant should have written his/her answer on a board provided before the time
allotted has elapsed. The contestants must raise their answer board once the quizmaster
declares so. Any contestant who fails to comply will receive a warning and his answer may be
forfeited depending upon the decision of the assigned committee.

10) Contestants should write their answers clearly and legibly on the provided answer boards.

11) Before proceeding to the next question, contestants shall be given an allotted time of 10
seconds to raise a protest/clarification to the assigned committee, to request for chalks or to
change their calculator if it encounters a technical problem, or other concerns. After the
allotted time has elapsed, the quizmaster shall read the next question, and protest,
clarification, or any concerns shall no longer be entertained. Contestants should not erase
their answers during the 10-second time allotment to allow validation of their answers when
protests/clarifications are raised for that particular question.
12) Each cup has three (3) rounds, EASY, AVERAGE and DIFFICULT round; EASY round will have
eight (8) questions worth one (1) point for every correct answer; AVERAGE round will have
seven (7) questions with corresponding two (2) points for every correct answer; DIFFICULT
round, five (5) questions will be asked with corresponding five (5) points for every correct
answer. Total of twenty (20) questions per cup.

13) All points accumulated per participants per cup will be summed up. The team with the highest
score will be declared 1st placer, 2nd placer, and 3rd placer.

14) Any contestant caught cheating shall be disqualified in the competition.

15) In case of a tie at the end of the three rounds, tie breaker questions shall be asked until the
deadlock is broken. Tie breaker question/s shall have NO bearing on the cumulative score of
the contestants. Whoever gets the right answer and raises his answer board first shall be
declared the winner.