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PATRICIA LOWE IS A CASE RIGGER WHO WORKS AT THE CONTRA COSTA COUNTY COUNTY COUNSEL'S OFFICE Patty Lowe directly contacts medical providers to change medical findings at Patty’s direction. see below email: From: Patricia Lowe Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 12:34 PM To: Joseph D. Kostmayer Cc: Edyth Williams Subject: RE: Packwood Hi Mr. Kostmayer, Ihave heard from all other counsel and they have acknowledged that below is an accurate summary of our discussions. | also called you because | wanted to suggest in private that you may also want to send a copy of the court transcript of the judge's comments and jurisdiction findings to the mother’s therapist. This is not meant to inflame or bias the therapist but in order for the therapist to understand the court's perspective/perception. | believe those findings were made on March 8. | believe the court was very clear in chambers as to what she thinks needs to be accomplished before a successful reunification. | spoke to Ms. Williams yesterday afternoon and she has already contacted the therapist to get her input. If you need further discussion or information, please let me know. Thank you Patty Lowe Deputy County Counsel 925-335-1861 =