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Obituary of Judge Coleman “Coley” Fannin, Il March 5, 1932- December 19, 2018 | Resident of Lafayecte |-clemae "Coley Fannin, we bors Match 5, 1932 a saa Pandas, utes Angee Puan sd Coes Fecal Fans, he famiy Saved i Conte at 30 Ja Rehmond in 1942 where he atended Woodrow Wison Grammar School, High, Harry Els Jr. High and Richmond igh. “There, he became an Eagle Scout GGne of the acctrpishmeis of which ‘he tes mest ‘woud He was 2 Clfomi Sue Debate Charplon sed es Sle Seay ret honor Yar dn” gn Fobrsary 1950 he gradiaush fan USP in 1953 wah a degre i nsxory vs (owed by sorvce tc kngy cane he ores Border fom Bee. On re taiing home" hs other Convnced Hivos ber ak ewe for ad, "Two year ie ne mate tat hale Tn 105), he gadusted from USF Lae seh ce “Tn 1659, he paated fom USF La Sehect, ceatng Lis Hulong cEmntment eine Uniesty, He tame |S paste | Sibfetuenay Gites watson, Noles Ses fas hy wee eaced te Gee Coe Conamaky lege Distt Sou of trustees in 971 Dac ek at pe Scon'wmen fooald Keagin appested bn to te Coma Boba Cony Sapeioe Cour fe wan wegen Ser hand ane By Avion, Coley earned a eben ret sieen yeas at tec ple who ery nye ie into the nig ro reseve complex ination He Save Into a feqhent lecarey, leer in She Caloris Aarocaton, sad the rcplnt of mummers toners eked Judge of the Year by CTLA. "Re reed ftom he Bench if 1968 ts ap the Bay Dinector: of JANS and was a foundiag Principal Ben Cf tho JAM Foundation, Caley wesw key ele Sevelopment not only of JAMS but of mediation more seer ad 6 recog an an ‘excepsional mediate fd leader in the local legal common, ‘Coley was 8 te native of the Bay Arca, living in Tancico, Richmond, Pinole, and Lafayete, both Cour end Meraill Gagdeas. Wherever they lived, he ‘elene opened their doors to thelr commtnity. A devout mole i Catholic fe was an acive enc of hs paris, bot tine and money, and’ prepa Yeah in merporable St JGsepts productions of Rer on the Root and Gays and Bal at his fe, he was pulled toward the wa tcrvaiowing footallst'Sinson Beaty seube ing fn wesio, plying King of the Rock inthe Yuba Rive nd, meet fecens, waking day acting the Tay Reseoatn Coley teiatved fly acaba Son the ge eo ifechanging tip 1 lly w Whe mont roca foray © SSbaxopot | After fetiing from JAMS in 2005, he stayed acuve—tak- fing classes at DVC, cozching Acalanes Mock Trial, Keeping up with his idren and being 2 devoted ‘caretaker to Arelene, whose macular degeneration shaped their later yer, Throughout, he maintained an infectious appecite for My fr ave or food for ie, for ends and {| for the law, above all. He wil be remembered sense of humor, his exirandina ity, his mentor ship and his willingness to provide advice and couse! Whatever his rolejurs, father, grandfather, tee end, Sl cies See econ ng Gove ke Cal el Fe "ne ke ns Ee oat | ey wal be mined bys le ale, fre chi ‘Gren—Anrisa, Coley IV, Jill, Toni and Jim-four sons- and | Sopris an’ 28, Dona ete" eniiem ule naa, Neos ate Bek Bachman, Logan Fannin, Bay Fé Ss | ‘Coley Fannin V, Molly Mudgeit