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ΠΕ 12 Flight

Beijing Taxi Price

Flag-down Rate CNY13 for the first 3km (2mi)
1. CNY2.3/km over 3km in the daytime
2. CNY2.76/km from 23:00 to 05:00 the next day
Speed of lower than 12km/h during rush hours. CNY2.3
Low-Speed Drive and Waiting Fare: Extra CNY4.6 for each 5mins' waiting or driving with the
during other time.
ΠΑ 13 Beijing Arrival 9:50
Βeijing Morning (Need total for the day 1.082 RMB) = 140€
Exchange 150€ = 1156 RMB or 400€=3.083 RMB
1. Bank of China Terminal 2, Gate 8 hall 2F
2. International Currency Exchange @ Terminal 2
– Address: Gate 5 T2 International Arrivals, Beijing, China–Opening hours: 24 hours
China Unicom 2 Sim Cards 66CNYx2= 132 RMB
There have China Mobile Counter in terminal 2,it's at first floor beside international arrivel exit.
Taxi to Leo Hostel 100 έως 120 RMB
地址: 中国前门大栅栏西街52号, 西城区, 北京市
No.52 West Dazhalan Street,Qianmen, Xicheng, Beijing, 100051,
电话: +86 10 6303 0879
GPS坐标:N 039° 53.697, E 116° 23.578
Hotel 12h Check in and pay first day 440 RMB
Beijing Afternoon
Bank of communicatiom Qianmen west str. (7min walk from Leo Hostel )500€ = 3.854 RMB
or 750€ =5.785 RMB
or (Bank of China near Tiananmen Square Address: 17 Xijiaomin Alley, Xicheng Qu, Beijing,)
Beijing Transportation Smart Card, aka Yikatong Card 3x 50 = 150 RMB
Buy in Customer Service Center of all subway stations Qianmen Line 2
or Zhu Shi Kou Metro Line 7 for city buses, subway, the Airport Express Train, S2 trains, taxis,
and public bicycles.
Each card requires a CNY20 refundable deposit. Generally, it is suggested to store CNY50
for 2-3 days’ stay and CNY100 for one-week’s cost when buying the transportation card.
Food for the day 150 RMB
Běihǎi Park 北海公园 Total 90 RMB
Through Ticket 20 RMBx3 covers the admission fee for the main entrance, Qionghua Islet
and Circular City + Yong'an Temple 10 RMBx3 =30RMB
Opening time: June, July, and August: 06:00-22:00 (ticket sale stop at 21:30)
Take Subway Line 6 and get off at Beihai Bei (North) Station.
Go out from Exit B and walk 5 minutes east to get to the north gate of the park.
17h: Go out from east exit and walk north for 40min towards Lotus-Hehua market for food
Shichaihai metro > Qianmen 4 RMB x3 =12 RMB
Taxi Shichaihai > Leo Hostel 25 RMB
ΣΑ 14

Need total for the day 3.130 RMB

Hotel 5 nights 2200 RMB

** 7h Badalling Great wall Tickets 40 RMB x 3=120 RMB + Cable car 140RMB x3 = 420 RMB
By Bus “Beijing Public Tourist Bus Line 1” 旅游公交1线 Bottle of water !!!
Qianmen 前门 – Badaling 八达岭
Get on the bus from 前门 (QIANMEN), and after 2 stops, get
off at 滚天沟停车场 (GUNTIANGOU TINGCHECHANG), then walk to the entrance gate.
Notes:1) The bus starting station is located at the Qianmen. You can take subway line 2
and get off at Exit C of 前门 (QIANMEN), then walk south for about 30 meters to take the bus.
2) The bus is available every 30 minutes from 7:30-11:00.
3) It takes about 100 minutes to the wall. Bus RMB20x3= 60 RMB one way.
Total a/r 120RMB -- Badaling 八达岭 – Qianmen 前门
Get on at 滚天沟停车场 (GUNTIANGOU TINGCHECHANG) from the same bus station
when you arrives, and get off at 前门 (QIANMEN) station.
Notes: 1) The back bus is available 11:00-16:30.
2) For the back bus passengers can get off at either at德胜门(DESHENGMEN) !!
or 前门 (QIANMEN). If you are using Transportation Smart Card, the bus fare will be 50% off.
Best the 2nd solution : Deshengmen 德胜门 ⇔ Badaling Bus 877
From Deshengmen via Lake road and Ya'er hutong (40 min walk) arrive in…>
** 17h Bell and drum tower 30 RMB x 3 = 90 RMB
Drum Performances at the Drum Tower 16:45 extra performance is at 17:15 in peak season.
Suggested Duration: 2hours. After >…
** 20h Nanlouguxiang hutong 南锣鼓巷 (Food 150 RMB)
Le hutong s'étale sur 800 mètres, de Gulou East Street à Di'anmen East Street Bars,
magasins et galeries. La station de métro Nanluoguxiang de Pékin (lignes 6 et 8)
There are eight parallel hutongs on each side of the old alley.

