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Flow Speed Control Valve

Model 367- 08

Temperature Range
Water: Max. +1800F (+800C).

Brass, Nickel Chrome plated.
Bronze ;
Nickel Aluminum Bronze ;
Stainless Steel AISI 316 ;
Super Austenitic Stainless Steel ;
Super Duplex Stainless Steel ;
Flow Factors
Restricted flow direction when in fully
open position:
Cv = 1.12 (Kv= 0.97).
Semi-free flow direction:
Cv = 1.4 (Kv = 1.2).

Model 367-08 Weight

1.0 lbs (0.44 kg).*
* Standard materials.

General Description
The Inbal Flow Speed Control Valve ! Easy adjustment by a knob which is
model 367-08 is an adjustable restriction well secured by the locking bolt. The Inbal Speed Control Valve enables
which provides adjustment of the ! Fine tapered needle provides very restricted flow direction and reversed
opening or closing speed of any Inbal sensitive adjustment. semi-free flow direction. In the restricted
Control Valve. Inbal model 367-08 acts ! Replaces a bulky assembly which flow direction, the needle is forced
as a needle valve when flow direction is includes needle valve, check valves, against the stem by the line pressure.
along the stem; but when flow is in the strainer, and various pipe connectors. Flow is metered through the control by
reversed direction, the port area enlarges ! Could be added to any Inbal Valve the fine taper of the needle and the port
significantly to allow semi-free flow. Control as either opening, closing, or area. In the free flow direction, the
Any contaminants, debris, scales, or both speed controls. needle is forced off the stem by the line
particles which may have gathered at the ! Operates in any position. pressure, allowing increased capacity
port area during restricted flow will be ! High grade standard materials and flow. Adjustment is made by the
flushed away when the flow is coating for excellent corrosion adjusting knob. Turning the knob
unrestricted in reversed direction. resistance. counter-clockwise decreases restriction,
Adjustment is made by the adjusting and clockwise increases restriction.
knob, and the desired opening or closing The maximum restriction position still
speed is secured with the locking bolt. Technical Data allows a certain amount of flow to ensure
that full restriction will not prevent the
Model Number Inbal Control Valve from operating.
Features 367-08. The ratios between the flow capacity
Ends versus the regulating handle position are
! Reversed free flow in the Inbal Speed Inlet Port -½" NPT, male. shown on Graph (1). Actually, the Inbal
Control flushes away all particles Outlet Port - ½" NPT, female. 367-08 is under choked flow conditions
which may have gathered in the during most of the opening or closing
orifices - unlike a needle valve which Pressure Rating process. Thus, the actual flow rate
tends to be clogged due to the small Maximum working pressure: 300 psi through the speed control is represented
flow area. (21 bar). by the "FL · Cv" line.

Flow Speed Control Valve
Model 367- 08

restriction after installation by turning

of full open
m /h @ bar

gpm @ psi

the adjusting knob counter-clockwise,

then partially decrease restriction by



0.97 1.12 100 turning the knob approximately two

1 90 turns clockwise. Final adjustment should
0.8 0.9
be made during Inbal Control Valve
0.7 0.8 70

0.6 0.7
CV Inspection, Maintenance, & Testing
50 FL · CV It is imperative that the Inbal Flow
0.4 40
0.4 Speed Control Valve be inspected and
0.3 30 tested on a regular basis.
0.2 20
The frequency of inspections may vary
due to the quality of water supply and / or
0.1 10
0.1 corrosive atmosphere. The following
0.012 0.015 1.3 recommendations are the minimum
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 N
requirements to keep the Inbal 367-08 in
good working conditions:
Graph (1) Operation of the Inbal Flow Speed
1" Control Valve should be done quarterly.
26 mm Installation If operation of the whole system is not
feasible, an individual speed control
Refer to the applicable Trim Chart for testing should be implemented. The
inserting the Inbal Flow Speed Control speed control should be removed from
6 Valve in the control trim. the control by taking precautions that the
Inbal Control Valve remains closed.
Opening Speed Control Service: Decrease restriction by turning the knob
Connect the male thread port to the Inbal clockwise. Record number of turns until
Valve Control Chamber and the female the unit is fully open. Connect the female

thread port to the control trim. thread port to the water pressure source.
½" NPT

Closing Speed Control Service: Verify that there is full flow out of the
125 mm
4 15/16"

Connect the female thread port to the male thread port.

Inbal Valve Control Chamber and the Turn the adjusting knob to its original
male thread port to the control trim. position and verify that the flow is
3 If both functions are required on the diminished. As soon as testing is
same valve, dual Inbal Flow Speed completed, reinstall the Inbal Speed
2 Control Valves should be used. One unit Control in the trim.
will be installed as Opening Speed The Inbal Flow Speed Control Valve
1 Control as instructed above, and the may be used in all Inbal Deluge, Dry
other unit as Closing Speed Control. Pipe, Preaction, and Control Valves.
½" NPT Setting the speed control should be done The Inbal 367-08 is an optional feature
when the Inbal Deluge, Dry Pipe, and should be ordered separately. See
1 5/16" Preaction, Remote Control, or Pressure / Inbal Model Number Designation Data
33 mm Flow Control Valve is periodically (bulletin F01-03-01) for designated
tested. letter for Opening and/or Closing Speed
Figure (1) It is recommended to fully increase Control.

Item Cat. No. Description Standard Material Quantity

1 36710108 Needle Seat Brass, Nickel Chrome plated 1
2 36710208 Body Brass, Nickel Chrome plated 1
3 36740308 Needle Stainless Steel AISI 304 1
4 36710408 Stem Brass, Nickel Chrome plated 1
5 201267 O-Ring Buna N 1
6 201067 O-Ring Buna N 1
7 36710708 Cover Brass, Nickel Chrome plated 1
8 A4M4X10 Allen Bolt Stainless Steel AISI 304

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