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Expressions of encouragement

This list includes expressions of encouragement or congratulations, currently used.

Some are literary or antiquated. They can be used in formal and informal
situations. The difference is that in the formal expressions one must use the
subjunctive, whereas one uses the imperative for the informal ones. In formal
situations we tend to use the third person singular or second person plural
pronouns while in informal situations we use the second person singular pronoun.
English expressions are only indicatives and are not necessarily used in the
same cases. In the column "Informal" we listed some expressions to use
only in informal situations.
Formal Informal English equivalent
Abbasso il ré! (o qualsiasi Down with the King (or
altra persona) anybody else)
- All'arrembàggio! Assault!
- All'attacco Attack!
- Basta! Stop it!
- Dacci déntro! Get down to it!
- Dacci sótto! Get down to it!
- Dai, dagli! Come on!
- Datti da fare! Get down to it!
- Datti una mossa! Move! Do something!
- Fai del tuo mèglio Do your best
- Felicitazióni Congratulations
- Métticela tutta! Do your best!
- Mòrte al tiranno Down with the tyrant
- Sìi sèrio/a! Be serious!
- Sótto a chi tócca! Next!
- Sótto! Go ahead!
- Stringi i dènti! Don't give up
- Su con la vita! Cheer up!
- Su! Come on!
Tócca a te! It's your turn!
- Vuòta il sacco! Spit it out!
Ànimo! - Cheer up!
Aspètti un momento! Aspètta un moménto! Wait a minute!
Aspètti! Aspètta! Wait!
Avanti! - Go on!
Beato/a (te, lui, lei) Beati/e
- Lucky you!
(voi loro)
Bèn détto! - Well said
Bèn fatto! - Well done
Bène - Good
Benedétto/a/i/e - Blessed!
Bravìssimo/a/i/e - Very good
Bravo/a/i/e - Bravo
Ché bravo/a/i/e! - That's good!
Compliménti! - Congratulations!
Congratulazióni - Congratulations
Coràggio! - Cheer up!
Evviva - Hurrah!
Fàccia presto! Fa prèsto! Hurry up!
Fàtevi ànimo! Fatti animo! Be strong!
Fàtevi coràggio! Fatti coraggio! Be strong!
Fòrza Roma! (o qualsiasi Go Rome! (or any other
squadra sportiva) sport team)
Fòrza! - Come on! Hurry up!
In bócca al lupo! (Risposta:
- Good luck!
In gamba! - Keep well!
Indietro! - Go back!
Mi aspètti! Mi aspèttino! Aspèttami! Aspettàtemi! Wait for me!
Non si pèrda d'ànimo, Non
Non pèrderti d'animo! Don't get discouraged
perdétevi d'ànimo
Non si butti giù Non buttarti giù Don't get discouraged
Orsù (lett.) - Come on!
Òttimo - Excellent!
Parli fòrte! Parla fòrte! Speak up!
Parli piano! Parla piano! Down!
Parlì! Parla! Speak out!
Prèsto! - Hurry up!
Rallegraménti! - Congratulations!
Si fàccia ànimo! - Don't get discouraged
Si fàccia coràggio! - Don't get discouraged
Si sbrighi! Sbrìgati! Hurry up!
Suvvìa (lett.) - Come on!
Tenéte duro! Tieni duro! Don't give up!
Vinca il miglióre! - May the best win!
Viva Garibaldi! (o qualsiasi
- Hurrah for Garibaldi!
altra persona)
Zitto/a/i/e - Quiet

I opened my email and read this from my

friend Jim:

"This is probably directly from God. I

had a long chat with Keith yesterday about
my need to be an encouragement to him.

Thank you for the thought and good ideas

on how to be what I need to be."

I had shared with Jim some of the simple

thoughts you are about to read. Then Jim
sent me his note.

You know what? I loved it!

Such a simple thing. "Just" a note.

I was encouraged.


I like to think of encouragement this way:

*"Encouragement is giving a moment of

sunshine to the soul of another person."

Just a moment of sunshine. Let me repeat

that: "just a moment."

Many times that is all we need, right? It

was a short note from my friend.

Very short.

I doubt if it took him more than five minutes

to write and less for me to read.

But it touched my heart.


The beauty of encouragement is that it can

be delivered in so many types of "packages."

It is as creative and thoughtful *as I am.*

I can send a note, say a kind word,
surprise someone with my own unique
"sunshine basket" as my wife calls them,
take an extra moment to "connect"
with a person by my smile,


You complete the rest!!

Remember: "just a moment."


It is not unique to any one person.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that each

one of us has the ability to make our
expression of encouragement *unique to us
and our situation.*

We all have a huge "encouragement bank"

from which we can withdraw to share with

What a wonderful gift!!


When you and I encourage others as a habit

we counter negativity, bitterness and

We bring hope, healing and comfort.

In short, we bring positive changes into

our world and the world of people around


Go ahead. Try it.

Just for today.

It doesn't matter if the one I choose to

encourage doesn't respond in the best
possible way.

It really doesn't.

The point is *I freely give it!*

Besides, it's neat to lay my head down on that

on that pillow at the end of the day and know
I have tried.


*"Encouragement is giving a moment of
sunshine to the soul of another person."

Got your moment of encouragement planned?

Remember , someone just like Lee may be sitting

at his computer waiting for that surprise
package you will deliver to him today!!