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LISTENING. Look at the bar graph. What is leisure time? Which leisure-time activity is most popular? Read the online
questionnaire about leisure-time preference.

Preferred Leisure-Time Activities Around the World.



Percentage of People


30 Adults


Watch Tv Cook Read Listen to Listen to Hobbies Shop in Exercise
radio music recorded stores

Leisure – Time Activities Market Survey, Inc.

1. When you go to the movies, ______________ you _____________ see a comedy or a thriller?
 I prefer ________________ a thriller. I’d ______________ _____________ a comedy.
2. When you choose a restaurant, do you look for interesting foods or big portions?
 I _____________ big portions. _________ rather try interesting foods.
3. Which would you prefer: tickets to a rock concert or tickets to a football game?
 I’d __________ to go to the game. I’d ______________ ________ to the concert.
4. Which do you prefer, ______________ out or cooking at home?
 I almost always _____________ eating out. I’d ______________ _____________ at home.
5. How do you _______________ communicating with friends?
 I _____________ to e-mail. ______ rather _____________ on the phone.

AFTER YOU READ. Look at the bar graph. Read the statements. Check True or False.
1. Teens would rather watch TV than shop in stores.
2. Adults would rather listen to radio music than recorded music.
3. Adults and teens prefer hobbies to exercise.
4. Adults and teens prefer reading to watching TV.
5. Teens would prefer watching TV to all other activities.
6. Adults would rather shop than cook.
LISTENING. Terry and Grace are spending the afternoon at the mall. Fill in the gaps and underline the sentences that
talk about preferences.

Terry: Which _______________ you _________________ do first, _____________ stuff for your project or shop?
Grace: I think I’d _____________ get the things for my project first. There’s ABC Crafts.
Terry: Have you tried Franklin’s? I really ________________ them for science projects.
Grace: So let’s go there.

Grace: Do you want to look at computer games at Nerdly’s?

Terry: I’d ________________ looking for DVDs at Goodly’s. What about you?
Grace: ______________ rather _____________ that too. Let’s check out that group we saw at the concert last week.

Terry: There’s Stella Blue. Do you want to buy new earrings for
Sara’s party?
Grace: I’ve been thinking about it, and I’d ________________ _______.
I’ll just wear some old ones.

Terry: Have you seen “The Racer yet”?

Grace: No, but you know me. I always ________________ romantic
comedies to action movies.
Terry: We can see “Breakfast in Bogota at 5:00.” That’s romantic.
Grace: Sounds good. Are you hungry? Let’s get a pizza.
Terry: The line’s awfully long. ________ ______________ just get a taco.
Grace: You’re right. The movie starts in about 10 minutes.

Now look at the Mall Directory. Check the places that Grace and Terry decided to go to.

Computers & Electronics Jewelry
 Nerdly’s Software  Gem Stones
 Radio Hut  Stella Blue
 Goodly’s Music  Depree’s Diamonds
Fashion Show Time Cinemas
 Fantastic Footwear  The Racer 4:30
 Jan Tyler Dresses  Breakfast in Bogotá 5:00
Food Court Toys and Hobbies
 Candy Man  ABC Crafts
 Taco Bill’s  Animal Farm Pets
 Viva Pizza!  Franklin’s

IF I HAD MY WAY. Read the choices below. In pairs, discuss your preference. Give reasons for your choices.

 Live in the city / live in the country  Work for someone else / own your own business
 Be married / be singe  Work in an office / work at home

Example: A: Would you rather live in the city or in the country?

B: I’d rather live in the city. There’s a lot more to do.
A: Really? I’d prefer the country. It’s quieter.

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