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Marketplace Invasion

arketplace Invasio Manual

Penetrating the Nine to Five Window

Lance Wallnau •

module 1
he marketplace is the mission place.
How successful are you at shepherding your gift?

God is about to transfer not just the wealth of assets but the wealth of influence.

God is preparing you for a Marketplace Invasion!

Proverbs 4:18

What is the purpose of church? Do we really know where we are going?
The church really doesn’t have an idea of where it’s going? We are confused to whether we are
staying or going. The path of the just is about to get brighter as the circumstances get darker. REAL
DARKNESS IS IGNORANCE! As the world gets into grosser stupidity, the light of God’s wisdom is
going to get more conspicuous on God’s people.

How is the path of the Just going to get brighter and brighter?

*We are parenting a generation that is going to wrap up history. We can’t teach escapism. We must
teach occupation.

The “Saints” move of God is taking place NOW! Our assignment is to equip you to do the work of
the ministry. If the path of the just is going to shine brighter and brighter, then it is culminated in the
“Saints” move of God. Ephesians 4:11f


e must understand where we are in terms of the agenda of God

Matthew 28:18 – the saints go into all the world – teach nations all things – This is our
assignment, Our assignment is NOT trying to get as many people say a sinners prayer before they
die and go to hell.

How do you approach the Great


Why would Jesus tell us to TEACH NATIONS ALL
THINGS? He wanted to create cultural revolution. HE
wanted to demonstrate the impact of a different way of
Why is the GREAT COMMISSION a teaching
commission and not a “get ‘em saved” commission?
JUDGEMENT ALREADY. The teaching call of Christ to
us is to train the nations in how to live.

Isaiah 2

Knowledge doesn’t produce transformation. Knowledge has to have the Holy Ghost come on it which
causes Illumination. Illumination on information creates a revelation. A Revelation is the vehicle into

There are tons of well-informed, untransformed people. What’s missing? The light of the knowledge
of the glory of God.

The children of Israel were not strangers to the anointing or to the supernatural, but the moment God

showed up on Mt. Sinai and wanted to talk to them, they were petrified and ran in the other direction.


The glory of God is different than the manifestations of God. People can live around the
manifestations and still dwell in sin and disobedience and not be scared, but when glory shows up it’s
not just manifestation, it’s the stripped bare expression of who He is. The church needs a visitation of
the glory so that illumination can lead to transformation.


“…the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established at the tops of the mountains.”

The mountains refer to world kingdoms (not only nations but systems in those nations)...
Mountains of Government, Finance, Religion, Entertainment (Arts), Technology, Education, Church…
world kingdoms have world rulers of darkness that hover over them.
(For more on this...Refer to The 7 Mountain Strategy resources available to you

The mountains that we want to be able to access are the systems that
control the nations. Why is it that you should understand your role?
So that God will have a people to go up to the top of those mountains.
It’s time that we regain our focus and take back the culture!

The Art of Fulfillment (in Him we have our BEING)- The teaching
of Jesus and the kingdom of God will show people not only how to
achieve the unachievable but how to be fulfilled when others can’t be

Marketplace Invasion 3
Favor – Nehemiah, Ester, & Daniel all experienced the power of the favor of God that lifted them out
of captivity into positions of incredible influence.

What is favor?

F avor is the irresistible charisma of Christ that wraps itself around a person who is
yielded themselves to the fulfillment of a heavenly objective.

It’s an incredible force!

God always drops an invitation to us to join him in what he is about to do. One of the ways he drops
this from heaven is in the word DESIRE: (1) DE – of the (2) SIRE – Father

That means that if you are communing with God the desire of your heart is of God. God gives us the

Man really isn’t quite as an independent creature as he thinks he is. He’s really a conceiving
organism based upon the spirit he communes with. He communes with darkness – he
creates out of that communion – DARKNESS. If he communes with holiness – out of that holy
communion he creates something heavenly. Man is a really a breeding machine for the spirit

When asked what you are daydreaming about…why is it embarrassing to tell? Because it is always
something bigger than what you are doing right now and it reveals a better you than you see right
now. That’s the nature of God’s vision and call for your life.

Nehemiah embraced his assignment and the moment he does God forces favor upon him.
(Neh 2:1ff)

God positions you in destiny not because he likes you, but because you come to a place that he
trusts you with an invitation to join him in what he is about to do. If you respond to the invitation, he
wraps his favor around you and makes you a carrier of a purpose that is greater than you and that
purpose is wrapped by the favor of God.

