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Aspen OLI V8.

8 Readme File

The presence of this Readme file indicates that Aspen OLI V8.8 has been
partially installed. This document provides background information on the
licensing structure, the installation process and new features in Aspen OLI

Licensing Structure
Aspen OLI V8.8 consists of
1 Aspen OLI Interface provided by AspenTech. The interface is included
with Aspen Plus and Aspen Properties and is provided without additional
2 OLI Engine 9.1 in Aspen Plus V8.8 licensed by OLI Systems.
New customers of Aspen OLI V8.8 will need to sign a contract with OLI
Systems. OLI Systems will provide the necessary software license manager,
Hardlock security key and serial number required to access the OLI Engine in
Aspen Plus.

Software Installation
Installation of Aspen OLI requires these steps:
1 Contact OLI Systems to obtain the OLI Hardlock security key, serial
number, and password for installing the OLI Engine in Aspen Plus as part
of the continued licensing of Aspen OLI.
2 Install the Aspen OLI Interface, which is part of the Process Modeling
(Aspen Plus) Installation. When this installation is complete, you will have
installed all of the components required within the Aspen framework to
support the OLI Engine.
3 Download the OLI Engine 9.1 in Aspen Plus V8.8 from the OLI support
website ( and install it. This is a self-
extracting script that installs the components supplied by OLI in a
directory of your choosing (or the default location C:\Program Files\OLI
Systems\OLI Engine 9.1\Aspen Plus V8.8). During the installation, you
will be asked to supply the serial number obtained in step 1.
Note: This file is no longer delivered by AspenTech, as it was in previous
releases, and must be obtained directly from the OLI web site. This
ensures that you get the most up-to-date version of the OLI software.
4 Finally, plug in the OLI Hardlock key to an available USB port on your
system. It is recommended that you use the Security Settings and
Test program accessible from the Start | Programs | OLI Systems |
OLI Engine in Aspen Plus V8.8 | Tools menu to confirm that the OLI
License is operating correctly.

Running Aspen OLI V8.8

Once Aspen OLI V8.8 has been installed, creating and running simulations
involves essentially the same steps as earlier versions. OLI includes a tool
named Chemistry Wizard. The Chemistry Wizard is used to prepare OLI
chemistry model files and an Aspen Plus .bkp file that contains all of the
component and property specifications required for your simulation. To use
the Chemistry Wizard, use the Start | Programs | OLI Systems | OLI
Engine in Aspen Plus V8.8 menu and click on Chemistry Wizard.
Chemistry Wizard is a replacement for OLI’s earlier model setup tool named
Chemistry Generator. The Chemistry Generator is still available with Aspen
OLI V8.8 but we encourage you to use the Chemistry Wizard. Future versions
of Aspen OLI may not include the Chemistry Generator. The .bkp file created
by the Chemistry Wizard will work essentially the same as before in Aspen
The following new features are available in Aspen OLI V8.8:
 Latest OLI physical property databanks and calculation Engine (Version
9.1, build 9.1.4).
Features introduced in earlier versions continue to be available in Aspen OLI
 The Aspen OLI Interface now supports the following properties: vapor
phase viscosity, vapor and liquid thermal conductivity, surface tension,
vapor and liquid binary diffusion coefficients, pH, and pOH. These will now
be calculated by OLI when using the OLI property method; in versions
before V7.3.2 they were computed by Aspen Physical Property System
 Aspen OLI has the capability to provide properties for petroleum fractions
based on the pseudocomponent slate generated by the Aspen's Assay
Data Analysis. Petroleum customers who use Aspen Properties physical-
property models for most of the simulation and Aspen OLI for the
electrolytes sections (for example, streams containing oil and brine) will
benefit from consistent physical property model parameters for
 User-added unit operations editors for the Aspen Plus user interface are
available for EFLASH and EFRAC (OLI’s 4-phase flash and column models,
 Chemistry Wizard now supports saving and retrieving wizard case files
(.cwa) so that existing Aspen OLI chemistry models created using
Chemistry Wizard can be refined easily.
 Chemistry Wizard now supports pseudocomponents and assays along with
inert solids (such as coal and ash).
As before, Aspen OLI will be available in other Process Modeling products in
addition to Aspen Plus (for example, ACM and AD).