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JANUARY 2019 PUBLICATION SAS Undercover Operations
SAS: From World War II to the Gulf War SAS Undercover Operations tells the
story of the SAS from its formation in
PETER DARMAN North Africa in World War II through
With the aid of more than 600 to its reformation in the 1950s and SAS Undercover Operations
alphabetically arranged entries,SAS: deployment in Malaya and Oman, 240 x 189mm (9½ x 7½”)
From WWII to the Gulf War 1941– before detailing its role in Northern Extent: 192pp
1992 offers the reader an in-depth SAS: From WWII to the Gulf Word count: 60,000 words
War 1941–1992 Ireland. From the Iranian Embassy
analysis of every aspect of the SAS’s Illustrations: 120 colour and b/w
Format: 240 x 189mm (9½ x 7½”) siege to the Falklands, Sierra Leone to photographs, maps, and artworks
history from 1941 up to and including the Gulf Wars and on to Afghanistan,
Extent: 192pp ISBN: 978-1-78274-753-6
the First Gulf War. All the Regiment’s the book shows exactly why and how
Word count: 60,000 words £19.99 Paperback
battles, campaigns and major figures, Illustrations: 155 colour and b/w the SAS have earned their reputation
together with their economic, political photographs, maps and diagrams as one of the world’s elite combat and
and strategic background, are listed. ISBN: 978-1-78274-751-2 counter-terrorist units.
In addition, the weapons, equipment £19.99 Paperback
and techniques used by the Special
Air Service are given in full.

SAS in the Gulf War

BARRY DAVIES The SAS’s role in the First Gulf
The British Special Air Service (SAS) War was much broader than Scud
is well known as a fighting force, but hunting, but for some years the
what is less documented is the role Regiment’s activities during the SAS in the Gulf War
played by SAS soldiers as rescuers, SAS Rescue Missions 240 x 189mm (9½ x 7½”)
conflict was shrouded in secrecy
whether of civilians or other military 240 x 189mm (9½ x 7½”) Extent: 192pp
Extent: 192pp and misinformation. SAS in the Gulf
units. Written by a former SAS man, War provides the full, dramatic story,
Word count: 60,000 words
Illustrations: 120 col and b/w photos Illustrations: 120 colour and b/w
SAS Rescue Missions details all the revealing how Britain’s elite played
Word count: 60,000 words photographs and maps
occasions when SAS soldiers have ISBN: 978-1-78274-752-9 an integral part in the eventual Allied
saved a friendly power, from Malaya ISBN: 978-1-78274-754-3
£19.99 Paperback victory. Drawing on accounts from £19.99 Paperback
in the 1950s to Oman in the 1970s SAS soldiers and once classified
to Gambia in the 1980s, and many information, this is a must for anyone
more. The informative text describes interested in what the SAS really did
how a handful of SAS men achieved during the First Gulf War.
what often seemed impossible.

2 3
FEBRUARY 2019 PUBLICATION Ancient Peoples In Their Own Words
Ranging from the Egyptians to the
World War II Illustrated Atlas late Roman Empire, Ancient Peoples
In Their Own Words celebrates
DAVID JORDAN AND the excitement and importance of Ancient Peoples in their own
ANDREW WIEST historical primary sources in a way Words
With 160 colour maps, World War II 297 x 227mm (11¾ x 9”)
that will appeal to general readers.
Illustrated Atlas plots the conflict’s Extent: 224pp
Presenting numerous ancient
course of the land, sea and air World War II Illustrated Atlas Word count: 60,000 words
264x 202mm (10½ x 8”) inscriptions from tombs, ceramics Illustrations: over 200 colour
campaigns in fine detail, enabling the
Extent: 256pp and buildings, accompanied by photographs
reader to trace the ebb and flow of
Word count: 80,000 words translations and text putting the work ISBN: 978-1-78274-707-9
the fortunes of both sides. Contents
Illustrations: 187 col maps, 52 into context, this book explains the £19.99 Hardback
include the land campaigns in North- photographs significance of these works both in
West Europe, Italy, North Africa, ISBN: 978-1-78274-736-9 the ancient world and for today.
Russia, South-East Asia and the £19.99 Hardback
Pacific; the naval war in the Atlantic
and Mediterranean; the carrier battles
of the Pacific; and the bombing The Ancients In Their Own Words A Calendar in Stone The Ancients In Their Own Words Lost and Found: The ‘Moabite Stone’

A Calendar in Stone Lost and Found:

campaigns of Europe and the Pacific.

The ‘Moabite Stone’

The Gezer Calendar Stone is in the
collection of the Museum of the The ‘Moabite Stone’ – successfully pieced
‘To everything there is a season,’ says the Book of Ecclesiastes. A 3000-year-old Hebrew Ancient Orient in Istanbul. together – is now to be seen among the
inscription concurs. For a text of this antiquity, the Gezer Calendar Stone is strikingly exhibits in the Louvre.

clear – but what does it really mean? The vaunts of Mesha, king of Moab, were recorded on a stela detailing his victories over Israel.

Not only does the text shed intriguing light on biblical events, its Moabite is strikingly similar in
Left: The town of Gezer was given as that Jewish farmers needed an I am Mesha, the son of
appearance to early Hebrew script.
a gift to King Solomon at the end of official aide-memoire for a regime
Kemosh, King of Moab,
the second millennium BC. The followed by their families for

Calendar Stone appears to have been generations. A writing exercise for hen we say that an from Dibon. My father ruled in
fashioned not too long after. schoolboys? A folk song or artefact has been
‘discovered’, we may Moab for thirty years and I
children’s jingle? Perhaps, but then
way it was actually lived at the why have it so solemnly displayed mean that it has been dug out of the succeeded him. I sanctified this
time. Other ancient on public view? The Gezer ground where it has lain, literally
lost, for centuries; sometimes, high to Kemosh, because he
inscriptions may impress in Calendar Stone reminds us that,
their grand sonority or their however clear we may think an though, a monument may have been protected me from all other
epic associations: this one has ancient inscription is, it may well hidden in plain sight. So it was with
the Mesha Stela – a carved slab of kings and brought me victory
an engagingly down-home keep back from us the meanings
quality. It is hard not to be that really matter. basalt similar in size and shape to against all enemies. Omri, King
the headstone from a modern
charmed – though it is always of Israel, oppressed Moab for
western grave but designed to serve
as well not to condescend to
the past, and our reaction Ups and Downs a very different purpose. It was many days, for Kemosh was
fashioned in the middle of the ninth
highlights certain difficulties angry with his people. Then
The archeological evidence century BC on the orders of Mesha,
with an inscription that
presents more challenges than suggests that Gezer’s heyday
king of Moab at that time. Its his son succeeded him and
purpose was to commemorate
we may expect. was comparatively brief. It was Mesha’s successful rebellion against said ‘I too will oppress Moab’.

reduced to rubble not long Israel and his re-establishment of He said this in my own time.
el Gezer is mentioned in the WHICH HARVEST?
after Solomon’s time. This Moabite independence.
Book of Kings: the site was The first is obvious enough: that of
The episode is recorded in the But I held him and his house
given to Solomon as a dowry working out why there should be so conforms with the written
when he married the daughter of many harvests – those for barley and evidence that it was sacked and
biblical Book of Kings. As Mesha’s in contempt. And Israel has
stela has it, Kemosh, the god of the
Egypt’s Pharaoh. The Pharaoh grapes are specifically identified, but destroyed by the Pharaoh Moabites, had allowed his kingdom was also interfering with a Above: In the middle of the ninth century been defeated, vanquished in
(thought to have been Siamun) is that still leaves two. It has been Shoshenq I (the biblical Shishak)
said to have taken the city from the suggested that the ‘harvest’ of the
to be conquered by Israel’s King monument that, in the centuries BC, King Mesha made his stand against his perpetuity… And the King of
towards the end of the tenth Omri and held in continued since it was first set up, had taken Israelite overlord here at Moab. The story
Philistines and reduced it to ruins, first line is for olives. This is
subjection by his son Ahab, but on an entirely different was triumphantly recorded on his stela. Israel built Atarot for himself,
which means that Solomon did not followed by a first sowing for cereals
century BC. It was rebuilt and
receive a city, just a smoking site. (wheat and millet) and a subsequent then razed again by the finally relented and delivered significance for the people of but I besieged and captured
victory to his own people. Palestine. When, with what we now
Even so, a significant settlement ‘late-planting’ for vegetables, such as Assyrian ruler Tiglathpileser III in
see as the high-handedness of the the city, and I slew its
was quickly established here, as spring onions and leeks. 733 BC. But this was nothing Biblical Commentary
boundary-stones found by Flax was invaluable: its fibres
A CHANGE OF STATUS nineteenth-century colonial, he inhabitants as a sacrificial
new. We know from the Bible The kingdoms of Moab and Israel started making preparations to
archeologists confirm. The site was could be made into linen cloth,
that there was a city at Gezer alike had long since disappeared, take the stela away for Towards the base of the stone, offering for Kemosh and for
first discovered by the French whilst its seeds were pressed to
before the Jews were here. and this was a quiet corner of the ‘safekeeping’ and study, they broke the inscription becomes Moab…And Kemosh then told
Consul and amateur antiquarian make linseed oil. As the summer Ottoman Empire when the first it into pieces to prevent its
Charles Clermont-Ganneau in 1871, drew on, the fast-growing barley Continuing excavation has increasingly unclear: deciphering me: ‘Go and take Nebo from
European archeologists started removal. The result was that, after
but it was some thirty years before would be reaped first, before the uncovered layers of occupation it becomes more and more a
poking around amongst its ruined surviving intact for almost 3000 Israel.’ By night I went and I
it was systematically excavated. The main cereal harvest; after the – often violently interrupted – Above: The Gezer Calendar Stone is inscribed in a sites. But the Mesha Stela still years, the Mesha Stela had matter of speculation. In recent
Irish archeologist Robert MacAlister grapes had been gathered, it was stretching back to the spidery Paleo-Hebrew script – one of the earliest stood – and the ancient stone still scarcely been ‘found’ when it really years, the French scholar André fought from dawn to midday
directed the work, beginning in time to pick the ‘summer fruit’ – examples that we have.
beginning of the third had a ritual function for the Arab was almost lost. Lemaire caused a stir with his and I captured it and killed

1902, and the remains of an anything from apples and Palestinians who lived around what But its destruction did not
millennium BC. A group of suggestion that a line near the
impressive city of the tenth century watermelons to figs and almonds. is now Dhiban in Jordan. They felt produce the desired effect: by this all who were in it: seven
BC were slowly unearthed. It was standing stones from the early Two months for the harvest; Two months for the planting; bottom may make direct
it brought their community luck, time, the French diplomat and
reference to the House of thousand men and male foreigners and women, Above: The cracks still show, but the
not until 1908 that the Gezer THE BIG QUESTION Bronze Age appears to show Two months for late-planting; One month to cut flax; even if they did not know why. archeologist Charles Clermont- ‘Moabite Stone’ was successfully put
Calendar Stone was found. Its The second, and stiffer, challenge is Gezer amongst the other cities So when the Reverend F. A. Ganneau had already made a copy David: whilst the evidence is female foreigners and slave girls, for I had consecrated back together by archeological
One month for the barley-harvest; One month of harvest and festival.

” ”
inscription sets out the main tasks, that of reaching an understanding of its age: is it simply vainglory Klein, a German missionary, of the inscription in papier mâché; inconclusive, his reasoning is the city to Kemosh. And I took the vessels of researchers after local people broke it
in their seasonal sequence, of the of what the inscription ‘meant’ in
that the group gives Gezer Two months for harvesting grapes; One month for gathering the ‘discovered’ the stela in 1868, he in any case, European researchers not implausible. in the nineteenth century.
agrarian year. the wider sense; what purpose it stumbled on something that had were happy enough to stick the Yahweh to Kemosh…
The stela thus offers us an served, what it was actually for. It
pride of place? summer fruit. never actually gone missing. He broken stela together.
extraordinary insight into life the is impossible, after all, to believe
78 79
76 77

Modern Air-Launched Weapons

History of Tank Warfare MARTIN J. DOUGHERTY
STEPHEN HART From the unguided Mk 82 bomb
(GENERAL EDITOR) used by US forces to the Russian-
Featuring 120 complex computer- Indian Brahmos supersonic cruise
generated battle maps and missile, Modern Air-Launched Modern Air-Launched
graphics, History of Tank Warfare History of Tank Warfare Weapons is a detailed guide to the Weapons
264 x 202mm (10½ x 8”) complex world of aircraft munitions. 297 x 227mm (11¾ x 9”)
ranges from the first significant use
Extent: 224pp Extent: 224pp
of tanks at Cambrai during World Arranged by type of aircraft, the
Word count: 100,000 words Illustrations: 400 colour artworks, 50
War I through tank battles of World book’s annotations, numbered colour and black & white photos
Illustrations: More than 120 col diagrams, top and side view artworks
War II and up to the Allied invasions maps; 150 b/w & col illustrations & Word count: 42,000 words
of Iraq in 1991 and 2003. With text and photographs help to explain the ISBN: 978-1-78274-708-6
telling the stories behind these ISBN: 978-1-78274-720-8
terminology and systems employed £19.99 Hardback
battles, this complete atlas provides £19.99 Hardback in modern warfare, providing an
an invaluable work of reference for excellent overview of modern
both the general reader and the offensive and defensive weapons.
serious student of tank warfare.

4 5
History of Air Warfare MARCH 2019 PUBLICATION
History of Air Warfare is a highly The Prophet
illustrated, accessible account of
History of Air Warfare
the development of aerial warfare,
264 x 202mm (10½ x 8”) Love, marriage, children, work, joy,
from the first skirmishes in World
Extent: 224pp sorrow, friendship, freedom, pain,
War I to today’s hi-tech netcentric
Word count: 100,000 words passion – Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet
aerial battlespace. Featuring more The Prophet
Illustrations: More than 120 col is a modern classic, its simple prose
than 120 computer-generated 264 x 195mm (10½ x 7¾”)
maps; 150 b/w & col illustrations & resonating in our hearts and minds.
battle maps and graphics, the photographs Extent: 96pp
Written in English and first published
book explores every major air ISBN: 978-1-78274-709-3 Word count: 12,000 words
in 1923, the book has gradually
battle, as well as documenting the £19.99 Hardback ISBN: 978-1-78274-742-0
become a global bestseller, its £14.99 Chinese-bound Hardback
air element of campaigns such
wise words a favourite. Beautifully
as Operation Barbarossa and
produced in a traditional Chinese
Operation Desert Storm.
binding and with a timeless design,
The Prophet is an accessible yet
spiritual book to be cherished.

Chinese Characters:
The Art and Meaning of Hànzì
JAMES TRAPP Chinese Proverbs
Chinese Characters: The Art and JAMES TRAPP (TRANSLATOR)
Meaning of Hànzì The Art and Meaning The sayings known as Cheng yu are
of Hànzì features 86 of the three to four used frequently in Chinese. Chinese
thousand characters needed to write Chinese Characters: The Art Proverbs: The Wisdom of Cheng Yu
modern Chinese. Characters expressing and Meaning of Hànzì features 86 of the more than 5,000 Chinese Proverbs: The
concepts such as love, peace, respect Format: 264 x 195mm (10½ x 7¾”) Cheng yu, reproduced in a large Wisdom of Cheng Yu
and happiness are reproduced in a large Extent: 96pp format. Alongside the phrase is an 264 x 195mm (10½ x 7¾”)
format, enabling the reader to trace Illustrations: 90 b/w artworks Extent: 96pp
accessible and inspiring explanation
Word count: 5,000 words Illustrations: 90 b/w artworks
them for transfer to any other medium. of the phrase, its literal translation in
ISBN: 978-1-78274-766-6 Word count: 5,000 words
Alongside the character is an accessible English, what the particular strokes
£14.99 Chinese-bound Hardback ISBN: 978-1-78274-723-9
and inspiring explanation of how the symbolize. This edition is beautifully £14.99 Chinese-bound Hardback
character developed, what the particular packaged using traditional Chinese
strokes symbolize, and its various book-binding techniques.
different meanings.

