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Stop Medical Abuse <> Aug 2, 2018,

11:55 AM
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Senate Inquiry into Federal Judge Death

Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell

Died October 8, 2017

Dear Members of the Senate Subcommittee:

My name is Billy Earley and I am a Physician Assistant Healthcare Advocate and a National
Adviser for Black Doctors Matter, National Adviser for American Pain Institute, Advocate for
World Sickle Cell Federation, and Ambassador for Doctors of Courage. Our organizations
represent doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses of all ethnic
color, religions, and racial backgrounds.

We have information that Federal Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell was the victim of foul play
and her mysterious death at the age of 52 years old was deliberate and intentional. One of our
members, a Turkish doctor, that has since fled the country for fear of his life and safety; he has
provided overwhelming evidence involving an elaborate scheme of corruption involving
attorneys, judges, special interest groups and department of justice and enforcement officials in
the State of California.

We believe the death and homicide of Federal Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell was the result of
a 50 million dollar lawsuit case that she benched before she died. We have created a short
video with sufficient evidence to initiate and trigger a Senate Inquiry into the death and
homicide of Federal Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell. We have submission of information in
part to Senator Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris office officials and they have not
Government/Corporate Parties Involved:
1. Superior Court Judge Andre Birotte Jr.
2. Superior Court Judge Dorothy C. Kim
3. Superior Court Judge Steve Kim (Nexus)
4. Beong Soo Kim, former Chief U.S. Attorney Fraud Unit
5. Thomas O’brien former Chief U.S. Attorney
6. Gloria Castro, Supervising Attorney General, DOJ
7. Collen McGurrin, Prosecutor/Attorney, DOJ
8. Jeffrey Rutherford, Self-Proclaimed, DOJ / FBI Lawyer
9. Peter Norrel, former FBI Agent
10. Stewart Powell, California Attorney
11. Talin Yocoubian, California Attorney
12. CVS Health Legal Team
13. Aetna Health Legal Team

Relationship / Connection:
Thomas Obrien was the Chief U.S. Attorney and Andre Birotte jr. took over his job. Dorothy
Kim worked under Andre Birotte as 2nd in charge for U.S. Attorney office and her brother
Beong Kim was the Chief Fraud Unit Attorney. Jeffery Rutherford is husband of Dorothy Kim.
Jeffrey Rutherford is main law firm for AETNA Health in California. The extent of Steve Kim
involvement has not been completely identified. Thomas, Birotte, Norrell, and all of the
individuals listed have worked together and were all aware of Government Corruption.

Criminal Misconduct History:

Dorothy Kim and her Brother Beong Kim, initiated a bogus investigation for fraud into a
Beverly Hills doctor. Jeffrey Rutherford, had befriended the doctor and when the fraudulent
investigation was launched, Jeffrey Rutherford, convinced doctor to let him take case.
Rutherford meet with Collen McGurren and they both persuaded the doctor to stipulate to the
same fake charges that Dorothy and her Brother Kim initiated. After 3 years and 500,000
dollars paid to Jeffrey Rutherford, doctor fired Rutherford and hired Thomas O’brien. Thomas
told doctor, “Jeffrey and Dorothy” are husband and wife. Thomas said, “I will get this thrown
out because conflict of interest.” Thomas said, “Don’t sue them!” Doctor was irate and
reported to DOJ what had happened and to investigate, and doctor said he was going to sue.
Numerous DOJ officials accidentally leaked their internal communications to doctor. Gloria
Castro tells many DOJ workers, “Defend Collin McGurrin, send doctor back to MBC, we
cannot investigate complaint because we are the counsel for everybody that he has mentioned.
Then Gloria Castro sends the complaint and response to all the perpetrators. The MBC
employees tells many witnesses that the doctor will lose his license regardless if he pass the
courses and they took his license. Doctor filed a 10 million dollar law suit against Jeffrey
Rutherford and his wife Dorothy Kim. Doctor’s attorney said, “I don’t want to put the name of
the judge in it because he was afraid.” Even though, Dorothy and Jeffrey committed serious
crimes using Government resources and fraud, the judge ruled that the Statute of Limitations
had expired, this was not true.