Favor grows with the assignment! What does this have to do with the marketplace? EVERYTHING!
Favor makes you an instrument though which God can accomplish a divine purpose. What’s in your
heart to do?

When you get your assignment that’s where the force of favor is. The excellence of God comes with
the force of favor.

What is your desire? Are you clear about your assignment?

Marketplace Invasion 4
G 2
od is calling you to exhibit a new level of excellence (yateer - the mountain that juts above all
other mountains) in the Marketplace!

Mountains are systems and the church is called to go into those systems. If we don’t we will continue
to see man make laws into his own image. You will see the continued erosion of the educational
system teaching our kids the liberal views of the nation.


We live in a democracy so we have to win in the area of BIG ideas!
We have to be able to communicate big ideas. We have a people
that need to be able to be excellent in what they do because your
excellence gives you a platform for your opinion.

First, you establish your credentials and then you give your opinion. We should be a voice of

God’s people should be like the tribe of Benjamin and be able to sling a stone with the left or right
hand. We should be able to give a hope for what is in us, articulate what we believe and do it in a
compelling way and demonstrate the supernatural.

What is the desire of your heart? What would you do with your life if you could do anything?

Describe what you do in a defining purpose language so that you are able to deliver what it is you
do and who you do it for so that you create lots of opportunity to do it.

Using the understanding of a defining purpose

A purpose statement: reduce that thing that you are called to do down to the point where
literally you can communicate it in a sentence naturally and those people that you want to connect will
resonate with it when they hear it.

How do you shape that purpose statement?

If you don’t have a vision that describes clearly what your ideal career looks like, you will be very
fatigued going up the mountain of whatever God gives you when you encounter Satan’s resistance
getting there.

20% of ministers reach a place of convergence. (Bobby Clinton research)

Convergence: term that describes where we want to go…it is a place where your gifts, your passion,
and your role align.

Marketplace Invasion 5
Money is not an evil! Redefine your association with what
money is! Money is a force or method of power. It has a
transferable power to take on the physical equivalent of
whatever it’s possessor wants to create. That force should
be in the hands of the righteous.

Wealth is the ability to “wrestle out” the control of
something from darkness to the kingdom of God.

The Saint’s movement is going to involve the transfer of


1. Wealth of Finance
2. Wealth of influence (Joseph, Mel Gibson) – It’s the Day of the Saints!


How much money would it take for you to live the

ideal life that you DESIRE to live?

Jews only make up 8% of the American population, but 50% of America’s wealth is in the hands of
the 8 % that are Jewish. WHY? In order to preserve themselves from extinction they had to make
themselves indispensable to the society they were part of.

The way you preserve yourself is to make yourself indispensable. (i.e. Jews)
The more irrelevant you are, the easier society can get on without you. The crying shame of the
church is that we have convinced our culture that we are irrelevant. The challenge for the
church is find out what the greatest need of the community and find out how to meet it…not that we
just preserve ourselves from extinction but to avoid the ignominious label of irrelevance.

70% of high school dropouts never move more than 10 miles from the place that they dropped out.
What do you suppose that does to the economy of that city? One generation after another produce
after themselves. The church has to move into the arena of education. This is how you transform
cities in America. You’re dispensing influence in a culture.


3 Categories of Marketplace Infiltration…

1st level - There are people who are broke who need to learn how to get sufficiency (the lowest
level of financial stability in the kingdom of God – dependent on NO man).
2nd level of finance – Prosperity – I have all that I need and have something extra to give to
help someone else.

Marketplace Invasion 6
3rd level – Wealth Mastery - Ministry of Finance – Owners of companies and leaders in the

3 types of believers
1. Those who are advancing within the culture to shape it from the inside out
2. Kingdom entrepreneurs – own their own business
3. Believers who are in the marketplace that are called to maximize their influence in the job
that they’ve got. (they are not owners or thriving to be an owner) they have the dignity to
shape the lives around them – i.e. the maid that influenced the mistress that influenced
the politician.
The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!

Best Selling Book: Journey Into the Heroic Environment
How to create a convergence-friendly environment.
8 top principles for changing the environment.
1. Treat others with uncompromising truth
2. Lavish trust on your associates – empower them
3. Mentor unselfishly
4. Be receptive to ideas regardless of origin
5. Take personal risks for the organizations stake – take a chance
If you don’t excel, the system will remove you – mediocrity exposes
itself when excellence appears
6. Give credit where credit is due.
7. Do not touch dishonest money.
8. Put the interest of others before your own.

