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CONTENTS CRBSECAR 26 LIKE A VIRGIN 380 MATERIAL GIRL “ag “ JR ELOPITIEL a INTO THE GROOVE 46 Live To TELL s2 Pars DON’T PREACH 87 OPEN YOUR HEART 63 LA Ista BONITA Ti LiKE A PRAYER 78 EXPRESS YOURSELF 84 CHERISH 92 VOGUE 100 JUSTIFY My Love 1s Rescue Mx HOLIDAY Words and Music by USA STEVENS and CURTIS HUDSON Medium tempo Gmaj7 Ee Bi agee 185 HOUSE OF Fun MLK an fe es US na PURE EMERG Ma PURINE Seated dele Banshee) Se took a hol - i - day, took some time to cel - e+ brate,_ just one day out of life, it would all Put your trou world, ——— Mi Ite time = Sue Bm Goa? A FRm7? = Gmaj7 ae ae am m2 ———— — eS _E — —= SS a Be. eS one and we will find a day to come to- gether, to re-lease tho __presesure. way to come to - geth- er and make things _ bet ~ ter. just one diy ont of life, Fem? Gmaj7 fe Gs ber oF so nice. Hol + i = day! Fem Gmaj? pp, 5. (no repeats) coda Fm Goa atcods LUCKY STAR Words and Muse by MADONNA CICCONE Ae FA gaa = SSS = = — fp ae —— B SSS 4 Sn Sara ay eo ems :. 2 Ft Feta a SSS Sey = 2S eS SS ‘ne-thing. al - night Star light, star bright, first star 1 see tonight, Re: 2 Em? ‘0.0 oo SS SS Stor light, (star bright), yeah. (5S ee 2S a 18 Ss Come on, your hheav-en-ly bod ~ to = night Yes, J know you'regon-namake ev - ‘ry-thing iB DS. and fade BORDERLINE ser a a Words and Music by \ REGGIE LUCAS Copyaghe © 1998 casa MIC MaBUSeILG nsarcargement Copy FSS LAA AIC PUREE ional Conger) Mein UGA AN igs Renee 20 ae BEB ai ae ee ae me won't et me i” such a fool af na be your pris ~'ner, so ba - by, won't you set me free — me in your arms you love__me til I justean"t see. = in’ with my heart. Fin — yoult medown. When 1 look jsh what you start ‘when ‘a-round, ba + — youmake my love come — dawh: ‘by, you jut can't be found, Stop driv = in’ me a+ way 21 Fl SSS . by, Jet itshow Hon - ey, don’t you fool oe —— just wan-na stay. There's sonie-thin’ TI just got to say. ust try tender - stand, Tye gi 2 7 — You just keep ye in! to lose my mind You just keep__ on push = in’ my SS will te 3 rat Ca fa-ver the bor = dentine a 8s” ned 2 dD ap: ; 24 to make you see? You just keep on. 7 = — Pd eg DIA A DA A a —— love o-ver the bor - der -tine. 26 IKE A VIRGIN Words and Music by BILLY STEINBERG ond TOM KELLY £6 Medium beat ae No chord _ si SS ee SS SSS SS SSS Some-how I made at through. My fear is tad — int fe through the wil der = ness all my love, boy. : a: = = Did =n knowhow — zt was “ti oT Been sav-in' it all for you, “cause on = iy PRP a 1 198E BLY GTMRNERE MUSE and DENISE BARK RE ‘Al figs Reserve er 2 1, was beat, in = com plete. You're 90 Ging, and you're mine and you're mine, Ss SSS Yd been had. Twas sad and = Blue. But__ you == Make me strong — Yeah, you make. me bold. Oh, your TH be yours ul the end of time “Cause you rmatle_me yesh, you Jove thawed veal, your ‘made me yeah, you S55 shin = y and now. what was scared — and cold. Tye noth -in” to bid touched for the ver-y first time. when your heart beats with your heart = beat with Your heart - beat 29 p.sKatcoung = You're so fine, Feels 30 good_in- A SS SSS eS J = SS -——_— == me and your heart beats and you love me. SSS = 30 MATERIAL GIRL ei Vitoras by Y PETER BROWN ondRoBeRTRANS = Py Music by. f PETER BROWN. Some boys kiss__me, Some boys ro = mance, 1 think they're 0. ree they don’t alight with a they can’t - ower scars beg and they. can plead_ but they__ the phe try and some__boys lie but them ply. ecomeand boys may go__and thao yeu se.