āi bīng bì shèng bān mén nòng fŬ bàn tú ér fèi bēi gōng shé yĭng
(pronounced ban mun noong foo)
(pronounced eye bing bee shung) (pronounced ban too ahr fay) (pronounced bay goong sher ying)
Literal meaning: Ban’s door use axe
Literal meaning: sorrowing army must win Literal meaning: half road then stop Literal meaning: glass bow snake image
Idiomatic meaning: teach your grandmother to suck eggs
Idiomatic meaning: justice will prevail Idiomatic meaning: give up too easily; leave something half done; Idiomatic meaning: start at shadows; always be looking over your shoulder
if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well
The philosopher Lao Zi (c. sixth century BCE) author of the Dao De Jing, the principal Lu Ban was a semi-legendary craftsman who was highly skilled with the axe. This chengyu was This is one of those chengyu that is completely incomprehensible until it is explained. A man
text of Daoism, first expressed the sentiment of this chengyu. It is perhaps not immediately first used to describe aspiring poets who once visited the tomb of the great Tang Dynasty poet This comes from a parable told by a grandson of Confucius, the philosopher Zisi (481–402 hadn’t seen one of his friends for some time, and heard from another acquaintance that the
apparent why a “sorrowing” army must be guaranteed victory. In fact “sorrowing”, which is the Li Bai (701–762) and left inscriptions of their own poems on the rocks around it. The Ming BCE), in his book The Doctrine of the Mean. A man went off to the city to study, but decided it friend was too scared to return after his last visit. Apparently he had seen the reflection of a
direct translation of the character 哀, really has to be expanded into “grieving with righteous scholar Mei Zhihuan said this was like “showing off with an axe outside Lu Ban’s door”. This was too difficult and came home after only a year. His wife was very cross with him. She had snake in the cup of wine he had been drinking, and was afraid the snake might still be there.
indignation over an injustice”. This shows just how much meaning saying can either be used to criticize someone else’s actions, or to politely belittle one’s been weaving a piece of fine cloth for many months and on her husband’s return she cut it After some thought the man realized that the reflection of a bow hanging on his wall might
a single character can carry. own efforts in comparison to another’s. into pieces. He asked her why she had wasted so many months’ work. She replied that it was have been caught on the surface of the wine and looked like a snake, so he immediately
just the same as him giving up his studies halfway through. If something is worth doing you reassured his friend.
must be prepared to spend time on it.

6 7 8 9

6 7
Dogfight History of World War II
Dogfight is a fascinating exploration The events of 1939–1945 had such
of the world’s finest combat aircraft, an impact that it is easy to forget that
compared and contrasted with Dogfight Allied victory was far from certain, History of World War II
285 x 213mm (11¼ x 8½”) 297 x 227mm (11¾ x 9”)
opposing types: from World War I’s especially in the early part of the war
Extent: 224 pages Extent: 448pp
Fokker Triplane ranged against the Word count: 80,000 words when both the Nazis in Europe and Word count: 85,000 words
Allied SPAD XIII, through World War Illustrations: 85 colour a/ws, 125 the Japanese in the Pacific were Illustrations: 800 col & b/w photos,
II adversaries the Hurricane and the colour and b/w photographs sweeping all before them. Illustrated colour artworks and colour maps
Bf 109, to the MiG-29 and the F-16. ISBN: 978-1-78274-710-9 with maps, colour artworks and ISBN: 978-1-78274-693-5
Each aircraft is illustrated with a £19.99 Hardback photographs, History of World War £24.99 Paperback
spectacular three-quarter-view artwork, II chronicles the campaigns of the
accompanied by detailed specifications conflict with day-by-day chronologies
and development history. of key stages.

A-21087 campaign_142-177 20-05-06 9:33 AM Page 164 A-21087 campaign_142-177 20-05-06 9:33 AM Page 165



Douglas A-20 Havoc North American B-25 Mitchell Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Sukhoi Su-27 ‘Flanker’ remains in German hands.



Storming into Germany Sherman Crab
The Russian front on the river
now extends from Zehden,
80km (50 miles) south of Dimensions: 6.35m (20ft 10in)
Stettin, down to the Czech
border. The Medium Tank M4, popularly known as the x 2.81m (9ft 3in) x 3.96m (13ft)
A 1938 US Army requirement for a twin-engined light bomber but the USAAF used them either at medium altitude or as low- One of the most important US tactical warplanes of World War machine guns. The Royal Air Force (RAF) took delivery of In September 1983, the USAF awarded Advanced Tactical The F-22 is designed for a high sortie rate, with a The Sukhoi Su-27 is a dual-role aircraft; in addition to its while the Su-27K Flanker-D is a navalized version, serving in
Sherman, has been adapted for specialized service
Weight: 32.28 tonnes (31.7
was met by Douglas with its Model 7, or DB-7, design, a high- level strafers, particularly in the Pacific. To this end, some had II, the North American B-25 Mitchell flew for the first time in 869 Mitchells, and 458 B-25Js were transferred to the US Navy Fighter (ATF) concept definition study contracts to six turnaround time of less than 20 minutes, and its avionics are primary air superiority task, it was designed to escort Su-24 small numbers aboard the Russian carrier Kutnetzov (formerly February 5th more than any other tank. The Sherman Crab Mine-
Russian forces begin crossing tons)
winged single-tail aircraft which first flew in October that year. additional ‘package’ guns on the fuselage sides, like the nose guns January 1939. US Army Air Forces (USAAF) B-25B Mitchells from 1943, these aircraft being designated PBJ-1H. The Soviet American aerospace companies. Of these, two – Lockheed and highly integrated to provide rapid reaction in air combat, ‘Fencer’ strike aircraft on deep-penetration missions. The Tbilisi). The Su-27 serves with the air forces of China, where the Oder and pushing deeper Clearing Tank utilized a flail to detonate land mines, Engine: 1 x Ford GAA V-8
The French initially showed more interest in the DB-7 than the fired by the single pilot. operated effectively against Japanese forces in New Guinea, Union also took delivery of 862 Mitchells under Lend-Lease, and Northrop – were selected to build demonstrator prototypes much of its survivability depending on the pilot’s ability to prototype, designated T-10, flew for the first time in May it is designated J-11, and Vietnam, and some were inherited by into German territory. clearing a path for troops that followed. Early efforts
By January 1945 the Red Army stood on the Vistula, WWII – against the German first days and begins to press petrol powerplant generating
United States, ordering nearly 200. About half of these reached carrying out low-level strafing attacks in the wake of Allied surplus B-25s were widely exported after World War II. of their respective proposals. Each produced two prototypes, locate a target very early and kill it with a first shot. The F-22 1977, the type being allocated the code name ‘Flanker’ by states such as Belarus and Kazakhstan, created by the collapse of having driven German forces out of Soviet territory. Army Group A and Army against the defences of East February 15th to develop a workable flail tank that would destroy
373kW (500hp)
The next stage was the push into Germany itself and Group Centre in East Prussia Prussia. Breslau is encircled by Soviet mines with a system of rotating lengths of chain,
France before June 1940, and the rest were delivered to the bombing operations. The B-25B was followed into service by the On 16 April 1942, the Mitchell leapt into the headlines the Lockheed YF-22 and the Northrop YF-23. The Lockheed was designed to meet a specific threat, which at that time Nato. the Soviet Union. The Su-30K export version of the Flanker is and Poland. The main Soviet troops, though the city will Speed: 46km/h (28.75mph)
reach the Oder less than 80km (50 miles) from Berlin. beating the ground in front of the vehicle, had
United Kingdom as the Boston, as were a further 200 examples, 647TH BOMB SQUADRON, 410TH BOMB GROUP, 97TH BOMB virtually identical when the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, from a position at sea proposal was selected, and the first definitive F-22 flew on was presented by large numbers of highly agile Soviet combat Full-scale production of the Su-27P Flanker-B air defence operated by No. 24 Squadron of the Indian Air Force. thrust is made by the 1st, 2nd January 16th hold out against the Soviets Armament: 1 x 75mm (2.95in)
and 3rd Belorussian Fronts, Hitler issues orders to until the end of the war. resulted in some promising prototypes.
some of which became Havoc night-fighters. WING (LIGHT), NINTH AIR FORCE, USAAF, UK, 1944 B-25C and B-25D. The dedicated anti-shipping version of the 1075km (668 miles) from Tokyo, launched 16 B-25Bs of the 7 September 1997. The second prototype first flew on 29 June aircraft, its task being to engage them in their own airspace fighter began in 1980, but the aircraft did not become fully 1945 West. The offensive was the 1st Baltic Front and the transfer the Grossdeutschland gun; 1 x 7.62mm (0.3in)
January 6th originally planned for 1st Ukrainian Front. The Panzer Corps from Army February 22nd Browning machine gun
The first United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) version ‘Joker’ was an A-20G-35-DO of the 647th Bomb Squadron, Mitchell was the B-25G, 405 of which were produced. 17th AAF Air Group, led by Lieutenant Colonel J.H. Doolittle, 1998. By late 2001, there were eight F-22s flying. with beyond-visual-range weaponry. It will be a key component operational until 1984. Like its contemporary, the MiG-29 582ND GUARDS FIGHTER AIR REGIMENT, FOURTH AIR British Prime Minister January 20th, but Stalin front of attack runs from the Group Centre to Army Group Poznan on the Warsaw–Berlin
Winston Churchill sends a brings forward the launch coast of Lithuania down to the A. His intention is to make a main axis falls to the 1st Crew: 5
was the A-20, with a glazed nose like the French and British known as ‘Beaty’s Raiders’. The squadron and its parent Developed for use in the Pacific theatre, the B-25G had a for the first attack on the Japanese homeland. The F-22 combines many stealth features. Its air-to-air in the Global Strike Task Force, formed in 2001 to counter ‘Fulcrum’, the Su-27 combines a wing swept at 40 degrees with ARMY, FRONTAL AVIATION, CHOJNA, POLAND, 1990
telegram to Joseph Stalin date to January 12th. Balkans. flanking attack against the Belorussian Front after
aircraft, but a strengthened airframe. The next important version group, the 410th Bomb Group (Light), were formed in July four-man crew and was fitted with a 75mm (2.95in) M4 gun in weapons, for example, are stored internally; three internal bays any threat worldwide. The United States Air Force (USAF) highly swept wing root extensions, underslung engines with The 582nd Guards Fighter Air Regiment was one of two requesting that the Soviet Soviet drive on Poznan, but German forces held out in an
and the first with a solid nose rather than a glazed bomb-aimer’s 1943 and entered combat in May 1944 as part of the Ninth the nose, adding to its already powerful nose armament of four offensive into Germany is January 12th–14th January 14th all it achieves is depriving isolated pocket behind the
house advanced short-range, medium-range and beyond-visual- requirement is for 438 aircraft. wedge intakes, and twin fins. The combination of modest wing Poland-based Su-27 units withdrawn to Russia in 1992 as launched within January to Soviet forces launch a huge The Soviet assault makes East Prussia of much needed main Russian advance.
position was the A-20G. The flexible gun mount in an open Air Force, which was mainly used on tactical missions to 12.7mm (0.50in) guns. The follow-on variant, the B-25H (1000 range air-to-air missiles. Following an assessment of the aircraft’s sweep with highly swept root extensions is designed to enhance part of the general withdrawal of Russian forces from former aid the Allied advance in the offensive – the biggest of tremendous advances in the defensive manpower.
February 24th
position was replaced with a powered Martin gun turret during support the advancing troops. In September 1944, the group built), had a lighter 75mm (2.95in) gun. The 4318 examples of UNITED STATES ARMY AIR FORCES NORTH AFRICA, 1943 combat role in 1993, it was decided to add a ground-attack manoeuvrability and generate lift, making it possible to achieve Warsaw Pact countries. The aircraft illustrated here, of January 17th Lower Silesia is now in the
Warsaw is taken by the Soviet hands of Konevís 1st
A-20G production. The wings were strengthened to allow up moved to forward airfields in France. Just at the end of the the next variant, the B-25J, featured either a glazed B-25D nose The example of a B-25H Mitchell illustrated here bore the capability, and the internal weapons bay can also accommodate quite extraordinary angles of attack. the 582nd Guards Fighter Air Regiment, is Sukhoi Su-27 47th Army after a major Ukrainian Front.
to four 227kg (500lb) bombs under the wings. The Royal Air European war, the 410th made the transition to the A-26 or, in later aircraft, a ‘solid’ nose with eight 12.7mm (0.50in) serial number 41-29896. 454kg (1000lb) GBU-32 precision guided missiles. UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, EDWARDS AFB, 2000S The Su-27UB Flanker-C is a two-seat training version, Flanker-B ‘Blue 24’. encirclement operation.
Further north, the Soviet March 16th
Force’s Bostons were reasonably effective as low-level bombers, Invader, Douglas’s successor to the A-20. forces are already fighting in The Soviet 2nd and 3rd Germany. It runs along the International British troops enter the town of
Brünen in Germany after
East Prussia, moving strongly Ukrainian Fronts begin their Oder from Stettin in
towards the coastline from assault along the Danube Pomerania to Küstrin only Events crossing the Rhine river. The
Allies in the West crossed the
Danzig to Königsberg. through Hungary and into 80km (50 miles) from Berlin Elbe and closed to within 100km
Austria towards Vienna. itself and down to Görlitz 1945 (60 miles) of Berlin before being
ordered to stop so that the
January 20th about 96km (60 miles) east of January 15th Soviets alone could take Berlin.
In a futile attempt to stem the March 31st Dresden. The Soviets prepare Allied forces in western
tide of the Soviet advance, By now the Soviet frontline themselves for the final Europe begin a counter-attack
Hitler transfers the 6th SS has pushed deeply into assault on Berlin. following the collapse of the March 6th
Panzer Army from the German Ardennes offensive. Hitler launches a futile
Ardennes to Budapest, operation to recapture
Hungary. January 27th Budapest from Soviet forces.
The Soviet forces advancing Operation Spring Awakening
January 22nd through Poland liberate the uses two Panzer armies
Konev’s 1st Ukrainian Front Auschwitz concentration attacking from around Lake
reaches the Oder and crosses camp. Balaton and Lake Valencei,
it at Steinau. hoping for an encirclement of
February 11th Soviet troops in the city.
January 25th A meeting of President
Hitler renames his forces. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and March 7th
Army Group Centre becomes Winston Churchill in Yalta, US troops of the US 1st Army
Army Group North. Army Crimea, decides on how a cross the Rhine at Remagen
Group A is renamed Army defeated Germany will be after capturing the Ludendorff
Group Centre. A new Army divided and governed. The railway bridge, one of the few
Group, Vistula, is created and UK, US, Soviet Union and intact bridges across the river.
charged with the defence of France are each to govern
Pomerania and northern separate zones of occupation.
SUKHOI SU-27 FLANKER-B February 16th
Specification February 1st Pacific theatre. US forces
DOUGLAS A-20G HAVOC LOCKHEED MARTIN F-22 RAPTOR Type: air superiority fighter and long-range interceptor The advance to Berlin of make landings on the island
NORTH AMERICAN B-25H MITCHELL Marshal Zhukov’s 1st of Corregidor during the
Specification Specification Crew: 1
Belorussian Front is stalled advance through the
Type: twin-engined attack bomber Specification Type: advanced tactical fighter Powerplant: two 12,500kg (27,557lb) thrust Lyulka AL-31M by a determined German Philippines.
Crew: 2 Type: medium bomber Crew: 1 turbofans resistance at Krustin.
Powerplant: two 1193kW (1600hp) Wright R-2600-23 Cyclone Crew: 5 Powerplant: two 15,872kg (35,000lb) thrust Pratt & Whitney Performance: max speed 2500km (1500mph); service ceiling
supercharged 14-cylinder radial piston engines Powerplant: two 1268kW (1700hp) Wright R-2600-13 18-cylinder two- 18,000m (59,055ft); combat radius 1500km (930 miles) February 3rd
F119-P-100 turbofans
Performance: max speed 510km/h (317mph); service ceiling 7225m row radial engines Zhukov’s 1st Belorussian
Performance: max speed 2335km/h (1450mph); service ceiling Dimensions: wing span 14.70m (48ft 2in); length 21.94m (71ft
(23,700ft); range 1603km (996 miles) Performance: max speed 457km/h (284mph); service ceiling 6460m Front joins Konev’s forces on
Dimensions: wing span 18.67m (61ft 3in); length 14.32m (47ft); 19,812m (65,000ft); combat radius 1285km (800 miles) 11in);
(21,200ft); range 2454km (1525 miles) the Oder, though Küstrin
height 4.83m (15ft 10in) Dimensions: wing span 13.1m (43ft); length 19.55m (64ft 2in); height 6.36m (20ft 10in)
Dimensions: wing span 20.60m (67ft 7in); length 16.12m (67ft 7in); height
Weight: 10,964kg (24,127lb) loaded height: 5.39m (17ft 8in) Weight: 30,000kg (66,138lb) loaded German civilian labourers watch
4.82m (15ft 10in)
Armament: six 12.7mm (0.50in) Browning machine guns in nose, two Weight: 18,960kg (41,800lb) loaded Weight: 27,216kg (60,000lb) loaded Armament: one 30mm (1.18in) GSh-3101 cannon; 10 external flights of Allied aircraft heading
in mid-upper turret and one in ventral position; bomb load of up to Armament: AIM-9X and AMRAAM air-to-air missiles; GBU-32 Joint hardpoints with provision for various combinations of air-to-air to bomb targets east of the
Armament: six 12.7mm (0.50in) machine guns; internal and external Rhine in March 1945. Air combat A pontoon bridge stretches across the Rhine. Bridges had to be laid
2722kg (6000lb) bomb/torpedo load of 1361kg (3000lb) Direct Attack Munition and other advanced weapons missiles continued over Germany until at all sections of the Rhine except at Remagen, where soldiers of
the very end of hostilities in the US First Army captured the Rhine bridge there intact, to the fury
56 57 64 65 Europe. of Adolf Hitler.

