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International Journal of Excellence Innovation and Development

||Volume 1, Issue 2, Dec. 2018||Page No. 018-020||

Values and Quality for Systems of System

Dayalbagh Educational Institute: Student
Becomes Superman
Neetu Singh Satsangi1 and Ravindra Bhardwaj2
Faculty of Social Sciences, Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University), Dayalbagh,
Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
Faculty of Engineering, Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University), Dayalbagh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Abstract––System is the process that converts input into Else what difference would remain between a dead body
the output. Every system has different input (value and and a live body? Why if a woman losses her husband she
quality) with the help of process it converted into the cries saying that he has left me by leaving his body?
output. This research covered Dayalbagh Educational Why does she cry? This is because the body is useless
Institute where value education and spirituality is the without the soul. This science is given in our scriptures.
main focus of DEI system. In this system value In Gita and Upanishads it is written that after death,
education and spirituality is in-build in the people. The where the soul goes. This kind of education helps
aim of this research is to observe the effect of DEI students to live in a platform of honesty and truthfulness.
system (value education and spirituality) on people to If one accepts the existence of soul, he will accept the
become superman. For this research data collected from existence of God. And when he accepts the existence of
30 samples with the help of convenient sampling. This God, he knows that there is one invigilator for everyone
research will help to know the importance of value as Paramatma (The Super Soul) within everybody. [2]
education and spirituality. So he remains civilized. This way crime can be removed
from the society.
Keywords: Value based education, spirituality,
consciousness and superman Dayalbagh educational institute provide value education
which help students and teacher to improve their daily
life and build bright future. Here students study as well
as do other things like Social-service, Field work and co
Education is base for accomplish life, setting the person
circular etc. these things make student understand that all
on a path of personal fulfillment, economic security and
work (people) are equal and they can do anything
shared contribution. For us, the key that unlocks the door
whenever it’s required. These all qualities make them
to building of a better world is education. A proper
SUPERMAN. Here the role of teacher is very important
education system must be based on a metaphysics
because to give value education to students, a teacher
derived from a comprehensive and unifying vision
should also live a life of a good human being.
rooted in philosophy, ethics and spirituality. We should
all understand that, in days of spiritual hunger, education
needs to do more than grope in the dark. Education is the REVIEW OF LITERATURE
backbone of a civilized society. Values have an Evils like knowledge bang, Excessive consumerism,
important role in education system of any society. value crisis, commercialization of services, cultural lag,
Education is a gradual process. One can be educated extremism, terrorism, communalism etc. are disturbing
from his/her family, surroundings, association and our social systems. The greatest challenge before us
experiences. It is not only about gaining degree, but also today is: how to be a true human under modern
gaining knowledge and implementing it in their practical conditions. In the era of social upsurge, teachers’
life. For example, in earlier Gurukula, a student gained education should have more scarifying involvements in
all kinds of knowledge, including material as well as negotiating the biased and sentimental views of life amid
spiritual knowledge. Material knowledge helped them to the teaching and the pupil community. [3]
maintain their matter (body) and spiritual knowledge
helped them to maintain their spirit (soul). These days’ teachers are focusing on the development of
the mind, and to some extent the body, but the emotional
The value based education system is same like earlier and spiritual side is almost entirely neglected. School
Gurus’ teachings. Gurus like Vasista Muni, Dronacharya, that aims to develop all these aspects of child’s nature, to
and Sandipani Muni all managed around ten thousand give them a confidence and sense of self that will best
students under them. They think the body is whole and prepare them for the future. The focus of education has
soul. But it is very important to teach them that there is a been more on material improvements and pecuniary
big difference between body and soul. Body is mortal, benefits, rather than on holistic growth of mind, body
soul is not. Some people reject the concept of soul and and spirit. The moral growth of man has not matched his
believe that souls are non-existent. But the consciousness vast strides in other fields. We must assist the students,
is the proof of existence of the soul. [1] to rest a while in the inns of religious, moral and {IJEID © 2018} All Rights Reserved Page | 18

Values and quality for systems of system Satsangi and Bhardwaj

spiritual, academic consciousness. Thus edified, let them Figure 2 showing that 50% respondent believes that DEI
rise and proceed refreshed and encouraged. It is System has quality inclusive education.
imperative that we educate students to explore deeper
and higher dimensions of human resources so they can STONGLY DISAGREE
successfully work for the fulfillment of their ideal STONGLY
dreams. Our teachings need turn to the dimensions of
values, will power and cultural, ethical and spiritual
potentialities. [4]

