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Adolf Hitler

What he faced By:

● While struggling as an artist he wasn't able to make enough money, so he had
to live in homeless shelters.
● He was an orphan, with his father dying when he was 14, and his mother at 18
● He assigned to spy on the German Workers Party (DAP) (become the Nazi’s
later that year). He became attracted to their ideas, and joined them becoming
the 55th member
● He is originally born in Austria, but loved Germany, was stateless for seven
● While fighting in WW1, he was at temporarily blinded at least once by
mustard gas.
● He took cocaine twice a day as was prescribed.
● He cut his mustache the way it was because it almost killed him.
● At least 42 assassination attempts against him
● He went into a deep depression after his niece/ “love of his life” commited

● Likely to never have visited a camp

● Nationless for seven years
● Almost killed by british officer Henry Tandey in WW1
● Made laws against animal cruelty
Childhood -
● Born April 20, 1889 in Austria-Hungary (Today Austria)
● Moved to Passau Germany at age three then moved back to
Austria-Hungary two years later
● Rough relationship with his dad
● At age eight he took singing lessons, joined the church choir, and
considered becoming a priest
● After the death of his younger brother he went from outgoing to
● His dad died when he was fourteen
● "At thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, I no longer believed in anything,
certainly none of my friends believed in the so-called communion …
[A]t the time I thought everything should be blown up."
● He had a relatively normal childhood
Education and Career goals
~his father ruled over most his life until his death

~he struggled all through school and finally quit going in 1905

~after the death of his mother, he flunked out of school

~adolf wanted to become a famous artist but was denied twice

~being denied led him to a very deep depression

~at age 18 he became interested with politics

~he was very interested with the anti-Semitic, nationalist Christian-Socialist party.

~karl lueger was said to be the first to impress hitler to do what he did
Important places to Adolf Hitler
The Eagle’s Nest

It was a birthday present from Martin Bormann and is now a restaurant with a 360 degree
view of the Alps.


1. The Old Chancellery in Berlin

a. Official residence of German chancellors. Hitler hired an architect to renovate the
2. Munich Apartment
a. Munich Agreement, which sealed Czechoslovakia;s dismemberment, was signed at
the Munich Apartment
3. Haus Wachenfeld (Later the Berghof)
a. The Great Hall was meant to convey the ‘new’ Hitler, who was a powerful, cultivated,
and trustworthy statesman.