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Ty MID Tue Best Or THE KINKS MIP MID MIP MIP IVI, MID IMI MI> MID MIP MI OMI IMP MID MID OMd2 Tue Best OF THE KINKS __| Contents All Day And All Of The Night 2 Apeman 4 Autumn Almanac 9 Come Dancing ied Days 1S Deadend Street 18 Dedicated Follower of Fashion 21 Ey'rybody's Gonna Be Happy 24 Lola 26 See My Friends 33 Set Me Free 36 Stop Your Sobbin' 38 Sunny Afternoon 41 Tired Of Waiting For You 44 Waterloo Sunset 46 A Well Respected Man 52 Who'll Be The Next In Line? 49 You Really Got Me Edited by Peter Foss Fist Published 1990 ‘© International Music Publications Exclusive Distributors International Music Publications Southend Road, Woodford Green, Essen IGS BHN, England Photocopying of this copyright material is illegal 215.2613 ? ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT Words and Music by RAY DAVIES, fo bewith you = inthe day-time. thet youand me = last fore thet youand me - last for ae: ener HS Girl wont to bewithyou - all of the time yeh all'doy fictimsyours, leaveme eves: yeh all doy youry leaveme _nevaer PRP iss G F % 8G S F 8 OG F on ly time | feelaleright = is by your ~ side. © 1964 Edward Kassner Music Co, Li,, London SWIY 4DR