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Advanced Community English

Class Syllabus
Room 311
January 17, 2018–March 22, 2018
Mrs. Rich

Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to…
1. Expand their knowledge and understanding of American culture.
2. Use descriptive adjectives to describe personal and physical characteristics.
3. Express opinions and ideas on a variety of topics through spoken and written English.
4. Prepare and give a brief presentation on a topic.
5. Participate in a mock trial.

Because this is an English class, we are expected to practice English at all times. As we
discussed in class, we follow the expectations set forth in the acronym I. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Inquire: If you have questions, please ask! Don’t feel silly for asking questions.
Responsibility: Please come to class on time whenever possible. You are also responsible
for preparing for every class period.
Effort: Learning another language can be intimidating, but if you do your best, you will
recognize your improvement every day.
Self-respect: Your progress is different from others’ progress. Acknowledge your
improvement and be kind to yourself!
Purpose: Everything we do in class has a purpose. If you are ever confused about the
purpose of something, please inquire.
Engagement: The most effective way to learn is to be engaged in class. I will do my best
to allow you plenty of opportunities to speak in English about topics you are interested in.
Courtesy: Remember, “what’s obvious to you is obvious to you”; allow others to feel
confident in their learning and language abilities. When you have a comment, please raise
your hand and keep your comment timely. Also, please help keep the classroom clean by
avoiding eating and drinking in the classroom (bottled water is okay).
Teacher: We are all learning! You will have opportunities to share your knowledge and
life experiences, which we will all benefit from.
If you ever have concerns or issues about the class, please let me know as soon as possible. I will
do my best to give you the help you need.

Class materials
I use PowerPoint often in class. I will make these slides available to you in the Google folder.
Occasionally, I will upload extra resources that you can explore if you’d like.

Below is a list of important dates and a calendar with the weekly topics for this course. These
topics were selected based on students’ self-indicated needs and desires.

Important Dates
1/17 First day of class
2/15 CORE midterm party!
2/19 Presidents’ Day—NO CLASS
3/22 CORE final party!


Week Topics
Week 1 Getting to know each other
January 17–18
Week 2 Jargon and gestures
January 22–25
Week 3 Physical and personal
January 29–February 1 characteristics/clothing and cosmetics
Week 4 Cooking and recipes/foods and tastes
February 5–8
Week 5 Emotions
February 12–15
Week 6 Emotions
February 20–22
Week 7 Law
February 26–March 1
Week 8 Work/Education in the U.S.
March 5–8
Week 9 Telephone skills and communication
March 12–15
Week 10 Television and media/music, movies, and
March 19–22 video

*Mrs. Rich reserves the right to alter, add to, or delete any portion of the syllabus during the
course of this semester, according to class needs.