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Admission Ticket

Student Information
Name: Dev Kumar
Address: 63/135 krishna colony
bhiwani 127021
Birth Date:
Registration Number: High School:
0069988874 970000

Test Day Information

Test Date: December 1, 2018
Test Center: 63159: G D GOENKA WORLD SCH
Tickets on a smartphone will not be accepted.
G. D. GOENKA EDUCATION CITY All test centers open at 7:45 a.m., and doors close at 8 a.m.,
unless otherwise noted on this ticket. You will not be admitted
after 8 a.m. Keep this printed ticket with you at all times in the
SOHNA, HARYANA, India 122103 test center.
Test Type: SAT

Score Report Recipients Message to Supervisors

Your first four score sends are covered by your registration fee if ordered by phone
or online by 11:59 p.m. U.S. ET on December 10, 2018 .
Unless you change the default in your online account, only scores from this date
will be sent: December 1, 2018

Identification Policy Supervisors will match their roster

with your ticket, ID, and appearance.
For admission, your photo ID must:
§ Be a valid (unexpired) photo identification § Show a recent photo of you that matches
that is government issued or issued by both your appearance on test day and the
the school that you currently attend. photo on this ticket.
Admission or Acceptable Appearance
§ Be an original document § Be in good condition, with readable Waitlist Ticket Photo ID on Test Day

(not photocopied). English text, and a clearly visible

§ List your full, legal name exactly as it photograph.
appears on your ticket, including the § Note: A U.S. Global Entry identification Supervisor’s
order of the names. card is acceptable.

Page 1 of 2 ID policy exceptions on page 2 may apply

Test Day Checklist ID Policy Exceptions
Remember to eat breakfast before you arrive. Some test takers have different identification requirements
than those listed on the front of this ticket.
What to Bring
§ § Your printed admission ticket. Tickets on a smartphone Eighth grade or below: If you are in the eighth grade or below
will not be accepted. and testing for Talent Search purposes, a valid Talent Search
§ § Acceptable photo ID. ID Form is acceptable.

§ § Two No. 2 pencils with erasers. 21 or older: If you will be 21 or older on test day, the only
acceptable form of identification is an official government
§ § An acceptable calculator.
issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.
Nice to Have Student ID cards are not valid.
§ § A watch (without an audible alarm). Testing in India, Ghana, Nepal, Nigeria, and Pakistan: The
§ § Extra batteries and backup equipment in case they’re only acceptable form of identification is a valid passport.
needed (only use with permission).
Testing in Egypt, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam: A valid
§ § A drink or snacks (for your break). passport or valid national ID card are the only acceptable
§ § A bag for your belongings. forms of ID. If you travel to another country to test, you must
provide a passport as identification.
What Not to Bring
§ § Electronic equipment, including phones of any kind,
personal computing devices, wearable technology,
Switching Between the SAT and the
cameras, timers, audio players/recorders, SAT with Essay
smartwatches, or any other devices that can be You can change to or from the SAT® with Essay without a
used to send, receive, or record information. change fee, but you will be billed for the price difference
§ § Any highlighters, rulers, earplugs, dictionaries between the two tests if you’re switching to the SAT with
or other books, pens or mechanical or colored Essay. You may be able to switch on test day during check
pencils, pamphlets, or papers of any kind, in, but it’s up to the test center supervisor and depends on
including scratch paper. whether they have enough materials, space, and staff. This is
the only change to your ticket information that can be made
If You Bring or Use Prohibited Devices on test day.
You’ll need to turn off all electronic devices during the test
and even during breaks. This includes cellphones. Be sure Registration Corrections
to turn off your watch alarm, if you have one. You won’t be able to take the test if the information on your
The test administration staff will collect and hold phones ticket doesn’t exactly match the test center attendance
and other prohibited electronic devices during the test roster. If you make corrections, print a new ticket for test day.
administration. They can deny admission to anyone who is Name, Date of Birth, and Sex
in possession of a prohibited electronic device. Contact customer service to change this information.
If your device makes noise or you are seen with it at any Other Corrections
time, including during breaks, you may be dismissed Use your College Board account or call customer service to
immediately, your scores can be canceled, and the device change your photo, high school, home address, test center,
may be confiscated and its contents inspected. The test date, or test type (from SAT to SAT Subject Tests™ or
College Board is not responsible for loss or damage to from SAT to SAT with Essay).
personal items, including electronic devices, while you are
Changes to name, date of birth, sex, or photo must be
in the test center.
made by 8 p.m. U.S. ET on November 26, 2018 .

Refund Policy Changes to test type, test center, or test date cost an
extra fee and must be made by 11:59 p.m. U.S. ET on
If you decide to cancel your test registration, you can request
November 20, 2018 .
a partial refund of $10 no later than five days before the test
date you registered for. You are also entitled to a refund for
any score reporting services you ordered for a test date you Have Questions?
missed. Call customer service for assistance. SAT customer service:
866-756-7346 (+1-212-713-7789 international)
Visit your account:
Learn more:

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