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Page 68 Exercise 1A

In the city
1 What would you do if a large aggressive dog ran towards you? towards hacia
a I would shout ' down' at it several times. shout gritar verbo
b I would put my hands in my pockets and walk slowly backwards. backwards hacia atrás
c I would keep completely still and look at it in its eyes. keep mantener verbo / still inmovil

2 What would you do if you were driving and a bee flew into the car?
a I would open all the windows and wait for it to fly out.
b I would try to kill it with a map or a newspaper.
c I would wave my hand to make it go out .

In the country
3 What would you do if a poisonous snake bit you on the leg, and you were more than 30 minutes
from the nearest town?
a I would put something very cold on it, like a water bottle.
b I would suck the bite to get the poison out. suck succionar verbo
c I would tie something, e.g. a scarf on my leg above the bite. tie atar verbo

4 What would you do if you were in the middle of a field and a bull started running towards you?
a I would run to the gate.
b I would throw something (e.g. a hat or a bag) in another direction.
c I would shout and wave my arms.

In the sea
4 What would you do if you were in the sea and a jellyfish stung you?
a I would rub the sting with a towel to clean it.
b I would wash the sting with fresh water.
c I would wash the sting with vinegar or sea water.

6 What would you do if you were in the sea quite near the shore and you saw a shark?
a I would swim to the shore as quickly and quietly as possible.
b I would float and pretend to be dead. float flotar verbo
c I would shout for help.

2 GRAMMAR if+ past, would+ infinitive

Page 68 Exercise 2A
a Look at questions 1-6 again.
Are they about a past situation or an imagined future situation?
They are all about an imagined future.
What tense is the verb after if?
The tense of the verb after if is the past simple.
c Complete the sentences so that they are true for you. Compare with a partner.
1 If I had five extra hours every week, I would sleep more
2 I would be very happy if I didn’t have to work
3 If I could live anywhere in the world, I would learn other languages
4 I would learn English more quickly if I lived in England for two years / went abroad.
5 If I won a lot of money in the lottery, I would travel around the world.

3 VOCABULARY animals
b 4 18))) Listen. Which animals can you hear?
Page 68 Exercise 3b
1 chicken
2 horse
3 monkey
4 snake
5 elephants
6 dolphins
7 lion
8 bull
9 sheep
10 mosquito

Page 69 Exercise 4a
c In pairs. ask and answer the questions.
1 What's the most dangerous animal in your country?
The most dangerous animal in Chile is the mouse with long tail who lives in the countryside because
its urine transmits the Hanta virus.
2 lf you went on a safari, what animal would you most like to see?
If I went on a safari I would like to see a big lion
3 What's your favourite film about an animal?
I think my favourite films about animals are Hachiko and Jaws. The first one because it is a true story
about a dog who who waited for his master every day at the train station for nine years since the death
of his master.
4 What's your favourite cartoon animal?
My favourite cartoon animal is Tom and Jerry. I’ve loved this Cartoon animal since I was a child.
5 Are there any animals or insect you are really afraid of?
Yes, there is. I am really afraid of spiders, especially “corner spiders”, because its bite and poison is
6 Do you (or did you) have a pet? What?
Yes, I do. I have a Beagle dog, his name is Terry, he is five years old, its hair is short and soft, and it has
three colors, black-brown and White. He’s friendly.
7 Are you allergic to any animals or insects?
Yes, I am. I am a bit allergic to cats.
8 If you could be an animal, which animal would you like to be?
If I could be an animal I would like to be a horse, besause it runs a lot and lives for a long time.

What would you do if you saw a mouse in your kitchen?
I would take a broom and I would try to crush it.
What would you do if you saw somebody being attacked by a dog?
I would try to hit him with a stone
What would you do if a bird or a bat flew into your bedroom?
I would try to get it out through the window
What would you do if you saw a large spider in the bath?
I would try to crush it with my feet.
What would you do if it was a very hot day and you were on a beach that was famous for shark attacks?
I wouldn’t swim in the sea.
What would you do if someone offered to buy you a fur coat?
I wouldn’t buy the coat and at the same time I would try to inform against him to the animal protection
What would you do if your neighbour's dog barked all night?
I would try to talk with my neighbour about the problem and if he didn`t understand me, I would call
the pólice.
What would you do if a friend asked you to look after their cat or dog for the weekend?
I would look after his cat or dog very well
What would you do if you went to somebody's house for dinner and they gave you ... ?
a horse meat b goat c kangaroo
I wouldn’t eat anything at all. XD

With animals, try to use “that” instead of “who”

Talking about imaginary situations

I think I'd (probably)...
I (definitely) wouldn't...
I don't think I’d…