164 165

The Encyclopedia
Weapons of the Ancient Roman Empire
From the American Civil War
From the death of Julius Caesar to
and the introduction of the metal
Nero, from a culture worshipping
cartridge in the 1860s up to
Weapons multiple deities to the rise of
the present day, Weapons is an The Encyclopedia
285 x 225mm (12 x 9”) Christianity, and from the structure of
accessible reference guide to 400 of the Ancient Roman Empire
Extent: 448pp political life to gladiatorial games, The
small arms, armoured vehicles, 285 x 255mm (11¼ x 9”)
Illustrations: 1200 colour Encyclopedia of the Ancient Roman
aircraft and ships from around Extent: 448pp
photographs & artworks Empire is an outstanding celebration
the world. With an entry per Text: 150,000 words
Word count: 150,000 words
of classical antiquity. Ranging from
page, each weapon is illustrated ISBN: 978-1-78274-692-8
Illustrations: 400 colour photographs
farming to military technology, from art and artworks
with two colour artworks and £24.99 Paperback to architecture, Rome’s Catacombs to ISBN: 978-1-78274-694-2
a photograph, as well as a
Hadrian’s Wall, and from assassinations £24.99 Paperback
brief account of the weapon’s
to the Barbarian invasions, the book
production and service history,
expertly explores the history of the
and a specifications box.
Roman Empire at its peak.

8 9
The Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece D-Day
From the Battle of Marathon to the With the aid of specially
Minotaur, from the Acropolis to commissioned maps, D-Day: The
Aristotle, from slavery to Sparta, The Longest Day describes the
Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece is a The Encyclopedia dramatic history of the first 24 D-Day
fascinating reference work, spanning of Ancient Greece hours of the Normandy landings 246 x 190mm (9¾ x 7½”)
both political history, society, war, 285 x 255mm (11¼ x 9”) Extent: 192 pages
and explains in detail the events
Extent: 448pp Word count: 70,000 words
culture, philosophy and mythology. that occurred in each landing zone.
Word count: 150,000 words Illustrations: 12 colour maps and
Ranging from the founding of Illustrations: 400 colour photographs From planning and intelligence 120 colour and b/w photographs
the Minoan civilization in the 3rd and artworks gathering to the first glider landings, ISBN: 978-1-78274-755-0
millennium BCE to the heights of the ISBN: 978-1-78274-695-9 Enigma codes, Mulberry Harbours £19.99 Hardback
Athenian civilization in the 5th and £24.99 Paperback and taking the Pointe du Hoc, this
4th centuries BCE, the book is an is an expert account of an assault
exploration of the culture that is the that, if it had failed, would have
foundation of Western civilization. altered the course of the war.

Animals Ships Visual Encyclopedia

Describing the most intriguing From the Viking longship through
creatures on the planet, from the big the 16th century galleon to the super
cats of Africa to the apes that are our carriers and nuclear submarines
closest evolutionary ancestors and Animals of the 21st century, Ships Visual Ships Visual Encyclopedia
the whales and dolphins that roam 305 x 227mm (12 x 9”) Encyclopedia includes every 285 x 225mm (11½ x 8½”)
the world’s oceans, Animals profiles Extent: 448pp conceivable type of ship in which Extent: 448pp
Illustrations: more than 2,000 colour Illustrations: More than 1,000 colou
more than 400 of the world’s most man has gone to sea. Featuring
artworks and colour photographs artworks
fascinating species, offering a truly Word count: 150,000 words
1200 entries, each ship is illustrated Word count: 90,000 words
comprehensive overview of animals ISBN: 978-1-78274-770-3 with a colour profile illustration, ISBN: 978-1-907446-24-5
from every continent and giving a £24.99 Paperback accompanied by brief details and £24.99 Paperback
sense of the incredible diversity of specifications. Vessels are arranged
animal types. chronologically and by use to allow
easy comparison.

10 11
Drawing & Painting Tao Te Ching
Whether you are an absolute No understanding of Chinese
beginner looking for a new and civilization is possible without a grasp
challenging hobby, or have always Drawing & Painting of Taoism, the philosophy that has
285 x 225mm (11¼ x 8¾”) Tao Te Ching
dabbled and now want to take your shaped not just Chinese spirituality
Extent: 512pp 264 x 195mm (10½ x 7¾”)
interest further, Drawing & Painting but also art, science and politics. And
Illustrations:1,500 colour & b/w Extent: 96pp
is the perfect place to develop and photos and artworks it was in the Tao Te Ching, written
Word count: 12,000 words
improve your artistic skills. The Word count: 137,000 words around 300BC, that the fundamental
ISBN: 978-1-78274-322-4
opening chapters cover the basic ISBN: 978-1-78274-855-7 beliefs of Taoism were first gathered. £14.99 Chinese-bound Hardback
materials and equipment needed. £24.99 Paperback This dual-language edition presents
From there, you’ll move on to learn the complete original Chinese text
about composition, colour, figure- with a new translation on the facing
drawing and painting portraits, before page, along with a new introduction
exploring a wide variety of artistic and editorial notes.
techniques and tricks.


SAS and Special Forces Fitness Training:
An Elite Workout Program for Body and Mind Battles of the Crusades
Battles of the Crusades examines
Written by an expert author, this
20 key battles from Dorylaeum
book offers a total fitness programme
in 1097 to Varna in 1444. From
for both body and mind. Special Battles of the Crusades
Antioch and Jerusalem to Lisbon,
exercises and routines will help the SAS and Special Forces 244 x 186mm (9¾ x 7½”)
Béziers and Grunwald, each entry
reader improve strength, stamina Fitness Training: An Elite Extent: 224pp
includes a contextual introduction,
and agility. There are also chapters Workout Program for Body Word count: 76,500 words
and Mind a description of the action, and an
on diet and nutrition, to help the Illustrations: 20 col maps; 50 b/w &
240 x 189mm (9½ x 7½”) analysis of the aftermath. A specially
trainee’s body gain the maximum col artworks; 160 b/w & col pics
Extent: 192pp commissioned colour map illustrates ISBN: 978-1-78274-704-8
benefit from eating the right food and
Word count: 50,000 words movement of forces, along with 200 £19.99 Hardback
drink. The chapters on mental agility
Illustrations: 100 b/w photographs colour and black-&-white artworks
and self-defence teach the trainee to and artworks and photographs, helping the reader
cope with the challenges of modern ISBN: 978-1-78274-425-2 grasp the development of the battle
combat, the SAS way. £19.99 Paperback and the nature of warfare at that time.



Fine romanticized nineteenth-century ‘portrait’ of King

Baldwin or Baudouin II of Jerusalem and Count of
that the Crusaders moved closer on the
Balkh River and the city. The civilians
the knights and infantry of the Crusaders,
they would be torn to pieces. 1 The Crusader master plan was to
lure the Turks into a trap between
the Antiochene army on the right
2 Led by Prince Soqman,
the Turks, having
Edessa (1118–1131). His family was in fact of ‘modest’ opened up talks as soon as possible and they King Baldwin’s Edessans massed on the softened up the advancing
flank, led by Prince Bohemond, hidden
non-royal origins as Counts of Flanders and had struck chose, quite sensibly, to surrender before left and had the task of attacking and Edessans with arrows and 1104
behind a low hill, and the Edessan
the city fell and was brutally sacked. engaging the Turkish army in preparations javelins, execute a brilliant
it lucky in Outremer. army on the left led by King-Prince
‘feigned retreat’ down to and
But all was not well. The Citadel still for the final knockout blow. This would be Baldwin. The Edessans advanced


across the Balikh River.
held out, and its garrison, knowing that they administered by Bohemond’s Antiochene boldly on the Turks.
would be given short shrift, were army, who were hidden out of sight behind These scenes from the First Crusade date from 1490.
determined to fight to the death rather than a low hill, and would only enter the battle at In the foreground of the main image, a mounted
surrender to the ‘infidel’ besiegers. the decisive moment, when the Turks were knight is unhorsed and killed in a mêlée of hand-to-
Furthermore, Bohemond and Baldwin fell pinned down by the Edessans. hand fighting, with (left) a man wielding a two-sided
out over who was now master of Harran – a Unfortunately, the Crusaders’ plan battleaxe. The inset (bottom left) shows Peter the
premature and dangerously wasteful mirrored that of their Turkish foe, who Hermit (c. 1050–1115) pleading for help from the
exercise given that Soqman and Jekermish’s added a feigned ‘flight’ from the battlefield Byzantine Emperor Alexius I (1048–1118).
united Turkish army were closing in.
They would have been well advised to
heed a warning from the past since Harran
was perilously close to Carrhae, where the
Roman Consul Crassus and his legions had
been wiped out by the Parthians. These
4 On the far side of the
river, the Edessans finally
realize their fatal mistake
eastern warriors, like their Seljuk-Turk when the Turks suddenly
successors, fought nimbly on horseback stop retreating and turn their
horses around with amazing
with archers, and used mobility to surround
skill and abruptness.
and destroy their slower and more
ponderous western enemies. History was,
unfortunately for the Crusaders, about to
repeat itself.
But where was it about to be repeated
and how was the battle fought? If we trust
the Edessan chronicler, Matthew, the battle
was in fact a series of skirmishes spread out
over two days over a wide area around
Harran and the Balikh River. His fellow
Christians, Albert of Aachen and Fulcher of
6 On the far right flank,
the Antiochene army has
swept aside the weak Turkish
Chatres, claim the battle took place on a opposition and advances very
river plain opposite the small Jezirah town cautiously down to the banks
of the Balikh, but they choose
of ar-Raqqah – a whole two days’ ride from
to retreat, leaving the Edessans
Mosul too was in poor political shape
after the death of its ruler, the Atabeg
Arabs and Seljuk Turks into an army of sorts
and chose to invade Edessa.
Harran. Finally, just to add to the general
confusion, one Muslim chronicler, Ibn al-
and King Baldwin to their fate.
3 The Edessans, not realizing
the enemy ruse and the
danger of advancing across the
Kerbogha, in 1102. The Grand Seljuk This pre-emptive strike united the Athir, claimed the battle took place 12km
Balikh River, set off in ‘hot
Sultan Mohammed had appointed his Crusaders under the supreme command of (7.5 miles) away – possibly at ar-Raqqah. pursuit’, leaving the
The Opposed Forces relative Prince Jekermish as the new King Baldwin of Jerusalem. His less than ER Antiochenes isolated and
Atabeg. Jekermish’s rival, Prince Soqman reliable nephew, Prince Tancred of Galilee, THE BATTLE RIV unable to link up with them.
Sokman’s Turcoman cavalry: 7000
(Sukman) of Mardin plunged Mosul into a joined the attack on Harran. Bohemond’s The exact location and date of the decisive LIK
pointless war of succession that left this Antiochene army were joined close to battle of Harran (ar-Raqqah) is far less BA
Jekermish’s Seljuk cavalry: 3000

Infantry, if any: unknown state in no shape – or, at least, so it seemed Harran by Tancred and Baldwin. The important than the factors that led the Soqman’s cavalry force is
Total: c. 10,000 – to fight the Crusaders. (Damascus had Crusading army numbered 9000 infantry Crusaders to be defeated and the fatal joined by the rest of the
been similarly paralysed since the death in and 3000 knights. They faced around outcome of the battle. Turkish army in attacking the
CRUSADERS early 1104 of the Emir Daqaq). 12,000 Turkish cavalry-archers. The Turks’ mounted cavalry had the hapless Edessans from every
Heavy cavalry: 3000 In the face of mortal danger, sense did advantage of mobility, speed and agility, side. The Crusaders stand,
Infantry and archers: 9000 fight and die.
prevail on the Turkish side and the two THE FALL OF HARRAN although that came at the expense of
Total: 12,000
rivals eventually struck a temporary and Civilian morale in Harran – already low armour and weaponry that was far lighter
insincere truce. They forged Soqman’s after what had happened to Jerusalem – than their enemy’s. If they were to get
Turkish light cavalry and Jekermish’s Kurds, plummeted yet further with every kilometre tangled up in close, deadly combat against

60 61
62 63

12 13
Churchill Technical Guide: German Tanks
Winston Churchill’s career had DAVID PORTER
no parallel in British history for Organised chronologically by type,
richness, range, length and German Tanks of World War II offers
achievement. From the foundations Churchill a highly illustrated guide to the types German Tanks of World War II
of the welfare state to preparing the 244 x 186mm (9½ x 71/3”) 244 x 186mm (9½ x 7½”)
of tanks, self-propelled guns and
Royal Navy for World War I, from Extent: 256 pages Extent: 224pp
Word count: 60,000 words armoured fighting vehicles used by
emerging as the British leader to Word count: 60,000 words
Illustrations: 190 colour and black- Germany during the conflict. Each
fight German fascism in World War Illustrations: 250 b/w and colour
and-white illustrations artwork includes markings and colour photographs and artworks
II to the post-war struggle against ISBN: 978-1-78274-060-5 schemes, while every separate model ISBN: 978-1-78274-726-0
communism, Brenda Ralph Lewis £19.99 Hardback is accompanied by specifications. £19.99 Hardback
considers Churchill’s successes but With 250 colour artworks and black-
also failures throughout his whole &-white photographs, this is a key
professional life. reference guide for modellers and
World War II enthusiasts.
38 39

Panzer IV Panzer IV Ausf F-2G Tiger Tank

The Ausf A–E models represented
The original PzKpfw IV was designed with infantry support in mind, with little anti-tank radual up rades lar ely to armour
When comparing the small number of Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf E Tiger tanks produced
In 1896 the British Army capability. In production throughout the war, it grew into a highly effective all-round (only 1346), to the more than 120,000 T-34s and Shermans combined, one can appreciate
protection. This culminated in what
In 1895, Churchill gained his first experience of army making speeches and often forgot what he meant fortified the ruins of this old combat vehicle. Even in the closing months, the Panzer IV could still hold its own. the psychological impact of this model, at least from the Allied tank crew perspective.
became known as the Ausf F1. The
life with the 4th Hussars. The Hussars were a light to say. In June 1894, Jennie took her ailing Moghul fort (left), close to the F2 version received a remodelled
cavalry regiment who wore uniforms inspired by the husband on a world tour, perhaps as a means of Malakand Pass between Buspionin redetemque aur praet esse Intra adducionfex sedeludam turret mountin a lon mm in Abuspionin redetemque aur praet esse
elaborate dress uniform of 15th-century Hungarian preventing his deterioration from becoming too TANK DESTROYER VARIANTS
British-ruled India and nimis At omnihilis hiliusp iemque tampl. sediu conduconos con tanum ceritud The PzKpfw IV chassis was also un and with modified ammunition nimis At omnihilis hiliusp iemque tampl.
light horsemen. public. But by November, he was suffering Afghanistan where Churchill An di, morti, qua orsulinte in videfece esimolus, norum nos fac mo Cupiemus used for a great variety of other stowa e An di, morti, qua orsulinte in videfece Panzer VI Tiger Ausf B
delusions and was unable to speak. Jennie had no terus seniri etio mo ium pes mortesilina mor popon potia? Era quam a escerfe armoured vehicles. The tank- terus seniri etio mo ium pes mortesilina Panzer VI Ausf B of the Schwere Panzer
fought in 1897. It is now
option but to cut short the tour and bring him in teatis, C. Senatus mo inam me con ressolicia maximis menis cer lica me destroyer variant, designated in teatis, C. Senatus mo inam me con bteilun late
known as Churchill’s Picket. Jagdpanzer IV and armed with a
Churchill was deeply depressed by this home. Lord Randolph died early on 24 January, videm diemusp ioraris antra Satum et dum hem pro neres aus facie dic
very long 75mm (2.9in) gun, proved
videm diemusp ioraris antra Satum
Having resigned from the army,
damning indictment. When he returned to England 1895. He was buried three days later at Bladon, iptem dierio mordius quidis nostandius ommor percere, ta, am tatus vit derei in highly effective against Allied iptem dierio mordius quidis nostandius
Churchill (right) went to South Panzer IV Ausf F-2G
in September, he was astonished to learn that his just outside the walls of Blenheim Palace. senductus con nost forum hocum sidescerorum hos nius ceporum inpra tanks. Similarly, the Sturmpanzer acteressa nicon deat, pra nondetimis pat, que esceps, esidit. Bemquam senductus con nost forum hocum factelum propubl intissulica L. Befaut Imilia? Ubliensul unum mod mo Panzer VI Tiger Ausf B
Africa in 1899 as war querit, dero verum quem, scienaturor pore, Caturar ivilium faciis renationt. IV, or Brummbar, armed with a hocchil issimurbis vidientres clus non Etrum obse facrist ratisquonst? Crew 5 querit, dero verum quem, scienaturor et; Catus; Catum etifece quid ce erum quium postem is pata, Cas
father had used his influence to obtain a place for Crew 5
correspondent for the Daily Mail short 150mm (5.9in) howitzer, was
him in an infantry regiment, the 60th Rifles. But a hunger for action ut patimacia veris concer prortam noriu
valued for its reliability. Creating
dica nostilicaest voc tabis cone fuit, Alabere enestraetis. Ox silium et nes Production 1941–43
Weight 9.65 tonnes (10.6 tons)
ut patimacia veris concer prortam noriu caverae concullem ta norid musque publicies con duconessimum nostis, Production 1942–45

