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What exactly is The Art of LIVING in practical terms?...

The Social Architecture to Orchestrate a Global Paradigm Shift!

Our equivalent of lifting the great stones, The Art of LIVING Social Architecture is designed to
usher in a Creative Relational Worldview with the consistency necessary to supersede the
prevailing paradigm - thereby creating a steady-state awareness for our higher human nature
and enhancing our capacity to live our lives, sourced in this awareness.

"Where the architect designs physical space, the social architect

designs social space...The social architect's task is to create the space
for people to act on what matters to them." - Peter Block

ⓒ Frankie Lee Slater, founder, The Art of LIVING Coalition

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The Art of LIVING ~ Social Architecture
“True Freedom comes from
understanding How we Create.”
– Frankie Lee

Social Architecture – Defined

TAOLiving Social Architecture

Take Consciousness Mainstream ~ through Media, Events and Lifelong Learning

Our Experiential Style ~

Creating a Living Model in and as our lives - seeded, nurtured

and organically grown over 30 years; synthesized, refined
and systemized according to Natural Living Systems

Weaving The Art of LIVING Story

Orchestrating a Global Paradigm Shift to

a Creative......................Relational......................Worldview
(The Art of LIVING) (Circles Uniting)

Documenting and Narrating the Process as we go - to bring exponential value

Macro-Micro ~ Grid-Principles

Macro ~ Creating Environments

* includes Power of Context

Micro ~ Dynamics of Human Perception & How We Create

* includes Artist of LIFE Identity

Evolving the Models

Paradigm ~ Social Activist Concert ~ Methodology ~ True Participation

TV Newsmagazine ~ Conferences ~ Blueprints ~ Diplomacy ~ Activism

Feminine Principles brought into Balance with the Masculine

The Art of LIVING Nomenclature ~ Universal Language

Expanding on the Language of “creativity” and “art” to include all of Life

artist of life, apprentice, curator, patron, salons, Renaissance, orchestrate,
choreograph, Circles Uniting as cultural exchange and diplomacy...

Sacred Geometry of Creation ~ the Blueprints

For This New Era & Who We Are Together...

“It is easier to enhance creativity by changing conditions in the

The Art of LIVING environment than by trying to make people think more creatively.”
- Mihali Csikscentmihaly, author of Flow
The Art of LIVING models draw on over 30 years in-depth exploration in the following fields:
experiential learning, early childhood development, and adventure play; neuroscience, the
workings of the subconscious mind, quantum physics, natural living systems, and free energy as
it applies to human relationship; global media and communications; human excellence, neuro-
linguistic programming, language sculpting and the power of influence; cultural diplomacy, non-
violent communication and soft power; esoteric and indigenous practices and the structure of
ritual; the beauty way, feminine principles and leadership; the mystery teachings of the ages
including cosmic cycles, earth grids, sacred geometry and other symbolic language, the power of
storytelling, sound and music; radiant health, and vibratory healing methodologies. Here’s one
model that hints at the subtleties brought to bear...


Hierarchical, “us and them” orientation. Exalting Relational orientation, that affirms connection,
authority figures, power over, and the supposedly authenticity and power with. Recognizing and
rare individual who is creative. Celebrity driven to affirming that it’s in everyone to be an artist of
rats-in-a-maze, placing people on pedestals & life, while providing the skills and awareness to
knocking them off. consciously co-create our lives and a world that
works for everyone.
Conducting interviews “about,” with an emphasis Modeling what is possible, while associating
on human doingness. people into the experience right along with us,
with an emphasis on human beingness.
Focus on problems that need to be fixed. Focus on creativity as our essential human
nature, and upping our skill level at living and
working together as the pathway to our higher
human destiny..
Reportage and cattle-prod journalism that pokes Asking different questions, specific to how we
and prods, largely focused on our baser human are moved to create; making accessible the
nature, for shock value. Stating opinions about universal principles to unlock people’s greater
“the way things are” as if truths, thereby breeding human capacities and empower them to create
resignation, resentment and even more opinions. what they care to create.
Audience members as passive observers, at best Active participants, applying the principles in
inspired while still sitting on the couch, and pseudo their lives with noticeable results, becoming
participating by voting for the next big winner on aware of their essential gifts, stepping in and up
their iPhone. together, contributing beyond themselves.
Traditional television and cross-platform bound. Transmedia -- providing the story experience
across platforms and formats, current and
emergent technologies, and in the press.

and several more of The Art of LIVING models, in brief...


Mostly Yang, Top 100 driven, high participation on Large-scale ritual-based, world music driven,
the part of the organizers, mostly low stake, “as if ” experiential events simulcast so people the
engagement (in the stated cause) on the part of world over can gather their circles and
everyone else - attending, signing checks, voting on participate from wherever they are.
smart phones.
One-off event, that came and went, inadvertently Ongoing - season-to-season, region-to-region -
feeding into the cynical mind, “yeah, but where is it allowing humanity to once again be in sync with
now? the natural rhythms of the cosmos; creating a
consistency of awareness for our essential
connection and creativity (not a concept about,
but the experience of).
Asking the deeper question, ”What if there’s
something right about our being here together?” since
we are! The greater promise of our time lies in
our making the perceptual shift to “we’re only,
ever and always connected” and creating our lives
and world, sourced in this awareness.


