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Mexican Army of the North

At the Beginning of the War


Commanding General: General D. ignacio de Mora y Villamil

Artillery: Commandante General D. Santiago Blanco

Gunners (2/ll/3ll)*
Vanguard Division: General D. Francisco Pacheco
Infantry (l4/207/4,6l8)*
Center: General D. Manual Lombardini
Infantry (22/249/4,029)
Rear Guard: General D. Luis Guzman
Infantry (l8/209/2,970)
First Cavalry Brigade: General D. Vincente Minon
Cavalry (l5/l0l/l,302)
2nd Cavalry Brigade: General D. Julian Juvera
Cavalry (l3/l07/970)
3rd Cavalry Brigade: General D. Annastsio Torrejon
Cavalry (l2/90/706)
4th Cavalry Brigade: General D. Manual Andrade
Cavalry (2/53/422)
Attached: Lt. Colonel D. Minguel Andrade
Hussar Regiment (2/42/422)

Observation Division:
Infantry (ll/ll7/l,655) - General D. Ciricao Vazquez
Cavalry (8/95/2,l2l) - General Jose Urrea

3 l6pdr bronze guns, dismounted **
5 l2pdr bronze guns, dismounted
2 l2pdr iron guns, mounted
7 8pdr bronze guns, mounted
4 8pdr iron guns, mounted
3 6pdr bronze guns, mounted
l4 4pdr bronze guns, mounted
l 7 inch howitzer, mounted
* Numbers are Chiefs, Officers & men.
** Many of the guns labeled as dismounted were mounted shortly after the army marched
from San Luis and at the same time others were received at headquarters, chiefly l6pdrs
& 24pdrs.

R. Alcaraz, The Other Side, or Notes for the History of the War Between Mexico and the
United States, New York, l850