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*Name of student to be written on line at top of log.

Final Year Project Query

Compiled by Moosa Naseer & assisted by team

Project Title Industry Project background Project Basis

1. Conversion of waste plastics Petrochemicals Plastics that are thrown Process design
into fuel oil in the environment
polluting it are converted
in oil and diesel.
2. Energy efficiency improvement Petrochemicals To design energy Equipment modelling
in oil refineries balancing methods and and research analysis
reducing costs of energy
3. Naphtha and gas cracking for Petrochemicals To design cracking Process design and
production of olefins process and model modelling
equipment using Aspen
4. Conversion of ligno-biomass to Petrochemicals To design the process Process design and
high-Octane Gasoline and model equipment for research also
high octane gasoline
5. Multi-Stage Flash desalination Water treatment To design and model the Process modelling and
process process and equipment design
for multi-stage flash
6. Design of thermally coupled Petrochemicals To design and model the Process modelling and
fractionating columns energy efficient TC design
sequence for maximum energy columns sequence for
saving max. savings

7. Energy efficient ammonia Fertilizer To investigate the Research, modelling,

production plant using methane economics and model control and
efficient plant using optimization
8. Use of Flue gas to produce Fertilizer To design and model a Investigation, design
Urea process for separation of and modelling
CO2 from flue gases and
produce cost effective
9. Urea Synthesis using chemical Fertilizer Designing a plant Research, design and
looping process configuration based on modelling using
chemical looping ASPEN Plus, ASPEN
providing productive HYSYS 10
control on process
*Name of student to be written on line at top of log.

10. Synthesis of acetic acid via Fermentation Designing and modelling Design, modelling and
methanol Industry efficient process using optimization of yield
hydro carboxylation with Rh catalyst to increase
selectivity of acetic acid
CO2 and H2
11. Design of an industrial Organic Synthesis Designing and modelling Study of organic
process for the production of industry efficient industrial chemistry, design,
aniline by direct amination process for aniline modelling, assessment
12. Production of phosphoric acid Fertilizer Industry Designing and modelling Research, Design and
and chemical fertilizer from efficient process for modelling
phosphate rock by strong acid production of phosphoric
process. (Optimization)
13. Analysis and Design of Fuel Aeronautics Physical modelling along Research, assessment
Cell Systems for Automotive with fuel optimization and design

14. Process for recovery of nickel Chemical Process Process design to Research, design and
catalyst from spent catalyst industry with optimize the recovery of optimization
using sulphuric acid catalyst usage nickel from spent catalyst
using H2SO4
15. Production of Biodiesel from Fuel Industry Process design for the Research, design and
Algae effective production of assessment
bio-diesel from Algae

16. Production of electricity from Waste Process and equipment Research, design and
the waste management design for efficient modelling, both
production of electricity physical and chemical
from waste based