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Ambika mantra helps students to

perform better
A grandmother who wanted help her grandson in his studies, took a glass of water and chanted
the mantra, “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa” and gave it to him. He
started doing well in the exams. Therefore, these days, he requests his grandmother to give the
mantra-charged water by saying, “Grandma, I write well, if you give me the mantra water”. The
reason being from being a back-bench student, he has shifted gears in his studies and started
getting 80 to 90% score.

Hanna never used to get more than 40% in her school exams. Therefore she requested her Aunt,
who is a Reiki master, to send her Reiki through distance, during her exams. Her aunt
instead visualized her niece and prayed to the Ambika mantra that the energy of it should be with
Hanna for next 24 hrs during the latter’s exams. She prayed like this, throughout the exams of
Hanna. Interestingly this time she scored 2nd rank in the exam.

Remedy if your child avoids studies

Modern day education is taking its toll on kids; especially in India. Children are burdened at an early age
with loads and loads of books to study in the school as well as at home. It is no secret that kids find this
repulsive and try to find ways and means to avoid studies. At times they become tired and lethargic
when the word study is uttered.

A friend of mine mailed me the simple paranormal remedy to make kids concentrate on studies. Take
some Whole Masoor Dal, [Whole Red Lentil] with the outer skin intact and tie it is a small piece of red
colored cloth. Then hide this piece of cloth in the school bag of the child.

This I am told this makes the child concentrate on his studies and he dose not feel repulsed by the sight
of books. You can try this remedy if your child falls within the above category.

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No epidemic disease like Swine Flu can affect you, if you chant the mantra, “Om Howm Vum Joom Saha”
constantly. This was coined by the guru from ancient India Sukrachariar.


Destroys unwanted energy around


Generates Amritham (ever –life essence) that gives vital essence, which is present in the Hara
Chakra. It strengthens our body against any infection.


It gives power, physical immunity and vitality.


SA means Agni (which also destroys unwanted energy). HA means space. Unwanted energy in
the space is destroyed and destructed – both inside and outside us.
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Avoid Financial Crisis

I came out of financial crisis within 24 hours by chanting the mantra, “Lalitham Sridharam
Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Sudarshanam”.

your chronic debts.

Lalitham Sridharam,

Lalitham Baskaram and

Lalitham Sudarshnam

Benefits of Lalitham

Lalitha means beauty. I combined M with it – as M immediately vibrates with the right brain. That’s why
Bija mantras end with M. It’s the right brain that has to guide our lives.

Whatever sins and mistakes you may have committed, Lalitham helps you to release and be forgiven.

We say our obstacles are due to our bad karma. However, they can be released thanks to Lalitham. Once
they are removed, the obstacles to our lives are also removed.

Lalitham Sridharam

Thanks to this mantra, Money will flow into our lives. Any problem that deals with
basic/root/Mooladhara chakra can be handled by this mantra. Then abundance of happiness, comfort
and money will result in.

La, Lum (bija mantras) – for Basic Chakra, Tham attracts, Sri – activates third eye, and Rum – energises
Solar Plexus Chakra.

Sri and M (at the end of mantra) à Sri is Lakshmi. This is the mantra for Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi will be
present, where Vishnu (Narayan) is there. Speciality of Vishnu is that while we search for Lakshmi,
Lakshmi is attracted to Narayan. Sridharam – Lakshmi attracted by Narayan. SRIM in Sridharam helps us
to establish peace, and destroy evil.

Why we need Rum? When money comes, first confidence will come and then ego will come along with
that. Thanks to Rum ego will be removed and Solar Plexus chakra will be balanced.
Lalitham Baskaram (sun)

If there is confusion, it gives clarity. If you want to know the truth and something fishy is happening,
chant this mantra.

It will not make you look behind your life. You will keep moving forward as it creates step by step

Lalitham Sudarshnam

Sudarshnam means light. “SUYA Dharshan” means knowing oneself. Seven to eight Bija mantras are
inside this mantra.

Advantages of Lalitham Mantras

All the three are useful to handle Shade Sani.

They can be chanted to handle difficult situations too, for it will bring light into the situation.

You can do it while walking or sitting. It will improve total Punniyam (good karma). You can put Chin
Mudra or Acceptance Mudra while chanting this mantra.

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Why Mantras Are So Special?
If there are no sounds then there is no world. Sound alone can create structure or a form based on the
principle of sympathetic resonance. If you tune one tuning fork (or a crystal bowl) then tuning fork next
to it will also resonate in the same frequency. So sound is important to our lives. It is the creator of the
world. If there is no sound then there is no world.

Bija Mantras

Our ancestors have found out that our Chakras – the energy centres or wheels of energy are responsive
to specific sounds called as Bija mantras. Bija means seed. It can influence the DNA of the matter inside
us. When all the chakras open up harmoniously, things will happen for us automatically – with least of
our efforts.

