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Re:Auroville in Villipuram, Tamilnadu.

Acharya Sudhakar V.Rao MD

We talked about this briefly in our “Wisdom series” in our temple a few
years ago. This is a unique concept put into practice by a French Guru and
occultist, Mirra Alfassa.

The name Aurobindo is derived from sanskrit word “Aravinda” meaning a

red lotus. It is pronounced “Aurobindo” in Bengali. Sri Aurobindo Ghosh
was a well-known Indian philosopher, Guru, yogi and poet. He had many
disciples all over the world. One of our devotees, Sri Subramaniam, who
now lives in Columbus was his ardent follower.

Mirra Alfassa from France, an occultist and an admirer-collaborator of

Aurobindo started this village in Villuppuram district in Tamilnadu in 1968.
She was known as “The Mother” and was considered to be his equal in yogic
stature. Aurora is the goddess of Dawn. She took the first four letters of
name of Aurobindo and called this village Auroville, the city of Dawn.

It is interesting to note that the name Aurobindo (i.e. Aravinda) means red
lotus. Lotuses bloom at dawn. Dawn is known as Auro from Aurora! So
there is some connection between the name “Aurobindo”and Auroville” the
connection between the lotus flower and the dawn.