—__ ae ae i boy withthe cold hard cash is Doys_ who sive their pen — nies ence_ has made me wich ind Grsust/D = 2 — SSS a ‘Cause we are "Cause they ae b tiv = img imma = cote mé, Cause ev "ry - bod - y's TTS fee ival wold and Tam a ma-te - ial git You hnow_ that we are == ee Te ‘Tous ¢ 3 H af iit] ous tee G7sus4/D aha Gruss, on es a, 38 RAZY FOR You ores andl Music ty JOHN BETTIS and JON LIND Esus2 As Baus Esus2 a o0 89 30 ooo fu Ln Aas enon oe Mt 2, mus-ie starts Stran-gers makin’ the most ofthe dark trol my heart, T Walk over to where you are, a ©, 4 aw LE CALA and ANE ALICANTE EN Bsus? Asus? Bouss, Ess? ate ‘Ge 4 Two by two their bed - ies Eye 1 eye, we need no. a ee 1 se you enum the smoky Siow-ly now wre be- gin £0 Ee ‘ ‘ al 4) a a {gun S2it5 “vere ee gies erss ot RB ee a oe 2 gers SS roe Set Ope fe fe ne ay vancwde.ea a ie I i weit Sekt: Hs eee Tm dy - in’ to say: You bet I'm} read my— mind, you'll see P'm| 4 HG ==t true. I'm crn - zy, ora - zy for you. al \Words.and Music by MADONNA CICCONE and STEVE BRAY cm? B/C om? abmaj7 ia ee FRR fa ———_ — you've gor to prove "W2G0 Gin. PUOUSIING. NC BLACK LON iC Alrights an beni et But DSGUE WUE. COC Gm7 GmT Gay Ent Smt shy = thm’s ng 1 hope this feet int nev - or no dis 1 see the fh re burn-in? = On-ly when I'm danc - int can I feel this free Se SSS At night —Tlock the door and no ane ele can see, a mt able cm B/C cmt Aimayt emt Bk/c % ao danas, fh fener Ab(add 14) = me, Just Tet Abad Bb) xb Abad 15) know you're mine, El fe re ‘f 2 os - a & a s Abgadd Bb) Cm? Akmajr a 8h 1 Bape. Know you're mine. in ~ to the groove. Boy, you're got to prove. cma Be/e eas Abeer q cm BRC at ae" FR ail pep 4 if ea a ca at _ ee —— res a SSS == spe! Bo as Get wp on your ft cm ae Abmaj? a" —— Yeah, step to the beat. what will it be? \Words and Music by MADONNA CICCONE and PAT LEONARD N Dmit FIA Bb. Coad) By ee __ ita F ml! FIA Bb CeagaF) Dm i © mew SE Ck ASEAN LEU DROUE ALC CD. ASA (ASCAP) ana JOHNNY YUMA NAIC fA nape on Seat of PU REGENT CO. Ne a0 i Sc comp to ide it well the warmth. she gives 1 was nat The ight that = — = a - oS Z ¥ é = == a = = = I ——— = = ss = =F = = Z Gn? Foo Dm eGR a . 2 = SSS 5 read = for the fai ——_ Too you could mev= er sec. F Gm? a me SS mis cif eae ——— ee - 6 9-4 = Ie a - a ~ + = S Dm? cle ay it wit! burn ser hive the chance. a= grin? Dm{ne 36d) a_i Slowly — the strength — ase —— =o J ALG — = = a 3 cor Be ies ray tsi vai: gee ae 51 will 1 grow old? 7 BB Céad) How will when will they Jeam,— ow will they D.S% (second ending and facie) PAPA DON’T PREACH Words and Music by BRIAN ELLICT f Additional Lyrics by MADONNA, Medinm Rock Fm WF (a basta throughout Dbmaj7/F Ebr ae ai a3 = knowyou're go- ing to be up-set ‘ease Twas al - ways your lit-tle ick by. ‘Augie Reseed Guay EMF right. from wrong. 