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KOLBE ACADEMY Recommended Reading List

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Kolbe’s Recommended Reading List began almost twenty years ago with a list given to
the Kolbe founders by the eminent classical scholar Dr. John Senior. In the intervening
years it has been augmented by parents, teachers, and students, adding numerous titles in
non-fiction as well as fiction. It has been adopted by schools and used by teachers and
parents as a reliable guide to good reading material.
Ages 2-7
Ages 7-14
Ages 15-20A
Dear Parents, Home School Teachers:
This compilation of reading materials represents some of the best writings in prose and
poetry, either in their original English language or in translation.
In recommending materials for your student, caution and prudence must be exercised.
The suitability of a book often varies according to the age and maturity of the student.
Although this list provides reference material for the student outside of the classroom
curriculum, consultation with a teacher or parent as to the suitability of a title is certainly
expected of the student.
An author’s name appearing on our list does not automatically imply our full
endorsement of all the works by the author; nor does it suggest that the author’s personal
lifestyle, religious convictions or political viewpoint are in full accord with our academic
criteria and moral vision. It is our duty as educators to represent authors whose influence
on literature is indisputable, although we steer clear of materials that serve no
constructive purpose for our educational goals.
For obvious reasons, we cannot list all the great books that have ever been written. It is
the parent’s responsibility either to venture into other titles by authors whose primary
works we have listed, or weigh with judgment and care those titles that have been left off
for good reasons.
We sincerely hope that the list serves as a guidepost for good reading outside of the
classroom; such reading is a strong indication that the student is advancing in academic
preparedness and personal judgment.

KOLBE ACADEMY Recommended Reading List

AGES 2-7

Aardema, Verna: Who’s in Rabbit’s House?

Adamson, Joy: Born Free
Aesop: Aesop’s Fables
Allan, Tony: The Time Traveller Book of Pharaohs and Pyramids
Amery, Heather: The Time Traveller Book of Rome and Romans
Andersen, Hans Christian: Andersen’s Fairy Tales The Emperor’s New Clothes
Anno, Mitsumasa: Anno’s Journey
Arabian Nights: Collected and edited by Andrew Long
Asbjornsen, Peter C.: East of the Sun and West of the Moon
Atwater, Richard & Florence: Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Baker, Betty: Little Runner of the Longhouse
Baskin, Leonard: Hose’s Aviary
Belloc, Hilaire: The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts; Cautionary Tales
Bonsall, Crosby Newell: Who’s a Pest?
Brooke, Leslie L.: Johnny Crow’s Garden
Broun, Heywood: The Fifty-First Dragon
Brown, Marcia: Stone Soup
Brown, Margaret Wise: The Little Fireman; Goodnight Moon
Brunhoff, Jean de: The Story of Babar
Buck, Pearl: The Big Wave
Burman, Ben Lucian: High Water at Catfish Bend
Burton, Virginia Lee: The Little House; Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
Byars, Betsy: The Midnight Fox
Caldecot, Randolph: Picture Books
Carle, Eric: The Very Busy Spider; The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Carroll, Louis: Alice in Wonderland; Through the Looking Glass
Cerf, Bennett: Bennett Cerf’s Book of Riddles
Chase, Richard: The Jack Tales
Civardi, Anne: The Time Traveller Book of Viking Raiders
Collodi, Carlo: Pinocchio
Colum, Padraic: The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles; Children
of Odin; The Children’s Homer
Cullum, Albert: Aesop in the Afternoon; Shake Hands with Shakespeare; Greek Tears and
Roman Laughter
cummings, e.e.: Fairy Tales
D’Aulaire, lngri: D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths; Norse Gods & Giants
DeJong, Meindert: The Wheel on the School; The Last Little Cat
De La Mare, Walter: Come Hither; The Turnip; Songs of Childhood; Little Red Riding
DuBois,William Pene: The Twenty-One Balloons
Durrell, Gerald: My Family and Other Animals
Eastman, P. D.: A Fish Out of Water; Sam and the Firefly; Go, Dog, Go!; Are You My
Edgewood, Maria: The Parent’s Assistant; Moral Tales
Eliot, T. S.: Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats
Estes, Eleanor: The Hundred Dresses
Farley, Walter: The Black Stallion; Little Black, a Pony
Fatio, Louise: The Happy Lion
Field, Eugene: Little Boy Blue
Fritz, Jean: What’s the Big Idea, Benjamin Franklin?
