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SUPPLEMENT TO ~ The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast with Elizabeth Peru
The trusted source since 2003

YOUR 2019 YEAR AHEAD GUIDE: Welcome to The Year of Soul’s Abundance


Each year, as we look ahead with promise and renewed passion at the energy and
potential before us, there comes a sense of excitement and inner knowing that we
can choose our destiny over the coming twelve months. It’s as though we
instinctively feel that we can clear the slate and begin again, much like we did when
we were born into this world and current lifetime. And indeed, as we begin our
journey into 2019, we enter a year that will carry us over the threshold into a new era
of consciousness arriving in 2020 – the heralding in of the cosmic age of Aquarius.


As we transition out of 2018, the 11 Master Year of World Service, that asked us to
step up to the plate of our life and prove our worth, while activating our innate
potential, we have been forever altered and up-shifted. Soul upgraded in a major
way in 2018. Maturity was our gift for our efforts applied and with good reason. For
as we move throughout 2019, a ‘3 Universal Year’ for the planet, we’ll need all of our
entrepreneurial skills to be applied on a daily basis.


Where 2018 was a master year for the planet (an 11 year (2+0+1+8=11), 2019 is the
3 year (2+0+1+ 9=12) and 1+2= 3. It’s also the final year of the teens for another
century, suggesting that we enter a new level of adulthood, as the 20’s unfold.


The energy of a 3-universal year is one of the soul’s ultimate expression. We’re
asked to exude our full capacity to give and attract abundance and hence I’m
naming this year – ‘The Year of Soul’s Abundance’.

2019 will see us focus on integrating head and heart, personality and soul – knowing
who we are as authentic communicators of the light. It’s a year where we need to be
physically present and aware to make the most of the opportunities on offer.

In 2019, our key life themes are:

• Creativity
• Self-expression
• Performance
• Abundance
• Social Expansion
• Playfulness
• Self-Doubt
• Discipline
• Artistic Endeavours
• Communication Excellence
• The pursuit of fun and adventure
• Supporting causes
• Patience
• Resilience

As you look over this list of key life themes for 2019, what does the potential energy
say to you? What key theme strikes to your heart?

For indeed, 2019 is a year where expanding our horizons, taking risks and leading
with our heart, with soul out in front, will be all-important.

This is the year that leads us into 2020, a new decade and one where significant
planetary alignments herald in the long-awaited ‘Age of Aquarius’. What we do with
our life in 2019 matters – a lot – to the planet and our future as a collective society of
spiritual beings.


I find the vibration of numbers fascinating and accurate in pinpointing the path that
our life takes and the possibilities that we can create. When we delve into the
deeper meaning behind numbers, we find that the universe mathematically and
precisely guides and predicts our life and upcoming energy trends.

Numbers are like date stamps that are imprinted upon us, particularly the day that
we’re born. We carry the energy of our ‘birth day’ around with us for a lifetime.
Numbers offer an insight into the very fabric of the universe and help explain our
hidden drives and motivations, as well as those of our family and friends.

For indeed, even though we’re infinite souls born of the spiritual dimension, we
inhabit a physical body and are choosing to partake of physical experiences, part of
which involves operating under a human designed calendar system. This system
gives a numerical value to each day.

How to calculate your LIFE PATH NUMBER

Add together every digit in your full date of birth.

For example, if you were born on April 4, 1982, add each number together…

0 + 4 + 0 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 28

Then add each digit of the total value to get down to a single digit.
2 + 8 = 10

Your Life Path number is 1

If your Life Path is a Master Number

If your Life Path number adds to a double digit (i.e. 11) then it becomes a Master
Number and Master Life Path. You then have two possible life paths to lead, the
everyday path of your single digit number, plus the higher potential of your master
number path.

As well as looking at the meaning of your single digit or double digit Life Path
number, also look at the digits which make it up.

For example, if you have a 28/1 Life Path, then look up the meanings for 2, 8 and 1.
They will all be relevant to you.