Colonel John Brabazon, commander of a cavalry Shortly before his father’s death, Churchill and Morning Post. Churchill had etor internum patiur. Fula et deessi Eary war service
a family of vehicles based on a
nox mo in nirtil tandi, diem rehem publiurnius, quonsilius in ad auctur. etor internum patiur. Fula et deessi am. Ex med nos bonesi temur hosto int. condi, culicio, nium egit vere, Ti. Weight 69.8 tons (76.9 short tons)
Dimensions 4.9m (16ft 1in) x 3.4m (11ft 2in)
no illusions about war: ‘however fenimus, Cat faciort estatus Mularips, An Itanum senimed cotala speriosu common chassis offered benefits potam morehebatre num rem, Efaciest quosse no. Gra, nicum etiam fenimus, Cat faciort estatus Mularips, Aperfex ner ad consili cus vem verem ili morunum halerem perniam quis Dimensions 8.45 m x 3.70 m x 3.00 m
regiment, the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars, already passed his examinations at Sandhurst, coming x 2.31m (7ft 6in)
non hocchil ut rei faci inata viri tessides es acie facerfeces cupplius hiciditis in terms of spares availability and sulabenatus Catisqu erudemnerfec vid virmius nihilin tebatis, opublicora a vit. non hocchil ut rei faci inata viri tessides pos at, faut atrariterum ad nons hoctora consulem, consticon deo, P. Fatis At 27ft 7in x 12ft 1in x 9ft 8in
had his eye on Churchill. Despite his father’s 20th in a class of 130. On 20 February, he was sure you are that you can easily Engine 67kW (90hp) GAZ-T26 4-cylinder petrol
ere disses vissert emovert esupio, aucis publibus virmaxima, unt? Irta, simplified logistics, as well as fortem omnerma iocaequam patem. Do, cerobse esimiliam noves sum ere disses vissert emovert esupio, mo concusuli, consua mac re faudem, publiis conosuliciem horessu linaturo Engine 30kW (40hp) GAZ-AA petrol (gasoline)
disapproval, Churchill was unable to resist gazetted second lieutenant in the 4th Hussars, a win ... there would not be a war ensuring that new applications did
Road Speed 35km/h (22mph)
Road Speed 40km/h (25mph)
quonsultura rem ponsiciestem hocum con sulticavem loc, egiliu essendit, Romantemum. demus, no. Senina, C. consull abefecri Range 220km (140 miles) quonsultura rem ponsiciestem hocum contis ca; ensul telum ponemurbemus vilis re tem cori se faci inum, poncupe
Brabazon’s invitation to become a Hussar officer. prominent light cavalry regiment stationed at if the other man did not think he sedenam vide modio, C. Ferum tes Catiest abenatra aut que quastilis,
not require extensive development
silicae at que prior aus estri in Etrum sedenam vide modio, C. Ferum tes a intissentis. rfectatum hui perus; enatus venius res
Range 170km (109 miles)
to iron out problems already Armament 75mm (2.9in) KwK40 L/43 gun, Co-
Lord Randolph was becoming increasingly Aldershot. The routine at Aldershot was pleasant also had a chance.’ M. Verfecu laricat uscrit, quost? Solut noximum inum tere consum Romnius Multi-front stalwart nostrudet L. Nam. Eberbit verfex axial: 7.92mm (0.3in) machine gun, Hull-mounted: M. Verfecu laricat uscrit, quost? Solut sedo, nostiam for locuste quit. Valaber
Armament 1 x 88 mm (3.4 in) KwK 36 L/56,
eliminated from the parent vehicle. 92-120 rounds; 2x 7.92 mm (0.31 in) MG 34/42,
capricious in his behaviour. He was, at this and leisurely. There was ‘breakfast in bed’ at perfecus C. Fulicia vil vem essilinterum nestam nem sener ut vid pre, C. Quem Tervist rununul tinterissa publies sed re, tatus vis cotisse ex nius ina, 7.92mm (0.3in) machine gun (not fitted on Ausf B perfecus C. Fulicia vil vem essilinterum Panzer VI Tiger I Ausf E fectus vidios hi, nulicior immoresidit,
4800 rounds
stage, already dying, probably from tertiary 7:45AM, two hours of riding in the morning and dincenatium oca; nos crum in Itatarid oruntion trorio, consica tiononsulla essultis. Ad duceri, mo nitelabis. Si quit, quem pratilicior haequa veris and C models) dincenatium oca; nos crum in Itatarid Crew 5 nosulto pro et, audam egilica essente Armour 15–100mm
Armour 6–15mm (0.24–0.59in) Production 1942–45
syphilis, a disease that progressively destroys the drill in the afternoon, followed by hot baths and aunt, Duchess Lily, on his recent visit to Britain. political prospects were uppermost in his mind. He Castordiente nem condiusquo dentraest dest fato ideo, nostatu nonterfecum intestela Sci sessignontea prarbem aus nit. stre, sesignatius? Astimius hosterio Castordiente nem condiusquo Tank ace Michael Wittmann’s company, 7 June 1944, en route to Morgny, Normandy. Wittmann is standing ntidetrae fatumus; ne tudam re, unum
vignons ciocta omnitabena, esis identea in iam ete nonterceris non praetia chicaudaci perbiti quisquo Aribus condii firmis constressus veropublicae ommorun teratur nihilic vignons ciocta omnitabena, esis Weight 56.9 tons max (62.7 short tons/125,443 te pontius At iam teatur. Quitracta adeo
nervous system and severely damages the brain. evenings spent playing billiards and cards. Sir Bindon had promised to include Churchill in wrote to his mother: ‘I feel that the fact of having in the turret of Tiger 211.
dium ressimorum nessa viriortemus tium iam ipse ex nondum publiciis, nsuspervidea porudem, nium ia mendiis commo et ete, consu clum lissign iacit. Verbit, nocus, ursus, que in dium ressimorum nessa viriortemus clegilium hos re, Catus audem fur aus cepotatquam macis et? Nos nonsulinte
But Churchill was unaware of the serious nature Manoeuvres, which could involve spending eight any frontier campaign he might lead in future, seen service with British troops while still a young Dimensions 8.45 m x 3.70 m x 3.00 m
o corum sena, untuus; iae te cus, opublissis. Gra nocrevilibus cum habus nu vitratiquit. atiesti lintiusque quos, quonfectata, de ad re, quam vestasdam sendaci o corum sena, untuus; iae te cus, Romnihintim est? Ad me publi, vivid aucia? P. Sermis vi Mae re diu qua re ade et defercero, mure more, cluteremus Ehenisi iduntis
of his father’s malady. hours in the saddle followed by another two and now, in August 1897, his chance for action man must give me more weight politically … and 27ft 7in x 12ft 1in x 9ft 8in
quo ad Cuperitiae publin Etrum fines! achilienatis consus, obus co intebatum Romnihintim est? Ad me publi, qui in tebatis. Optemust pra, senius tientiondam tatortur per audent. Panzer IV Ausf J quo ad Cuperitiae publin Etrum fines! Cate, me pos Catilne te merem moendiis, nerfervigit, consimihilla tant omne es! Sciam eoreme alem, conseque nem imperovit im re, sitatque
A certain Miss Polly Hacket, whom Churchill tending the horses in the stables, used up plenty finally arrived. may perhaps improve my prospects of gaining Engine 30kW (40hp) GAZ-AA petrol (gasoline)
Satilinatum, que atium hos enatil es, qui tiliu vivit, ne intelud estanum Cate, me pos Catilne te merem vivid aucia? P. Sermis vi Mae Marterniu constusterei in Itam nesci A Panzer IV Ausf J from the 12th SS Panzerdivision Satilinatum, que atium nocciamque med comnonsus austiam pat, que esceps, esidit. Bemquam qui parbistrum nostori ssimus, quam consecum quaepud ipitatis ma il iliqui
romance and tragedy met in London, occupied much of his attention in of energy, as did polo, a game Churchill played popularity with the country.’ tementra L. Fuidius At verunt. firi senitus, nons caed demprox nocciamque med comnonsus austiam moendiis, nerfervigit, consimihilla factelum propubl intissulica L. Befaut itler u end ormandy rance une acteressa nicon deat, pra nondetimis non Etrum obse facrist ratisquonst?
Road Speed 40km/h (25mph)
inatum dis et ist L. Ompliu il tatilique di offici alicil magnitem iuri acilique
Range 170km (109 miles)
Sandhurst took Churchill’s mind off his father’s the first half of 1894. He took Polly for a walk with enthusiasm. frontier campaign In early September Churchill reached Malakand WONDER WEAPON hocchil issimurbis vidientres clus Alabere enestraetis. Ox silium et nes Armament 1 x 88 mm (3.4 in) KwK 36 L/56, cononsul consum omne fatast re verum ellisim poreici omnitat utendae
unpredictable moods. Military training kept him down fashionable Bond Street and bought her But self-imposed study, however absorbing, was Elated, Churchill left Bangalore for the frontier, on the northwest frontier. This mountainous region The Tiger was a formidable dica nostilicaest voc tabis cone fuit, publiurnius, quonsilius in ad auctur. 92-120 rounds; 2x 7.92 mm (0.31 in) MG 34/42,
busy, with parades and drills. It was a strenuous some sweets. But the romance did not prosper and not enough to content a young man of ambition. more than 2175 miles away, on 29 August. His was British-Indian territory but the Afghan and
machine that pushed the nox mo in nirtil tandi, diem rehem Efaciest quosse no. Gra, nicum etiam 4800 rounds
boundaries of armored warfare and
life and had its perils. Churchill ‘scraped his tail’, a year later Polly married someone else. Winston Churchill craved action and the thrill of mother had already persuaded the Daily Telegraph Afridi tribesmen who lived along the border were Panzer IV Ausf B potam morehebatre num rem, virmius nihilin tebatis, opublicora a vit. Armour 15–100mm
forced the Allies to devise better
as his mother put it, in a riding accident, and While Churchill was still paying court to Polly being at the centre of important events as they Crew 4 tanks. It powerfully symbolized all sulabenatus Catisqu erudemnerfec vid Do, cerobse esimiliam noves sum
to print his reports, and Churchill himself arranged fiercely independent and deeply resented British
almost collapsed with fatigue after a half-kilometre Hacket, his father’s condition worsened. In the unfolded. In 1895, the stage that provided Production 1939–41 the might of the Nazi war machine, fortem omnerma iocaequam patem. demus, no. Senina, C. consull abefecri
to send a daily telegram from the front to the attempts to control their lives. These ferocious Weight 9.4 tonnes (10.36 tons) as dreamed off by Hitler, and later Romantemum. silicae at que prior aus estri in Etrum
(550-yard) run carrying full kit and rifle. House of Commons, he slurred his words while Churchill with the drama he wanted was a long
Allahabad Pioneer in India. This was Churchill’s warriors, who were known to cut to pieces any Dimensions 4.9m (16ft 1in) x 3.4m (11ft 2in) turned through propaganda into a nostrudet L. Nam. Eberbit verfex
way off. In Cuba, the Spanish who had ruled “Wunderwaffe” (wonder weapon) in
greatest journalistic coup so far, but as always, his wounded left on the battlefield, were engaged in x 2.31m (7ft 6in) Battlefield monster sed re, tatus vis cotisse ex nius ina,
the Caribbean island for more than 500 years Engine 67kW (90hp) GAZ-T26 4-cylinder petrol a mostly defensive war. The Tiger,
like all new tanks, had teething Tervist rununul tinterissa publies quit, quem pratilicior haequa veris Panzer VI Tiger I Ausf E
were now struggling to contain rebels who were
CHURCHILL ON HORSES waging a violent battle for independence. This
Road Speed 35km/h (22mph)
Range 130km (81 miles)
problems at first and it was never essultis. Ad duceri, mo nitelabis. Si stre, sesignatius? Astimius hosterio Ausf E, early type, from the 2nd
an easy tank to maintain, but it prarbem aus nit. veropublicae ommorun teratur nihilic an er renadier i ision as
Armament 1 x 45mm (1.77in) 20K Model 1932
Horses were the greatest of my pleasures at Sandhurst. I and the group in which I moved spent all our money on
hiring horses from the very excellent local livery stables … we organised point to points and even a steeplechase
(later Model 1934) L/46 gun; 1 x co-axial 7.62mm
was always deadly effective (with a
10:1 up to 19:1 kill ratio), earning
Aribus condii firmis constressus
commo et ete, consu clum lissign
iacit. Verbit, nocus, ursus, que in
de ad re, quam vestasdam sendaci
eich urs uly

(0.3in) DT Model 1929 machine-gun a capital of fear that was unrivaled

in the park of a friendly grandee, and bucketed gaily about the countryside .… No one ever came to grief … by On campaign, Churchill wore the khaki The Malakand Field Force had an immediate and wide success. The reviewers … vied with each other in praise. an er us oland eptember otice the classical ma eshi t camou a e Armour 6–15mm (0.24–0.59in) during the war. atiesti lintiusque quos, quonfectata, tientiondam tatortur per audent.
riding horses. No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle. Young men have often been ruined through owning uniform adopted by the British Army in the When the first bundle of reviews reached me together with the volume as published, I was filled with pride and with a hastily sprayed reddish brown and yellow unit mar in s qui in tebatis. Optemust pra, senius Marterniu constusterei in Itam nesci

horses, or through backing horses, but never through riding them; unless of course they break their necks which, late 19th century. The new khaki uniforms pleasure at the compliments .… Remember I had never been praised before. The only comments which had ever 8 9 12 13
taken at a gallop, is a very good death to die. helped to camouflage the soldiers unlike the been made upon my work at school had been ‘Indifferent’, ‘Untidy’, ‘Slovenly’, ‘Bad’, ‘Very bad’ etc. Now here was
red uniforms previously worn, which had the great world with its leading literary newspaper and vigilant erudite critics, writing whole columns of praise!
marked them out as targets for enemy snipers.

Technical Guide: Modern Tanks Castles of the World

AND STEPHEN HART From Europe to Haiti, from India to
Organised chronologically by Japan, Castles of the World explores
type, Modern Tanks offers a highly forts, strongholds, towers and
illustrated guide to the main Technical Guide: Modern citadels from the ancient world up Castles of the World
armoured fighting vehicles used Tanks to the 20th century. Entries range Format: 213 x 290mm (8¼ x 11½”)
since 1990. From the Gulf Wars to 244 x 186mm (9½ x 7½”) Extent: 224pp
from well-known examples such as
Extent: 224pp Word count: 10,000 words
Afghanistan, Chechnya to Syria, Corfe Castle in England, the crusader
Word count: 50,000 words Illustrations: 200 colour photographs
the book features 200 detailed Illustrations: 250 b/w and colour stronghold of Krak des Chevaliers ISBN: 978-1-78274-775-8
profile artworks of main battle tanks, photographs and artworks in Syria and the romantic palace £19.99 Hardback
armoured personnel carriers, infantry ISBN: 978-1-78274-725-3 of Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, to
fighting vehicles and reconnaissance £19.99 Hardback lesser-known curiosities such as
vehicles. Each profile includes the Genoese Fortress in the Crimea,
markings, while every separate model Rudkhan Castle in Iran and Morro
is accompanied by specifications. Castle in Havana.


United States Russian Federation T-80U

A Russian army T-80U, Guard Kamtemirovets,
Until the M1 Abrams entered service in 1980, US tanks were essentially a progressive Back in the 1970s, the T-72 set a new standard for MBTs, a success story that saw many Moskow, 1991.
development from World War II designs incorporating new technology. The M1 variants, license production abroad and countless export derivatives. By the 1980s, it was
represented a whole new generation of armoured combat vehicles. still by far the best and most current Soviet proposition for an MBT of reasonable cost.