Frost, Robert: You Come Too
Gag, Wanda: Tales from Grimm; Millions of Cats; The Funny Thing; More Tales from
Godden, Rumer: The Mousewife
Gramatky, Hardie: Little Toot
Greenaway, Kate: An Apple Pie; Mother Goose; Birthday Book; Marigold Garden; Under
the Window; The Language of Flowers
Grimm, The Brothers: Household Stories; Fairy Tales
Guilfoile, Elizabeth: Nobody Listens to Andrew
Haldane, J. B. S.: My Friend Mr. Leakey
Harris, Joel Chandler: Uncle Remus
Hawes, Charles Boardman: The Dark Frigate
Hawthorne, Nathaniel: A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales
Henry, Marguerite: Misty; King of the Wind
Hergé: Tintin in America; Cigars of the Pharaoh; The Blue Lotus; The Broken Ear; The
Black Island; King Ottokar’s Sceptre; The Crab with the Golden Claws; The Shooting
Star; The Secret of the Unicorn
Hindley, Judy: The Time Traveller Book of Knights and Castles
Holling, Holling C.: Paddle to the Sea; Pagoo; Seabird; Tree in the Trail
Hong, Lily Toy: The Empress and the Silkworm
Ipcar, Dahlov: One Horse Farm
Jacobs, Joseph: Jack and the Bean-Stalk; Johnny-Cake; Tattercoats
Jarrell, Randall: The Animal Family
Jaspersohn, William: How the Forest Grew
Kaufman, Mervyn D.: Thomas Alva Edison
Kaune, Merriman B.: My Own Little House
Keats, Ezra Jack: Hi, Cat!; The Snowy Day
Kessler, Leonard: Mr. Pine’s Mixed-Up Signs
Kingsley, Charles: Water Babies; The Heroes
Kipling, Rudyard: Just So Stories; Jungle Book
Krasilovsky, Phyllis: The Very Little Girl
Kunhardt, Dorothy: Pat the Bunny
Lamb, Charles: Beauty and the Beast; Tales from Shakespeare
Lamorisse, Albert: The Red Balloon
Lang, Andrew: The Blue Fairy Book
Larrick, Nancy: Piping Down the Valleys Wild
Lawson, Robert: Rabbit Hill
Leaf, Munro: The Story of Ferdinand
Lear, Edward: Nonsense Omnibus
Lee, Dennis: Alligator Pie
Lexau, Joan M.: Olaf Reads
Lindsay, Vachel: Johnny Appleseed
Lionni, Leo: Frederick
Lobel, Arnold: Mouse Tales; Frog and Toad are Friends
Lofting, Hugh: Dr. Dolittle’s Circus; The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle
Lopshire, Robert Put Me in theZoo
Martell, Hazel Mary: Na Ceiltigh, “The Celts” - Window into History Series
McCloskey, Robert: Make Way for Duckling; Homer Price; Blueberries for Sal
McCord, David: One at a Time
MacDonald, George: At the Back of the North Wind
Milligan, Spike: Silly Verse for Kids
Milne, A. A.: Winnie the Pooh Series
Minarik, Else Homelund: Little Bear; A Kiss for Little Bear
Moore, Clement C.: The Night Before Christmas
Mother Goose
Pearce, Philippa: Tom’s Midnight Garden
Perrault, Charles: Fairy Tales
Piper, Watty: The Little Engine That Could
Potter, Beatrix: Tales of Peter Rabbit; The Tailor of Gloucester; The Tale of Benjamin
Bunny; The Tale of Kim Kitten; The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy Winkle
Prescott, Orville: A Father Reads to His Children
Prysen, Alf: Little Old Mrs. Pepperpot
Ransome, Arthur: Old Peter’s Russian Tales
Rawls, Wilson: Where the Red Fern Grows; Summer of the Monkeys
Reeves, James: The Merry-Go-Round
Rey, H. A.: Curious George; Curious George Takes a Job; Curious George Rides a Bike;