Misconduct Identified Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell’s Death:

Doctor filed a 10 million dollar lawsuit against Aetna, plus a 100,000 dollar penalty for each
day that Aetna refused to pay for 2 years of surgeries, billing, and other legitimate services,
which would equate to 50 million dollar judgment against Aetna. Judge Beverly Reid
O’Connell benched the case. The Doctor found out the Jeffrey Rutherford was the main
attorney handling the case for Aetna. He cried-out foul play and Aetna changed the attorney. In
July of 2016, Jeffrey Rutherford in conspiracy with Aetna attorneys and the attorney that
doctor hired to litigate the complaint for him, Stewart Powell, who is a known racist against
Turkish people, according to a text from Thomas O’brien, they hacked into doctors Gmail
account a sent a pdf file consisting of ERRISA assignments that they created. The file was sent
to Stewart Powell and to the doctor’s manager, but, she never saw the file because the only was
to find it was to type in the “file” name in the email search box. Stewart Powell had the file
since July of 2016, but, he just showed doctor and his staff this file two days before Aetna filed
their counter claim, in June of 2018. Aetna lawyers said they had an expert look at the hacked
email file and determined they were fraudulent. Stewart Powell submitted the hacked email
files to now Judge Andrew Birotte. The file has been determined to be hacked and not from the
doctor and Stewart Powell, two days before Aetna files counter-claim, says, AETNA wants you
to stipulate to remove this case, they know FBI says Powell in a written communication, and
he says, I advise you not to FIGHT the counter-claim because I know “ANDREW” and he is
going to rule AGAINST you. Doctor had multiple communications with Powell and Norrell
about judge Beverly Reid O’Connell’s death and how Andrew Birotte got the case. The same
person that allowed an entire department of corrupt DOJ and State employees to engage in
criminal misconduct. Peter Norrell, in a text communication says, we had nothing to do with
Beverly’s death, and Stewart Powell said, she just died and Andrew got the case now. Thomas
O’brien mentions my case on his website, but, he does not state that the investigation FBI/DOJ
investigation was fraudulent, done by a team of Government employees were the 2 nd in charge
of the U.S. Attorneys office and her brother in charge of launching investigations, had HER
HUSBAND, Jeffrey Rutherford wheel and deal with other Government Agencies while Adrew
Birotte watched, ignored, and probably participated in the entire fiasco. Thomas O’brien’s
website statement,
“Persuaded the Department of Justice not to file charges against a
physician with a successful medical practice who was being
investigated by the Department of Justice for claims of fraudulent
billing. When Mr. O’Brien was brought onto the case, the investigation
had been ongoing for several years, and the government had issued a
final plea offer and expressed their intention to indict the client.
Within weeks, Mr. O’Brien and his team conducted an investigation
and presented new evidence to the Department of Justice. The
Department of Justice decided to allow the statute of limitations to
expire on the charges that they, only weeks earlier, intended to file.”

PLEASE SEE UNLISTED EVIDENCE VIDEO: Department of Justice Criminal Ring and
why Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell was murdered.


Billy Earley is providing this information on behalf of Dr. Guven Uzun, a doctor who discovered and
identified the individuals stated. Mr. Earley, and Black Doctors Matter, briefed legislative members
about the murder of Doctor Anthony Jackson M.D., and a MBC information officer and former CBS
News investigator Sandra Hockenson, who died mysteriously and suddenly according to family
members. Mr. Earley has addressed the MBC and they have refused to respond under the advice of the
AG. Doctors are being murdered in California by Corrupt Government employees and that’s why
Black Doctors Matter requested a Congressional Hearing and Inquiry into the senseless murdering of
prominent healthcare providers and innocent people. Please refer to this link for a complete description
of what happened and why Black Doctors Matter is demanding an investigation for these murders. See
Link For Details



Senator Charles Grassley

Senate Subcommittee Chair
c/o: Director of Health Policy
Contact: 202-224-3744

Senator John Cornyn

Senate Subcommittee Chair
c/o: Beth Nelson
Legislative Assistant
Contact: 202-224-2934

Senator Ted Cruz

Senate Subcommittee Chair
c/o: Joel Heimbach
Legislative Counsel
Contact: 202-224-5922

Senator Jeff Flake

Senate Subcommittee Chair
c/o: Katie Jackson
Legislative Assistant
Contact: 202-224-4521

Senator Lindsey Graham

Senate Subcommittee Chair
c/o: Marissa Prianti
Legislative Aide
Contact: 202-224-5972

Senator Mike Lee

Senate Subcommittee Chair
c/o: Rodney Evans
Judiciary Representative
Contact: 202-224-5444

Senator Benjamin Sasse

Senate Subcommittee Chair
c/o: Patrick Lehman
Legislative Director
Contact: 202-224-4224

All Interested Parties