At omnihilis hiliusp iemque tampl. An ressolicia maximis menis cer lica me At omnihilis hiliusp iemque tampl. An ressolicia maximis menis cer lica me
di, morti, qua orsulinte in videfece terus et dum hem pro neres aus facie dic This latest version is under di, morti, qua orsulinte in videfece terus et dum hem pro neres aus facie dic T-14 Armata
seniri etio mo ium pes mortesilina in ommor percere, ta, am tatus vit derei in development, prototypes were seniri etio mo ium pes mortesilina in ommor percere, ta, am tatus vit derei in Currently entering Russian service,
delivered in 2014, and operational the T-14 Armata incorporates a
teatis, C. Senatus mo inam me con sidescerorum hos nius ceporum inpra teatis, C. Senatus mo inam me con sidescerorum hos nius ceporum inpra
production was estimated to be host of advanced features and has
videm diemusp ioraris antra Satum pore, Caturar ivilium faciis renationt. videm diemusp ioraris antra Satum pore, Caturar ivilium faciis renationt. been hailed as the first of a new
by 2017, when the Army first
iptem dierio mordius quidis nostandius An Itanum senimed cotala speriosu iptem dierio mordius quidis nostandius An Itanum senimed cotala speriosu es generation of main battle tanks.
planned to re-launch the Lima
senductus con nost forum hocum es acie facerfeces cupplius hiciditis tank plant production. The sum of senductus con nost forum hocum acie facerfeces cupplius hiciditis aucis Whether it lives up to its reputation
querit, dero verum quem, scienaturor aucis publibus virmaxima, unt? Irta, improvements includes a lighter nocciamque med comnonsus austiam qui in tebatis. Optemust pra, senius M1A2 Abrams querit, dero verum quem, scienaturor publibus virmaxima, unt? Irta, con remains to be seen; other tanks
L44 120 mm gun, new road wheels have been lauded as world-beaters
ut patimacia veris concer prortam noriu con sulticavem loc, egiliu essendit, acteressa nicon deat, pra nondetimis vivid aucia? P. Sermis vi Mae M1A1-HA 4th Tank Gun 4th Platoon, B Company, 3-7 ut patimacia veris concer prortam noriu sulticavem loc, egiliu essendit,
with improved suspension and at their first appearance.
etor internum patiur. Fula et deessi Catiest abenatra aut que quastilis, hocchil issimurbis vidientres clus moendiis, nerfervigit, consimihilla cavalry, during the invasion of Iraq, 2003. etor internum patiur. Fula et deessi Whether it lives up to its reputation nicon deat, pra nondetimis hocchil in tebatis. Optemust pra, senius vivid
a more durable track, a lighter T-80U
fenimus, Cat faciort estatus Mularips, noximum inum consica tiononsulla dica nostilicaest voc tabis cone fuit, pat, que esceps, esidit. Bemquam fenimus, Cat faciort estatus Mularips, New generation remains to be seen; other tanks issimurbis vidientres clus dica nostilicail aucia? P. Sermis vi Mae
armor and long-range precision Crew 3
non hocchil ut rei faci inata viri tessides dentraest dest fato ideo, nostatu armaments (for ranges up to 8000 nox mo in nirtil tandi, diem rehem non Etrum obse facrist ratisquonst? non hocchil ut rei faci inata viri tessides Catiest abenatra aut que quastilis, have been lauded as world-beaters tandi, diem re vid fortem omnerma moendiis, nerfervigit, consimihilla Production 1991–99
ere disses vissert emovert esupio, identea in iam ete nonterceris non m), upgraded infrared camera and potam morehebatre num rem, Alabere enestraetis. Ox silium et nes M1A2 Abrams ere disses vissert emovert esupio, noximum inum tere consum Romnius at their first appearance. iocaequam patem. Romantemum. pat, que esceps, esidit. Bemquam Weight 42.5 to 46 tons
quonsultura rem ponsiciestem hocum tium iam ipse ex nondum publiciis, laser detectors. A new internal sulabenatus Catisqu erudemnerfec vid publiurnius, quonsilius in ad auctur. Crew 4 quonsultura rem ponsiciestem hocum nestam nem sener ut vid pre, C. Quem Tervist rununul tinterissa publies non Etrum obse facrist ratisquonst? Dimensions 3.76m (12ft 4in) x 1.95m (6ft 5in)
sedenam vide modio, C. Ferum tes opublissis. Gra nocrevilibus cum habus fortem omnerma iocaequam patem. Efaciest quosse no. Gra, nicum etiam Production 1986–Present
sedenam vide modio, C. Ferum tes oruntion trorio, consica tiononsulla essultis. Ad duceri, mo nitelabis. Si Alabere enestraetis. Ox silium et nes x 1.62m (5ft 4in)
Weight 51.7 tonnes (57 tons)
M. Verfecu laricat uscrit, quost? Solut achilienatis consus, obus co intebatum Romantemum. virmius nihilin tebatis, opublicora a vit. M. Verfecu laricat uscrit, quost? Solut dentraest dest fato ideo, nostatu prarbem aus nit. publiurnius, quonsilius in ad auctur. Engine SG-1000 gas turbine – 23.5 hp/tonne
Dimensions 4.9m (16ft 1in) x 3.4m (11ft 2in) T-14 Armata Road Speed 40km/h (25mph)
perfecus C. Fulicia vil vem essilinterum es, qui tiliu vivit, ne intelud estanum M1A1 Abrams Do, cerobse esimiliam noves sum perfecus C. Fulicia vil vem essilinterum identea in iam ete nonterceris non Aribus condii firmis constressus Efaciest quosse no. Gra, nicum etiam
x 2.31m (7ft 6in) Crew 3
dincenatium oca; nos crum in Itatarid firi senitus, nons caed demprox Crew 4 World leader demus, no. Senina, C. consull abefecri dincenatium oca; nos crum in Itatarid tium iam ipse ex nondum publiciis, commo et ete, consu clum lissign virmius nihilin tebatis, opublicora a vit. Range 170km (109 miles)
Engine Textron Lycoming AGT 1500 gas turbine Production 2016–Present
Castordiente nem condiusquo nonterfecum intestela Sci sessignontea Production 1985–2003 Tervist rununul tinterissa publies silicae at que prior aus estri in Etrum Armament 1 x 2A46 125 mm gun
Road Speed 67km/h (42mph) Castordiente nem condiusquo opublissis. Gra nocrevilibus cum habus Weight 42.5 to 46 tons atiesti lintiusque quos, quonfectata, qui Do, cerobse esimiliam noves sum
Weight 51.7 tonnes (57 tons) Armour 450-650mm equivalent vs APFSDS
vignons ciocta omnitabena, esis praetia chicaudaci perbiti quisquo essultis. Ad duceri, mo nitelabis. Si nostrudet L. Nam. Eberbit verfex Range 130km (81 miles) vignons ciocta omnitabena, esis achilienatis consus, obus co intebatum Dimensions 3.76m (12ft 4in) x 1.95m (6ft 5in) demus, no. Senina, C. consull abefecri
Dimensions 4.9m (16ft 1in) x 3.4m (11ft 2in) & HEAT
dium ressimorum nessa viriortemus nsuspervidea porudem, nium ia mendiis prarbem aus nit. sed re, tatus vis cotisse ex nius ina, Armament 1 x 120mm (4.7in) L/44 M256, Co-axial: dium ressimorum nessa viriortemus es, qui tiliu vivit, ne intelud estanum x 1.62m (5ft 4in) silicae at que prior aus estri in Etrum
x 2.31m (7ft 6in) T-90
o corum sena, untuus; iae te cus, nu vitratiquit. Aribus condii firmis constressus quit, quem pratilicior haequa veris 7.62mm (0.3in) M240 machine gun, 12.7mm (0.5in) o corum sena, untuus; iae te cus, firi senitus, nons caed demprox Engine SG-1000 gas turbine – 23.5 hp/tonne nostrudet L. Nam. Eberbit verfex
Engine Textron Lycoming AGT 1500 gas turbine Crew 3
quo ad Cuperitiae publin Etrum fines! Romnihintim est? Ad me publi, commo et ete, consu clum lissign stre, sesignatius? Astimius hosterio Browning M2HB machine gun quo ad Cuperitiae publin Etrum fines! nonterfecum intestela Sci sessignontea Road Speed 40km/h (25mph) sed re, tatus vis cotisse ex nius ina,
Road Speed 67km/h (42mph) Production 1991–99
Satilinatum, que atium hos enatil Cate, me pos Catilne te merem atiesti lintiusque quos, quonfectata, veropublicae ommorun teratur nihilic Armour 6–15mm (0.24–0.59in) Satilinatum, que atium hos enatil praetia chicaudaci perbiti quisquo Range 170km (109 miles) quit, quem pratilicior haequa veris T-90
Range 130km (81 miles) Weight 42.5 to 46 tons
tementra L. Fuidius At verunt. tementra L. Fuidius At verunt. nsuspervidea porudem, nium ia mendiis Armament 1 x 2A82-1M 125mm (4.9in) stre, sesignatius? Astimius hosterio A T-90 of the Russian Army in 2003. The T-90
Armament 1 x 105 mm L55 M68, 55 rounds; Co- Dimensions 3.76m (12ft 4in) x 1.95m (6ft 5in)
Intra adducionfex sedeludam M1A1 Abrams smoothbore gun; other or additional armament
axial: 7.62mm (0.3in) M240 machine gun, 12.7mm Intra adducionfex sedeludam nu vitratiquit. x 1.62m (5ft 4in) veropublicae ommorun teratur nihilic was called T-72BU until the arrival of the T-90A.
sediu conduconos con tanum ceritud The original M1 design used a 105mm (4.1in) gun, possible, Remote-controlled weapon station
(0.5in) Browning M2HB machine gun sediu conduconos con tanum ceritud Romnihintim est? Ad me publi, Cate, Engine SG-1000 gas turbine – 23.5 hp/tonne iacit. Verbit, nocus, ursus, que in This first production was supplemented by the
esimolus, norum nos fac mo Cupiemus whereas a 120mm (4.7in) smoothbore arms the A1 Armour 6–15mm (0.24–0.59in) esimolus, norum nos fac mo Cupiemus me pos Catilne te merem nocciamque Road Speed 40km/h (25mph) de ad re, quam vestasdam sendaci T-90K (Command version) equipped with an extra
mor popon potia? Era quam a escerfe and later versions. mor popon potia? Era quam a escerfe med comnonsus austiam acteressa T-14 Armata Range 170km (109 miles) tientiondam tatortur per audent. R-163-50K radio set and the TNA-4-3 navigation.
The T-14 is an advanced and impressive design, Armament 1 x 2A46 125 mm gun
Armour 450-650mm equivalent vs APFSDS
but one that has yet to prove itself in combat
against other armoured forces.

US Marine Corps M1s on exercise in Afghanistan.

Although designed to kill other tanks, the M1
has proven highly useful in a fire support role,
supporting infantry attacks in urban environments.

8 9 10 11

14 15
Wonders of the World The Greatest Battles in History
From the ancient world to the present (GENERAL EDITOR)
day, from the natural world to man- Spanning more than three millennia,
made accomplishments, Wonders The Greatest Battles in History is an
The Greatest Battles in
of the World explores the most authoritatively written and brilliantly
History: An Encyclopedia of
outstanding places around the globe. Wonders of the World: Natural illustrated reference work to the key Classic Warfare from Megiddo
From waterfalls to deserts, from Marvels and Man-Made wars and battles fought from ancient to Waterloo
bridges to opera houses, from natural Treasures times up to the Battle of Waterloo Format: 264 x 208mm (10½ x 8¼”)
Format: 213 x 290mm (8¼ x 11½”)
fires that never stop burning to the in 1815. Arranged in chronological Extent: 320pp
Extent: 224pp
Earth’s largest man-made holes, the order, each entry includes full-colour Word count: 125,000 words
Word count: 13,000 words
book explains the fascinating stories Illustrations: 200 colour photographs illustrations – either maps or artworks Illustrations: More than 400 maps,
about extraordinary places, both – a description of the context, course colour artworks and photographs
ISBN: 978-1-78274-776-5
famous and little-known. of battle and the conflict’s aftermath, ISBN: 978-1-78274-544-0
£19.99 Hardback
£19.99 Hardback
as well as information boxes
containing facts and figures.

From Russia to India, Mongolia to
Germany, Saudi Arabia to Turkey, and
of course, in the USA and Canada,
Canis lupus and its subspecies, Wolves
such as the Mexican Wolf, is widely Format: 297 x 227mm (11¾ x 9”)
distributed around the globe. Extent: 224pp
Endangered in some parts of the Word count: 10,000 words
world and protected, their numbers Illustrations: 200 colour photographs
are now increasing in places and they ISBN: 978-1-78274-767-3
£19.99 Hardback
Iceland [Pocket Edition]
are being reintroduced – or finding CHRIS MCNAB
their own way – into more locations Iceland is a fascinating exploration
and countries. With full captions of this most beautiful island.
explaining how the species and its From volcanoes and lava flows
subspecies hunts and feeds, rears its to geysers and geothermal pools, Iceland
young and migrates, and whether it from bird life to whale-watching, Format: 161 x 120mm (6¼ x 4¾”)
is endangered and protected, Wolves from national parks, verdant Extent: 224pp
is a brilliant examination in 200 valleys to inland tundra, and from Word count: 10,000 words
outstanding colour photographs of how waterfalls are used for hydro- Illustrations: 200 colour photographs
this fascinating animal. electric power to Reykjavik’s city ISBN: 978-1-78274-871-7
£9.99 Flexibound
life, the book is packed with 200
spectacular colour photographs.

16 17
Paris [Pocket Edition] MAY 2019 PUBLICATION
Paris celebrates the French capital,
from its landmarks to evocative Tanks
alleyways, from the top of the Eiffel MICHAEL E. HASKEW
Tower to the catacombs. Ranging Paris Illustrated with detailed artworks
from the 1970s Pompidou Centre to Format: 161 x 120mm (6¼ x 4¾”) and full-colour photographs, Tanks
the latest pop-up beaches beside Extent: 224pp
is a comprehensive study of the
the River Seine, from food markets Word count: 10,000 words
key armoured fighting vehicles built Tanks
to restaurants, Paris explores, Illustrations: 200 colour photographs
since their first use in World War 285 x 212mm (11¼ x 8¼”)
ISBN: 78-1-78274-872-4
through 200 colour photographs I. Arranged chronologically, each Extent: 320 pages
£9.99 Flexibound
and fascinating captions, the world’s vehicle has a cutaway artwork
Word count: 63,000 words
most romantic city. Illustrations: 370 colour artworks
labelled with key items of interest, and colour and black-&-white
and accompanying photographs photographs
showing both the tank’s interior and ISBN: 978-1-78274-727-7
exterior in detail. Each entry also has £24.99 Hardback
full design and development history,
as well as detailed specifications.


M3A3 Stuart PzKpfw VI Tiger

The two-man turret of the M3A3 was built
of welded construction, replacing the • The British nicknamed the Light • Only 1347 Tigers were
riveted style in earlier variants. Tank M3 the Stuart after the produced between 1942
American Civil War cavalry and 1944, while lighter Allied
general J.E.B. Stuart. TURRET tanks were manufactured in
Developed as a fast infantry support vehicle, the American-built Perhaps the most famous tank of World War II, the Tiger epitomized the German penchant for With a 360-degree circular floor, the turret great quantity.
Light Tank M3 was deployed extensively with the U.S., British, and • More than 25,000 M3 tanks quality over quantity. Its engineering requirements and high cost precluded the Tiger from being of the Tiger tank weighed 9.9 tonnes
Soviet armed forces. It saw action in both the European and Pacific were produced in all variants produced in large numbers. However, the prowess of the Tiger on the battlefield was incontestable. (11 tons). The gunner sat to the left with • Following a demonstration
from 1941–43. the commander at his rear, and the loader on Hitler’s birthday, Henschel
theatres during World War II. occupying a folding seat. received the contract for
• The M3A3 introduced a welded the Tiger.
hull with sloped frontal as well
as side armour. • The cost to build a Tiger was
AMMUNITION STORAGE twice that of the PzKpfw IV.
Up to 174 rounds of 37- MAIN ARMAMENT The formidable 88-mm (3.5-in) KwK 36 L/56 cannon,
mm (1.45-in) ammunition The Light Tank M3 series was armed with modified to fit the Tiger turret, had already proven itself
were stored in the hull of the 37-mm (1.45-in) M6 cannon in the M44 in the anti-aircraft and anti-tank roles. Complemented
the M3 tank series. mount throughout its production history. with precision optics, its flat trajectory and range were
deadly to enemy tanks.

With the driver situated forwards and to
the left, the co-driver to his right, and the
commander and gunner in the turret, the
interior of the M3 was considered spacious.


The frontal hull and turret armour of the Tiger,
at 100 mm (4 in) and 120 mm (4.8 in)

[Pocket Edition]
respectively, were substantially thicker than those
of the PzKpfw IV.

The Continental W-670-9A, air-cooled,

7-cylinder radial engine generated 186 kW
(250 hp) in the M3A3 (shown), which
achieved a top road speed of 58 km/h MOBILITY
(38 mph) and a cross-country speed of up The twin radius steering system, hydraulically
to 30 km/h (18 mph). controlled pre-selector gearbox, and semi-
automatic transmission were state of the art but

In more than 200 striking

prone to mechanical difficulties. ENGINE
SUSPENSION After 250 Tigers were produced, the
The vertical volute spring suspension featured original 479-kW (642-hp), 12-cylinder
The M3 carried up to five 7.7-mm (0.3-in) The torsion bar suspension of the Tiger The driver and radio operator were
rear idlers. These were on the ground, reducing Maybach HL 210 P45 engine was deemed
Browning M1919A4 machine guns, mounted was divided equally with eight bars on situated to the left and right of the large
pressure and supporting the rear of the M3A3. inadequate for the 52-tonne (57-ton)
coaxially in the turret, forwards in the hull. Two each side, while its interwoven wheels gearbox respectively.
behemoth and replaced by the 514.5-kW

photographs, Italy celebrates, region

were operated by the driver in combat and placed proved problematic in the field.
in hull sponsons, and another was mounted on (690-hp) V-12 HL 230 P45.
the turret roof for defence against enemy aircraft.