Triage orientation, focused on problems to solve, Going “up river” and teaching people to be good
wrongs and wrong doers, attempting to get outside river rafters - empowering them with subtle
distinctions in co-creativity and the natural
authorities to respond, and going up against when
living systems of which we are a part!
they don’t.
ex. Beauty Way approach with OCEANEA:
Message from the Great Mother fine art
photography series - "to know her is to love her"... 



Talking heads, talking about, to a mostly passive Immersive experiences to energize Hubs in
audience in especially cold rooms designed to keep major centers around the world - where
everyone alert. participants come playing themselves, for Real!

~ by Frankie Lee Slater

We are standing on a precipice I’ve been able to make visible the this conditioned belief,
between worlds that is as profound actual dynamics and principles of masquerading as if real.
as when we thought the world was human perception and how we Until we put consciousness front
flat and discovered it is round. create – in a very practical, mystical and center, become literate at a
Humanity is awakening to the way, capable of informing and dynamic level, inclusive of the
greater truth of our connection. enhancing every sector of human invisible world as well as the
society. visible, we’re pretty much just
We can go kicking and screaming, tilting at windmills like Don
as we’ve pretty much been doing, I’m in the process of compiling my Quixote and his little sidekick
spouting our small world assertions circle diagrams into a book called, Sancho Panza.
that life on earth would be so much “The Little Book of Circles: A
better if it weren’t for those “other” Handbook for Co-Creativity of a But when we make this perceptual
people. Higher Order” and am utilizing shift, and affirm connection not as a
them myself, as blueprints for the concept nor a place to get to from
Or we can embrace the greater truth design and implementation of this other place called “separation,”
of our connection and promise of CIRCLES UNITING Global. but as an essential truth, oh my
our time – by affirming relationship, goodness what a wealth of
and upping our capacity to live and possibilities will avail themselves to
work together. us, that are already present when we
This is the purpose of my designing
CIRCLES UNITING to serve as a I’d like to offer a challenge here –
local to regional to global cultural as a way for you to take what I’ve
exchange, growing it organically distinguished into action and have
and documenting the story to assist an experience for yourself. For 48
the peoples of the earth in finding hours, make affirming connection
our way together. the compass to navigate your life –
for every action you take, every
While we can all too easily present conversation you participate in, with
a social self out in the world, our yourself as well as others. Be
deeper feelings, beliefs and patterns rigorous in your commitment,
reveal themselves, raw and keeping track of the subtle shifts as
apparent, in the basic day to day well as the more blatant ones, and of
of living together. how the course of your life flows as
a result. And let me know how it
The diagram pictured here is one of This one is called “The goes.
a series I found myself sketching out Misperception of Separation
quite naturally over the course of Tornado” and is foundational to all * this article was published on
my deep dive living in the most the rest. The premise, quite simply, LinkedIn Pulse in 2015. As of June
intimate of spaces with people – the is that all the so-called problems we 2018, the Circles Uniting Gypsy
home. Hosted in more than 130 good-hearted, well-intentioned Road Tour has exceeded seven
homes throughout California and people are working to “solve,” are years, and over 200 households who
Oregon over the five year span of actually symptoms of a basic have generously welcomed me to
my CIRCLES UNITING Gypsy misperception that has us seeing move in with them and share the
Road Tour, and hundreds more on separation as a truth, when we are intimacy of Home...
four continents. only, ever and always connected.

By intuitively drawing out what I Hunger, war, environmental

was seeing when circumstances degradation, the tendency to make
arose, utilizing the circles, spirals one another wrong and assume ill
and svastikas, considered to be the intent even in those we love and
feminine forms of sacred geometry, care for. All of it is hinged off of

The Art of LIVING Mystery School

Every great civilization on Earth - from the Egyptian Nile to

the Greek Isles, the High Himalayas to the Americas - had
what were called Mystery Schools. It is here that the men
and women who were the lifeblood of these civilizations -
the philosophers and the poets, the astronomers and the
mathematicians, the playwrights and the artists - evolved
and imparted their legacies of wisdom. Here generation
after generation learned about the living of a life, the
mystery and power of creation, the inner world as well as
the outer.

I founded The Art of LIVING Coalition to serve this

purpose today - to share our experiences and reflections on
living the awakened life. We are making ourselves
available as allies...helping navigate the waters of
complexity...reconnecting humanity to the Mystery and
Miracle of Life we all share...and bringing everyone
forward in this new millennium where the exclusivity that
too often served to maintain "power over" is transformed
into a greater accessibility for and "power with" all people.

Ours is an era unlike any other, a time when the wisdom of

the ages, of all of time and creation is available. Here lies
the promise of the mature information age - of a time held
in potentia for eons, spoken of by saints and sages - when
the rainbow people, yellow, black, red and white, come
together and live as One. The solutions to all of our ills are
here right now, as are the essentials for everything we have
ever dreamed to be or do. This can be that time long
prophesied, when we choose - the time of the Awakened
Human. It is up to us to rise to the occasion.

Frankie Lee