1: The initiator. 1 is here to stand in their power and follow through with their
inspirational ideas and unique, creative ability. They’re born motivators, leaders,
pioneers and promoters of others. 1 is the ideas person, being independent,
influential and inventive. They can often shy away from the limelight and allow
others (they have nurtured) to take credit for what they themselves have crafted
from the sidelines. This can eventually lead to 1 feeling that they haven’t lived for
themselves. Their greatest challenge is to do things for themselves and step out of
their other comfort zone and be fully responsible for what they desire to create. It’s
also important for 1 to see projects through from beginning to completion. They’re
hugely energetic with strong mental energy and will power. They can often desire
their own way and later feel sorry if they’ve hurt others in their need to get their ideas
heard. Hence, they can often come off as selfish, dominating and moody. They don’t
like to be told what to do and can become very defiant. Learning empathy for others
is a growth lesson for 1, as is standing on their own two feet and learning to be
diplomatic. Meditation helps them to connect with empathy and the universal flow. At
heart, 1 is a genius who urges us all to achieve our best. They are great to have on
your side.

2: The peacemaker. 2 is such a gentle, passive and peace loving soul who also has
the inner depth, understanding and strength of a lion. Never underestimate 2, they’re
powerful. 2 loves sharing their feelings and information in intimate, one to one
relationships. They’re psychic, tactful and born diplomats. They go in deep and find
the mind and what makes us tick hugely fascinating. They have a great love of
nature and need to be amongst animals and plants to feel more like themselves.
Staying indoors too long damages a 2 and their sensitive energy field. As the
peacemaker, they’re often put into situations that are out of balance. 2 brings in
harmony and resolution and hence, they can be born into heavy birth families with
many issues and problems that 2 often feels responsible for fixing.

It’s important for 2 to know that their physical presence alone is often enough to heal
people who are in discord. Some people will love 2 and others will not. There tends
to be no middle ground. It’s important that 2 doesn’t take on the judgments of others.
2 needs to cultivate a definite purpose in life.

Being a peacemaker, they’re often stirring others and will agitate to get to true
peace. Hence, they’ll always be the button pushers, perhaps without even knowing
it. 2 loves healing and the release from pain.

3: The performer. 3 is bright, playful, humorous, fun loving, creative and artistic. A
fantastic communicator, they’re enthusiastic, enjoying pleasure and all things
‘entertainment’. They adore good company and come alive in the presence of like-
minded souls whom they can inspire, teach and perform for. As children, they tend
to be outspoken and may continue to use this quality well into adult years, provided
that they haven’t been stifled in youth. Their greatest challenge is self-doubt. 3 has
so many ideas at once that they can become overwhelmed and unsure what to
focus on. This may lead to them never starting what they love or having multiple
projects on the go at once. They can often feel overwhelmed. This can also lead to
personal uncertainty of their abilities. Yet, 3 is an incredible manifestor once they
learn to focus on the area that they love. They’re social and brilliant group leaders.
They were born to perform, be role models and show others how not to be afraid of
self-expression. It’s important that 3 is being creative every day, dedicated to artistic
based careers and pursuits. They need to watch being over-critical, impatient and
intolerant of others. They make excellent teachers, writers, dancers, musicians,
actors and community leaders.

4: The rock. 4 is dependable, trustworthy, dedicated and a loyal soul of the light.
You’ll always want 4 on your side; they won’t let you down, even if it means they put
themselves out. 4 is full of integrity, stability and is practically minded. They’re not
afraid to roll their sleeves up and do some hard work. Their challenge is to embrace
change. 4 finds change challenging, as it’s unpredictable. If 4 can’t control what
comes next, they’re at their most vulnerable. Hence, change is good for 4 to
embrace. 4 is well organised and excellent at handling routine work. It’s important
that 4 cultivates flexibility in their life in order to experience balance and most
importantly trust in themselves and their ability. 4 is hugely capable and yet they can
often underplay this talent.

The more that 4 can accept compliments and help from others, the more they realise
their innate goodness and worth to the planet. 4 is known to be slow moving,
stubborn and can be the biggest procrastinator. Therefore, it’s advised that 4 learns
to ask for help when required and know that in doing so; they learn how to ‘receive’.
It’s often said that 4 makes the best employee because they’re dedicated and have
a ‘no nonsense’ approach to life. They’re extremely loving and are also gentle souls
at heart. 4 can experience the very best in life, as they loosen up and learn how to
have fun.