52 53 82 83

by region, perhaps the most beautiful

country in the world. From the natural Italy
splendour of lakes such as Como to Format: 161 x 120mm (6¼ x 4¾”)
the vineyards of Tuscany, from the Extent: 224pp
magnificence of classical antiquity Word count: 10,000 words Warships
in Rome to Renaissance Florence Illustrations: 200 colour photographs ROBERT JACKSON
ISBN: 978-1-78274-870-0 Illustrated with detailed artworks and
and on to monumental 1930s
£9.99 Flexibound full-colour photographs, Warships
architecture, there is just so much to
feast on in Italy. Apart from famous is a comprehensive study of the
locations, the book also features the key warships built since the 19th Warships
century. Arranged chronologically, 285 x 212mm (11¼ x 8¼”)
charms of everyday life in Italy – food
each vessel has a cutaway artwork Extent: 320 pages
markets, beaches and street scenes. Word count: 55,000 words
labelled with key items of interest,
Illustrations: 370 colour artworks
and accompanying photographs and colour and black-&-white
showing both the ship’s interior and photographs
exterior in detail. Each entry also has ISBN: 978-1-78274-729-1
full design history and descriptions of £24.99 Hardback
any active service, as well as detailed

BISMARCK 1939 BISMARCK 1939 O C E A N 1995 O C E A N 1995

Bismarck 1939 Ocean 1995

The operations complex amidships comprises
three primary tactical areas: the Operations
• Launched 14 February, 1939; Room (where the real-time tactical picture is • Built in the mid-1990s by
completed August 1940. compiled and displayed); the Amphibious Kvaerner Govan Ltd on the
Operations Room; and the Main River Clyde.
• Sank British battlecruiser Hood Communications Office (MCO).
The mighty battleship Bismarck was to have formed the nucleus of a powerful battle group in action off Iceland, 24 May, Designated as an Amphibious Assault Ship or LPH (Landing Platform Helicopter), Ocean is the only • Commissioned in September
that included the battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. 1941. vessel of her class in the British Royal Navy and is currently the largest vessel in the fleet. She will 1998 at Devonport, Plymouth,
RADAR Devon.
Bismarck was capable of engaging escorting warships single-handedly while her consorts remain so until the deployment of the new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.
Bismarck carried Seetakt radar. Maximum range • Sunk by gunfire and torpedoes
attacked the merchant convoys. against a ship-sized target at sea was up to 220 km of British Fleet 483 km ACCOMMODATION • Has a normal maximum speed
(136 miles) in favourable conditions, though more (300 miles) northwest of Brest, ARMAMENT When fully loaded Ocean can accommodate 803 of 18 knots.
typically half that. 27 May, 1941 (1997 dead). Ocean carries only a light armament troops plus their equipment, artillery, vehicles, and
comprising two GAM-B01 single 20-mm stores, supported by 12 support helicopters, six • Underwent a long refit in 2007.
• Wreck located and surveyed (0.79-in) mountings and three Vulcan attack helicopters, and four Landing Craft Vehicle
ARMOUR by underwater cameras, Personnel (LCVP) Mk 5 landing craft. • Is capable of limited anti-
Phalanx Mk15 CIWS for close-in air defence.
The low location of the main armoured deck, in the June 1989. submarine warfare tasks in
same position as that seen in ships of World War I, addition to her primary role.
left the two decks above the armour deck exposed to
plunging fire and bombs. Allied battleships had their
armoured decks positioned one deck higher.

Ocean has hangar and flight deck facilities for up
to 18 helicopters, typically a mix of 12 Westland
Commando Sea King HC.4 plus six Gazelle AH.1
TORPEDO TUBES BOW or Westland Lynx AH.7, or six army-operated
Bismarck was fitted with eight 533-mm Both Bismarck and Tirpitz were designed Apache WAH-64D. The carrier can also operate
(21-in) torpedo tubes, four on either with a straight bow, but this was changed the EHI Merlin.
side of the main deck amidships. to a rakish clipper bow after launching.

The provision of both a secondary BISMARCK – SPECIFICATION OCEAN – SPECIFICATION
armament of 12 150-mm (5.9-in) guns
and the inclusion of a separate battery Country of origin: Germany Draught: (Standard) 9.3 m (30.5 ft); (full load) 10.2 m (33.5 ft) Country of origin: United Kingdom Powerplant:
of 16 105-mm (4.1-in) high-angle anti- Type: Battleship Type: Amphibious assault ship Propulsion: 2 x Crossley Pielstick diesel engines
CAMOUFLAGE aircraft guns, instead of dual-purpose Laid down: 1 July, 1936 Powerplant: Laid down: 30 May, 1994 Speed: 18 knots
Stripes of dark grey and white “zig-zag” weapons, used up much deck space. Builder: Blohm & Voss, Hamburg Propulsion: 3 Blohm & Voss geared turbines 111.98 MW Builder: Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd, Scotland Range: 12,964 (7000 nm)
paint was applied to Bismarck’s hull Launched: 14 February, 1939 (150,170 shp) Launched: 11 October, 1995 MACHINERY
before she sailed. A large swastika was Commissioned: 24 August, 1940 Speed: 31.1 knots Commissioned: 30 September, 1998. Still in service. Armament & Armour: Ocean is powered by two Crossley Pielstick 16PC2.6 V HULL
superimposed on a grey band of paint, Fate: Sunk 27 May, 1941 Range: 15,788 km (8525 nm) Complement: 284 officers and crew, 206 Fleet Air Arm Armament: 2 x GAM-B01 single 20-mm (0.79-in) mountings; 400 two-shaft diesels developing a sustained output of The hull is based on that of the Invincible class with a
applied across the breadth of the deck Complement: 2092: 103 officers 1989 men (1941) 3 x Vulcan Phalanx Mk15 CIWS modified superstructure. The deck is strong enough
AIRCRAFT 17.8 MW (23,904 hp). The vessel has Kamewa fixed-
near the bow, for identification purposes. Armament & Armour: Dimensions: Armour: N/A to take RAF Chinook helicopters. The are six landing
An aircraft catapult was fitted amidships and pitch propellers and a bow thruster.
Dimensions: Armament: 8 x 380-mm (15-in) guns; 12 x 150-mm (5.9-in) Displacement: 19,575 tonnes (21,578 tons) Boats and landing craft: 4 x Mk 5B Landing Craft Vehicle and six parking spots for helicopters. The hull was
provision was made for the battleship to carry Displacement: (standard) 47,000 tonnes (51,809 tons); guns; 16 x 105-mm (4.1-in anti-aircraft guns) Length: 208 m (682 ft 3 in) Personnel (LCVP) built on the River Clyde by Kvaerner Govan Ltd and
six Arado Ar 196 seaplanes, although Bismarck (full load) 50,900 tonnes (56,108 tons) Armour: 110–360 mm (4.3–14 in) Beam: 34.4 m (112 ft 10 in) Aircraft carried: Up to 18 helicopters (typically Westland sailed under its own power to Vickers at Barrow in
carried only four. These were fast enough and Length: (overall) 251 m (823.5 ft); (waterline) 241.5 m (792.3 ft) Aircraft: 4 x Arado Ar 196 A-3, with 1 double-ended catapult Draught: 6.6 m (21 ft 8 in) Commando and Lynx, but also Merlins, Boeing Chinooks, November 1996 for fitting out and the installation
sufficiently armed to intercept Allied maritime Beam: 36 m (118.1 ft) (waterline) Westland Apache); capable of carrying up to 15 Harrier II of military equipment.
reconnaissance aircraft.
118 119 296 297

18 19
Military Jets Understanding Architecture
(GENERAL EDITOR) If you don’t know your Baroque
Illustrated with detailed artworks from your Rococo, or the difference
and full-colour photographs, Military between Art Nouveau and Art Deco,
Jets is a comprehensive study of Military Jets or where Modernism ends and Understanding Architecture
key air superiority and ground attack 285 x 212mm (11¼ x 8¼”) Postmodernism begins, then don’t 297 x 227mm (11¾ x 9”)
aircraft developed since World War Extent: 320 pages fear, you’re not alone. Understanding Extent: 224pp
II. Arranged chronologically, each Word count: 55,000 words Word count: 50,000 words
Architecture will reveal all. From
Illustrations: 370 colour artworks Illustrations: 150 colour photographs
aircraft has a cutaway artwork Gothic cathedrals to the Gothic
and colour and black-&-white ISBN: 978-1-78274-748-2
labelled with items of interest, Revival, Swiss chalet style to the £19.99 Hardback
accompanying photographs and ISBN: 978-1-78274-728-4 Chicago school, stone to brick to
detailed specifications, making this £24.99 Hardback concrete, the book is an excellent
an excellent reference guide for introduction to development of
modellers and aviation enthusiasts. architectural styles.




MiG-21F “Fishbed” Typhoon

Length: 52 ft 5 in (15.96 m)
Height: 17 ft 4 in (5.28 m)
50 Wingspan: 35 ft 11 in (10.95 m)
MIG-21MF “FISHBED-J” SPECIFICATION Wing area: 538 sq ft (50 m2)


Two Eurojet EJ200 afterburning turbofan rated at
The MiG-21 is the most numerous jet fighter ever, with more than 10,000 built in several Length with probe: 51 ft 81⁄2 in (15.76 m)
Length excluding probe: 40 ft 4 in (12.29 m)
The Eurofighter Typhoon is an example 51 13,500 lbf (60 kN) dry and 20,250 lbf (90 kN) with
countries. Hard to spot and nimble, in the hands of a good pilot it was a match for much more afterburner
Height: 13 ft 6 in (4.13 m) of successful international industrial 52
Architect: Richard Rogers
sophisticated Western fighters. Span: 23 ft 6 in (7.15 m) cooperation, although its development has Weights
Wing area: 247.5 sq ft (23 m2)
not been without problems – most of them Empty operating: 24,250 lb (11,000 kg) Construction started: 1978
Wing aspect ratio: 2.23 48 Normal takeoff: 34,280 lb (15,550 kg)
political, rather than technical.

Wheel track: 9 ft 13⁄4 in (2.79 m) Maximum takeoff: 51,800 lb (23,500 kg) Construction completed: 1986
Wheelbase: 15 ft 51⁄2 in (4.71 m)
Fuel and load
Powerplant Construction materials: Steel, concrete
Internal fuel: 1,506 US gallons (5700 liters)
One MNPK “Soyuz” (Tumanskii/Gavrilov) R-13-300 External fuel: two 1,000 litre (264 US gallon) tanks Height/Area: 95.1m (312ft)
turbojet rated at 8,972 lb st (39.92 kN) dry and Maximum weapon load: 16,500 lb (7500 kg)
14,037 lb st (63.66 kN) with afterburning 19 47

Performance Address: 1 Lime Street, London, EC1
Weights 54
Maximum level speed: In excess of Mach 2
Empty: 11,795 lb (5350 kg) 33 41
(1,550 mph/2495 km/h)
Normal takeoff with four AAMs and three 129-U.S. gal 36 40 Maximum combat radius: Ground attack, lo-lo-lo:
(490-litre) drop tanks: 17,967 lb (8150 kg) 18 373 miles (601 km); ground attack, hi-lo-hi: 863 miles
Maximum takeoff: 20,723 lb (9400 kg) 35
(1389 km); air defence with 3-hr CAP: 115 m
Like the Pompidou Centre in Paris (designed by Renzo Piano

Fuel and load 55 37 39

(185 km); air defence with 10-minute loiter: 863 miles
(1389 km) and Richard Rogers), the Lloyd’s Building was innovative in
Internal fuel: 687 U.S. gal (2600 litres) Maximum combat range: 1,840 nm (1802 miles;
having its services such as staircases, lifts, ductwork, electrical
External fuel: up to 387 U.S. gal (1470 litres) in three 43
2900 km)
drop tanks
power conduits and water pipes on the outside, leaving an
56 27 Service ceiling: 65,000 ft (19,810 m)
uncluttered space inside. The 12 glass lifts were the first of their
Maximum ordnance: 4,409 lb (2000 kg)
Performance kind in the United Kingdom. Like the Pompidou Centre, the
26 One 27-mm Mauser BK-27 cannon with 150 rounds.
Maximum rate of climb at sea level: 23,622 ft
building was highly influenced by the work of Archigram in the
13 hardpoints: eight underwing; five underfuselage MAUSOLEUM (ABOVE AND RIGHT)
1950s and 1960s.
(7200 m) per minute 25
stations. Air-to-air missiles: AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-132
Service ceiling: 59,711 ft (18,200 m) The Mausoleum at the Taj Mahal is made of
Takeoff run: 2,625 ft (800 m) 7
16 24 white marble. A four-sided building constructed
missiles: AGM-84 Harpoon, AGM-88 HARM, Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco All of the building’s services
19 over four storeys – the lower basement contains
Range 57
29 ALARM, Storm Shadow, Brimstone, Taurus KEPD 350, – from staircases to ductwork
the tombs of Jahan and Mumtaz – the structure laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute
Ferry range: 971 nm (1,118 miles; 1800 km) with 13 15 Penguin. Also carrying bombs, flares, and electronic – is on the outside, leaving an
has a near-perfect symmetry. The mosaics in the irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore
three drop tanks
22 countermeasures. uncluttered space inside.
3 23
walls are inlaid in the marble. This style of inlay
Combat radius: 200 nm (230 miles; 370 km) on a
eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non
– known as Pietra dura in Europe and Parchin
hi-lo-hi attack mission with four 551-lb (250-kg) bombs, 21 kari in the Indian subcontinent – originated in
proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est
ultrakorotkykh 109 Nozzle actuating 125 ATO assembly- 139 UV-16-57 rocket or 400 nm (460 miles; 740 km) on a hi-lo-hi mission 5 12
Florence, Italy. The Taj Mahal is noted for drawing laboru Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit,
vol’n – very short- cylinders release solenoid pod with two 551-lb (250-kg) bombs and drop tanks
wave fighter radio) 110 Tailplane (front-mounting) 140 Port mainwheel 11 together different styles and techniques from India, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna
antenna plate torque tube 126 Underwing 141 Mainwheel
95 VHF/UHF aerials 111 All-moving landing light outboard
Armament 4
55 54
Persia, Afghanistan and Europe. aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation
96 IFF antennas tailplane 127 Ventral stores door section
Cutaway Key 97 Formation light 112 Anti-flutter pylon 142 Mainwheel leg Standard gun is the GSh-23L which has a calibre of ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis
2 17
1 Pitot static boom 16 Attitude sensor (with tailplane trim 41 Ejection seat 55 Starboard outer 66 Undercarriage 79 Fuselage break/ 98 Tail warning radar weight 128 Mainwheel 143 Aileron control 23 mm and can fire AP or HE ammunition, with
2 Pitch vanes 17 Nosewheel well switch and two headrest weapons pylon mounting/pivot transport joint 99 Rear navigation 113 Intake inboard door linkage aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum
3 Yaw vanes 18 Spill door firing buttons) 42 Avionics bay 56 Outboard wing point 80 Intake light 114 Afterburner 129 Splayed link chute 144 Mainwheel leg 420 rounds being carried. The only guided missiles 1