3 T need your help: You al- ways taught me He says that he's gon = na_mar-ry me, we can raise instrumeneals DimaiT/F me dy, please be strong — ond fim - i > ly. a lt- te —_ 1 may be ‘The ba by will The one you Bat my Friends-keep Dad « dy. dad = dy if warned — tell you 4 Eb FA — me alla bout, the one you ssid could do without, ing _meto give it up, ying Tm too young —Tought to tive it up. — could on ly sae just how good he’s been treat + ing-me, Hy Ea To Coda fm Were in an aw ful and 1 don't mesa may - be, What 1 need right now is some good ad vise, you'dgive us your bles - ing, 1 know, ‘cause a De Eb Fm Eb Domai? Ebsust cmt Fm E> Domai? Si a GRR IRE fa ee 8 RAE Pa-padon’t preach, I'm in trou ble deep. Pa~pa don't preach, Ebsust Om? Ae ane” Tye been Jos. = ing sleep. tino iit a 6 FRY FR But I made up my mind — 58 (Scun oo. Fm Eb De Be a ae Tm gon-na keep = my ba - by, ¥ DSS at Coda Dimai7 Fm Eb Db fm Ha ts. Ne kkeep-ing my ba - by. Repeat and fade Fm Eb Dbmaj? ——Ebsusd ‘ar Fim Eb Domai? Ebsust — Cm7 (ah RN Pa-pa don't preach, = ble deep. Pa-pa don't preach, By ee eH Ea eee ve been los ~ ing sleep 7 OPEN YOUR HEART Words and Music by MADONNA CICCONE. GARONER COLE and PETER RAFELSON Medium Funk: Fada) wg see you on the street and youwalk on by. Tagcuierarstae |e Ue atey pal eee Youmakeme wan-na hang = my ead down and You look a lir-tle sad, boy. = sT wom- der —— 88 If you ave me 1 fol-low you a SS see my desi-re burn - ing. inside of me round but «you can't’ «see. You're toowrappedupin your - wif to m0. tice, But you choose to Se you choose to Spero ooo Sas Ebsus? BbsustiG Noth = thing. 1 want. ing— can stop cradaeie bast fh an ul ——=—S—s= . = Te tad to wok much ted = than this toe Dost ty tema am top 7p with you Dow't me from uy ty tore sist = ing You've got + pen your heart Fe fies: €. mn you hold_ the key. —_ = [ ee SSS vee et © + pen your heart sees Hue iE SS with the key. Js == ==> € = = + = : SSS = = 3 One is such a lone - ly mum - bet. Ah ah, ——— = SSS SES SS —— se A 4 ¥ popeesrers F(addG) a, _fin mo ag AR 0 a ee — Fa saan Fad) BS Fesdac) Bf cose © - — pen— your heart, mm make you love me, _¢__ > a 6 FradldG) a: BG Gm | Its mot that hard if you. just turn the ey zs ee 6 Words and Music by MADONNA CICCONE PAT LEONARD and BRUCE GEITCH Medium Calypso Cem B Cm ame © TSH WEMUSC CORP, BLEU DSQUE MUSE CO. INC. WEBG GRRL PUBUSHING. INC, EOGE GIF FLUKE MUSIC JASCAR JONI YUMA Ree (ana) Aileaiss on etal of DESO GIL PUR RING, Ne nasintsowe by BLEU DEGUE MLSE CO. WC TA hts on naff LU DSOXE MUSIC CO mC amare by sl RAIN CORE ar ried on the 90a, He Chm va nevser gone. T knew the song a young = ginl___with— eyes. Tike. the des ert Te dts mo fe om + 0 called to me of San Peto Lat night. 1 dreamt ACE cm seems like yet - ter - day, that the days would last seems like yes ~ ter ~ day_— B cae Ctm Cm Ghat am mea ie aR land breeze Gin Gimt 5 B BFE Fam high. ring—through re —SS Span = ish al + tae by. Baus? Fim D When it’s time Gaset ee oe re SS SSS e And when the gam ba phyed- the sun would set through my ears — sting my eye Your 0 Repeat and fade Chm Gtm Gtm? Fim E B a ee BFE Fim B Chim A B é a Hl dijo que te omea. your Spancish tu = a = by. n J LIKE A PRAYER ' EY ae Words and Music by MADONNA CICCONE and PAT LEONARD co. Swoon og Fa He ¢ When you call my mame its like a Jit-tle prayer. (1707 WE UE COA. NLEU DSOLE MEIC CO. AUC, LEAD GI PUMLSHINVG, RE 8 JOHN YUMA HUE Avighec tens of W280 GL PUBLSHING NE, ELEU QISQUE MSC CO, INC_aaminsxmedDy Wl RUSTE CORP ‘Aten Bese fin yo G- Es a Ge om koees,—T wan- na tke you ‘mid night hour T can feel_ your pow - er just like a prayer.