5: The traveller. 5 loves new experiences and the freedom that comes when they
spread their wings and expand their horizons. “Don’t fence me in”, could well be the
mantra of 5. They’re amongst the quickest witted, adaptable and easy going of all
people. They take chances and are wonderful motivators and intuitive writers. The
challenge for 5 is to become a leader in their own right, rather than following others.
It’s sometimes too easy for them to follow what is already laid out, rather than initiate
and complete projects of their own choosing. Breaking new ground requires
dedication and commitment, two words that 5 tends to shy away from. Yet, 5 is such
a naturally devoted soul, if they would only realise it. They would do anything for
anyone and are the first to put their hand up to help and be of service to the
community. 5 is not afraid of taking risks and being daring and hence, are flexible
and great to have on the side of someone who needs help coming out with personal
expression. Concentration and looking at their often ‘over-indulgent’ nature can help
bring balance and harmony to 5. Naturally social, they need to be around people
and traveling often. Whether they travel with their multi-faceted mind or around the
globe physically, travel is all-important. Travel helps 5 to be in the flow of life
experiencing different cultures, people and energy; this is vital to their life path. They
make excellent travel writers and explorers. They encourage us all to dream big and
follow the light.

6: The harmoniser. 6 is here to bring in a higher energy frequency to the planet.

Their overall goal in life is to connect people together, especially the family unit.
Family will always be a top priority for 6. They’re naturally responsible, intuitive and
they feel that it’s their duty to bring harmony to family units and to help all people get
along. Hence, they may incarnate into families that have some heavy issues to deal
with. 6 is similar to 2 in this regard.

6 loves beautiful things and needs to be surrounded in spaces that invoke joy and
inspiration. They can often find it difficult to self-motivate with projects that require
directness and a fierce determination. They’ll do well to have 1 or 8 near them
supporting and urging them on. The greatest challenge for 6 is to know when to stop
over-helping and to look out for people who act like they need rescuing, because 6
will fall for this every time. 6 can also be argumentative, stubborn and unreasonable.
As 6 grows older, they learn to acquire discernment and thus, naturally create
healthy boundaries in all of their relationships. 6 is a gentle soul at heart and needs
to be around nature and animals to stay focused and strong. They do well with a
vegan diet and accepting other’s opinions that can help them to grow. They make
loving devoted friends and partners for life.

7: The teacher. 7 loves to go in deep and discover the hidden meaning and facts
behind everything. They’re voracious readers, information seekers and both
teachers and students of life. They also have a strong connection with the invisible
and spiritual dimensions. They’re naturally psychic and intuitive. Their ultimate role
in life is to become a wise teacher who passes on the knowledge of a lifetime. They
can often be reluctant of taking up this role, choosing to be a continual learner rather
than the one who leads and shows the way. 7 has a strong mental disposition and
loves spending time on their own. They’re drawn to metaphysics and have a spiritual
or religious leaning in life. In fact, they need a certain amount of alone time in which
to replenish and nourish their intense inner world. The challenge for 7 is to reach out
to others for company and help when needed and to share their innate wisdom.
They tend to be independent and enjoy forming their own opinions. They can often
find it difficult to work equally alongside others, as they like to take charge. It serves
7 well to learn to listen to other’s wisdom and to form strong, healthy relationships
that can support their life path. It’s important that they learn to honour their own
company. 7 has a sensitive core and a studious, refined nature. Highly intelligent,
they have strong intellects that are well balanced with a colourful imagination.

8: The entrepreneur. 8 is here to work on balancing their power. They’re highly

influential souls with a strong presence and impact on the planet. They make
fantastic judges of character and are born leaders. They need to stay fit and active,
as well as meditate and use their intuitive skills daily. They’re very adept at working
with energy. Money and finances is something they never need worry about.

