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Ways to Become

Kassandra R.

a Smart Voter 11/17/18

“Our lives begin to end the day we

become silent about things that
- Martin Luther King Jr.

SMALL TIPS WHEN What To Do Before Election Day

Before you even go out to vote, you always need to make sure
1. Make sure you’re to do your homework. There’s always more to it then just going
registered. to the polls and putting a paper into a ballot.
2. Know your options. Know Your Options!
3. Always ask if you have First off, you need to know your options. Make sure to do some
questions. background information on the candidates. Make sure you’re
4. Always take some ID. informed on who’s running, for what, and what kind of views
that person has on particular issues. Views, opinions, values.
5. Vote with confidence. Anything you can get about that person. The best way to do this
is by doing some research. That can be online or even in books.
But you need to be smart about this because you don’t just want
any kind of silly information. You need to be able to get some
credible, fair information. The way you can do this is by going
“My vote is my
online and first off, looking at the URL. Does it say .org? .gov?
voice…and the voice
.edu? Go to a website that has no bias and gives facts straight
of all who struggled,
so that I may have my up. Another way to learn about a certain candidate is to watch
voice.” some debates. Watching the way a person leads or speaks can
give you a pretty good idea on how they will be in their future
- Lydia C. Obasi debates. And of course, look at what that candidate has to offer.
Don’t go into voting with a closed mind. Make sure you give all
a chance, especially if it’s your first time voting. Go in there
with a confident smile and show everyone at the polls that
you’re pretty sure your person is going to be the winner. But
don’t be ignorant with your vote-making decisions.
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Smart Voter

Always Make Sure You’re

Registered to Vote
Of course the first thing you want to do is make sure you
are registered to vote! You might wake up one morning
and think, wow. What’s my voting status like? Or “When we talk about
not…but even then, checking that status is super easy and fighting for our
also very important as election day comes our way. And country, we’re
thanks to modern technology, it’s super easy to check if talking about our
you’re registered to vote, because, guess what? You can vote, our vote is
check it in as little as 5 mins online! Just follow these our arms.”
simple steps: - Sarah Palin
1. Go to
2. lick the box that says “check registration status.”

3, Fill in some simple information like your name, address, Remember, if you happen to have any questions,
phone number, and date of birth. don’t be hesitant to ask. You can ask elders with
experience, such as your parents, teachers, peers.
After all that, if you’re not registered to vote at all, there And if you have even more questions that go
should be a tab on the menu that says “register to vote” and more in depth, visit the election office and ask
you can simply select your state and check to see if your people there. If you have any concerns about
state allows you to register to vote online. If it doesn’t, then anything at all, you can always send a letter to
there’s always the old school ways, which is by going to your mayor or a senator if that gives you even
your state or local election office. Once you’re there, you better security. When you register to vote, or
can simply fill out and submit a National Mail Voter even update your voter status, always make sure
Registration Form. to have some form of ID. This is always
important to remember, because if you are going
to register in person rather than online, you want
have your social security and other forms f ID
like your driver’s license. You can always check
what form of ID you need for registering when
you visit Another thing is, encourage
others to vote! If you know someone who is
legible to vote and they haven’t done so or even
thought about it, try to convince them. Voting is
so important when it comes to your state, and
your country as a whole. Everyone’s voye
matters and counts and we should take
advantage of our right to vote. Anyway,
wouldn’t it be fun to have something small
pinned or stuck on your shirt that says “I
Voted”? Be proud after you’ve cast your vote
and show everyone just how confident you are
about it!
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What NOT to Do When Voting

There are some things you want to look out for and avoid while on a
voting experience. One thing to avoid Is false information. Adding
onto my previous point about bias and interest on one particular
candidate or party, you always want to make sure you’re getting the
best information possible. One thing you don’t want to be doing is
researching the wrong way. While you read a certain article, read
carefully. Is the person only stating negative facts about the opposite
candidate or party? Do they only focus on one side. You can always
research and get information about separate candidates but the good
way. You want to look for readings that give an open opinion and
aren’t being cynical about a certain someone. Make sure it’s bias-free
news and make sure what you’re reading is all true. Do your
background checks on websites, and if you ask someone in person,
make sure that someone isn’t strong in one or the other. Another thing
you want to be cautious about is knowing where exactly the polls are
going to be. Or the voting booths. Make sure beforehand where you Always stand in confidence and raise
your voice, encourage others to vote.
need to go to cast your ballot because otherwise you’ll be going in
circles and you’ll just waste your time. Along with that, try to give
yourself some time when going out to the polls. Make sure you go
early, that way you aren’t the last person in line. Try to take public
transportation so you don’t have t worry about parking and also bring
some friends to make the experience fun.

Encourage Others to Vote!

While you’re on it, try to encourage others to vote along with you.
Some ways you can do this is gathering up some friends and sharing
what each of you are going to be voting for. Now, this actually can get
out of hand. You may all have different political views, so try to be
friendly. And also, listen to what your other friends have to say about Vote, vote, vote!
some issues. Who knows, they might get you to change your mind
about something. Be an open minded person, especially when it comes
to voting. But also make sure you have your priorites and values set
straight. Another thing you can do to encourage others to vote is “The voting booth is
sharing it via social media. Ask if everyone voted yet. Tell everyone to the only place that a
vote! And MEAN IT!! Post it everywhere you can so that everyone is pauper equals a
aware you’ve voted and they should, too. Take advantage of the millionaire, and any
electronic platform we have to spread some positive, useful woman equals any
information to the world. You can even share some information you’ve man.”
learned on here to help others get more educated on voting. Try to get - Gloria Steinem
your school to vote by putting up banners or flyers. Encourage teachers
to talk about voting in their classrooms and to help students who can
vote to register to vote and make sure they have the right information
moving forward.
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When voting, always make sure to be prepared.

Just a quick tip, same day registrstion is not
allowed. Therefore, always make sure you’re
registered. In addition to that, do your homework.
Know your options and some background on who
they are. Also, encourage others to vote. Set a
Here’s some interesting facts on good example and make sure you are doing the
why you should vote! best you can to get as much people as possible to
vote. And finally, to some everything up, just
1. The Millennial generation accounts for one-third of the focus on what’s best for you. If you feel like
electorate. voting for someone is bad or you’re not sure, just
make sure you choose someone who’s going to
2. Less than 50 percent of eligible young voters ages 18 to speak out for the things that are most important to
29 cast a vote in 2012. you.
3. 19 percent of all votes cast in 2012 came from young

4. In 2012, 4 percent more young women voted than young


5. Young voters are more likely to support issues such as

legalizing same-sex marriage, supporting a pathway to
citizenship for immigrants and legalizing abortion than
other age demographics.

6. 40 percent of millennials identify as non-white, making

them the most diverse voting generation in history.

7. In most communities, the turnout for voting is less than

50 percent.

8. Every vote matters. There have been several cases in

U.S. history where this has been seen. A New Hampshire
Senate race was decided by two votes out of 223,363 in
1974. A Massachusetts gubernatorial election was decided
by two votes out of 102,066 in 1839. And the Alaskan
congressional race was decided by a single vote out of
10,035 cast in 2008.

9. Through voting you have the opportunity to influence

the government. “Voting is not only our
right, it is our power.
When we vote, we take
10. In most state and national elections, you need to be back our power to
registered to vote anywhere from 10-27 days before the choose, to speak up,
actual election. That is why it’s important to regularly and to stand with those
check if you are eligible to vote in your district. who support us and each
In all, voting is a constitutional right and privilege that - Loung Ung