These are the rules that would create the heroic environment!

ou need to give a reason for the hope that is in you because the Excellency of Christ exhibited
through your giftings in the area of your purpose will create a platform for people to want to
know what you believe and why you believe it.

A prosperous person is a person whose emotional life is whole, physical life is sound, mental life is
sharp, relational life is powerful, & financial life is healthy enough to have the resources to live the
vision that God gave them.

If the nations are going up the mountain to find out what you’re doing that works, it isn’t because
you’ve got a better theology but it’s because you’ve got something producing results they’re not

Marketplace Invasion 7
module 3
Key Concepts in this Module:

1. How to develop a well-lubricated Prayer Strategy for your career
2. Distinguish the difference in Wealth and Covetousness.

In this session you will learn about...

Engaging a Prayer Strategy &
How to map our your definitive prayer strategy

Money is a spiritual force or power that has the ability to cloak itself in it’s nearest physical equivalent.

A believer who is not passionate about scoring in their profession is someone who basically has a
calling, gifting, anointing and angels working in one direction. The problem is that they themselves
not being congruent in terms of that are flying with all kinds of conflicting senses in terms of what God
might be wanting from them. What they have is an incongruent delivery.

Incongruence: on some unconscious level you’re not totally convinced that God actually wants you
to have the thing you’re trying to get. We are incongruent with what
God wants.

Problem with Christian: We are taught a value system that “My
kingdom is not of this world.” Therefore MY kingdom is not of this
world. In which we surrender to the kingdom of darkness waiting on
Jesus’ return.

My kingdom is not OF this world. Keyword: OF – meaning
“from this source” He meant that he was not receiving from the world’s
strategy but from the Father offering a different source of strategy.

He was going for the whole world: nations and people

The Father and Jesus were making a transaction!

He was just going for a different source and empowerment.

What we need is a congruent conviction regarding money.

Wealth is not necessarily measured by digits in your bank account but by a sphere of influence.


My values, vision, gift system, strategy, end result, purpose are all in

Marketplace Invasion 8
Your assignment keeps changing, but your PURPOSE doesn’t.

• Reference: The On Purpose Person – Kevin McCarthy

Life Purpose: the sum total of what your life is all about – the place of your greatest passion – your
purpose is directly related to your gifting

Vision is the postcard. Purpose is why you’re going there.
Purpose answers WHY. Vision answers what does it look like?

Mission that is not aligned with life purpose brings BURNOUT!
Mission is an invitation to join God in what he about to do.

Look for the invitation! Invitations come in forms of NEED, PROBLEMS, BURDENS…Where is your
greatest pain, problem, challenge, frustration?
• Burning Bush invitations, etc…

The key to the mission is… What is God doing?


Your assignment is always changing based upon your present invitation.
Your purpose never changes!

Change the way you present yourself and the way you describe what you do. Most of the time we
are apologizing instead of engaging on who we really are.

You have 120 seconds to make a first impression and it takes 20-30 more encounters to change that
first impression. Have a “state” that is highly empowering.

Operating in the Force of Favor...
(For more on FAVOR – see CD series Favor on

Learn to love the assignment that God has given you! Forget about the pain and enjoy his presence.
Embrace the assignments you don’t want. The moment you feel that something is beneath you,
you’ve actually disqualified yourself for your next level of promotion. What is the Father calling you
into right now?

On New wineskins in the Marketplace…

What we need is a new “mindskin” – the perception of the church.

If you see the church as separate from the marketplace then what you end up with is an old wineskin.


Marketplace Invasion 9
If the dialogue that is going on in the marketplace is initiated and lead by people who do not have
a “new wineskin/church” mentality, they’ll separate the marketplace emphasis from the church and
create a division where in fact God wants to create EXPANSION.

Old model for churches: gathering of the saints – GET THEM TO GATHER THEM
New model for churches: to become an equipping center/training center…this model is for the


There is not a division between marketplace and church – there is an expansion of partnership and
empowerment that creates a greater result for both.

Marketplace Invasion 10
abylon represents man in his lowest state – separated from God and alienated from his original

The nation is in a civil war with values…a war over ideas

The church has to go into the different spheres of influence (family, government, media, economics,
education, etc…- 7 Mountains of Influence in Culture) in culture and create new wineskins.

3 John 1:2

It’s imperative that the church start walking in such a way that they become salt and light.

The Great Commission is a TEACHING COMMISSION!