They’re master manifestors who put in the required effort to reap their rewards. Of
all the numbers, 8 tends to be best suited to self-employment and taking on
managerial roles easily. It’s often difficult for them to work for anyone but
themselves. Career will always be a top priority to 8, as it’s linked directly to their
meaning and sense of accomplishment. Their challenge is to not doubt their creative
and expressive abilities, as they instead recognise and use their natural talents
daily. They often find it difficult to express love. They feel the need to be a leader
and inspiration to others and hence, often put on a brave front, when really, they just
want to let go and have days off like everyone else. Vulnerability is therefore a
challenge for 8, yet when mastered, it becomes a great strength. It’s important for 8
to sometimes let down their guard and allow others in to help them on their path.
This way they feel appreciated and respected for their work and goodness.
Appreciation is important to 8, as they do put in so much integrity and loyal effort,
assisting humanity to rise.

9: The artist. 9 is a born healer, nurturer and peace loving soul, sensitive to energy
and highly tuned with the spiritual dimension. They’re naturally artistic,
compassionate, idealistic and kind and they seek out lives of harmony and caring for
others. 9 will often head into the health care profession and/or work within the arts
and creative pursuits. They find it difficult to enter into confrontations, stand their
ground and especially hard to say goodbye. A great challenge for 9 is to let go of
what has been and complete their cycle. It serves 9 well to look at all completions as
a celebration rather than a loss. 9 can see endings as a culmination of the journey
they have been on, as they become grateful for how they have grown and the
marked impact they’ve had on society. They can tend to get easily ungrounded,
selfish and over emotional. They’re often ‘old souls’ who’ve been to Earth many
times and hence, can appear to be wise (and tired) to the ways of the world. One of
the highest paths for 9 is to become a wisdom leader for others, as they maintain
healthy boundaries in all of their relationships. It’s important that 9 learns to receive
from others without resistance. For indeed they love to give so much of themselves.
They can tend to be introspective and contemplative and do well to be surrounded
by a healthy lifestyle, nature and their beloved animal friends.

If your life path adds up to a 10, read the meaning for 1. You actually have a 1
Life Path.

11: The leader. The Master Number 11 has similar qualities to 1, but amplified. If
you have this Life Path you should also read about the 2 Life Path, which you also
take on. 11 is born to lead and serve the world, as an inspiration and helper of
humanity. They like to do things on a big scale and will often hold back their innate
skills and gifts for many years, until they feel they can live up to their own
expectations. Hence, 11 often comes into their own, the older they become. It’s
often not until they’re mature that they have the confidence and experience to give
themselves over to world service. 11 tends to be a perfectionist and often won’t
begin something important until they think they have it just right. The challenge for
11 is to get their ideas off the ground using the skills and expertise they have today
(which are excellent) rather than waiting until they’ve gained even more. They grow
in experience by following through with their divinely inspired ideas and plans. They
are originals and have a unique and evolved slant on life. Born leaders, they adore
motivating others to their greatness. 11 finds that as they do so, they then realise
their own greatness and hence fulfill their life path.

22: The manifestor. The Master Number 22 has similar qualities to 2, but amplified.
If you have this Life Path you should also read about the 4 path, which you also take
on. 22 is a born negotiator who is super-diplomatic and has high psychic ideals.
They’re natural go-betweens and are here to bring about world peace and to teach
us how to diligently and consistently go about our life’s work. 22 often practices
patience and will wait for what they need to show up. They have innate faith, moving
slow and steady, making them strong manifestors. The challenge for 22 is to not
take the weight of the world upon their shoulders. There’s only so much they can do
to assist and if they try to be everything to everyone, their sensitive energy field
weakens and they can burn out from over giving. They can also tend to have an
inferiority complex and be stubborn to the core at times. 22 puts others at ease and
shows us that when you apply the required action with trust, anything is possible.

33: The way shower. The Master Number 33 has similar qualities to 3, but
amplified. If you have this Life Path you should also read about the 6 path, which
you also take on. Those who are 33 are souls that are here for an immense
challenge. They have chosen a path that requires thorough discipline and dedication
to the light and the work of spirit. They have so many divinely inspired ideas running
through them, that they often become overwhelmed with the sheer enormity of what
they feel they’re here to accomplish.