__ You know I take you a = there, hear your voice, — ike an an - gel sigh there, Like “a child’ youwhis- per soft - ly to — me a I have mo choice, 1 hear your feels Tike Yourein con- trol. Just. like “a child, now Tm dan cing B HE ff AE ea Telose my eyes, ink Tm fall - Islike a dream, no be - gin out of the «sky. «1 close, my eyes, Heavy - en Belp ae. Youre here with me, it's like =a dream. Let the choir sing. ie mid- night hour - —. === a ES You know Til take like a prayer__ You know Til take ie as aan there. When you call my__ name is like a it~ tle prayer. T'm down on my__ knees, there. Inthe mid- night hour T can feel your pow - or just like a prayer — 1 wanena take — You know ITI take home. Just ike a prayer_ your voice can take me there, choice, your voice can take there. (lust like a prayer, Just ike amuse to me._ You are a myse tery. — 6 Just. like a prayer,.mo choice your voice ean take me Your voiee can take CHERISH Words and Music by MADONNA CICCONE and PAT LEONARD ee ae 2 oy GHpeeg GM | RB ees aE IGF ARC CORP, ub BOUL MIC £0. me. EBD Gi, RUBLSIANG. I. & JOH aa Se llr on berate E90 Ga FBLA SM BOS 8 JLEU BOUL ARC CO, INC aerated by BARC COR a ——— + rth i Fy = = SS SSS ing. you | want more than = just__ ro ~ mance. id, plese take ___ your ti - mate “my — point of view. — aim at me. 86 of always hav-ing you you keep —bring-ing it — Tm al-wayssing-ing it et op pirt me ee ee ; ee Ga |e giv-ing it = to. me, — to. Cher-ish is the word Tse. DS.¥at Coda & 91 give me faith. — fas Give me faith: — i oi — ‘$ - “= es + Cart get away T wont ee you Pec - ish the hug Cant get a- way. Can't get ‘as way. Cher = ish the py —— T SS ga A Ba Gag oe : : SS ts 4] nev-er for = get os a way.Cant get a. way, fe Sj | = oF — 4 EXPRESS YOURSELF ‘Words and Music by MADONNA CICCONE and STEPHEN BRAY Moderately, with a beat © ¢ : el then youTl know your love is real. __ Fan-cy cars that go___ver- y you know Satin sheets are ver y fo man — tic. What they nev- er Jat, no, hap- pens when yourre_ not ———— 2S 1 £ pS =F ig, strong hand to if’ you to your high- er ground. — best in life, so if the time is- n't right__ thea move on. bi Ft ZS - —— SSS re = SS Ss 81 5 Hh ee es —— ———t —— a = =? = ts 2 You know, you know youve pot to make Se Sy = * Qriiaed —a po ee Se a ae ae he feels___ ands may - be then you'll know your love Hell be back on his knees_ 10 ex - 3 SSS a Se g DS.% (lyric 1,n0 repeats) and fade Words and Music by MADONNA CICCONE and SHEP PETTIBONE == What you loodein® ar? Vogue, Vorue, Vogue. pak (61990 WE MUSIC-CORR, BLELLOISOU MISC COC. MERC GH RULING, IEA LEO MUSIC A gsm ap WE tie COR" Iaith Resered i ev ~ ny-whereyou turn i eart-ache, —it'Sev—"ry - where that yaw go. is yourown im-ag-i-na- tion, so use it, that’s what it's for, — Look a - round, All you need ev - ‘ry-thing you ean to ex-tape for your fin - est in~spir- a tom Eb7sus4/Ab FH —_ s se —__ = SS ae ——e 3 re pain of fife that you know.