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College of Engineering Education


Research Title Experimental Study of Plastic Waste Used in Concrete

Hollow Block

Proponents Jeah Bongcayao

Samantha Joyle Pansoy
Zenna Mae Wong

A. Description of the Study

1. Rationale:
Plastic waste is one of the major cause of pollution of our
times. It’s non-biodegradable and toxic that can cause harm not
only to human but also to marine life. Recycling plastic will be
able to lessen the amount of it without polluting the air and
water by burning it.

2. Objectives of the Study:

2.1 General Objective/s

This study aims to gather data that could support the
effectiveness of using plastic waste in concrete hollow block.

2.2 Specific Objectives

a. To study and compare the hollow blocks with
plastic fibers vs. normal concrete hollow block.
b. To compare the cost between the hollow blocks
with plastic fibers vs. normal concrete hollow
c. To identify its advantage and disadvantage.
d. To provide another construction material that is
economic and environmental.
3. Conceptual Framework

Utilization of Strenght of
platic waste in concrete
concrete hollow
hollow block blocks.

-Types of
Plastic Waste

4. Methodology
The methods of study in this research includes the test of
concrete hollow block. The compressive strength test will be
conducted for three times. First test was after 7 days, the second
time after 14 days, and the last after 28 days.

4.1 Test Plan

Three concrete cylinders will be made in order to determine the
compressive strength of concrete hollow blocks after 7, 14, and
28 days.

4.2 Compressive Strength Test Procedures

The test procedure was based on the ASTM C140 Standard
Test for Sampling ang Testing Concrete Masonry Units and
Related Units procedure.

5. Scope of Work (Expected Output)

The researchers’ would gather the standards in making
hollow blocks, and make a mixture of concrete with plastic
waste. To be able to make an environmental hollow block that
can reduce plastic waste and be much stronger than the usual
concrete block.

6. Research Study Duration

The research is expected to be finished after one school
year. It will also involve gathering data for documentation.

7. Approximate Budget to Complete the Study

The approximate budget of this research will not be
exceed thh researcher’s financial capacity.