Benefits of Bhajans Singing

If the mind is attached to the body then we always think about it. Then whatever happens to the body is
more painful to us. Therefore, we had to detach the mind from body? How? By listening to Bhajans or
doing Keertans is one way of releasing body from mind and completely disassociating from it. As long as
you’re concerned about body, there will be shyness in our approach. This can be removed with help of

Bhajans are nothing but Namas or a string of Mantras. Bhajans are one way of directly talking to god and
relating the god within oneself. So it’s good to sing the Bhajans loudly. There need not be any shyness in
chanting the Namas.
Speciality of Namas or Mantras

Each of them works with different parts of the body. For example, Kesavam Narayanam mantra acts on
Hara chakra. It is a cleansing mantra. Madavam Madavan activates both right and left hemispheres of
the brain. If you chant Madavam Madavan there won’t be any paralysis.

Poojas Are Effective too…

We can break up any mantra or Namas to one or more bija mantras. Poojas are important for the same
reason as they are nothing but mantras. Each and every name of the lord is a coinage of bija mantra.
Thus our own centres are activated when we hear the Namas.

Healing Through Mantras

For mantras, all problems are one and the same. They don’t differentiate serious problems from smaller
problems. A mantra that works for one problem will work for similar types of problems – whether they
are big or small. Thus God’s ways are simple.

There are many mantras available to us. Based on the situation we had to chant the appropriate mantra.
Keep chanting them until the problem is solved.

Water Treatment with Mantras

Any mantra/switch word/Bach flower remedies can be chanted by holding a glass of water on your
hand. Then after sometime, drink it.

Healing Others

To heal others put their name in a piece of paper, keep it on the left hand and chant the mantras.
Preferably chant during the beginning of the day and then later before going to sleep.

Numerology Doesn’t Work (all the time)

The most important thing is how the Mantra sounds. Numerology doesn’t work for the same reason. If
you add one more “A” to your name, it will not make any difference as your name is going to be
pronounced in the same way. Thus pronunciation is important. We are subject to sound. Even if
somebody doesn’t know spelling, it impacts them.

For Successful Job Interviews

Before going to interview chant the mantra, “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa

Handling Eye Problems

Lalitham Lambodaram Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Balachandram

You can’t separate this mantra like a compound. You have to chant them together. However,
Lalitham Lambodaram can be chanted separately.

This mantra combination is very effective for eye problems.

 From any eye problem, it can restore vision of the concerned person.
 Eye operation will happen successfully and proper vision will be restored.

Lalitham Baskaram alone is good for eyes. Not to have regression after recovery, Lalitham
Balachandram is added. It also takes care of the circulation part. Circulation is minimized due to
age. Lalitham Balachandram improves ocular circulation, specific to eyes. Eye problems will not
come. Therefore, have no fear.

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1) You can chant Sri Durga Sapta Sloki 27 times daily for 40 days.

You can find Sri Durga Sapta Sloki in………

2) You can also chant the below Sloka

Om Sri Devii hi amrutOdhbhUtA kamalA chandra ShObhanaa Vishnu Pathnii Vaishnavaii cha
VarArOhA cha SArngiNI

HaripriyA DEvadEvI MahAlakshmI cha SundarI.

Chant this ten times a day and on friday 108 times also light a ghee lamp
3) You can also chant the below Mantra 10 times a day AUM NAMO HERAMBHAYA MA

Chant the below mantra 21 times a day



Go to Ganesh Temple daily for 21 days and ask his blessings


4) You can also chant the below Sloka 108 times daily.

Videhi devi kalayaanam Videhi paramaamsriyam

rupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi visho jehi

For Successful Job Interviews :

Before going to interview chant the mantra,

“Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa”.


You can also see…………

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Response from:
Preetha N,
Council Member on
Source: This
information comes
from my own
Dear Hardik, Please
Recite the following
mantras in the
morning: "AUM
Times Chant "AUM
: 21 Times Chant In
the evening also you
can recite the same
mantras: "Om Shreem
Mam Kaarya Siddhi
Kari Kari Hreem Phat
Aum Namo
Herambhaya Ma Ma
Aristha Nivaaraya
Chant -10 times. "Aum
Namo Ekadthanthaya
Dheemahi Thanno
Prachodhayath" Chant
21 times. Also go to
Lard Ganesh Temple
daily for 21 DAYS
continuously and pray
for his blessing. Surely
you can get a job
quicker. Best of luck.

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Hi, Sri devi hi
amrithothbhutha kamala
chandra shobana Vishnu
patni vaishavicha vara
rohacha srudha Hari priya
devadevi mahalakshmicha
sundari Om Srim
mahalakshmi yehi sarva
soubhagyam swaha

…. First of all you should
have belief in yourself.Try
your best.Wrk very hard.

???? ?????? ?????????????

???? ?????? ????? ??????
????? ??????????
?????????? ??????
????????? ???????
????????????? ?????? ?
????? ?????????? ???? ????
???? ?????????? ??????

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sambasivan s,

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comes from
my own
Query thro
sms: pl recite
this every day
eight times:
"Sree devi
vaishanavi sa
varaaro hacha
deva devi
sa sundari"
Visit nearby
temple every
day evening
for 46

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from: Bala
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comes from
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Pray to your
Family deity
and perform
Regularly visit
the family
deity. Mantra's
and Slokas can
be obtained
only through a