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A hat design by Maya Levitt

This hat was inspired by my father’s request for a beanie for his birthday. He wanted something
that had a bit of flair while still not being too outrageous, and could be worn in mild to cool
weather. It is a simple design with a broad brim and an interesting textured pattern created
basic stitches. This means it is a simple hat for the beginner knitter.

Size wise, this design can be worn by both children and adults, despite only three sizes being
offered. When choosing a size, go by head circumference. If the head circumference is in the
lower range for the size, it means there will be more slouch in the hat. The higher the head
circumference in the size, the less slouch, though this hat is designed to have a slight slouch
whatever the size.
Row 1-2: knit to end
Skill Level Row 3: *k2, p2* Repeat * * to end
Easy. You only need know how to
knit in the round and how to knit and Repeat Row 3 until brim measures
purl. 4cm.

Gauge Pattern
20 stitches over 10cm in stockinette See page 3 for the charted pattern.
Change to 5mm needles
Supplies Repeat * * to the stitch marker. .
8ply/DK weight Yarn (180-250m)
Round 1: *K4, p5, k, p, k *.
3.75 mm & 5mm circular knitting
needles Round 2: *K4, p5, k, p, k*.
Round 3: *K5, p3, k3, p*.
Yarn needle
Round 4: *K5, p3, k3, p*.
1 Stitch marker
Round 5: *(P, k5) x 2 *.
Abbreviations Round 6: *(P, k5) x 2 *.
k knit
Round 7: *P2, k3, p, k5, p *.
p purl
Round 8: *P2, k3, p, k5, p *.
k2tog knit 2 stitches together
Round 9: *P3, k, p, k5, p2 *.

Sizes Round 10: *P3, k, p, k5, p2 *.

Size Head circumference Round 11: *P4, k5, p3 *.

child 51cm/20”
Round 12: *P4, k5, p3 *.
sml adult 56cm/22”
lrg adult 61cm/24” Round 13: *P3, k5, p, k, p2 *.
Round 14: *P3, k5, p, k, p2 *.
Brim Round 15: *P2, k5, p, k3, p *.
Cast on using the smaller needle
Round 16: *P2, k5, p, k3, p *.
Size Stitches
child 96 Round 17: *(P, k5) x 2 *.
sml adult 108
Round 18: *(P, k5) x 2 *.
lrg adult 120
Join to knit in the round, making sure Round 19: *K, p, k3, p3, k4 *.
not to twist the stitches. Place a
Round 20: *K, p, k3, p3, k4 *.
stitch marker to mark the beginning
of the round. Round 21: *K2, p, k, p5, k3 *.
Page |2 Dryad ©Maya Levitt 2015
Email: for any concerns or issues.
Please do not share or distribute this pattern.
Round 22: *K2, p, k, p5, k3 *.
Round 23: *K3, p7, k2 *.
Repeat the 12 stitch pattern until
Round 24: *K3, p7, k2 *. you reach the stitch marker.

Repeat Rounds 1-24 until piece

measures from brim

Size Length
child 19cm
sml adult 21cm
lrg adult 23cm

Row 1: k2tog to end
Row 2: k2tog to end
(Sm adult) Row 3: K1, k2tog to end

(Child, Large adult) Row 3: k2tog to


(Child, Sm Adult) Row 4: k2tog to

(Lrg adult) Row 4: k1, k2tog to end

Snap yarn and thread through

remaining stitches. Pull tight then
weave in end.

Block gently.

Page |3 Dryad ©Maya Levitt 2015

Email: for any concerns or issues.
Please do not share or distribute this pattern.