33 has a goal to walk with a foot in both worlds (spiritual and physical), fully aware
from moment to moment that they’re soul creating a human experience. They can
become great teachers and way showers to others. They’ll nearly always go through
and overcome often-difficult life experiences in order that they can use their life as
an example to others. In close relationships, they often attract those that want
rescuing and confidence building. They see the innate potential in all and hence,
tend to focus on the goodness in others, sometimes at their own expense. 33 is here
to teach us compassion, empathy and oneness. We honour and respect their path

44: The protector. The Master Number 44 has similar qualities to 4, but amplified. If
you have this Life Path you should also read about the 8 path, which you also take
on. 44 has chosen one of the most evolved paths. They’re eternal workers for spirit
and their life is dedicated to steady and strong leadership, equality, practical
achievement and building lasting structures on Earth. They are the souls that create
the procedures and practical steps that others follow. 44 is aligned with The Angelic
Realm and hence justice, harmony and balance are key energies they must practice
in their life. They feel the need to protect the innocent and fiercely stand their ground
for the betterment of humanity. The challenge for 44 is to relax and let down their
guard. They need to learn how to self-nurture and give back to themselves. They’ll
often enjoy their own company and not require doting personal relationships.


This is the energy that we’ll collectively experience (on a global level) for the next
twelve months. The Universal Year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.
In the final 3 - 4 weeks of the year, we begin to feel the New Year’s energy coming
through. The Universal Year has an added impact on your Personal Year (which we
will look at next).

To calculate the universal year…

Add together every digit in the year to get down to a single digit.

For example: 2019 is… 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 and 1 + 2 = 3

As the Universal Year changes every January, so does your Personal Year. Some
numerologists calculate your personal year beginning on your birthday. If you find
this method works for you, then please calculate your Personal Year from birth
date to birth date.

I personally calculate the Personal Year in line with the beginning of the Universal
Year, as I find it more accurate. Hence, I suggest that your Personal Year begins
on January 1 and concludes on December 31.

To calculate your Personal Year, add together every digit in your DAY and
MONTH of birth and then add this to the universal year number.

For example, if your birthday is June 1 and the Universal Year is a 3 (as it is in 2019)
then add together:

0 + 6 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1

Your Personal Year in 2019 is a 1

If you calculate a double digit as your Personal Year, then use this number as your
Personal Year number along with the single digit it breaks down into. You have two
paths to utilise in this year.


Our personal year moves in cycles of nine-years, beginning with a one-year and
concluding with a nine-year. The numbers one to nine, explain the entire life cycle of
the human right through from inception to completion.


1 Personal Year. We’re forging new beginnings. We’re putting effort into building
and growing what will develop over the next nine years of our life. It’s therefore, an
all-important year and requires that you set strong foundations in place. What you
begin in a 1 year will culminate by your 8 year and then complete and re-set in your
9 year, as you begin again at your next 1 year.

The 1 year asks that you to step up to the plate of your life and lead with inspired
action. You’re asked to act independently and not wait for permission from anyone
else. You’re in charge this year and what you make of it therefore, is all up to you.
It’s a power year and you’ll be busy. You’re not just thinking about using your
potential, you’re actually doing it on daily basis. Every day is a vital opportunity not
to be taken for granted in a 1 year. The challenge is to stay healthy, focused and fit
without getting overly stressed. In your previous 9 year, you would have completed
much. You now begin again, building upon the closing off energy of the past twelve
months. It’s a fresh start and the world is yours. Choose wisely, expand and enjoy.

1 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: You may feel torn between your own
projects and those of the group around you. Ensure that you establish new,
independent footings, while also making the most of opportunities on a wider scale.