We live in a new covenant that is supposed to a better covenant.

Tongue-talking in the Old Testament…

Ex: Daniel was called to interpret the tongue of heaven and interpreted a riddle that had held
Babylon in suspense.

We have an advantage in the marketplace to access answers that only come from heaven. Tongues
is a great key for “Daniels” in the marketplace. Tongues is a vehicle through which you attract to
yourself the insight that’s missing in every area of your spiritual journey.

“Soul prospers…” – your soul becomes the container around your spirit…you can only prosper to the
degree that your soul prospers

5 strategic categories of soul prosperity that are indispensable to your spirit man having a partner in
you that is congruent.

Your spirit is always congruent. My spirit is where my new nature is…it is where Christ is. Your Spirit
is tied to heaven with an unknown tongue like a baby is connected to a mother’s umbilical cord in the
womb. Your soul is your mind. Your soul is where the error is, not in your spirit. The problem
is renewing your mind and bringing your body in submission.

5 dimensions to prosperity
Prosperity is having more than you need…a surplus
1. Spiritual Prosperity – peace with God
2. Emotional Prosperity – “state” – your state is primarily emotional…What is your overall
state? He who has the greater passion controls the atmosphere.
3. Relational Prosperity – Are your relationships getting who you are? What is your relational

Marketplace Invasion 11
4. Financial Prosperity
5. Physical Prosperity

All are interconnected…It is impossible to be emotionally prosperous and have a
tooth ache because all are connected. If Satan can get you on any one of these he can
abort your prosperity.

The prosperous soul is where wisdom comes in. It has 3 personal and 2 interpersonal
EQ – Emotional Intelligence

3 personal elements of a prosperous soul:

1. Self-awareness
2. Personal responsibility
3. Sustained Motivation

2 Interpersonal skills
1. Empathy – ability to accurately understand what someone else is feeling.
*Connecting with others’ feelings
2. Trust – ability to establish rapport (Really all people prefer others reflecting themselves)

Illustration: Johari Window (A Johari window is a metaphorical tool created by Joseph Luft and
Harry Ingham in 1955 in the United States, used to help people better understand their interpersonal
communication and relationships. (

Johari Window Four Regions

1. What is known by the person about him/herself and is also known by others - open area,
open self, free area, free self, or ‘the arena’
2. What is unknown by the person about him/herself but which others know - blind area,
blind self, or ‘blindspot’
3. What the person knows about him/herself that others do not know - hidden area, hidden
self, avoided area, avoided self or ‘facade’
4. What is unknown by the person about him/herself and is also unknown by others - unknown
area or unknown self

DANGER: Every time you rehearse your story you empower it to become the pattern for the rest of
your life and the only way you will ever have a future is that you disempower the story because the
story is now becoming the justification for your present condition. Understand that you are the one
that gives meaning to your story/journey. You can give it any meaning that you want. There is only
one meaning that you want to get out of your journey and that’s empowerment. If the meaning that
you attach to your history is disempowering then Satan has framed your past. If the meaning that you
attach to your journey is empowering then the Holy Spirit has reframed your history. Kill that story!

Marketplace Invasion 12
module 5
nergy: where do you get that energy from? If you don’t have clear goals then you could
fatigue in the pursuit in the high call of God. Remember! Jesus endured the cross. You
must have a clear definitive powerful picture of the future to enable you to push through the
resistance everyday.

In this Module you will understand the…
1. Science of Goal Setting in every area of life
2. Power of a Defining Statement that makes an impression that will last
*Reduce what you do in one sentence.

Assignment: Answer the detailed questions on track 2 and 3.
In 10 Years…
In terms of your career, what is the one thing you want to do most?
In terms of vision, what kind of person would you have to be in order to have that quality of
What is the way in which you serve others?

These answers reveal your purpose!
When you are clear about what you want,
you have greater potential of getting it!

Your systems begin to align.

The foundation of all of this is based on who you are. My values in terms of personal priorities are
going to be different than others. Staying in tune with your personal set of values depends on what
your mission is.