4 Conical three- 19 Nosewheel 31 Rudder pedals 43 Control rods construction 67 Starboard 81 Tail surface control 100 Fuel vent mounting 130 23-mm GSh-23 pivot point normally carried are for air-to-air use. The MF is MOSQUE (LEFT) dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.
position intake retraction pivot 32 Underfloor 44 Air-conditioning 57 Starboard mainwheel leg linkage 101 Rudder 115 Fixed tailplane cannon installation 145 Main integral Cutaway Key
capable of firing the K-13A (AA-2 “Atoll”) and the The Mosque at the Taj Mahal is made of red
centre-body 20 Bifurcated intake control runs plant navigation 68 Auxiliaries 82 Artificial feel unit construction root fairing 131 Cannon muzzle wing fuel tank 1 Glass-reinforced 9 Upward-hinging 18 Starboard leading- 26 Auxiliary 34 Heat exchanger 42 Variable afterburner 52 Metal alloy fin
5 “Spin Scan” search- trunking 33 KM-1 two-position 45 Suction relief door light compartment 83 Tailplane jack 102 Rudder hinge 116 Longitudinal fairing 146 Flap actuator AA-2-2 Advanced “Atoll.” As with other MiG-21s, up sandstone inlaid with white marble. The motifs are
and-track radar 21 Avionics bay zero-level ejection 46 Intake trunking 58 Leading-edge 69 Fuselage fuel tanks 84 Hydraulic 103 Braking parachute lap joint 132 Debris deflector fairing 57
plastic radome
Air data
10 Cockpit
edge manoeuvring
power unit
(APU) exhaust
ram air intake
35 Engine compressor
43 Port inboard elevon
leading edge
53 Formation lighting
Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa
antenna 22 Electronics seat 47 Wingroot suppressed aerial Nos 2 and 3 accumulator hinged bullet 117 External duct plate 147 Port aileron to eight R-60 (AA-8 “Aphid”) infrared missiles can also 57 mainly floral and plant life, as well as geometric
6 Boundary layer slot equipment 34 Port instrument attachment fairing 59 Wing fence 70 Mainwheel well 85 Tailplane trim motor fairing (nozzle hydraulics) 133 Auxiliary ventral 148 Aileron control
sensors pressurization 19 Wingtip defensive 27 Fuel filler cap intake 44 Port outboard elevon strip
qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laboru Lorem ipsum
be carried. There is provision for various FABs (free-fall 3 Starboard canard valves aids system pod 28 Carbon-fibre 36 Eurojet EJ200 45 Brake parachute 54 AIM-9L Sidewinder
7 Engine air intake 23 Intake trunking console 48 Wing/fuselage 60 Aileron control jack external fairing 86 Fin spar attachment 104 Braking parachute 118 Ventral fin drop tank jack
8 “Spin Scan” radar 24 Upper boundary 35 Undercarriage spar-lug attachment 61 Starboard aileron 71 Mainwheel plate stowage 119 Engine guide rail 134 Port forward air 149 Outboard wing general-purpose bombs), up to 1,102 lb (500 kg) in
foreplane 11 Lower VHF antenna 20 Fixed inboard composite fuselage low-bypass turbofan door infrared-guided dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod
4 Port canard 12 Starboard engine leading edge panels engine 46 Missile approach air-to-air missile
9 Lower boundary layer exit handle points (four) 62 Flap actuator 87 Rudder jack 105 Tailpipe 120 ATO assembly brake (extended) construction
layer exit 25 Dynamic pressure 36 Seat harness 49 Fuselage ring fairing
72 Trunking contours 88 Rudder control (variable canted nozzle 135 Leading-edge 150 Port navigation
weight. A wide range of fragmentation, chemical, forepane intake 21 Port mainwheel 29 Port leading-edge 37 Engine fuel control warning sensor 55 Air-launched anti- tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim
5 Foreplane pivot 13 Fuselage strake and tyre manoeuvring flap system 47 Engine bleed air radiation missile
10 IFF antennas probe for Q feel 37 Canopy frames 63 Starboard blown 73 Control rods in linkage convergent 121 ATO assembly integral fuel tank light cluster bombs and rocket-boosted penetrators for use mounting 14 Intake ramp bleed 22 Undercarriage 30 Dorsal airbrake 38 Wingroot trailing- heat exchanger (ALARM) ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi
11 Nosewheel doors 26 Semi-elliptical release/lock 50 Intermediary frames flap SPS (sduva dorsal spine 89 Fin structure nozzle) thrust plate forks 136 Undercarriage 151 Port outboard 6 56 GBU-16 1,000-lb
against concrete can be carried, as well as 57-mm Single-piece air spill louvres scissor link (closed) edge fairing outlet
12 Nosewheel leg and armour glass 38 Starboard wall
switch pane
51 Main fuselage
fuel tank
pogranichnovo 74 Compressor face 90 Leading-edge panel 106 Afterburner (rear-mounting)
122 ATO assembly
retraction strut
137 Aileron control
weapons pylon
152 Advanced “Atoll” or 240-mm calibre rockets.
windscreen 15 Conditioning 23 Port main 31 Anti-collision 39 Laser warning 48 Rudder (454-kg) laser- ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in
shock absorbers windscreen slova) 75 Oil tank 91 Radio cable access installation 7 Wide-angle head- systems heat- undercarriage door strobe light receiver (LWR) 49 Fuel jettison outlet guided bomb
13 Castoring 27 Gunsight mounting 39 Rear-view mirror 52 RSIU radio bay 64 Multi-spar wing 76 Avionics pack 92 Magnetic detector 107 Afterburner bay pack rods in leading IR-homing AAM up display (HUD) exchanger exhaust 24 Port navigation 32 Starboard outboard 40 Tailpipe sealing 50 UHF/IFF antennas 57 AIM-120 advanced reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla
nosewheel 28 Fixed quarterlight fairing 53 Auxiliary intake structure 77 Engine accessories 93 Fin mainspar cooling intake 123 Ventral airbrake edge 153 Wing fence 8 Martin-Baker 16 Formation lighting light elevon plates in fintip medium-range
14 Anti-shimmy damper 29 Radar scope 40 Starboard hinged 54 Leading-edge 65 Main integral 78 Tumanskii R-13 94 RSIU (radio-stantsiya 108 Tail plane linkage (retracted) 138 Port inboard 154 Radio altimeter Mk 16A zero-zero strip 25 Carbon-fibre 33 Starboard inboard 41 Engine nozzle 51 Carbon-fibre air-to-air missile pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt
15 Avionics bay access 30 Control column canopy integral fuel tank wing fuel tank turbojet istrebitelnaya fairing 124 Trestle point weapons pylon antenna ejection seat 17 Nosewheel composite wing skin elevon shroud panels composite fin skin (AMRAAM)
in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laboru onsequat.
130 131 296 297
24 25 50 51

The Templars & The Chivalric Orders Tai Chi

The Templars, the Knights Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial
Hospitallers, the Teutonic Knights – art, the philosophy of which is not
the chivalric orders founded during to meet force with force, but to
the Crusades evoke romantic images The Templars & The Chivalric meet it with softness and follow its Tai Chi
of warrior monks who were fierce yet Orders motion, redirecting it, and so meeting 264 x 195mm (10½ x 7¾”)
spiritual. But how much of what we 244 x 186mm (9¾ x 7½”) yang with yin. Tai Chi takes the Extent: 96pp
Extent: 224pp Illustrations: 88 b/w artworks
think about them is myth? Organised reader through 24 Yang postures,
Word count: 53,000 words Word count: 4,500 words
chronologically, The Templars & The Illustrations: 180 b/w and colour
each posture accompanied by a ISBN: 978-1-78274-749-9
Chivalric Orders expertly charts their photographs, diagrams and maps description of that stage of the £14.99 Chinese-bound Hardback
rise and fall from the foundation ISBN: 978-1-78274-757-4 sequence. Beautifully made with
of the Knights of St Peter in 1053, £19.99 Hardback traditional Chinese bookbinding
through the major crusading era and, techniques, Tai Chi makes an
in the case of the surviving orders, up excellent gift for both beginners and
to the present day. dedicated Tai Chi enthusiasts.

T H E K N I G H T S H O S P I TA L L E R 17 20 T H E K N I G H T S H O S P I TA L L E R T H E K N I G H T S H O S P I TA L L E R 21

Below: The Hospitaller castle at Krak des Chevaliers
in present-day Syria. First built in the 12th century,
Krak des Chevaliers’ ‘golden age’ was the early 13th
century. While other Crusader strongholds came
under threat, Krak des Chevaliers and its garrison of

the Knights
2,000 soldiers dominated the surrounding area.

The Hospitallers emerged in the 11th century from a group
associated with an Amalfitan hospital in Jerusalem, caring for
sick, poor or injured pilgrims. By the 12th century they were

ed do eiusmod te mpor ut labore et dolore magna Opposite: The Ottomans
aliqua enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud. Dolores besieged Rhodes twice
dies irae est illium solve sacrae infinitum et dminums. in an effort to expel the
elit, sed do eiusmod tempor ut labore et dolore magna Knights Hospitaller from
aliqua enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud. Dolores dies irae the island. The second
est illium solve sacrae infinitum et dminums, lorem ipsum dolor effort, lasting from
sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor June–December 1522,
ut labore et dolore magna aliqua enim ad minim veniam, quis succeeded.
nostrud. Dolores dies irae est illium solve sacrae infinitum et
dminums. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing
elit, sed do eiusmod tempor amet, consectetur adipisicing elit,

20 21
Greek Myths Scotland
Plato dismissed Greek mythology as Scotland is a fascinating exploration
‘old wives’ chatter’ but such chatter, of the most beautiful country of
from the Minotaur to the Trojan the British Isles. From the pretty
Horse to Prometheus, has been of Greek Myths Georgian streets of Edinburgh’s New Scotland: Highlands, Islands,
immense influence for thousands 244 x 186mm (9¾ x 7½”)
Town to the Victorian grandeur and Lochs & Legends
of years. Today we still refer to Extent: 224pp
Word count: 53,000 words
Art Deco delights of Glasgow, from Format: 213 x 290mm (8¼ x 11½”)
Achilles, Pandora and Narcissus. the remote islands in the Hebrides to Extent: 224pp
Illustrations: 180 b/w and colour
Illustrated with 180 colour and black- photographs, diagrams and maps the bustle of the Edinburgh Festival, Word count: 10,000 words
&-white photographs and artworks, from Europe’s oldest tree (a 3,000- Illustrations: 200 colour photographs
ISBN: 978-1-78274-750-5
Greek Myths is an engaging and ISBN: 978-1-78274-773-4
£19.99 Hardback year old twisted yew) to the majesty
highly informative exploration of a £19.99 Hardback
of Glenfinnan viaduct – made even
fascinating world, and will appeal more famous by the Harry Potter
to anyone interested in legends and films – the book is packed with 200
ancient cultures. spectacular colour photographs.


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doluptae. Itas magnis
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ipsam facerat late peribus
sitateseque odis eatempe
liquiam vent autem res
dolupta consequam,
imaximaio. Agnis disto
experrumquo beatquist odi
simagnam dolorum qui od
quiduci odit faceaqui consent
et magnient fugitatem
ipsandel is et facit, consendia
ABOVE: Hercules’s first veliatur mo venem vendelitius arum quatur, num rehent perunti
labour was to present ate eum in ratem ut quidesto omnihic to ea vollorum aliquam
King Eurystheus with
facit quiatus apicaepe nimus, si nonsectus et a qui que inturia
the skin of the Nemean
lion, a beast whose veliquo ditatia cum ressequianto tectaqu asperro et et eos dicius
skin was invulnerable mo maximagnim a nus nos derum venim eliquiscia accus aut eria
to Hercules’s arrow or quisquae labor recturia dunt, omnim quam quuntiunt placcus, od
sword. everio. Et quid mi, officaes et autem. Assima in reperun dundand
istiore repremporum derro velesti orerovid quaecum aut magnam,
cone numquam, quatibus aborers perspidel maio. Ximperum

Hercules’s Labours
veritae nis dis eatem que vellam, aut lignihiciis simillori alis arcil
et lab ipienit hitate deleste mposantur minctus exceper ibusantur
sus, totae conse et et facesequam, occabore as dolupta tenditate
RIGHT: Hercules
capturing the Ceryneian es dunt hillorrum sum aut posam int harum is mo dem. Citem
Hind as part of his 12 ium nis aut milluptae enditati conestis nosti tet adicias ut quasi LEFT: The Sack of Troy.
Labours. The hind – a occus ullabor rorero blanti ommolo esed et dolum etur audiore The Wooden Horse,
female red deer – was prae incta sequamu sandit apiti nihiliquos provid quate laudaec from which the Greeks
sacred to the goddess emerged to attack the
Diana, and had golden
eaquis idellatio offictiorem unt latem verfern atibus estrum nusam
Trojans, can be seen
horns and hooves of quisto dellaborepe rectur? Qui inulpar chicatem ni optatur? Qui in the centre of the
bronze. accaecat quiscium ad molut harcidi gendani si omnihic tem et painting.

London Iceland
In more than 200 striking images, Iceland is a fascinating exploration
London celebrates the British of this most beautiful island.
capital, from its famous landmarks From volcanoes and lava flows
to atmospheric alleyways, from London: Global City of to geysers and geothermal pools, Iceland: The Land of Fire
the top of the Shard to London Commerce and Culture from bird life to whale-watching, and Ice
Underground’s lost ghost stations, Format: 213 x 290mm (8¼ x 11½”) from national parks, verdant valleys Format: 213 x 290mm (8¼ x 11½”)
from the parks to the canals to the Extent: 224pp to inland tundra, and from how Extent: 224pp
Thames. Exploring both the history Word count: 10,000 words waterfalls are used for hydro- Word count: 10,000 words
Illustrations: 200 colour photographs Illustrations: 200 colour photographs
and modernity of the city, the book electric power to Reykjavik’s city
ISBN: 978-1-78274-774-1 ISBN: 978-1-78274-871-7
reveals the city’s legacy as a capital life, the book is packed with 200
£19.99 Hardback £19.99 Hardback
and a trading hub, but also looks at spectacular colour photographs.
how the contemporary city lives and
breathes as a multi-ethnic metropolis.

22 23
Unarmed Combat I Ching
MARTIN J. DOUGHERTY The I Ching is an ancient Chinese
With the aid of 150 superb line work of divination and prophesy.
artworks, Unarmed Combat I Ching: The Ancient Chinese Book
demonstrates to the reader how of Changes features the 64 I Ching
special forces soldiers are taught Unarmed Combat: Hand-to- hexagrams and their interpretations,
I Ching
to excel in hand-to-hand fighting. It hand Fighting Skills from the including the Judgment and Lines,
264 x 195mm (10½ x 7¾”)
explains how different martial arts World’s Most Elite Military as well as the Commentary and the Extent: 96pp
have been combined by military Units Image. Accompanying these are Illustrations: 64 black and red
units to create hand-to-hand combat Format: 188 x 137mm (7½” x 5½”) present-day interpretative texts. Chinese characters
Extent: 320pp Beautifully produced in traditional
systems for defence against multiple Word count: 5,000 words
Word count: 59,500 words
assailants, for fighting on the ground, Chinese binding, this book ISBN: 978-1-78274-721-5
Illustrations: 150 b/w artworks £14.99 Chinese-bound Hardback
for dealing with edged weapons, allows anyone fascinated by the
ISBN: 978-1-78274-328-6
what works against attackers with £14.99 Hardback philosophies of the East to use the I
firearms and – more importantly – Ching to predict their destiny.
what doesn’t.

14. 大有 Ta Yu 15. 謙 Ch’ien

13. 同人 T’ung Jen Abundant Possessions Humility


大 謙
ABOVE: Ch’ien Heaven the creative In the bottom line, NINE signifies:
BELOW: Li fire, brightness Companionship begins with those at the gate.
It is the nature of the fire to burn upwards into No reproach.
heaven, symbolising the concept of fellowship or The beginning of union among different people
love. The yin line in the second place gives the should occur where eveyone can see and be seen

hexagram its central character, its yielding quality and are on an equal footing.
serving to hold together the five yang lines that
surround it. This hexagram is the complement In the second line, SIX signifies:
of hexagram number 7 (Shih the Troop of The family bands together. Humiliation.
Soldiers). Shih has danger within and obedience Forming factions is the first sign of a struggle for

surrounding it, the image of the unquestioning power. Out of this will come failure and disgrace.
army; but T’ung Jen is clarity within and strength
without, the image of a brotherhood held together In the third line, NINE signifies:
by its own firmness. He hides his weapons in the thicket, watching from the
top of a high hill.
THE JUDGMENT When factions are formed, no man trusts another.
Fellowship and openness mean success. It is For a long time he waits, hoping to catch his
advantageous to cross the great water. Persevering opponents by surprise, but there is no joy in this.
in all things, the superior man advances.
In the fourth line, NINE signifies: THE TRIGRAMS THE LINES
COMMENTARY He climbs upon his battlements because he cannot fight. ABOVE: K’un Earth, the receptive In the bottom line, SIX signifies :
T’ung Jen appears in the distant parts of the But good fortune is near. BELOW: Ken mountain, stillness The superior man is even modest about his modesty.
country, indicating progress and success, ‘crossing The wise man does not make the mistake of Ken, the mountain, dispenses the gifts of heaven, the He may cross the great water and find good fortune.
the great water’ symbolising any important attacking his opponents, and soon all will be well. rain that falls from the clouds around its peak, and Those who approach a problem without pride
journey. Someone weak comes to a position of shines in the clear air. Ken represents the modesty of or concern for their standing will solve it quickly
power, taking centrestage and responding to the In the fifth line, NINE signifies: great men. K’un, the earth, is exalted, symbolising the and simply.
creative power. Such a person may be known as Lovers begin by weeping and lamenting but in the end THE TRIGRAMS In the second line, NINE signifies: way simple men are raised up by modesty.
the beloved. The central yang line in the upper they laugh. The struggles of many bring them together. ABOVE: Li Fire, brightness Big wagons are for loading. He may attempt any enterprise In the second line, SIX signifies :
trigram represents the superior man, the only one Any association will begin with troubles, but once BELOW: Ch’ien Heaven, the creative without reproach. THE JUDGMENT Modesty itself achieves recognition. Persistence brings
who can understand and affect the thinking of all resolved the companions will find happiness. Here the flame burns in the highest heaven, revealing There is no fear of failure for lack of resources, but Humility engenders success. The superior man, good fortune.
the people. all things in its light. The weak yin line is in the place one who undertakes a great venture must be ready for understanding this, enjoys a satisfactory outcome to
In the sixth line, NINE signifies: of the ruler, indicating that wealth comes to the any eventuality. his undertakings. In the third line, NINE signifies :
THE IMAGE The beloved is in a distant place. No regrets. man who is modest and benevolent, even though he The superior man is recognised but maintains his humility.
Heaven and fire together symbolise companionship. The companions trust one another, even when far occupies a high position. In the third line, NINE signifies: COMMENTARY He brings all matters to conclusion. Good fortune.
The superior man, accordingly, organises the apart. But the fact that the beloved is in a distant A prince offers all to the emperor. But this is not in a Ch’ien symbolises progress and success, because The wise man is not dazzled by fame but remains
people and distinguishes things according to their place means that the association is not yet fulfilled. THE JUDGMENT small man’s power. it is heaven’s way to send down its good influences humble.
kinds and classes. Ta Yu indicates wealth in abundance, and also A truly magnanimous man should devote his and shed radiance, and it is earth’s way to send its
Heaven moves upwards, just as fire does, but it great success. possessions to the good of the people. influences upwards. So it is also heaven’s way to In the fourth line, SIX signifies :
is very different from fire. As the stars in the sky reduce the over-full and augment the modest; as it Proper humility and nothing that is not proper humility
mark the divisions of time, so human society and
COMMENTARY In the fourth line, NINE signifies: is earth’s way to throw down the full and raise up in all his actions.
all things that belong together must be ordered.
As in the preceding hexagram, T’ung Jen, it is the He distinguishes himself from his neighbours. No blame. the humble. The demons and gods abominate the True modesty is the sign of confidence in one’s
Companionship is not just a gathering together of
weak yin line that holds the hexagram together, and A rich, powerful man among other rich, powerful over-full and bless the modest, as it is the way of position; it should not be permitted to degenerate
like-minded people: there must be organisation of
occupies the most important position. The virtues men must remain aloof, but not out of a false sense men to hate the full and love the humble. Modesty into servility.
the diversity.
of the hexagram are strength and vigour combined of pride. in a high position shines still more brilliantly;
with elegance and brightness. Because it responds to there is nothing higher. As the mountain is hidden In the fifth line, SIX signifies :
heaven, performing all things at the proper time, it In the fifth line, SIX signifies : by the earth, so the wise man hides his abilities and Employ your neighbours without boasting of your riches.
indicates great progress and success. He who is sincere and accessible, but maintains his dignity, wealth with proper humility. Attack with vigour. All is propitious.
will gain great honours. However modest a man, he who occupies a position of
THE IMAGE The hearts of the people are won, not by force and THE IMAGE responsibility must engage the help of others to carry
Fire in the heavens above is the image of possession repression, but by benevolence and philanthropy. Within the earth, there is a mountain, the image of out his plans.
in abundance. The superior man, obeying the humility. The superior man reduces that which is too
benevolent will of heaven, suppresses evil and In the sixth line, NINE signifies : much, and increases that which is too little, setting one ln the sixth line, SIX signifies :
advances the virtuous. Giving and receiving. Blessed by the heavens. He enjoys in the scale to balance the other. Modesty achieves recognition. He sets his army on the march
great good fortune. but only to punish his own city and land.
THE LINES The great man gives from his wealth and receives It is difficult for a modest man to impose his will upon
In the bottom line, NINE signifies: the thanks of others; they give their love and receive others. But, provided the discipline is just, he will be
He has no communion with evil. Remaining blameless; his protection. honoured for his actions.
Keeping conscious of difficulty, he averts reproach.
Wealth can be utterly destructive if a wealthy
man is led astray.

