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Erna Joy Tarinay ValdezSeptember 28, 2016BSED IV-Unitn 

$" i %a" readin  t&e Bata" 'amban"a Bl ( 2)2 and *a na +arta or '!bli# S#&oolTea#&er", a ta! &t
#ome" in my mind  .&at /ind o  tea#&er, %ill i be#ome  $m i  oin  to be a  ood one  $ %or"t  $  ood
or not&in  I" it t&at &ard to be#ome a tea#&er Sin#e, i %a"n t dreamt to be#ome one(So, &ere my
re le#ton oe", Bata" 'amban"a Bl ( 2)2, +&apter 1, Se#( 

Aid andsupport the natural right and duty of parents in the rearing of the youth through theeducatonal

I 3e  ro%n !p %it& t&e ta! &t t&at my tea#&er i" my "e#ond parent, b!t %&y t&ere are tea#&er" %&o
"lapped t&eir "t!dent %&en t&ey didn t  et t&eir le""on"  .&y "tll t&ere are tea#&er" %&o point
in e r" to t&eir "t!dent" %&en t&ey are noi"y  .&yt&ere are tea#&er" t&at,in"tead o  #orre#tn  t&eir
"t!dent" , t&ey p!t t&em do%n, %&ent&ey #ommit "imple mi"ta/e"  It i" %ritten t&at,

the right to the issuance of ofcial certfcates  diplomas transcript of records  grades  transfer
credentals and other similar documents!ithin thirty days from re"uest.

.&y my ormer "#&ool a3e my tran"#ript o  re#ord"more or le"" 60 day" !pon my re4!e"t 

Parents shall #e o#liged to ena#le their children to o#tain elementary educatonand shall stri$e to ena#le
them to o#tain secondary and higher educaton in thepursuance of the right formaton of the youth.

.&y t&ere are lot" o  "t!dent %&o " not#apable o ini"&in  t&eir elementary ed!#aton 
T&eir "e#ondary and &i &er ed!#aton Some o  !" "ay "  e5pen"i3e t!iton ee", t&ere are lot"
o t&in" t&at m!"t prioritze ir"t beore ed!#aton and many more e5#!"e" (

E%ert his utmost to de$elop his potentalites for ser$ice  partcularly #yundergoing an educaton
suited to his a#ilites in order that he may #ecome an assetto his family and to society.

St!dent", no%aday", 7!"t "t!dy to pa"" t&e e5am, not to!nder"tand t&e #on#ept( Some people are
"#&ooled b!t not ed!#ated(I really don t /no% &o% %ill I "tart t&i" re le#ton paper, b!t a" i %a"
readin t&e la%,lot" o 4!e"ton popped o!t in my mind( .&y  $nd &o%( I admire tea#&er %&o %ill
mar/ t&eir "t!dent" &eart ater ini"&in t&eir "t!dy( T&e tea#&er %&o %ill i3e in"piraton
tot&eir "t!dent" to p!"& &arder or t&eir oal" in lie( T&e tea#&er %&o %ill to!#& e3ery"t!dent
&eart"( T&e tea#&er %&o %ill, remain a tea#&er o!t"ide t&e #la""room(To t&o"e !t!re tea#&er li/e
me, %e %ill oin to tea#& 6 &o!r" a day, a##ordin  to*a na +arta or '!bli# S#&ool tea#&er
Se#( 1), let" all &a3e paten#e "in#e, t&ere are not%o "t!dent" are t&e "ame, %e %ere oin  to "#&ool
to tea#&, to impart /no%lede and"&are e5perien#e" %it& t&e "t!dent"( It i" a #&allen e or !" to
tea#& in a m!lt#!lt!ral#la""room %&erein t&e "t!dent" may #ome rom di erent ba#/ ro!nd" and
ra#e(T&etea#&in implementaton need" an appropriate "trate y t&at %o!ld "!it t&e
neededmot3aton o t&e "t!dent"($ mid"t t&e di3er"ity o  t&e learner", it i" a m!"t or !" a" a !t!
re tea#&er t&at %&ene3er %e tea#&, %e m!"t en"!re t&at all o  t&e learner" %ill learnand a#4!ire /no
%lede rom o!r "!b7e#t( It i" important or !" to /no

An Act Insttutng a framework of Governance for Basic Educaton, Establishing Authority and
Accountability, Renaming the Department of educaton, Culture and Sports as the Department of
educaton and for other Purposes. This Act shall be known as the ''Government of Basic Educaton Act of


R.A. 9155 is an act insttutng a frame work of governance for basic educaton, establishing authority and
accountability, renaming the Department of Educaton, Culture and Sports as the Department of
Educaton and for other purposes. The Act is known as "Governance of Basic Educaton Act of 2001."
During the assembly the declaraton of policy of the state to protect and promote the right of all citzens
to quality basic educaton and to make such educaton accessible to all Filipino children a free and
compulsory educaton in the elementary level and free educaton in the high school level was made.
Alternatve Learning Systems was also reiterated for out of school youth and adult. The goal of basic
educaton is to provide students and learners with skills, knowledge and values they need to become
caring, self reliant, productve and patriotc citzens. Governance of basic educaton shall begin at the
natonal level; it is at the regions, divisions, schools and learning centers.

The State shall encourage local initatves for improving the quality of basic educaton. The State shall
ensure that the values, needs and aspiratons of a school community are reflected in the program of
educaton for the children, out-of-school youth and adult learners. Schools and learning centers shall be
empowered to make decisions on what is best for the learners they serve.