Curious George Gets a Medal; Curious George Flies a Kite; Curious George Learns the
Alphabet; Curious George Goes to the Hospital; Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys; Katy
Riley, James Whitcomb: Poetry for Small Children
Roberts, Elizabeth Madox: Under the Tree
Robinson, Barbara: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Rosetti, Christina: Sing Song
Ruskin, John: The King of the Golden River
Salten, Felix: Bambi - translated by Whittaker Chambers
Sanchez-Silva, José Maria: The Boy and the Whale
Sandburg, Carl: The Sandburg Treasury: Prose and Poetry for Young People
Schenk de Regniers, Beatrice: May I Bring a Friend?
Scott, Geoffrey: Egyptian Boats
Dr. Seuss: Green Eggs and Ham; The Cat in the Hat; One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue
Fish; Horton Hears a Who; Horton Hatches an Egg; The Cat in the Hat Comes Back; And
to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street; If I Ran the Zoo; Hop on Pop; Dr. Seuss’
ABC; Fox in Socks; Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!
Steele, Mary Q.: Journey Outside
Stevenson, Robert Louis: A Child’s Garden of Verses
Stoutenburg, Adrien: American Tall Tales
Taylor, Mildred: Roll of Thunder; Hear My Cry
Thurber, James: The Thirteen Clocks; Many Moons
Tolkein, J.R.R.: Farmer Giles of Ham
Tolstoy, Leo: Fables and Fairy Tales
Trelease, Jim: The Read-Aloud Handbook
Vinton, Iris: Look Out for Pirates
Watson, Clyde: Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes
Wilde, Oscar: Stories for Children - Illustrated by P. J. Lynch
Williams, Margery: The Velveteen Rabbit

KOLBE ACADEMY Recommended Reading List

AGES 7-14

Adams, Andy:
Log of a Cowboy
Adams, Abigail:
Aiken, Joan:
The Kingdom Under the Sea
Alcott, Louisa May:
Little Women;
Eight Cousins;
Little Men;
Rose in Bloom
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey:
Story of a Bad Boy
Alexander, Lloyd:
The Book of Three
Anderson, Norman D.:
Investigating Science in the Swimming Pool and Ocean
Armer, Laura Adams:
Waterless Mountain
Bailey, Carolyn S.:
Miss Hickory
Barber, Richard:
A Strong Land and Sturdy: Life in Medieval England
Barnum, P. T.:
Barnum's Own Story
Barrie, James:
Peter Pan
Baum, L. Frank:
The Wonderful World of Oz;
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Berger, Melvin:
Quasars, Pulsars and Black Holes in Space
Brink, Carol:
Caddie Woodlawn
Browning, Robert:
The Pied Piper of Hamlin
Brownlee, Walter D.:
The First Ships Round the World
Burnett, Frances Hodgson:
The Secret Garden;
Little Lord Fauntleroy
Burnford, Sheila:
Incredible Journey
Burns, Marilyn:
The Book of Think: Or How to Solve a Problem Twice Your Size
Burroughs, Edgar Rice:
Tarzan Series
Carroll, Lewis:
Through the Looking Glass;
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Chase, Alice Elizabeth:
Looking at Art
Cherry-Garrand, Apsley George Benet:
The Worst Journey in the World;
Chinery, Michael:
The Living World
Chrisman, Arthur Bowie:
Shen of the Sea
Church, Alfred John:
The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer Retold
Clarke, Pauline:
The Return of the Twelve
Clark, Ann Nolan:
Secret of the Andes;