— all ui — che fails, and you ms will 0 + pen the door. — mikes_no diffwence if you're long to be some thing bet -ter then you are black or white to-day, — if you're a boy or a gin — It the EVTeust Ab Asad) Th 1 know a place where you can get a- way, it's called a dance floor music's pumpin’, it will give you new life, — and here's what_ You're a susper star, yes, that's what AbmT Ghai? Fb ‘Abm7 Gbmaj7 Fb AER Ta ie ae fa caw ef omen, Vorue,- Jet you body + epee nw a ae oe Cae oe 7 ——L eee Abm? Ghmai? Fb Ebm fern lee ae To Coda —— Agm7 Gomaj7 Be Ebm Abm7? Gmaj7 Fb bm Abm7 Ghmaj? Fe Ebm ‘oo _ female Geese bel eccercanatindl tine ee aS Sa — a - let you bod-y —go___ with the flow, _you___ know you can do it. [2 ara Charl Pe = Ebm = Ab7susd focal RG e I I — Beau -ty’s where you find it, not ‘oANTRAUATET AUTRES HH SS An [__ SS oe SS SS SS a Beauty's where you find it Deitrich and DiMaggio Marlo Brando, Jimmy Bean, — SS SS SSS = — ee # oa: a on the cover of a magazine Grace Kelly, Harlow, Jean; picture of a Beauty queen. = ed ae AbmT Ghmaj7_ Fb bm eH iff Ff - = : =| SI F Gene Kelly, Pred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers dance on air. ‘They had style, they had grace, 2 >— te SS oo a+ Se aE = == I Aba7 Ghai? Fo Eom Abm? Goma? Fs Epm — Abm7 Gomaj7_ Fb Rania TaE pRRTERCHRRET] A GARCIA] AGRE Rita Hayworth gave good face. Lauren, Katherine, Lana too, Bette Davis; we lore yom. Fe Ebi es Ladies with an attisude, Fellas that were in the mood. Don't just stand there, tet’s get 10% i Tefen a Cane a — —_—_— = ie Strike a pase, there's nothing 10 it, Vogue, Vogue. Abm? Ghai? Fr En = Abm? Ghmaj7 | Fb Ebm Ab? Ghmai? Pe Ebi é fe” RS er, ——= OP a EEE eS ====2 pea Abo? Gbmaj? FS Enm Aim? Ghmai7 Fy Bim AbmT Ghai? Fy Eb fea See Ee Ha Re Abm? Ghmai7 Fb Ebm pet Gbmai7 FRI, Eh bm? Ghani? cman in fi fel Geese =F : er ee — SSS = rs = Ot youre got to et your body Abin? Gomi? F Ebi Abin?) Ghmaj?_ Pe Eom AbmT Gsm? Fe 290 » ° freeain fed Geese afte al Vogue, Vogue, Vouue, Vogue. Vogue, Vomue, Vouue, Foe Words and Music by LENNIE KRA\IT2 Additional Lyrics by MADONNA CICCONE © Ys Si MUSE WR MUS CORT, RELLDGGLE MAIC CONC a WUD Ge PRLSHING ‘Allright an bea of BLU OBOUE URE CO, INC sea WED Go MURR IE eran ty ‘Al hts sere tol Biedd C8) Bm(add C8} ES FES a fr HAGE (Spokent: I wenna Kiss pou ft Parts, (See addtsional Iyetcs) Biadd C#) Bm(add Ct) ai cae ij 1 wanne fold your kand in Rome, P45 F47(n0 30a) Badd C$) Ben(add C8) BS este. pyre. FE j HE af Prearna run naked in a raiassor, make Tove in a train ABIES AbTsust/E> ABE re fT fH rity bom “a a 4a = ——————— SSS SS eee +39 Ggeye wee eS ge ee ee eS oe Absus#/ E> Av/Eb TH ig sos decide how good you are for me. ow valuable you are, and what the world can see. Only that you my to understand me, 112 Repeat as needed (vocal al Ub) bm DbyES fare pm love me forme, (Sung): 1 be in the pow View. that you can res = cue = me 1 be= lieve (I beslieve in. the Additional Lyrtes you I'm not a Fascist Can't play you like a toy. And when I need to dominate, You're not my litte boy, You see that I am hungry For alife of understanding, ‘And you forgive my angry little heart When she's demanding. You bring me to my kness, White I'm scratching out the eyes Of a world | want to conquer And deliver and despise. ‘And right while Tm standing there suddenly begin t6 care, ‘And understand that there could be ‘A person that loves me. (Fo Chones)