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Balloon Pass

• 2 balloons (or more), 2 unsharpened pencils for each
1. Blow up 1 balloon.
2. Get into a circle, each student holding 2 pencils.
3. Pass the balloon around the circle, with the balloon
only touching the pencils.

• Touch the balloon
Want More of a Challenge?
• Time the group and try beating your time
• Divide into 2 groups an race
• Try having each student use only 1 pencil
Circle of silence
• 1 blindfold, 1 can with marbles in it
1. Stand in a circle with 1 blindfolded person in the middle.
2. Pass the can of marbles around the circle without it being
heard by the blindfolded person.
3. The blindfolded person must point to the can when he/she
hears it.
4. Try to make it all the way around the circle as fast as
• Empty the can of marbles
• Speak while the can is in motion
Want More of a Challenge?
• Try to beat your time with different blindfolded students
Photo Finish
• 1 long rope
1. Assign one person as the challenge master. This person
can not speak, but must decide when the group has
completed the challenge successfully. This person may
change throughout the challenge
2. Stand in on one side of the rope
3. All members must step over the rope at the exact same
4. If one person is out of sync, the group must start over.
• Move the rope
Want More of a Challenge?
• Try to jump over the rope at the same time
Art chain
• 2 pieces of paper, 2 pencils, timer
1. Assign one person as the artist and one person as the
2. Line up in a straight line with the artist at one end and the
interpreter at the other.
3. The artist has 30 seconds to draw a picture.
4. After 30 seconds the 2nd person in line must describe the
picture to the 3rd. The 3rd person describes the picture to the
4th and so on until the interpreter hears the description.
5. the interpreter must try to reCreAte the Artist’s piCture.
• Look at the picture (only the artist and 1st person can see it)
Want More of a Challenge?
• Change the artist and interpreter
Magic Carpet
• 1 large tarp (or sheet)
1. Lay the tarp on the ground.
2. All students should stand on the tarp.
3. Flip the tarp over so all students are standing on
the other side without stepping off. If a person
comes off the tarp, start over.
• Step off the tarp
Want More of a Challenge?
• Use a smaller tarp
a Peek
• 2 identical sets of building blocks, divider, timer
1. One person builds a structure with the blocks behind the
2. The rest of the group tries to duplicate this structure
without seeing it.
3. One person from the group may go over and look at the
structure for 10 seconds, then report back to the group.
4. You may send over each member of the group once for 10
seconds each.
• Touch the original structure
• Go look at the structure more than once
Want More of a Challenge?
• Try to do this without speaking

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