This study contemplated to observe the effect of DEI
system (value education and spirituality) on people to AGREE
become superman.
Fig. 3: Contribution in society.
A data was collected from the 30 people who were the Figure 3 showing that most of the respondent agrees that
part of DEI system. A questionnaire of about 10 DEI system has contribution in society. Very few
questions was designed and people were asked to fill and respondents disagree with this.
give their opinions. Here five point likert scale was use,
where 1 is for strongly disagree and 5 for strongly agree. STONGLY DISAGREE
All the answers were thoroughly read and then were DISAGREE 5%
divided in different groups. After this they were 5%
analyzed statistically. This research will help to know AGREE
the importance of value education and spirituality. 25%

Table 1: Overall effect.

Particulars 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE
Quality inclusive education 10% 10% 8% 50% 22% 55%
Contribution in society 2% 2% 8% 80% 8%
Self made person 5% 5% 10% 55% 25% Fig. 4: Self made person.
Better quality of life 5% 7% 8% 65% 15%
Inculcation of human values Figure 4 showing that 55% respondent agrees with that
3% 2% 5% 70% 20%
in the life style DEI system helps people to become self made person.

Quality inclusive
80% education 65%
Contribution in society
Self made person
Better quality of life 7% 15%
20% 5% 8%
Inculcation of human

Fig. 5: Better quality of life.

Fig. 1: Overall effect.
Figure 5 showing that 65% respondents agrees with the
The result is showing that respondent believe that DEI statement that this system helps persons to have better
system has the positive impact on people which help quality of life. And very few people disagree with this
them to become superman. statement.

60 Respendent
50 70%

20 Respendent
3% 2%

Fig. 2: Quality inclusive education. Fig. 6: Inculcation of human values in the life style. {IJEID © 2018} All Rights Reserved Page | 19

International Journal of Excellence Innovation and Development
||Volume 1, Issue 2, Dec. 2018||Page No. 018-020||

Figure 6 showing that 70% of the respondents believe CONCLUSION

that DEI System help in the inclusion of human values in From the above result it is concluded that DEI system
the life style, whereas 20% respondents strongly agrees (value education and spirituality) has effect on people to
with this statement. become superman. Without understanding of value
education and spirituality life will be incomplete.
The overall research showed that DEI system has the Just as we need both right and left legs to walk properly,
positive impact on people as well as society. The data spiritual understanding and material knowledge should
analysis shows that DEI education is quality inclusive go hand in hand. Value education and spirituality
education. This system also contributes in society by required in order to foster a sustainable way of life. [6]
giving quality education, not only focusing material
knowledge but also focusing on other aspects likes REFERENCES
Tolerance, Loyalty, Punctuality and self awareness. Self [1] Samta P. Pandya, Spirituality and Values
made person which has decision making power, take Education in Elementary School: Understanding
challenge and ready to deal with any situation. Most of Views of Teachers, December 2016.
the respondent believe that DEI system help to inculcate [2] IASPOINT, Importance and need of value
human values in the life style. Research showed that the education, gktoday, 2015.
spirituality give the power to understand the world. To [3]
become a superman DEI system provide value education s-education/need-for-education-in-values-and-
and spirituality, which help peoples directly or indirectly spirituality/86998
to live there life by having qualities of superman. [4] Rise Richardson, Spirituality and education, 2010.
Dayalbagh education institute while aiming on academic [5] Piyas, Need for education in value and spirituality,
excellence and opening new avenues for students to, 2013.
perform in the world using their full potential and [6] K R Balasubramanyam , spirituality must be
talents, able to help students to have a better important part of education,
understanding about life from a spiritual point of view., 2011.
In DEI System, people are not advised to renounce the [7] Dr. Prem Saran Satsangi, Sigma 6Q: making
world; they are advised to live a life of better worldliness sustainability a way of life,, 2017.
performing their duties in this world. [4] Education has [8] Bernard Cox, Margaret Calder and John Fien,
to be welcomed as a Spiritual Practice for the Values education, UNESCO, 2010.
establishment of Peace in the individual heart as well as [9] M S Kurhade, The need to include spirituality in
in society including the human commonwealth. It is education,, 2013.
important to create a balance between the external and
the internal, the body and the soul. [5] {IJEID © 2018} All Rights Reserved Page | 20