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T24 Versions


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Customized Screens


T24 Versions

Slide 2
Session - Objectives

• Identify the T24 Customization Scope

• Understand the need for Versions
• Learn to create a version
• Apply the additional features of a version
• Tabbed Screens in versions

Slide 3
Scenario - Need for Versions
Allen wants to deposit a Local Cheque in to his Cathy wants to deposit a foreign Cheque in to
account her account

The tellers have to fill in different

set of fields in the same application

A Customized Screen of TELLER

A Customized Screen of TELLER
application with fields specific
application with fields specific to
Foreign Cheques
Local Cheques

Slide 4
Versions – Views of an application

Actual Table

Customer Name Region No of Accounts in Transactions Account

No the region Last Month Balance

100297 Harry SFO 2 189 $6000

178677 Tony NY 3 234 $7800

Customer No Name Customer No of Accounts in Transactions Account

No the region Last Month Balance

100297 Harry 100297 2 189 $6000

178677 Tony 178677 3 234 $7800

View created for a Call Centre Analyst View created for a Manager

Slide 5
Need for Version?

• To allow users to only input and view what they need for that role
• Applications have a default view which displays all the fields and may confuse the
• To improve the look and feel of the system
• To Control the number of authorizers

Slide 6
What is a Version?

• Version is a customised screen in T24

• Allows you to default values in fields
• Allows you to hide non mandatory information
• Can be created for any application in T24
• Catalogued in VERSION application

Slide 7
Task - 1

 Create a version for the ACCOUNT application with the following fields
 Customer Number, Mnemonic, Currency and Category
 Version Heading “Temenos Training” must be displayed
 Records created using the version must be authorised by an authoriser

Slide 8
Step 1 - Create The Version

Slide 9
Step 2 – How do we invoke the version created?

Slide 10

• Create a version for the CUSTOMER application

• Name of the version CUSTOMER,XXX (XXX is your initial)
• Fields to be displayed in the version
• NAME.1

Slide 11
Task 2 – Version with Multiple Fields Per Line

 Create a version for the ACCOUNT application with the following fields
 Mnemonic, Customer Number, Currency and Category
 Mnemonic and Customer Number must be displayed on one line
 Currency and Category must be displayed on a line
 All fields must have user defined field labels

Hint: COLUMN must be specified when multiple fields must be displayed in one line

Slide 12
Task 2 – Version with Multiple Fields Per Line

• Specify Column in which Field must

be displayed
• Specify the Text to be displayed
beside the field
• Table Column – NoInput field
populated to show length and start-
position of the field being defined
• Table Line –Line in which this field
will be displayed

Slide 13
Manipulating field Display in Version

Adding blank

Field Display - Before Formatting

Field Display - After Formatting

Slide 14
Version – Additional Configuration

Set No of Authorizers

Set a field as No Input

Set a field as No Change

Default values in a field

Replace Old content of a field

Set a field as mandatory

Slide 15

 Amend the previously created version so that

 A value 1001 is defaulted in the field SECTOR

 Make SECTOR a NOINPUT field

 A value IN is defaulted in the field NATIONALITY if the previous available value is


 Make CUSTOMER.STATUS a mandatory field

 Ensure that the value of ACCOUNT OFFICER is not changed once the customer
record is authorized.

Slide 16
Zero – Auth Versions

 Referred to as ‘Comma’ versions Create Record

Commit / Save
 Some of the default comma Versions in T24,

 Records created using comma versions are self authorized.

 In all comma versions the NO.OF.AUTH field is set to 0(zero).

 Use VERSION, from now on to create your versions .

Slide 17
Tabbed Screens in Versions

 A list of VERSIONs can be associated with the current VERSION in the form of
 These associated versions must relate to the same application as the version
being input

Slide 18
Rekey field in Version

• Rekey is a feature which forces authorizer to rekey values during authorization

• Rekey fields data are hidden during authorization

• The Rekey count is recorded in the application EB.REKEY.RETRIES

• Maximum number of incorrect rekeys allowed is set in SPF

Did you know that an

authorizer must
re-enter some values
during authorisation in a
version ?

Slide 19
Using Re-key field – Illustration

The Bank wants the Head Teller to re enter

values of Debit Amount and Debit A/C no when
any transaction is input using the version

The teller inputs a


The Head Teller opens

the transaction to
authorize . The Rekey
fields are hidden

Slide 20
Using Re-key field – Authorisation of a record

The Head Teller

authorizes the record .
The Rekey fields are

During authorization, system prompts the Error will be shown if the values keyed during
HEAD TELLER to re-enter value in the rekey authorization do not match the values that were
fields input.

Slide 21

True / False

1. FUNDS.TRANSFER,INPUT can be given as the associated version for


2. The field NO.OF.AUTH is set 2 in the version, now when you authorise a
record created using the version, it moves to LIVE status

3. If the value for the field FIELDS.PER.LINE is set to one in the version, COLUMN
field becomes mandatory

4. In version values can be defaulted into fields using the field


5. The value of a NOCHANGE field can be amended for a LIVE record

Slide 22
A review of Versions in T24

• Versions are user defined screens and can be created for any application in

• A version should always complement the functionality provided by an

application and not overrule it.

• Using a version you can input records , only when all the mandatory fields of
the application are part of your version.

• The number of authorizers can be set to 0,1 or 2 in a version

• Special field properties like NOINPUT, NOCHANGE, MANDATORY can be set

using versions.

• Rekey field in VERSION enables enhanced verification by the authorizer in the

Banking System

Slide 23

You can now

• Appreciate the need for Versions in T24
• Create simple versions in T24
• Apply additional features in versions such as NOINPUT, NOCHANGE,
• Create associated versions

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