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Teacher Candidate: Quinton Hunt

Grade Level: 6th
Unit/Subject: Literacy
Instructional Plan Title Kensuke’s Kingdom part 3
Lesson Students will finish the complete story of Kensuke’s Kingdom students will continue to work on
summary and vocabulary words, comprehension, and decoding.
Classroom and With each student having a IEP each lesson accommodates each students learning ability. Each
student factors: student has a high reading level so much reading the students will do would not be difficult.

National / State RL.6.3

Learning Describe how a particular story's or drama's plot unfolds in a series of episodes as well as how the
Standards: characters respond or change as the plot moves toward a resolution.
Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative and
connotative meanings; analyze the impact of a specific word choice on meaning and tone.
Instructional Materials, Equipment and Technology: Key vocabulary:
 Pencil  Consequences
 Paper  Sparsely
 Journal book  Array
 Interactive whiteboard 
 Personal whiteboard
 Markers
 Journey reading book
 Readers notebook
Specific Students will be able to effectively distinguish between cause/effect within the story Kensuke’s
learning Kingdom. Students will be able to comprehend and decode the vocabulary words and learn each
target(s) / definition.
Grouping: Students will work as whole class

A. Opening
Prior Students previously worked on cause/effect, comprehension, and decoding. Students have learned
knowledge how to pronounce words by breaking words apart. Students also have worked on a site with
connection: computers called miyon.
Anticipatory  Students will be given instructions
set:  Students will discuss the cause /effect of book
 Teacher will ask students strategic questions about story
 Teacher will explain lesson in its entirety
 Students will work on vocabulary words and definition with other students
 Students will get reading book and materials for today’s lesson.

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B. Learning and Teaching Activities (Teaching and Guided Practice):
I Do Students Do Differentiation
 Teacher will go over all  Students will get their materials  Students will be read
parts of the story previously  Students will take turns reading and receive written
read entire story directions of
 Teacher will play audio  Students will review the assignments given
book of entire story vocabulary words, definitions,
 Teacher will go over and synonyms
vocabulary words  Students will discuss
 Teacher will discuss cause/effect among each other  Students will receive an
cause/effect of story  Students will take a quiz 10 extra 10-minute break
 Teacher will give a vocabulary and 10 when having to
vocabulary and comprehension questions complete written
comprehension quiz  Students will discuss answer of assignments
 Teacher will read each quiz among each other
question aloud  Students will complete pages
 Teacher will collect quiz 97-98 in readers notebook
 Teacher will have students  Students will put materials up  Students will have
work in readers notebook while waiting for further assistance from teacher
directions and paraprofessional

Summative Students will do a end of unit assessment where each lesson Formative Assessments:
Assessment: students completed a piece of the overall assessment. The Students will be given a 1-
collected assessments will be put into a portfolio completed for minute reflection writing
grading. assignment so that students can
recap the last three days and
completely comprehend story
before the end of the unit
Closure: Students will talk among each other about the story, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, and the
Homework: There will be no homework today

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