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Black Book 01 – Left hand page shows date as Jan-Feb 2016, with an entry on cash received.

Right hand
page shows ‘cash withdrawals’ for payments to Department of Correctional Services officials Maria
Mabena, Mollet Ngubo, Shishi Matabela, Nxele, the National Union of Mine Workers among others.
Black Book 02 – Shows February 2016 reconciliation on left hand page. On the right hand page, it shows
names of various Bosasa employees who were paid cash on a monthly basis in addition to their salaries.

Below that it lists cash withdrawals of R65 000 for ‘Richmond’ – better known as Linda Mti.

It also shows Nomgcobo Jiba - R100 000; Grace Molatedi, Gauteng regional correctional services
commissioner - R100 000; Nontsikelelo Jolingana, also DCS official - R100 000; Lawrence Mrwebi - R10
000; and Jackie Lepinka - R20 000.

Right at the bottom of the right hand page it shows cash was given to Joe Gumede, Bosasa director, for
distribution to ACSA officials Bongi, Jason and Mohamed - R40 000 each.
Black Book 03 – Shows recon dated January 2015 or 2016, and various cash withdrawals for Bosasa
directors. These directors would, according to Agrizzi’s evidence, then be responsible for distributing the
cash to various government officials. In the case of Papa Leshabane, three journalists who are as yet
unnamed, were also allegedly paid.
Black Book 04 – This page again shows cash withdrawals for ‘Papa journos’ at R30 000. It is alleged this
means Papa Leshabane took R30 000 from the vaults at Bosasa to pay three unnamed journalists.

It also shows an amount of R1-million for Zack Modise, who at this time is believed was the national
commissioner of correctional services. A further R15 000 is simply identified as being for Home Affairs.
The remaining names are Bosasa directors.
Black Book 05 – This page shows R110 000 for Patrick Gillingham, the former DCS chief financial officer,
and R100 000 for ANC MP Vincent Smith.

It also shows two amounts of R1-million and R1.2-million for Seopela – believed to be Sesinyi Seopela, a
politically-connected fixer for Bosasa who was also allegedly responsible for distributing cash to officials
and politicians.

The page also again shows the DCS officials on the left, Bosasa staff on the right and NPA officials Jiba,
Mrwebi and Lepinka, as well as Jolingana and Molatedi.
Black Book 06 – This page shows January 2015 reconciliations. The right hand page shows ACSA officials
paid via Joe Gumede, as well as another mention of R1-million for Zack Modise via Papa Leshabane.

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