All This Wild Land
Colum, Padraic:
Children of Odin;
The Golden Fleece;
Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles
Conrad, Joseph:
Youth from Youth;
The End of the Tether
Cowper, William:
John Gilpin's Ride
Cummings, Richard:
Make Your Own Model Forts and Castles
Dahl, Roald:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory;
The Magic Finger;
James and the Giant Peach
Dana, Richard Henry:
Two Years Before the Mast
Daugherty, James:
Daniel Boone
de Angeli, Marguerite:
The Door in the Wall
Defoe, Daniel:
Robinson Crusoe
De France, Marie:
Shadow of the Hawk
De la Mare, Walter:
Come Hither
Denny, Norman, and Filmer-Sankey, Josephine:
The Bayeux Tapestry: The Story of the Norman Conquest 1066
Dickens, Charles:
A Christmas Carol;
David Copperfield;
Oliver Twist
Dickenson, Emily:
Collected Poems
Dixon, Charlotte:
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Dodge, Mary Mapes:
Hans Brinker
Dostoevsky, Fyodor:
An Honest Thief
Doyle, Arthur Conan:
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Durrell, Gerald:
The Taking Parcel
Elliott, Donald, and Arrowood, Clinton:
Alligators and Music
Enright, Elizabeth:
Thimble Summer
Estes, Eleanor:
Ginger Pye
Farley, Walter:
The Black Stallion;
Little Black, A Pony
Finger, Charles Joseph:
Tales from Silver Lands
Fisher, Leonard Everett:
Alphabet Art: Thirteen ABC's from Around the World
Fixx, James F.:
Solve It
Forbes, Esther:
Paul Revere and the World He Lived In;
Johnny Tremain
Forester, C. S.:
Captain Horatio Hornblower
Frost, Robert:
A Swinger of Birches;
Poems of Robert Frost for Young People
Garfield, Leon:
Garner, Alan:
The Owl Service;
George, Jean Craighead:
Julie of the Wolves;
My Side of the Mountain
Gilbreth, Frank & Ernestine:
Cheaper By the Dozen;
Belles on Their Toes
Godden, Rumer:
The Doll's House
Gogol, Nikolai:
The Overcoat and Other Tales of Good and Evil
Goudge, Elizabeth:
The Little White Horse;
Linnets and Valerians;
Rosemary Tree;
Green Dolphin Street
Grahame, Kenneth:
The Wind in the Willows
Gray, Elizabeth Janet:
Adam of the Road
Gunther, John:
Alexander the Great
Gysson, Fred:
Old Yeller
Haggard, H. Rider:
King Solomon's Mines
Hale, E. E.:
The Man Without a Country
Hamilton, Edith:
The Greek Way;
The Roman Way
Hancock, Ralph:
Super Machines
Hawthorne, Nathaniel:
Tanglewood Tales;
A Wonder Book;
The House of the Seven Gables
Henry, O.:
Selected Short Stories;
The Gift of the Magi;
The Ransom of Red Chief;
Twenty Years Later
Heyerdahl, Thor:
Kon Tiki;
The Ra Expeditions
Holt, Michael:
Maps, Tracks, and the Bridges of Königsberg
Irving, Washington:
The Sketch Book;
Rip Van Winkle;
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
James, Will:
Smoky, the Cowhorse;
Lone Cowboy;
Book of Cowboys
Jenkins, Jerry B.:
The Bradford Family Adventures Series
Jobb, Jamie:
The Night Sky Book
Johnson, Samuel:
Judson, Clara Ingram:
George Washington, Leader of the People;
Abraham Lincoln, Friend of the People
Juster, Norton:
The Phantom Tollbooth
Keller, Helen:
The Story of My Life
Kelly, Eric:
The Blacksmith of Vilna;
The Trumpeter of Krakow
Kendall, Carol:
The Gammage Cup;
Island of the Mini Pins
