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 Having 4+ years of experience in JIRA, Confluence, Crowd, Fisheye & Crucible,

Bitbucket, Agile, Service Desk Support, Bamboo Administration. including 1
year of LINUX Administration experience.

Professional Summary
 4+ years IT extensive experience in JIRA, Confluence, Crowd, Fisheye, Agile, Service
Desk Support, Bamboo Administration.

 3 years of experience in JIRA Administration, Analysis, Design, Development, Project

management, agile methodologies, Collaboration tools, Continuous integration.

 3 years of Experience working with JIRA management tools, Crucible and confluence
pages development.

 3 years Experience working with Continuous integration builds server configurations and

 I have very good exposure in Jira, Confluence, Crowd, Bit bucket, FishEye installation,
configuration, up gradation, migration from Windows to Linux environment.

 I have upgraded from Jira 6.4.4 to 7.0.0

 I have upgraded from Jira 7.0.0 to 7.2.4

 Migrated from Oracle Database to MY SQL Server

 Implemented post function in advance workflows

 Integrated Jira with AD and Crowd, Also old Jira instances

 Experience to administer Software Planner ALM for requirements management.

 Experience providing training to development teams on how to track, plan and analyze using

 Conducted trainings for teams on team collaboration and effective use of confluence.

 Preparing documentation plan, estimating work, and assigning work to the team.

 Expert in using creating stories and reports like JIRA.

 Mentor, coordinator and leadership roles in creation and execution of Software


 Extensively worked in Scrum environment with active involvement in daily meetings.

 Test applications in Agile and Waterfall development process.

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 Expert in developing various test plans and test cases from user stories.

 Actively participated in Scrum meetings, reviews and developed test scenarios.

 Back-end testing of Oracle, SQL server.

 Assisted Scrum team in preparing the Sprint backlog.

 Demonstrated abilities with scripting languages, setting up testing environments, creating test
suites, and working with databases.


 Developing application by customizing fields, permission and workflow.

 Create customized Dashboards for teams.

 Create team specific Agile process flow in JIRA to move tasks from one activity to

 Installation and configuration of continuous Integration servers.

 Investigated various products from Atlassians JIRA.

 Integration of Tempo Time Tracking Tools in JIRA.

 Developing customized workflow for transaction parallel approval.

 Built templates and dashboards for customized views of the data specific to each group
and line of business.

 Validated best business practices and rules to implement with the new model along
with appropriate user approvals and sign-off.

 Helping Scrum master across the company to customize JIRA for their requirements.

 Data Management: DB configuration, Site backup, configuration of attachments,

Data import and Export.

 Configuration of email notifications on status change.

 Configuration for automatic issue creating through mail, customize status etc.

 Coordinate projects and participate in training programs and workshop for personal

Education Qualification

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 Graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) from
N.B.K.R Institute of Science and Technology (2014) .

Professional Experience

 Working as an Jira Administrator in UST GLOBAL, Noida from Oct 2017 to Aug 2018
 Worked as a Jira Administrator in IBM since July 2014 to Sep 2017

Roles & Responsibilities:-

 Managing and checking the overall server health and functionality.
 Monitoring JIRA disk space usage.
 Analyzing and reporting upon JIRA usage and activity.
 Regular review, clean-up, management and configuration of JIRA accounts and work
closely with the different teams like LDAP, Network, and Infrastructure.
 Setting up alerts and enforcing policies
 Train Business leads with the new JIRA functionalities
 I have very good exposure in Shell scripting using BASH, CShell & Groovy
 I have certified in ITIL V3
 Very good exposure in DC and DR implementation
 I have implementation Nagios, CACTI and SPLUNK
 Installed and tested various plug ins/add-on’s
 Checking for operating system, and JIRA patches and cumulative updates and work with
DBA's to apply patches on Oracle environment.
 Provide direction and assistance to staff members to complete daily responsibilities and
roles / providing technical Support
 Communicate effectively with customers and clients to create strong professional client
 Create complex JIRA workflows including project workflows, field configurations, screen
schemes, permission schemes and notification schemes in JIRA.
 Manage user permissions to tools according to the needs of projects and teams.
 Lead and provide technical assistance and/or training in using JIRA and Confluence and
other tools as identified.
 Work closely with other teams to define best practices for using lab tools across the
organization and company.
 Test new versions of the tools and plug-ins to ensure compatibility.
 Researches and utilize industry methods and techniques.
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Project Details

Project Name AIRTEL Team Size 3

Parent Company :
Start Date and Wo
End Oct 2017 To Aug 2018 rke UST GLOBAL
date d