2 Personal Year. We’re learning how to fully share and appreciate our innate worth
with others. You’ve just come through your 1 year and have set the groundwork for
the next decade of your life. Now you get to develop your closest relationships. From
your 1 year, you now know yourself better and are ready to open up and let down
your defenses, allowing your truth, vulnerability and answers to flow. In a 2 year,
you’re the emanator of peace and harmony. You may find yourself speaking out and
being drawn to situations, which require your honesty and integrity to pierce through
any veils of illusion. A 2 year is also the year of partnership. You’ll feel a strong pull
to express yourself in deep and meaningful relationships, whether they’re romantic,
friendship, work or family based. All one-to-one communication is a priority. The
challenge of the 2 year is to not take anything personally. You’ll be reaching out to
the world around you therefore, your boundaries need to be strong, so you’re not out
of balance in your giving or receiving. The 2 year is one of walking in beauty,
strength and grace. It’s a year of compassion and helping humanity. Enjoy the

2 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: You may find that your personal desires
go against the grain of others. Follow your own pursuits lovingly and do your best to
expand your social circle and network with those who can assist you.

3 Personal Year. We’re focused on personal expression and stepping onto the
stage of our life. It’s a year where you can be social and lively, as you’re constantly
on the go, which is such a different energy to the previous 2 year. This year sees
your desire to learn, grow and expand in new and creative areas, all happening at
once. In fact, the challenge of a 3 year it to not become overwhelmed, darting from
one project to the next. It’ll be easy to accept invitations and say, “Yes” to
everything. You could end up feeling like you’ve lost your focus and meaning. The
key is to follow your heart in a 3 year. You’ll need to think expansively, be eclectic,
free, artistic, creative and open to expressing yourself on all levels. This is a year
where you break out of your shell and extend your range as an expert on the world
stage. Your head (personality) will need to learn to follow the heart (soul). It’s
important that you have fun, laugh, play, dance and just be. It’s a joy filled year.

3 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: This is your year! A year where you’ll
consume and expend copious amounts of energy. Pace yourself and embrace life in
all of its shades willingly. You’re expanding into the light.

4 Personal Year. We get down and we get serious. After the light and often-
detached, playful year of 3, you now have a better idea of your range and are ready
to extend yourself and lay down your roots. This is a foundation-building year.
Moving slow and steady every day with awareness and patience, is key. It’s an
excellent year for moving home or creating a solid base where you feel in your
power and at ease. If you normally find it hard to concentrate on important projects,
this year will teach you to put your energy and efforts into forming structure in your
life. You may want to go quiet and pull away from outside distractions, whilst you
focus within and learn to trust and act on what’s good for you. The challenge of a 4
year is not to get stuck or bored. Instead, create your own change and follow it. It’s a
work focused year and one where you gain a great appreciation of the manifestation
process from idea to completion. You’ll desire integrity, honesty, loyalty and truth
from yourself and all others. Dedication and devotion to what your heart and soul
commands for you is all important. Follow unreservedly.

4 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: On the one hand, you’ll want to slow down
and get serious and on the other hand, the world will be calling for you to make
spontaneous decisions. Act in your best interest and choose what suits you, wisely.

5 Personal Year. We’re breaking free, traveling, embracing change and moving at
lightning speed. After the 4 year, which was slow paced and taught you the core
value of your worth, you’re now ready to explore. You have a secure base created
beneath you. Expansion is all-important in a 5 year. Delving deeply into the esoteric
side of nature fascinates you and searching for meaning will see you seeking far and
wide. Therefore, travel of the mind and also physical travel to places you’ve always
longed to visit appeal. You’ll find it difficult to concentrate on just one thing and will
probably have many ideas and projects on the go at once, similar to a 3 year.
Independence is key in a 5 year, as is the thirst to experience variety in all its forms.
Being flexible and letting the universe work with you is vital. The challenge of a 5
year is to not burn out with too much on the go at once. It’ll help you to know what
you love, so that when you choose from the myriad of options open to you, you do
so with a strong core and a personal focus. The 5 year provides so much
opportunity for growth and expansion. Enjoy yourself, as you set sail and fly free.

5 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: You’re in sync with soul and the world
around you. As you expand your horizons on all levels this year, also remember to
take time out to ground yourself and give thanks for all that you’re achieving.