Kerrod, Robin:
The Universe
Kingsley, Charles:
Westward Ho;
The Heroes
Kipling, Rudyard:
The Jungle Book;
Stalky and Co.;
Captains Courageous;
Kjelgaard, James:
Big Red;
Snow Dog
Krumgold, Joseph:
Onion John
La Fontaine, Jean de:
Langton, Jean:
The Fledgling
Lanier, Sidney:
King Arthur and His Round Table
Lardner, Ring:
Short Stories
LeGuin, Ursula K.:
Earthsea Trilogy;
The Wtzard of Earthsea;
The Tombs of Atuan;
The Farthest Shore
L'Engle, Madeline:
The Young Unicorns;
A Wrinkle in Time;
A Wind in the Door;
A Swiftly Tilting Planet
Lenski, Lois:
Indian Captive;
Strawberry Girl
Lewis, C. S.:
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe;
The Silver Chair;
Prince Caspian;
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader;
The Horse and His Boy;
The Magician's Nephew;
The Last Battle
Lewis, Elizabeth Foreman:
Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze
Lindgren, Astrid:
The Tomten;
Pippi Longstocking
London, Jack:
The Sea Wolf;
To Build a Fire;
Call of the Wild;
White Fang
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth:
The Poetical Works
Macauley, David:
MacDonald, George:
The Golden Key;
The Princess and the Goblin;
The Princess and Curdie;
At the Back of the North Wind
Till Eulenspiegel
Maeterlinck, Maurice:
Blue Bird
Malory, Sir Thomas:
The Boys' King Arthur - Illustrated by N. C. Wyeth
Marryat, Frederick:
Midshipman Easy;
Masterman Ready;
Children of the New Forest
Masefield, John:
Jim Davis;
Martin Hyde;
The Duke's Messenger
Masters, Edgar Lee:
Spoon River Anthology
Meigs, Cornelia Lynde:
Invincible Louisa
Montgomery, Lucy:
The Anne of Green Gables Series
Nisbet, E.:
Book of Dragons
Norman, James:
Ancestral Voices: Decoding Ancient Languages
Norris, Katherine:
Mama's Bank Account
North, Sterling:
Norton, Mary:
The Borrowers
Nye, Robert:
O'Dell, Scott:
Sam Bishop;
Island of the Blue Dolphin;
Streams to the River, River to the Sea
Paterson, Katherine:
The Sign of the Chrysanthemum;
Of Nightingales that Weep;
The Master Puppeteer
Pearce, A. Philippa:
Tom's Midnight Garden
Porter, Gene Stratton:
Girl of the Limberlost;
Pyle, Howard:
Robin Hood;
Men of Iron
Quiller-Couch, Arthur:
Splendid Spur
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnon:
The Yearling
Rollesten, T.W.:
Celtic Mythology
Rostand, E.:
Cyrano de Bergerac
Sampson, Emma Speed:
Miss Minerva and William Green Hill
Samson, John G.:
The Pond
Sandburg, Carl:
The Sandburg Treasury;
Early Moon
Sawyer, Ruth:
Roller Skates
Selden, George:
The Cricket in Times Square
Seredy, Kate:
The White Stag
Seton, Ernest Thompson:
Two Little Savages
Sewell, Anna:
Black Beauty
Shakespeare, William:
The Comedy of Errors;
Romeo and Juliet;
As You Like It;
A Midsummer Night's Dream;
Much Ado About Nothing;
Twelfth Night
Shannon, Monica:
Sherwood, Robert:
Abe Lincoln in Illinois
Speare, Elizabeth George:
The Witch of Blackbird Pond;
The Bronze Bow;
The Sign of the Beaver
Sperry, Armstrong:
Call It Courage
Spyri, Johanna:
Stevenson, Robert Louis:
A Child's Garden of Verses;
Treasure Island;
Stowe, Harriet Beecher:
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Swift, Jonathan:
Gulliver's Travels