Taxi to Leo Hostel 30 RMB

ΚΥ 15
** 8h Panjiayuan Flea Market 潘家园 pinyin: pānjiāyuán 7h30 Taxi from Hotel 30 RMB
Opening Time: 4h30 - 16h30 (Saturday and Sunday)
The stores in the market open every day while the street stalls just open on weekends.
8h30 - 16h30 (Monday - Friday)
** 11h Temple of Heaven Park 天壇 pinyin: Tiāntán (Flea>Heanen Taxi 25 RMB)
Daily 8h-17h30 Combo Ticket CNY 34x3=102 RMB
(Includes Entrance Fee Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Circular Mound Altar & Echo Wall)
Recommended Time Visit 1.5 hours
Take Subway Line 5 to Tiantan Dongmen Station Exit A and you'll find the East Gate of the Park.
** 16h Hongqiao market 红桥珍珠市场 (hóng qiáo zhēn zhū shì chǎng) Sun - Sat 9h30 - 19h
Pearl market Seafood Watches electronics
Subway Line 5 to Tiantan Dongmen Station
There is a food court at the lower basement with many stalls selling a variety of great tasting
Chinese food. The toilets here are also clean.
two buildings that are now called Pearl Market English is superb Clean food court
** 19h Tiananmen square flag lowering 19h42

ΔΕ 16 ** 8h Forbidden city 紫禁城 150 Υ 19€ +Taxi 3€ (or The Palace Museum 故宮博物院
Opening Hours- 8:30-17h Ticketing Time- Entry Time 8:30-16:00 (Buy tickets from Hotel?)
It is closed on Mondays except summer vacation from Jul 1 to Aug 31 (crowded) Plan to spend
about 3-4 hours
Minors between 6 and 18 years old, the admission ticket price is CNY 20 and the ticket for
Treasure Gallery and Clock and Watch Gallery each is CNY 5. Nick total 30Y
Seniors elder than 60 half price Nanas Total 40Y Marietta Total 80Y
Ολοι μας 150 Υ 19€ at 11:00 and 14:00 in the Clocks gallery Bottle of water !!!
** 13h Lama temple (雍和宫 (Yonghe Lama Temple) 25x3=75 RMB Subway Line 2 or Line 5 to
Yonghegong (Yonghe Temple) Station, get out of the station from Exit C - open 9:00 to 16:30 -
Recommended Time for a Visit: 1.5 hours Nearby Attractions: Temple of Confucius Guozijian
(ImperialAcademy) Guijie Street. Yonghegong St
** 15h Confucius Tapei Temple 山東省曲阜市 30x3=90 RMB
Take Subway Line 2 or Line 5 and get off at Yonghegong Station. Exit G. Guozijian Street 08:30 to
18:00, tickets sale ends at 17:30 open evry day. Recommended Time for a Visit One hour.
(Recommended Tour including the visit to this temple: Beijing Hutong
Tour: Huangchenggen Ruins Park, South Gong and Drum Lane, Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street,
**Guizie street (Ghost Street) food Metro Bexinqiao
Jingzun Pekin duck 6,Chunxiu Lu 128RMB (11h-22h) Metro Dongsi shitiao
Sanlitun bar street Metro Tuanjiehu
ΤΡ 17
** 8h Summer Palace 頤和園 (Yiheyuan)
By Subway: Take line 2 and after 2 stations change for line 4 to Xiyuan and leave from exit C2.
Walk west for about 15 minutes to the East Palace Gate.
Combo Ticket 60x3=180 RMB
Includes: Dehe Garden Tower of Buddhist Incense Wenchang Hall Suzhou Street and Danning Hall
Opening Hours: 06:30 - 18:00 Scenic spots are open from 08:30 to 17:00.
Recommended Time of 3 hours
Boat tour details see our map
Last Suzhou market str. North gate for metro Beigongmen
** 18h Jingshan Park 景山公园 CNY 2 (Fee of exhibitions is not included) Opening Hours: 06:00 -
21:00 Estimated time of visit 1h After the park> exit from east gate and…
**19h Sanyanjing Hutong >
**20h Wangfujing street 王府井大街(wáng fǔ jǐng dà jiē)
It is 1 mile (1,600 meters) long ranging from Changan Avenue in the south to National Art Museum
of China in the north It is also called Donghuamen Night Market, located near the north entrance
of the commercial street. Opens around 18:00
Wangfujing Snack Street 王府井小吃街 (wáng fǔ jǐng xǐao chī jīe) In the south of Haoyou World
Mall, there is a street with hundreds of snack stands and shops, which mainly sells nationwide
snacks, tourist souvenirs and folk crafts.On the first floor visitors can enjoy over 500 kinds of foods
from every corner of China, such as kebab, sugar-coated figurine, tea soup and Tortilla Flat. Foods
on the second floor are mainly Muslim-flavored, where the best beef and mutton are provided.
On the third floor visitors can enjoy the exquisite tea and wine with Beijing opera for leisure.

ΤΕ 18 ** 8h Tianmen square
** 9h National Museum Free 9h to 17h, closed on Monday Suggested Duration: 2-3 hours
** 13 Market+Food
** 15h Hotel checkout + Reservation taxi for tomorrow 5h30 30 RMB
** 18h Guozijian Street Hutong 国子监街 Pinyin: Guózǐjiàn Jiē
West of Yonghe Temple (Lama temple) in the Dongcheng District The street is 669 meters
Take Subway Line 2 or Line 5, get off at Yonghe Temple (Yonghe Gong) Station. Get out from Exit D
and walk south. The Yonghe Temple is located next to its east entrance.
** 20h Ma'oer hutong 帽儿胡同
Northwest of Dongcheng District, stretching from
South Gong and Drum Lane to the Di'anmen Wai Street. This alley is 585 meters
Take Subway Line 8, get off at Shichahai Station. Get out from Exit C, and you will find the
destination on the east side of the road.
** Shisahai lake

ΠΕ 19

Up 5h00
Taxi 5h30
6h00 Railway Station
7h00 Depart for Shanghai
13h30 Arrive at Shanghai