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Lesson Plan in TLE 8

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson the students are able to:
a. acquire the important knowledge and skills in wire splices and joints
b. familiarize the actual application of every splices and joint
c. provide the importance of each wire splices and joints
II. Subject Matter
Topic: Common wire splices and joints
Materials: power point presentation, combination, side cutting, long nose pliers,
wire stripper, electrician’s knife, electrical wire, chalk and board
Reference: pages 18-19 of K to 12 TLE IA Electrical wiring and installation
III. Lesson
a. Preliminary Activities
 Daily Routine
 Prayer
 Classroom Cleanliness
b. Developmental Activities
As a student in Electrical Installation and Maintenance you should acquire the
important knowledge and skills in wire splices and joints and should be familiar
with the actual application of every splice and joint. This will serve as your tool
in performing actual wiring installation. Of course, another factor is the
knowledge in interpreting and analyzing the wiring diagram especially if the
circuit is complicated.
c. Lesson Proper
The following are the common electrical splices and joints.
An extension cord is a span of flexible electrical power cables with a plug on
one end and multiple sockets on the other end. It comes in several varieties to
suit the needs of the user. One of the most important considerations is the
power handling capacity to make it safe and functional.
Electrical gadgets are product of modern technology to make our life better.
The number of electrical gadgets available at home and in office may exceed the
existing convenience outlet installed in every room. The best remedy to address
the insufficiency of available outlet is to use an extension cord especially if the
electrical gadgets need to operate at the same time.

IV. Evaluation
Activity On pages 24-25 are pictures of common wire splices and joints used in
electrical wiring installations. Practice doing the task by following the steps given.
Copy the rubrics below. Provide the importance of each during the presentation.
Your performance will be judged using this rubric.
Performance Rubrics
CRITERIA 1 2 3 4
Proper handling of tools
Total = 16 points

V. Assignment
Take a photo of any joints above that you use at home. For safety, have your
wiring installation double checked if unplugged. Post the taken photo on
facebook and write a caption about its importance. The number of likes will be
the score.

Prepare by: Cathy V. Tapinit Noted by: Felina B. Abasolo

TLE Teacher School Head