Lance’s Values/Vision Statement
I am a devoted attendant of Jesus Christ. I build relationships and processes that bring out the
best in people. I use my gifts of creativity and communication to help others discover those key
insights that radically change the quality of their lives forever. As a teacher, I bring forth inspiration
that helps people bridge the gap between where they are and the place God’s calling to be. I am a
pioneer in new learning events and experiences and personal growth. My vision is to create magic
moments that shifts peoples awareness in powerful ways. I am man who has massive impact on
others, bearing much fruit, a recognized leader in the field of personal, organization and cultural
transformation. I am making a difference in my generation while imparting and infusing life into the
precious souls entrusted to me in the next generation. I impact the world because the people I teach
shape the pillars of society. As my Master has been a friend to me, I am a friend to anyone who is
interested in growing…A sharper of the swords of generals, a Samuel to the young and emerging
Davids, I am leaving a legacy that inspires future generations. I am a dynamic team participant with a
group of experts called to the same field. My website, my products, my broadcast, radio are touching
lives worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – while I sleep someone else’s lives are changed.

Marketplace Invasion 13
Lance’s Priorities
1. Fervent in Spirit – Passion for Jesus
2. Keeping myself in the love of God/peace with God
•If I am not in those states, then I take the responsibility of getting there.
3. Intelligence – the accurate utilization of the wisdom God gave me
4. Health and vitality
5. Determination – disciplined focus –
•you enjoy life more when you are 100% there
6. Happy – enjoying myself
7. Being my best – constant improvement
8. Making a difference – nail the area that God has given to me.

I realized I needed more compassion, gratitude, a greater sense of integrity and discipline.

What are the missing ingredients in your life?

Purpose should be one sentence.

Lance’s Purpose statement: I am a voice of inspiration forging a pathway into God’s best for myself
and my generation.
• Voice – Inspiration – Pathway – Innovation

What kind of person would you like to be? You have to have that identity now! Say, “I am…”

Our image is our identity. Identity is shaped by reference experiences. Create new reference
• Mental rehearsals
• Kill that old man story and bury it
• Break the pattern of former associations

Your greatest need is to be consistent with your own identity. Your first step to having new
experiences is to have a new identity. You break the pattern of former associations.

Personal Constraint Theory -
(For information on obtaining profiles contact us @

Your identity has constraints. (Flip Flippen) No organization will ever rise
above the personal constraints of it’s leader.

2 areas of constraints:
•Systems constraints – the way things are done in processes
•Personal constraints – individual characteristics

Force-field theory – where ever you’re at in your personal career,

Marketplace Invasion 14
business, church and family is not going to change unless you strengthen these while removing
these. Without the strengthening and removing of constraints, all you will ever have is status quo.

Increasing the driving forces also increases the resistance in restraining forces.
A powerful way to produce change is to turn a constraining force
into a driving force – CONVERT IT!

4 major system constraints

• goal clarity
• lack of accurate plans
• system for measurement
• no accountability

Once you’ve listed the constraining factors, you need a strategy.
You need to map out your situation from a heavenly perspective. (Ephesians 2:6)
Identify the areas in which we are primarily personally and organizationally operating with

You have the driving forces working for you. What are the forces that are working for you? What are
the factors personally and organizationally working against you?

1 John 4:1

In order for you to have authority on earth you are going to have to exercise your throne rights. You
have to pray a divine veto on what’s happening in the strategy in second heaven. You can use your
authority if you have insight.
•If you ask the wrong questions, you get the wrong answers.
i.e. Why am I always in debt? “Why?” is always the wrong question.

For it to be a constraint, there has to be a spirit behind it because you’ve given it territory through a
blind spot.

Add to your mapping, another person to agree with you.

The easiest way to position yourself in the mind of people is to create a defining statement. So what
do you do?

Rules for creating a defining statement
1. The language must be simple
2. It must attract somebody
3. It must be termed in the language of their dream or desire rather than their pain
4. Identify the benefits and who your target is – Find the language that people can
remember – If it’s repeatable, it’s a winner
What is your market niche? This must be included in your defining statement

Marketplace Invasion 15
Lance’s Defining Statement: I work with people who want to grow their people and leaders who
want to bring out the best in their people.

The test: Will I say it and does it actually work?

Say it, so that it comes naturally out of your mouth.

I work with _____________ who want to ______________

and __________________.

Create alternate versions that apply to different audiences.

The art of a defining statement is that it puts you in a position to be really clear about the target group
you are looking for and the benefit you provide. The idea is to get the person to want more. You are
allowed one free statement in a conversation. The key is to make a statement that elicits a response
from them to say more.

Can you make a statement that doesn’t stereotype who you are and what you do but creates a
sufficient interest so that they identify with you as a potential prospect and are interested in more. If
you can get them to ask for more, write down what came out of your mouth.

A defining statement goes in the same category as first impressions.

Marketplace Invasion 16
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Marketplace Invasion 17