Total Duration
(month 10 months Client Name AIRTEL
The main objective of the system is to provide ease system to the end user by which
there Will be timely delivery of the good service to the customer, sales services can be
Easily done. The modules in this project are Payment bank, Post-paid, Prepaid,
Pricing &invoicing.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Role &
 Installing Jira in Linux environment
 Installing required API and verifying the modules are working fine.
 Creation of new Jira Projects
 Responsible for creating new users and groups in Jira
 Configuring Issue Types for the Jira Projects.
 Managing Issue type screens
 Responsible for creation of custom workflows and adding post functions when
 Responsible for configuring custom fields for the requested issues types in the
Jira projects
 Re-indexing the Jira instance when required
 Trouble shooting Jira user issues
 Providing solutions and resolving them based on SLA
 Importing issues from other environments such as from CVS files and Bugzilla
to Jira Projects
 Responding to incoming requests and inquiries for new tools and workflow
 Provided technical assistance for work administration of users, related
modifications and archival of projects.
 Creating Tempo Teams and adding requested users.
 Creating Project permission schemes and Providing required permissions
based on the requests
 Configuring Notification scheme and adding requested people to be notified for

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Issue events Reported performance related issues to management by analysis

Project 2:

Derivative Order Management System

Project Name (DOMS) Team Size 4

Start Date and Parent Company :
March 2016 – Sep 2017 or
ke IBM

Total Duration Deutsche Bank, USA

(month 1 year 7 months Client Name

 DOMS is Derivative Future and Option exchange traded application. sales

trader trades client orders on a derivative exchange and reports the fills back
to client and booking and allocating the order as per client instructions and the
Description information is fed down to clearing. Clients may send orders for execution in a
different region. The local sales trader forwards such orders to a remote
trading desk, which also uses DOMS. Client order placement using FIX
 Worked in 24/7 Production support
 Preparing succession of build by replicating of build data from original site to
workplace using Jenkins build tool
 Creation of new Jira Projects
 Responsible for creating new users and groups in Jira
 Managing Issue type screens
 Responsible for creation of custom workflows
Role &  Managing Jira – Issue Types with specified custom fields
Contribution  Providing permissions to the users for Confluence Wiki Pages
 Tracking timesheet TEMPO for each issue for reporting
 Resolving tickets based on SLA (Service Level Agreement)
 Maintaining backup in DEV environment.
 Prepared projects, dashboards, reports and questions for all JIRA related
 Providing required permissions to the users based on the request.

Project 3:

Project Name AXA Life Insurance Team Size 8

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W Parent Company :
Start Date and
End July 2014 – Feb 2016 IBM

Total Duration
Barathi AXA General
(month 1 year 7 months Client Name

 Bharti AXA Life is a life Insurance player that was started in 2006. It brings
together strong financial expertise of the Paris-headquartered AXA Group and
Bharti Enterprises - one of India's leading business groups with interests in
telecom, financial services, and retail. The joint venture has a 74% stake from
Bharti and 26% stake from AXA .The company launched national operations
in December 2006. Today, Bharti AXA Life has a national footprint of
distributors trained to provide quality financial advice and insurance solutions
to the large Indian customer base.
 Bharti AXA Life offers a range of innovative products and services that cater to
specific insurance and wealth management needs of customers.

 Responded to incoming requests, inquiries, troubleshooting and enhancement

support for all JIRA and Confluences services.
 Responded to all incoming questions and inquiries related to JIRA
 Created projects, dashboards, reports and questions for all JIRA related
Role &  Customized screens, workflow procedures and reports for JIRA.
Contribution  Provided troubleshooting and enhancement support for all JIRA and
Confluence services.
 Developed and maintained RMS website
 Assessed and analyzed RMS programs, projects, processes and other
 Provided monthly and yearly management reports to be used in quarterly
compliance reports as input to the Board of Regents


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Programming Languages HTML, Core java, Groovy scripting and CSS

Operating System Windows (All Versions),Linux.

Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, Jira agile, Confluence, Fisheye &
Tools /DB/Packages Crucible, Bamboo, GIT, SVN, MYSQL, ITIL Management, SQL Server
2008,Oracle 9i/10g

Version Control Tools GIT, SVN, GITHUB and CVS

Application Servers Tomcat 8.5,Jboss and Web logic

Personal Information

Passport Number Gender Male

Date of Birth 10/06/1993 Age 25

Hobbies Marital Status Single

Email Mobile No +91-6305538036

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