Tarkington, Booth:
Penrod and Sam;
Penrod and Jasper;
The Arabian Nights
Tennyson, Alfred Lord:
Thurber, James:
Short Stories
Tolkein, J. R. R.:
The Hobbit
Tolstoy, Leo:
Master and Man and Other Stories
Travers, Pamela L.:
Mary Poppins
Twain, Mark:
Tom Sawyer;
Huckleberry Finn;
The Prince and the Pauper
Van Loon, Hendrik Willem:
The Story of Mankind;
The Story of America;
Ancient Man and His Geography
Verne, Jules:
Around the World in 80 Days;
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
White, E. B.:
Stuart Little;
The Trumpet of the Swan;
Charlotte's Web
Whittier, John Greenleaf:
The Poetical Works
Wilde, Oscar:
Stories for Children - Illustrated by P. J. Lynch
Wilder, Laura Ingalls:
Little House on the Prairie Series
Williams, Jay:
Leonardo Da Vinci;
Joan of Arc
Wyss, Johannes:
Swiss Family Robinson
Yates, Elizabeth:
Amos Fortune, Free Man

Reading List
AGES 15-20
Adams, Henry:
History of the United States of America During the
Administrations of Jefferson and Madison
Adams, John, & Jefferson, Thomas:
Prometheus Bound;
The Oresteian Trilogy;
Seven Against Thebes
Nicomachean Ethics, Book I;
Politics, Book I;
On the Art of Poetry
Arnold, Matthew:
The Study of Poetry;
Sweetness and Light
Auden, W. H.:
Collected Poems
St. Augustine:
City of God
Austen, Jane:
Pride and Prejudice;
Sense and Sensibility;
Bacon, Francis:
Of Beauty;
Of Discourse;
Of Great Places;
Of Studies;
Of Marriage and the Single Life;
Of Parents and Children;
Of Seditions and Troubles;
Of Youth and Age
Balzac, Honoré:
Pere Goriot
Bellamy, Edward:
Looking Backward
St. Bede the Venerable:
History of the English Church and People
Bernanos, George:
Diary of a Country Priest
Blackmore, Richard:
Lorna Doone
Blake, William:
Songs of Innocence;
Songs of Experience
St. Bonaventure:
Life of St. Francis
Borrows, George:
Romany Rye
Boswell, James
Life of Samuel Johnson
Bradbury, Ray:
The Martian Chronicles;
Dandelion Wine;
Something Wicked This Way Comes;
Short Stories
Brontë, Charlotte:
Jane Eyre
Brontë, Emily:
Wuthering Heights
Browning, Robert:
The Poetical Works
Buchan, John:
The Thirty-Nine Steps
Buck, Pearl:
The Good Earth
Buckley, William F.:
God and Man at Yale;
Up From Liberalism
Burke, Edmund:
Reflections on the Revolution in France
Burns, Robert:
The Poetical Works
Byrd, Richard:
Cather, Willa:
My Antonia;
Death Comes for the Archbishop
Cervantes, Miguel de:
Don Quixote
Chambers, Whittaker:
Ghosts on the Roof
Chaucer, Geoffrey:
The Canterbury Tales
Chekhov, Anton:
The Cherry Orchard;
Uncle Vanya
Chesterton, G. K.:
Father Brown Series;
The Everlasting Man;
The Man Who Was Thursday
Churchill, Winston:
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples;
Marlborough: His Life and Times
Cicero, Marcus Tullius:
On Old Age;
On Friendship
Ciszek, Walter:
He Leadeth Me;
With God in Russia
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor:
Collins, Wilkie:
Columbus, Christopher:
Four Voyages to the New World
Conrad, Joseph:
Lord Jim;
Heart of Darkness
Cook, James:
Captain Cook's Explorations
Cooper, James Fenimore:
The Deerslayer;
The Pioneers;
The Last of the Mohicans
Crane, Stephen:
The Red Badge of Courage;
The Open Boat
Crevecoeur, J. Hector St. John de:
Letters from an American Farmer;
Sketches of Eighteenth-Century America
Curie, Eve:
Madame Curie
Dampier, William:
A Voyage Around the World
Dante Alighieri:
The Divine Comedy;
La Vita Nuova
Defoe, Daniel:
Moll Flanders;
Journal of the Plague Year;
Robinson Crusoe
De Kruif, Paul:
Microbe Hunters
De Maupassant, Guy:
The Necklace;
Selected Stories
De Wohl, Louise:
Lay Siege to Heaven;
Set All Afire
Dickens, Charles:
Bleak House;
Barnaby Rudge;
Our Mutual Friend;
Martin Chuzzlewitt;
Nicholas Nickleby;
The Old Curiosity Shop;
A Christmas Carol;
David Copperfield;
Oliver Twist;
A Tale of Two Cities;
Great Expectations
Donne, John:
Dostoevsky, Fyodor:
Crime and Punishment;
The Brothers Karamazov;
The Devils;
Notes from Undeground
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan:
The White Company;
The Sherlock Holmes Series
Dryden, John:
Du Maurier, Daphne:
George Trilby
Dumas, Alexandre:
The Three Musketeers
Eggleston, Edward
The Hoosier Schoolmaster
Eliot, George:
Silas Marner;
Adam Bede;
Mill on the Floss
Eliot, T. S.:
Complete Poems and Plays 1909-50
The Elements
The Trojan Women;
The Bacchae;
Eusebius of Caesarea
History of the Church
Fabre, Henri:
The Life of the Fly;
The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles;
The Sacred Beetle
Farrand, Max:
The Framing of the Constitution
Faulkner, William:
The Bear;
Intruder in the Dust
Fielding, Henry:
Tom Jones;
Jonathan Wilde
Fitzgerald, F. Scott:
The Great Gatsby
Flaubert, Gustave:
Madame Bovary
Frankl, Viktor:
Man's Search for Meaning
Franklin, Benjamin:
The Autobiography
Frost, Robert:
Gilbreth, Frank & Ernestine:
Cheaper by the Dozen;
Belles on Their Toes
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von:
Golding, William:
Lord of the Flies
Grant, Ulysses Simpson:
Personal Memoirs
St. Gregory of Tours:
History of the Franks
Haggard, H. Rider:
King Solomon's Mines
Hakluyt, Richard:
Voyages to the New World
Hale, E. E.:
The Man Without a Country
Hamilton, Alexander; Madison, James;
& Jay, John:
The Federalist Papers
Hardy, Thomas:
The Complete Poems;
The Mayor of Casterbridge
Hawkins, Anthony Hope:
The Prisoner of Zenda
Hawthorne, Nathaniel:
The Scarlet Letter;
Twice-Told Tales;
The House of the Seven Gables
Hemingway, Ernest:
The Old Man and the Sea
Hills Like White Elephants
The Histories
Heyerdahl, Thor:
The Ra Expeditions
The Iliad;
The Odyssey
Hopkins, Gerard Manley:
Poems and Prose
Hudson, W. H.:
The Purple Land;
Green Mansions
Hughes, Thomas:
Tom Brown's School Days;
Tom Brown at Oxford
Hugo, Victor:
Les Miserables;
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Huxley, Aldous:
Brave New World
Ibañez, Blasco:
Blood and Sand;
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Ibsen, Henrik:
An Enemy of the People
Irving, Washington:
Life of Columbus;
Conquest of Granada;
Life of Washington
Jackson, Helen Hunt:
James, Henry:
The American;
The Ambassadors;
Portrait of a Lady
Johnson, Samuel:
Johnson, Paul:
Modern Times
Joinville, Jean de:
Life of St. Louis IX
Joyce, James
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Keats, John:
Lewis, C. S.:
Out of the Silent Planet;
That Hideous Strength;
The Screwtape Letters;
The Great Divorce;
Mere Christianity;
Till We Have Faces;
The Abolition of Man
Lindbergh, Charles A.:
The Spirit of St. Louis
London, Jack:
The Call of the Wild;
The Sea Wolf;
White Fang
Loti, Pierre:
Iceland Fisherman
Manzoni, Alessandro:
The Betrothed
Meehan, Dr. Bernard:
The Book of Durrow
Melville, Herman:
Moby Dick;
Billy Budd
Milton, John:
Paradise Lost;
Paradise Regained
Moliere, Jean B.:
The Misanthrope
Montaigne, Michel de:
Montgomery, Lucy:
Anne of Green Gables
Moore, Tom:
Lalla Rookh
Morris, William:
News from Nowhere
Nagai, Takashi:
The Bells of Nagasaki
O'Connor, Flannery:
The Complete Stories;
Orwell, George:
Animal Farm;
Burmese Days
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Paine, Thomas:
Common Sense
Park, Mungo:
Travels in Africa
Parkman, Francis:
Oregon Trail
Parallel Lives (Lives of the Noble Greeks
and Romans)
Poe, Edgar Allan:
Tales and Poems
Polo, Marco:
Pope, Alexander:
Pound, Ezra:
Selected Poems;
Selected Cantos;
ABC of Reading
Pushkin, Alexander:
Prose Tales
Rawicz, Slavomir:
The Long Walk
Reade, Charles
The Cloister and the Hearth
Scott, Robert:
Scott's Last Expedition
Scott, Sir Walter:
Rob Roy;
The Antiquary
Shakespeare, William:
King Lear;
The Taming of the Shrew;
The Merchant of Venice,
Julius Caesar;
As You Like It;
Romeo and Juliet;
Richard II;
I Henry IV,
II Henry IV;
Henry V;
The Tempest;
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft:
Smith, Adam:
The Wealth of Nations
The Theban Tragedies;
Southwell, St. Robert:
Stanley, Sir Henry Morton:
How I Found Livingston
The Red and the Black;
The Charter House at Parma
Swift, Jonathan:
Gulliver's Travels
The Annals of Imperial Rome;
The Histories
Tennyson, Alfred Lord:
Thackeray, William Makepeace:
Vanity Fair;
Henry Esmond
Thompson, Francis:
Hound of Heaven
The History of the Peloponnesian War
Thurber, James:
My World - And Welcome to It
Tocqueville, Alexis de:
Democracy in America
Tolkein, J. R. R.:
The Hobbit;
The Lord of the Rings
Tolstoy, Leo:
War and Peace;
The Death of Ivan Ilyich;
Anna Karenina;
Father Sergius;
The Kreutzer Sonata
Trollope, Anthony:
Barchester Series
Turgenev, Ivan:
Fathers and Sons;
A Nest of Gentlefolk
Twain, Mark:
Tom Sawyer;
Huckleberry Finn;
The Prince and the Pauper;
Joan of Arc
Undset, Sigrid:
Kristin Lavransdatter
Vallery-Radot, Rene:
The Life of Pasteur
Van Doren, Carl:
Benjamin Franklin
Verga, Giovanni:
The House by the Medlar Tree
Verne, Jules:
Around the World in 80 Days;
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Aeneid;
The Georgics
Wallace, Edgar:
Four Just Men;
Sanders of the River
Washington, Booker T.:
Up From Slavery
Wells, H. G.:
The Time Machine;
The Invisible Man
White, T. H.:
The Once and Future King
Williams, Charles:
All Hallows's Eve;
Descent into Hell
Many Dimensions;
The Greater Trumps;
War in Heaven;
Shadows of Ecstasy;
The Place of the Lion
Wister, Owen:
The Virginian
Wodehouse, P. G.:
The Jeeves Series
Wordsworth, William:
Poetical Works
Anabasis (The Persian Expedition)
Yeats, William Butler:
Collected Poems