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Quick Rubric :)

Presentation on Cultures Researched

This rubric evaluates students on the presentation portion of Gaining Perspectives on Different Cultures Unit.

100-90 89-80 79-60 59-0

Body Language Movements were fluid Movements helped to Minimal movements. No movement.
and helped the audience enhance presentation. Movements were often Or movements were very
visualize distracting. distracting to

Eye contact Holds the audiences' Used consistent eye Use minimal eye contact. Gave no eye contact.
attention with the use of contact during Looked at visual or away Looked away or at the
eye contact through the presentation. from audience for visual during the entire
entire presentation majority of presentation. presentation.

Introduction and Delivers strong opening Gives clear opening and Uses either introduction Student does not display
and closing statements closing statements. or closing remarks, but either opening or closing
that holds the audiences' Creates moderate not both. remarks.
attention. interest.

Chosen Culture Focused on a single Focused on a single Does not give a clearly No clear culture or
culture. culture. stated culture. multiple given.
Gives location. Gives general location. Unsure of general No given location.
In depth history of Good understanding of location. Minimal understanding of
culture. history. Basic understanding of history.
Interesting facts. Good facts. history or holes in Poor facts or barely any
information given. given.
Basic facts.

Knowledge of Gives in depth Gives knowledgeable Gives some knowledge of Gives little or no
understanding of the understanding of culture culture researched. knowledge of culture
Culture Chosen
culture researched. researched. researched.

Resources 5 Scholarly resources 3-4 Scholarly resources 2-3 Scholarly resources 0-2 Scholarly resources.
used. used. used. Or very questionable
Properly cited. Good citations. Or possibly questionable resources.
resources. Poorly cited sources or
Poorly cited sources. not cited at all.

Voice Uses fluid and Appropriate volume used Both fluidity of speech Monotone voice.
appropriate volume when but fluidity of speech and volume fluctuates. low voice.
speaking. varies. And/or choppy speech.

Participation All group members Most group members One or two group Only one group member
actively participates in participate. members participates participates in the
(Only Pertains to
presentation. more than other group presentation.
Groups) members.

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Quick Rubric :)


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