6 Personal Year. We focus on family, relationship healing and home. It’s a slower
paced year than the 5 year and one where we come back to our past and feel the
nostalgia arise from childhood memories. If there are any unresolved issues from
your childhood, associated with family members in particular, this is the year to
delve in, face your past and release. This is so that you can heal and move ahead.
Therefore, you’re encouraged to not shy away from your feelings and emotions
when they arise, but to face them so that you can be free. You’ll be seeking
harmony and love in all things and this is your focus for a 6 year, as are healing,
compassion and a gratitude for what is. The challenge of a 6 year is not to become
down or depressed when it appears there’s so much in the way of human relations
coming up for you to deal with. You’re learning that you cannot control the will of
others. You’re responsible for yourself. Therefore, the 6 year is a liberating one,
where you boldly work through your deepest recesses. You’ll feel a liberation that
comes only from self-knowing.

6 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: This is a year that harmonises your head
and heart, personality and soul. Family, relationships and personal healing will call.
Make the most of this energy, which asks you to reveal the deepest layers of your

7 Personal Year. We’re on a spiritual quest. This is the year when many people
wake up and go on retreat or pull themselves away from the mainstream to reflect,
ponder and know the soul that they truly are. The 7 year is one of higher learning.
You may wish to develop an area of study and education that you’ve desired for
many years. It’s a brilliant year to embark upon research and planning for a new
career or life path that can further develop next year in your 8 year. Many people
may pull away from others and desire to be on their own. It’s a year when you’ll
learn to love your own company for the insight and peace that it brings. The
challenge of a 7 year is to balance intellect with intuition. Your search for truth will be
intense and thus, it’s important that you learn to trust what the invisible dimension
(spirit) tells you, as well as what you experience in the outer material world. You’re
learning that the material world is the effect created from the spiritual world, which is
the cause. If you feel it’s time, you can step into your role as a teacher in the 7 year.
This year encourages the sharing of knowledge and wisdom.

7 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: You may find that you’re wanting to
withdraw from the world, while it tries to pull you back in. Try not to get frustrated by
this, instead plan ahead and make deliberate choices that honour your priorities.

8 Personal Year. We’re enjoying the fruits of the seeds we planted and nurtured
back in the 1 year. This is a year of reaping your rewards and enjoying the
recognition and satisfaction that comes as a result. The 8 year is one of material and
worldly success. Money and finances will be important to you, as you extend your
reach where both are concerned. It’s a year to focus on occupation and career and
an excellent one to begin or further develop self-employment and
entrepreneurialism. Balance will be all-important between spiritual and physical
pursuits, so make sure that you stay healthy, exercise daily, ingest good solid
nutrition and get ample sleep. The challenge of an 8 year is to not lose yourself in
your projects and work, at the expense of those you love. You’ll be working on the
balance of love and power.

It’s a year where you can make incredible strides ahead, as you give back your
worth to humanity. This pursuit makes you happy, for you feel the love and
appreciation, of which you know you’re worthy.

8 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: You’re surprisingly optimistic and dedicated

to advancing your life’s path. Use this upbeat vitality to forward personal projects
that give meaning, depth and reward to your life.

9 Personal Year. We’re concluding what we began back in our 1 year. We have
come to the end of a cycle and hence, this year is one of culmination, letting go and
celebrating the incredible journey we’ve been on over the past 9 years. In a 9 year,
we’re embracing change. You may feel the desire to change everything at once, so
go slow and at an even pace. This is an honouring year and one that will see you
step into your wisdom, as a wise and mature soul. The challenge of a 9 year is to be
patient. It may take you a full six-months until you can start acting on the newness
you wish to bring in. This year you’ll be generating prolific ideas about the expansive
and fresh life you wish to create next year, in your 1 year. Do your research now and
start working on the plans, as your year progresses. Achieve this and you’ll hit the
ground running, as your 1 year commences. You may feel like being in your own
company in a 9 year. It’s a deeply personal year, where much will be made known to
you. You’ll uncover intimate secrets that had eluded you previously. It’s a year of
revelation, release, renewal and trust in the unknown.

9 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: This is a year where following the flow is
essential for you. Allow soul to guide you, even when actions you make and choices
you take, may not make intellectual sense. Your spiritual energy is high. Trust in the
direction which opens up to you.