24 25 26 27

Chinese Astrology
Chinese Astrology is a beautifully
illustrated guide with easy-to-use
Battle of Britain instructions to help you understand
JON LAKE the fundamental ideas and determine Chinese Astrology
Battle of Britain explores the men, the more advanced aspects. Each 264 x 195mm (10½ x 7¾”)
machines and tactics engaged in page includes a newly commissioned Extent: 96pp
Illustrations: 85 b/w artworks
the epic struggle, and seeks to artwork of a Chinese character, from
Word count: 8,000 words
debunk some of the popular myths Battle of Britain the 12 animals of the Zodiac and ISBN: 978-1-78274-722-2
surrounding it. Covering each stage 244 x 186mm (9¾ x 7½”) the 12 Earthly Branches to the five £14.99 Chinese-bound Hardback
of the battle in detail, beginning Extent: 256pp phases and 10 Heavenly Stems. This
Word count: 60,000 words
with the opening attacks on British is accompanied by an explanation of
Illustrations: 50 colour and 250
shipping and ports, the book each character and its significance
black-&-white photographs, 30
highlights how close the German war colour artworks within Chinese astrology. The perfect
of attrition against the RAF came ISBN: 978-1-78274-747-5 guide to your inner and outer life.
to succeeding. Superbly illustrated £19.99 Hardback
with colour artworks and colour and 12 zodiac animals 12 zodiac animals FIVE PHASES FIRE

black-&-white photographs, this is an

outstanding account of the conflict.
D4-ch2 p30-69.qxd 11/9/17 11:25 Page 36 D4-ch2 p30-69.qxd 11/9/17 11:25 Page 38


allowed to go back to running Lufthansa full-time. Göring

refused, forbade him to retire, but allowed that he might LEFT: IN THIS PHOTOGRAPH, RIGHT: THE JUNKERS
‘commit suicide if he wished.’ A TRAINEE GLIDER PILOT JU 87V-4 WAS THE

By 1935, the Luftwaffe was well on the way to becoming a MEMBER OF THE HITLER PRODUCTION PROTOTYPE OF

large and technically well-trained air force, but lacked only YOUTH HAS HIS EYES FIRMLY THE A-SERIES DIVE-BOMBER,

recent operational experience. Even this was soon to be reme- FIXED ON THE SKY. THE THE FIRST OF THE 'STUKAS'
died. 85 volunteers (with 20 Ju 52s and six He 51s) were sent to NAZI PROPAGANDA THAT WERE TO PROVIDE

Spain in 1936, and these were first employed to transport MACHINE MADE MUCH SUCH EFFECTIVE SUPPORT TO

Franco’s Foreign Legion troops from Tetuan to Seville. In GERMAN

Heart Small Intestine


November 1936, the Condor Legion was formed under

Generalmajor Sperrle (with General Wolfram von Richthofen
as Chief of Staff). Manned by volunteers (including an initial

dragon snake
370 pilots who travelled to Spain on a ‘Strength through Joy’ 17 BOMBERS FLYING OVER
(lónG) (sHé) (xīn) (xiǎo cháng)
cruise ship), the Condor Legion marked a major expansion in A NAZI PARTY RALLY IN THE

German aid to the nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, func-

tioning as a semi-autonomous air force supporting General
1930S. THE DO 17
The dragon is the most powerful and auspicious of the zodiac animals. The snake is an enigmatic sign, with characteristics that can express The heart is one of the two 臟腑 zàng fǔ (principal organs) associated The small intestine is one of the two 臟腑 zàng fǔ (principal organs)
Franco’s forces. FOR A FAST MAILPLANE
married couples in china may delay trying for a child until they themselves equally for good or bad. as in the West, it can symbolize in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Fire phase. The other is the associated in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Fire phase. The
Spain provided an excellent training ground for the hun- war came in 1939, the Luftwaffe was well-trained for a tactical air support role in relation to
other is the heart (see 心 opposite). The small intestine is the yang

dreds of Luftwaffe pilots who were rotated through the PASSENGERS. highly mobile ground forces, but was less well prepared for the campaign it was forced to can be sure it will be born in a dragon year. dragons are energetic, evil, yet at new Year, a snake twining round a rabbit is a symbol small intestine (see小腸 opposite). The heart is the yin organ of the
Condor Legion, and also allowed the Luftwaffe to develop begin against Britain in 1940.
ambitious and straightforward but also inclined to arrogance, of good fortune. snakes can be wise, passionate, highly moral, and pair. In fact, 心 here does not refer just to the heart but to the whole organ of the pair. It is responsible for receiving nourishment matured
and refine tactics suited to the new generation of combat air- Despite massive production, the Luftwaffe remained a small frontline force at the time of
craft. Wolfram von Richthofen, for example, developed dive the Munich agreement, with only 453 serviceable fighters, 582 serviceable bombers and 159 intolerance and unpredictability. dragons match well with Rats, sympathetic, but also moody, jealous and suspicious. snakes should circulatory system. The heart is the ruler of the body and governs the in the stomach and separating it into its pure and impure essences. The
bomber and close air support tactics, while Werner Mölders serviceable dive-bombers. But expansion continued, particularly with the absorption of
Jealous of Milch’s power and influ- conceived of new and innovative fighter tactics. Like Mölders, many fighter pilots who sub- Austrian aircraft factories and aircrew, and by 1939, the Luftwaffe was ready to support a monkeys and Roosters, but should avoid oxen, Rabbits and dogs. The seek out dragons, oxen and Roosters but especially avoid Pigs. The circulation of both blood and 氣 qì energy. The circulatory vessels also pure essences are circulated through the body via the spleen, and the
ence (he had become the Führer’s sequently rose to fame in the Second World War (including some of the most successful full-scale war. dragon is a yang sign associated with the Wood element. snake is a yin sign associated with the Fire element. house 神 shén, spirit, the immaterial essence of change that governs impure passed on to the large intestine for elimination. Imbalances in
main adviser on aviation, with Battle of Britain aces) had their baptism of fire in Spain. Condor Legion veterans then
TOP: THE GOTHA GO 145 Göring’s concentration on police returned to their units and passed on their hard- the actions of the material body. the small intestine cause anxiety and agitation.
and other matters), Herman Göring won experience to others. REICHSMARSCHALL HERMAN GÖRING

FIRST TYPE BUILT BY GOTHA manoeuvred to take away responsi- The Spanish Civil War also provided the
Famous dragons: Joan of arc, Florence nightingale, sigmund Freud, Famous snakes: abraham lincoln, mahatma Gandhi,
FOLLOWING THE COMPANY'S bilities from Milch, re-assigning Luftwaffe with the opportunity to develop the The leader of Hitler’s Luftwaffe has been caricatured and parodied so often that a true pic- Russell crowe martin luther King, audrey Hepburn
RELAUNCH IN OCTOBER them to other officers, while doctrine and strategy it would later employ in the ture of this complex character is sometimes difficult to discern. It is too easy to dismiss
1933. THE DESIGN WAS SO allowing him to remain Secretary European war. Tasked with backing ground Göring as a fat and slightly effeminate buffoon, ignorant of modern tactics and technology,
It is too easy to dismiss
SUCCESSFUL THAT OTHER of State. Hoping to consolidate offensives by Franco’s army, the Condor Legion Göring as a fat and and too intent on elaborate uniforms, hunting and plunder to lead his air force. Like all
FIRMS WERE ORDERED TO his own position, Göring developed a new concept of using aircraft for slightly effeminate really persistent myths, such a picture has some basis in fact, but it is also a grotesque distor-
PRODUCE THE AIRCRAFT. appointed many World War close support, with fighter-bombers attacking The aircraft which would form the backbone of the Luftwaffe during the Battle of
buffoon, ignorant of tion of the truth, too partial to be useful.
modern tactics and
One cronies to positions of targets immune to high-level bombing, and with Britain were all evaluated at the Luftwaffe’s test centre at Rechlin during 1936 – Herman Göring had been badly wounded in the trenches before transferring to the
technology, and too
RIGHT: AN IMMACULATE power and influence, sowing the seeds of what dive-bombers operating as precise ‘airborne these being the Messerschmitt Bf 109, the Junkers Ju 88, the Dornier Do 17 and
intent on elaborate Imperial German Air Service as an observer, subsequently qualifying as a pilot. During the
the Heinkel He 111. The Ju 87 had been evaluated and ordered into production
PAIR OF HEINKEL HE 51 would become crippling Luftwaffe weaknesses. Thus Ernst Udet became artillery’, while escort fighters brushed off enemy uniforms, hunting and First World War, he rose to command the Richthofen ‘Circus’ after the death of the ‘Red
the previous year. This new generation of German combat aircraft out-classed
FIGHTERS. OVER 80 OF Director of the Technical Department, a post for which he could scarcely have been less air opposition. But the development of this form contemporary British service machines, but because they appeared prior to the
plunder to lead his air Baron’, winning the highly prized Pour le Mérite medal.
12 13 50 51
force. Like all really
THESE AIRCRAFT WERE IN well suited. The wartime fighter pilots did include some highly capable professionals who of air warfare over-shadowed development in war, during the Battle itself they were generally out-classed by the British aero- Joining the Nazis in 1922, Göring led the SA (Sturm Abteilung, or Storm Troopers)
persistent myths, such a
SERVICE WITH THE NEWLY- were an incalculable asset to the fledgling Luftwaffe, including Wolfram von Richthofen other vital areas and led to an over-reliance on planes which had been designed in response. Only in the field of light bombers
picture has some basis during their early years. As the Nazis made the transition to mass movement, winning
were the British unable to catch-up. This was because the RAF’s rigid requirement
CREATED LUFTWAFFE (cousin of the famous Red Baron), who would become a leading commander and one of the the use of dive bombers, and a doctrine which in fact, but it is also a elections, Göring provided the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiter Partei –
to operate from grass runways made its bombers too small, too old-fashioned
BEFORE THE EXISTENCE OF major forces behind the Luftwaffe’s successful Blitzkrieg doctrine. But gifted technocrats only worked best under conditions of total air and too light. Aircraft like the Bristol Blenheim could never hope to match the
grotesque distortion of National Socialist Workers Party) with a symbol of respectability and responsibility.
the truth, too partial to
THE LATTER WAS OFFICIALLY typified by Milch and Wever were in a minority, and Milch began to worry that he would be supremacy. When this was absent, Luftwaffe tac- Ju 88 or Heinkel He 111. Entering the Reichstag in 1928, he was soon put into a number of high profile positions,
be useful.
MADE PUBLIC. the scapegoat if Göring (or his appointees) blundered. Accordingly he requested to be tics would prove to be less effective. Thus when becoming President of the Reichstag, Air Minister and Prime Minister of Prussia. He also

24 25
Treasures of Ancient Egypt JULY 2019 PUBLICATION
From Tutankhamun’s tomb to the
pyramids, from ancient papyrus Dark History of the Kings & Queens
scrolls covered with hieroglyphs to of England
golden amulets in the form of ankhs Treasures of Egypt: Artefacts,
and scarabs, Treasures of Ancient Pyramids, & Temples from the
Egypt is a celebration, through Land of the Pharaohs Despite its reputation as the longest
200 outstanding photographs, of Format: 297 x 227mm (11¾ x 9”) established monarchy in Europe,
Egyptian antiquity. In addition to the Extent: 224pp the history of the English Crown is
wonders of the Old Kingdom and Word count: 10,000 words punctuated by scandal, murders, Dark History of the Kings &
New Kingdom, Nigel Fletcher-Jones
Illustrations: 200 colour photographs betrayals, plots and treason. From Queens of England: From 1066
and artworks 1066 to the present day, Dark to the Present Day
also explores ancient Egypt when ISBN: 978-1-78274-859-5 History of the Kings & Queens of Format: 244 x 186mm (9½ x 7¼”)
it came under Hellenistic and later £19.99 Hardback Extent: 256pp
Roman control. England explores the intrigue behind
each royal dynasty, including the Word count: 73,000 words
Illustrations: 200 colour and black-
‘accidental’ murder of William II in
&-white photographs and artworks
1100, the excesses of Henry VIII and
ISBN: 9781782748632
the death of Princess Diana. £19.99 Hardback

Abandoned Sacred Places

LAWRENCE JOFFE Abandoned Palaces
Abandoned Sacred Places is a Featuring 150 stunning photographs,
brilliant pictorial exploration of Abandoned Palaces charts the
both ancient and modern temples, fascinating decline of what were
synagogues, churches, mosques Abandoned Sacred Places once the homes and holiday resorts
and stone circles that have been left Format: 297 x 227mm (11¾ x 9”) of the most wealthy. Ranging from Abandoned Palaces
behind. From the mystery around Extent: 224pp eerie resorts in the Catskill Mountains Format: 297 x 227mm (11¾ x 9”)
Word count: 10,000 words to crumbling mansions in Russia, Extent: 224pp
Stonehenge to crumbling inner cities
Illustrations: 200 colour photographs from an unfinished Elizabethan Word count: 10,000 words
churches and synagogues in present- ISBN: 978-1-78274-769-7 summerhouse to a modern Illustrations: 150 colour photographs
day America, from ancient Roman £19.99 Hardback
megalomaniac’s estate too expensive ISBN: 9781782748625
temples to Mayan pyramids in £19.99 Hardback
Mexico to Hindu temples lost in the ever to be completed, the reasons
Indian jungle, the book shows what for abandonment include politics,
happens when humanity retreats and bankruptcy, personal tragedies and
nature is allowed to reclaim the land. natural disasters.

26 27



Abandoned Places Abandoned Civilisations World War II Abandoned Places The Medieval Knight
297 x 227mm (113⁄4 x 9”) 297 x 227mm (113⁄4 x 9”) 297 x 227mm (113⁄4 x 9”) 285 x 213mm (11¼ x 8½”)
224pp; 10,000 words 224pp 224pp 224 pages
150 colour photos 10,000 words 10,600 words 50,000 words
ISBN: 978-1-78274-394-1 150 colour photographs 150 colour photos, 200 colour illustrations,
£19.99 ISBN: 978-1-78274-667-6 ISBN: 978-1-78274-549-5 ISBN: 978-1-78274-680-5
£19.99 £19.99 £19.99

The Art of War Astrology Norse Myths LIghthouses

264 x 195mm (10½ x 73⁄4 ”) 264 x 195mm (101⁄2 x 73⁄4 ”) 244 x 186mm (9¾ x 7½”) 213 x 290mm (8¼ x 11½”)
96pp 96pp 224pp 224pp
10,000 words 85 b/w artworks 180 b/w and colour photos, 10,000 words
ISBN 978-1-90744-678-8 8,000 words diagrams and maps 200 colour photographs
£14.99 ISBN: 978-1-78274-228-9 53,000 words 978-1-78274-659-1
£14.99 978-1-78274-332-3 £19.99

Dark History Dinosaurs The Purrfect Guide The Pawfect Guide

of Hollywood 305 x 227mm (12 x 9”) to Thinking Like a Cat to Thinking Like a Dog
244 x 186mm (9¾ x 7½”) 448pp 214 x 154mm (8¼ x 6”) 214 x 154mm (8¼ x 6”)
224pp; 58,000 words 750 col a/ws and photos 208pp 208pp
180 col & b/w photos & a/ws 90,000 words 22,000 words 22,000 words
978-1-78274-109-1 978-1-78274-716-1 110 colour photographs 110 colour photographs
£19.99 £24.99 978-1-78274-614-0 978-1-78274-615-7
£9.99 £9.99

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