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JEE Main books and list of JEE Advanced books that have been used

by ex-IITians and other engineering exam aspirants for several

generations. These best books for JEE Advanced 2014 include:

Physical Chemistry
S.No Authors /Publisher Name of Books
1 O.P. Tandon Physical Chemistry
2 P.Bahadur(G.R.Bathla & Sons) Numerical Chemistry
3 Bruce H. Mahan University Chemistry
4 R.C. Mukharjee Numerical Chemistry
5 P.Bahadur (For Reading Theory) Physical Chemistry
6 P.W.Atkins Physical Chemistry
7 Ebbing General Chemistry
8 O.P Agarwal IITJEE Chemistry
9 NCERT Chemistry XI, XII

Organic Chemistry
S.No Authors /Publisher Name of Books
1 O.P. Tandon Organic Chemistry
2 Paula Bruice Yurkanis Organic Chemistry
3 Organic Chemistry by MORRISON & Organic Chemistry
4 Arihant Prakashan Organic Chemistry
5 Solomons Organic Chemistry

6 I. L. Finar Organic Chemistry

Volume 1
7 Bahal & Bahal Organic Chemistry

8 Peter Sykes Organic Chemistry

9 J.D March Organic Chemistry

10 M. S. Chauhan Concept of Organic

Inorganic Chemistry
S.No Authors /Publisher Name of Books
1 NCERT Chemistry XI & XII
2 Arihant Prakashan Inorganic Chemistry
3 O.P. Tandon Inorganic Chemistry

4 J.D. Lee Inorganic Chemistry

While NCERT Chemistry books are good, one can use P. Bahadur book
for Physical Chemistry, Solomons for Organic Chemistry and O. P.
Tandon for Inorganic Chemistry. For problems, Numerical Chemistry
by R. C. Mukherjee is quite good.

Physics Books

S.NO Authors /Publisher Name of Books

1 H.C.Verma Concepts of Physica Vol I and II
2 I.E. Irodov Problems in General Physics
Halliday, Resnick &
3 Fundamentals of Physics
4 Krotov Aptitude Test Problems in Physics
5 Nelkon and Parker Advance physics
6 S.L. Loney Dynamics of a Particle & of Rigid Bodies
7 A. A Pinsky Problems in physics
8 V. Zubov & V. Shalnov Problem in physics
9 S. L Loney Elements of Dynamics Part I & II
10 Tipler Physics Vols I & II
11 R. P. Feynman Feynman Lectures on Physics
A collection of questions and Problems in
12 L. A. Sena
Staple Physics books for JEE Advanced include NCERT Physics for
Class 11th and 12th and H C Verma’s Concepts of Physics Vol I and
II. For more problem exercises, you can try I. E. Irodov book.
Other books are good for reference only.
Mathematics Books

S.NO Authors /Publisher Name of Books

1 R.D. Sharma Maths XI & XII
2 S. L. Loney Trigonometry
3 S. L. Loney Co-ordinate Geometry
4 Hall Knight Higher Algebra
Problems in Calculus of One
5 I.A. Maron
6 Arihant Algebra
7 Arihant Differential Calculus
8 Arihant Integral Calculus
9 Shanti Narayan Vector
Introduction Probability & Its
10 W. Feller
11 Arihant Prakshan Vector and 3D Geometry
12 Tata McGraw Hill (TMH) Mathematics
13 J. Edward Calculus
14 R. S. Aggarwal Maths XIth and XIIth
V. Govorov,N. Miroshin and S.
15 Problems in Mathematics
16 Barnard and Child Higher Algebra
17 Dr. Gorakh Prasad Co-ordinate Geometry
18 K.P. Basu Algebra made easy
19 Patapov DoroFeev Elementy Maths
20 Krechmar Maths
A problem book in mathematical
21 G. N. Berman

Besides NCERT books, for IIT-level Maths, R. S. Agarwal books and S.

L. Loney books are quite good. You can use other books only for