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JMU LARGE ENSEMBLE AUDITION MATERIAL FALL 2018 FLUTE Attached is flute audition music for JMU



Attached is flute audition music for JMU School of Music Large Ensembles for the SPRING 2018 semester. Auditions will be held at the beginning of the spring semester (Monday, August 27, 2018, 11:00 am-1:00 pm— time subject to change!). Please arrive early in the time period to sign up for audition order. Signs will be posted in the Music Building/Forbes Center regarding any changes in location, time, sign-up procedures, etc.

ALL MUSIC MAJORS MUST AUDITION! (…regardless of class standing or number of ensemble credits already accumulated!)

1. BeethovenLeonore Overture No. 3: beginning to m. 36; mm. 278-360 (2 excerpts)

2. RavelDaphnis et Chloé: 3 after rehearsal 176 to 2 after rehearsal 179

3. Gluck—“Menuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits,” from Orpheus, Act II (#29 and #30)

4. Strauss—Salome, “Dance of the Seven Veils”: 2 before rehearsal D to 4 after rehearsal H

5. Rimsky-Korsakov—Capriccio Espagnol, Op. 34, IV. Scena e canto gitano (2 excerpts)

6. ETUDE: Jean-Michel Damase—from 24 Etudes, #12


interested in being considered to primarily play piccolo in an ensemble. [JMU Flute Majors: if you do not own a piccolo, please make arrangements with Dr. Chandler to use a JMU-owned piccolo for your audition.]

JMU Flute Majors are required to prepare this excerpt. It is optional for others, unless you are

PICCOLO excerpt:

Rossini—Overture to La Gazza Ladra (“The Thievish Magpie”), mm. 188–219 (letter E)

PLEASE NOTE: THERE MAY BE ERRATA (errors) in these excerpts! Please do your own research to determine that what is printed is correct. Be sure to look up any foreign terms for which you are not certain of the definition!

Most of these excerpts are extracted from Jeanne Baxtressers Orchestral Excerpts for the Flute. You may find your own copy of that book useful in your preparation. Please practice carefully and make every effort to study material through listening to recordings and studying the full orchestral scores (many of which are on IMSLP). You may find recordings and scores in the JMU Music Library (real, physical CDs, cassettes, and LPs!), online resources, including JMU online options you can access off campus, at your local public or college/university library, or available for purchase at music stores/online, etc

Please seek out these resources EARLY in the break. Good luck! Have a great break! J --Dr. Chandler