11 Personal Year. We’re focused on world service and developing our highest
potential. I suggest that you also read the meaning of a 2 year, for its energy is also
meaningful this year. In an 11 year, you’ll push yourself to achieve on a worldly
level. You’ll have many ideas and creative projects you wish to launch and foster. Be
aware that you may strive for perfection, so don’t wait until you think you have all the
cards in place. Move with what you have and the knowledge you own today.

This ensures you do break ground and achieve your goals in this all-important
master year. The challenge of an 11 year is that you may feel overwhelmed by your
own potential. You may focus so much on the end product that you fail to start. It’s
important that you initiate and follow through and do so even without the backing of
others. You cannot wait for the world to say, “Yes”. The world will be on your side as
soon as you are. Therefore, go forth and share your unique ideas with the planet.
We’ll enjoy being inspired by your light.

11 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: This year supports your long-range plans
and goals. Take advantage of the fast pace and spring into action, as required. You
can escalate your dreams, desires and worldly pursuits.

22 Personal Year. We’re building up strong foundations and mastering the physical
realm. Your influence this year will help improve the quality of life for all on an
expansive scale. I suggest that you also read the meaning of a 4 year, for it will also
be important to you this year. In a 22 year, we’re moving at a slow and steady pace
and are extremely dedicated to the task at hand. It’s not always an easy energy to
navigate, as it asks for much dedication and commitment on your part to the path of
your heart. Follow through is all-important, as well as giving yourself continual credit
for all the hard work and energy you’re putting in. The challenge of a 22 year is to
not give up when the going gets a little tough. It may seem that you’re on your own
at times and that people don’t understand that you’re just trying to help and assist to
make their lives easier. Stay true to your path. You’re building up structures of great,
power and worth. You must therefore; passionately stay fixed upon your vision, if
others are to eventually see life through your eyes as well. This is a year that will
test and grow you all at once. Embrace it and love the qualities that you discover, at
the core of your soul.

22 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: You may find that the motivations of
others are in not in alignment with yours. However, you’re being asked to open up
your full range of possibilities. Extend into spaces you would normally ignore.

33 Personal Year. We’re living in the light, for the light and of the light. I suggest
that you also read the meaning of a 6 year, for it also holds value for you this year.
Communication and personal expression are both key energies you’re working with.

It’s a year where your psychic capabilities are turned onto high and it’s important
that you trust yourself, follow and act on your inner voice, instinct and intuition on a
daily basis. Action will be necessary, lest you fall into a funk, thinking that you’re not
worthy of the life you know is calling to you. You’re walking between worlds, the
spiritual and the physical and you know it. The challenge of a 33 year is to begin
implementing your inspired ideas. Your confidence in what you have to offer the
world rises, as you act on what you love. Go one step at a time and do so every day
for excellent results. Meditation and connection with spirit is vital in a 33 year. It’s a
year where your thirst for spiritual knowledge and education is high. You can also
step into the role of spiritual teacher, something you’re brilliant at this year. You’ve
had so many life lessons and now you get to share them with the world.

33 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: There’s so much synchronicity for you this
year. Notice the signs that you’re being helped and you’ll manifest beautifully with
the universe’s full backing and support. Express yourself and take chances.

44 Personal Year. We’re the master manifestors. I suggest that you also read the
meaning of an 8 year, for it also applies to you this year. This is a strong and
physical year. You’ll be called upon to be the rock and champion of those who will
benefit from your philanthropy, integrity, leadership and courage. It’s a year of
balancing power. You’ll need to be aware and acting in the highest good with every
step that you take. The challenge of a 44 year is to stay grounded whilst at the same
time stretching your personal limits. It’s a year of building up great structures of
worth in your life, particularly if they benefit humanity. The 44 year brings out our
highest morals and the justice seeker within. You’ll be strongly guided by The
Angelic realm in a 44 year. It’s a year of mastering your intellect with your intuition
and a year that you’ll never forget.

44 Personal Year in a 3 Universal Year: You’ll be extending your abilities into the
furthest reaches of all-possibility. As your visions start to unfold, ensure that you
take one solid step at a time, respecting and honouring the soul that you are.