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Triumph of the Will

Hitler's Closing Speech

The sixth Nazi Party Congress


08 Sept 1934

Compiled by

Campbell M Gold

(from an unverified translation)


CMG Archives


The Nazi Sixth Party Congress was held in Nuremberg, Wed 05 to Sat 08 September 1934.

The congress was filmed under the direction of Leni Riefenstahl, and the completed film was
presented with the title of "Triumph of the Will".

The following is a translation of Hitler's closing speech - 08 Sept 1934.


The Führer will speak! (cheers)


"The Sixth Party Congress of the Movement is coming to an end.

What millions of Germans outside our Party ranks may have considered only a most impressive
display of political power, has meant immeasurably more for the old fighters, the great personal and
spiritual meeting of old fighters and comrades-in- arms.

And perhaps one or the other among you, in spite of the compelling splendor of this gathering of our
Party, was recalling those days when it was still quite difficult to be a National Socialist. (applause)

When, our Party had only seven men, it already voiced two principles: first, it wanted to be a true
ideologically conditioned Movement; and, second, it wanted, therefore to be the sole power in
Germany. (applause)

As a Party, we had to remain in the minority because we had to mobilize the most valuable elements
of struggling and sacrifice of the Reich, which, at all times, have amounted not to a majority, but to a
minority. (applause)

Because these men, the best of the German race, in proud self- confidence, have courageously and
boldly claimed the leadership of the Reich and Nation, the people in ever greater numbers have
joined this leadership and subordinated themselves. (applause)

The German people are happy in the knowledge that the constantly changing leadership has now
been replaced by a fixed pole; a force which considers itself the representative of the best blood, and,
knowing this, has elevated themselves to the leadership of this Nation and is determined to keep this
leadership, to use it to the best advantage and never to relinquish it again. (applause)

It will always be only a part of the Nation which will consist of really active fighters, and more of them
will be asked than the millions of other citizens. For them, the mere pledge 'I believe' is not enough;
instead, they will swear to the oath 'I will fight.'

The Party will for all time to come represent the elite of the political leadership of the German people.
It will be unchangeable in its doctrine, hard as steel in its organizational tactics, supple and adaptable;
in its entity however, it will be like a Holy Order! (applause)

But the goal must be that all loyal Germans will become National Socialists. Only the best National
Socialists are members of the Party! (applause)

In the past, our enemies persecuted us and have removed the undesirable elements from our Party
for us. Today, we ourselves must remove undesirable elements which have proven to be bad. What is
bad, has no place among us! (applause)

It is our wish and will that this State and Reich will endure for millennia to come.

We are happy in the knowledge that this fortune belongs to us completely! (applause)

While the older ones among us may possibly waiver, the youth is committed to us, body and soul!

Only when the Party, with the cooperation of everyone, makes it the highest embodiment of National
Socialist thought and spirit, will the Party be an eternal and indestructible pillar of the German people
and of our Reich.

Then, eventually, the magnificent, glorious army, those old, proud warriors of our Nation, will be joined
by the political leadership of the Party equally tradition-minded, and then these two institutions
together will educate and strengthen the German Man and carry on their shoulders the German State,
the German Reich! (applause)

At this hour, tens of thousands of Party members are already leaving the city, while some of them are
still reveling in their memories, others are already beginning to prepare for the next review -- again
and again people will come and go, they will be moved anew, be pleased and equally inspired,
because the Idea of the Movement is a living expression of our people, and therefore, a symbol of
eternity. Long live the National Socialist Movement! Long live Germany!" (cheers, applause)


The Party is Hitler! Hitler, however, is Germany - just as Germany is Hitler! Hitler! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!" (resounding cheers)




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