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A long time ago there lived a wolf and a crane.

The wolf was so big that

the crane was very afraid of him.she also hated the wolf very afraid of him.she
also hated the wolf very much because the wolf had killed her family.

One daythe wolf was eating his dinner he was very greedy as usal sudenlly
a bone got stuck in his throat .he tried and tried to get it out ,but he could not.

MR wolf : what a nasty bone (he complained the bone give him a lot of pain.he
was about to ery when he sudenlly thought of the crane) ah he said to
himself let me go to the crane . she has a long bill hope she can help
me to get this bone out of my throat.(and greted het in a soft and
melodies sound).

MR wolf : good morning miss crane

MISS crane:(the crane wanted to fly away because she was very much afraid of
the wolf)

MR wolf:(but the wolf quickly added please miss crane)don’t fly away I need
your help Im in a great trouble.

MISS crane:well,well,well ( said the cranekeeping herself at a distance )just

imagine a wolf needs a crane help do you think believe that how many
of my family have you killed al ready, can you remember.

MR wolf: oh plese miss crane ( let by gones be by gones now I need your help
badly ( said the wolf and steped forward)

MISS crane: stay where you are .mr wolf (cried out the crane any lously added)
I don’t want to die yet your help her me.

MR wolf: take it easy miss crane (said the wolf) Im not going to do you any
harm ,believe me one they contary , will give you a kind reward if you
can help me.

MISS crane: me help you (asked the crane suspiciously ) oh no you cants fool
me mr wolf you’re hungry and you wan to eat me up.

MR wolf: miss crane don’t you see I’m choking I’ve got a bon stuck in my
throat if eant get it out shall soon die.(replied the wolf as he laid
down )oh I’m sorry to her that but what can I do I’m not a doctor .I
know you’re not a doctor , but you have along bill.
MISS crane:all right ,then I,ll try .open your mount wide the crane then put her
hill in the mount of the wolf and frew out the bone the crane then put
her bill in there you are pulled it out .(said the crane are you feeling
better now)

MR wolf: (the wolf felling his throat again) was very happy .he laughed heartily
the all off a sudden he staped laughing and snaped .now what are you
looking at get out off my way.

MISS crane:but what about my reward surely I must get the reward you
promised me (said the crane)

MR wolf: your reward exlarmed the wolf good gracious might have easily
bitten your head off when it was in my mout I gave your life .you
should be thankfull to me what more do you whent isn’t that reward
enough for you ?now be off before I jump on you and make a meal off