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Question 1 – 3
Choose the best words to fill in the blanks.

1. The soldiers always wear __________ with their uniform.

A. boots

B. slippers

C. buts

D. shoes

2. My teacher uses a red __________ to mark our books.

A. pen

B. box

C. paint

D. bucket

3. Susan uses a pair of __________ to cut the papers.

A. scissors

B. spectacles

C. slippers

D. socks

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Question 4 – 6
Choose the best phrases to fill in the blanks.

4. Yap Beng is at the basketball court. His hobby is ___________.

A. playing basketball

B. playing volleyball

C. playing netball

D. playing football

5. Liana has many dolls. Her hobby is


A. dancing in the hall

B. singing on the stage

C. playing people

D. playing doll

6. Alias likes to cycle and __________ is cycling.

A. he likes

B. she loves

C. his hobby

D. her game

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Question 7 – 9
Choose the best answer to fit the situation shown in the picture.

7. A. I'm very tired.

B. That's all right.

C. I'm sorry. I forgot.

D. I'm happy to hear that.

A. Is this for me?

B. This box is very big.

C. Thanks for the present.

D. What is inside the box?


9. A. 35 kilograms.

B. 2 metres long.

C. Only RM 8.50

D. 140 centimetres.
Question 10 – 12
Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.

10. A Help Help! The boy is drowning.

B. Help! Help The boy is drowning.

C. Help! Help! The boy is drowning.

D. Help Help The boy is drowning!

11. A. The Boys play football every Evening.

B. The boys play football Every Evening.

C. The boys play football every evening.

D. he boys play Football every Evening.

12. A. That is Puan Rosnah.

B. That is puan Rosnah.

C. that is puan rosnah.

D. That is puan rosnah.

Question 13 – 15
Choose the correct answer.

13. Anita likes to __________ to the radio during her free time.

A. draw C. listen

B. sing D. watch

14. We __________ the show on television with our father last night.

A. watch C. watched

B. watches D. watching

15. We __________ to watch the football game at the stadium last night.

A. went C. wash

B. want D. wish

Question 16 – 20
Read the text. Choose the correct answers.
Whales are large, intelligent mammals. They are warm blooded animals. They move
easily through the water. They are among some of the mammals that always live in water.
Frogs belong to a group of animals called amphibians. An amphibian means two-lives.
Frogs begin their live in the water and when fully developed they live on land. Frogs are
cold-blooded which means that their bodies have the same temperature as the air or water
around them.
There are more than 12, 000 species of ants all over the world. Some queen ants can
live for many years and have millions of babies. Ants do not have ears. Ants hear by feeling
vibrations in the ground through their feet.

16 . Whale are _______________

A. mammals B. reptiles
C. amphibians D. none of the above

17. The word mammals refers to __________.

A. cold blooded animal

B. warm blooded animal
C. animals that have two lives
D. animals that only live in land

18. Why are frog called "two lives"?

A. They are reptiles

B. They are mammals
C. They live on land and in water
D. They have hair on their body

19. How many species of ants are there all over the world?

A. 21, 000 species B. 11, 000 species

C. 31 000 species D. 12 000 species

20. Ants do not have __________.
A. legs. B. ears.

C. eyes. D. head.


A. Complete the poster with the information given. Design the poster.

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SK Kampung Pantai, Mukah

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(10 marks)
B. Rearrange the words to form sentences.
by bicycle / school / go to / I / every day.
I go to school by bicycle every day.

1. television / We / in the living room. / watch

2. cooks / our / the kitchen. / My mother / in / food

3. Our / a big garden. / has / new house

4. takes / his shower / Qabil / in the bathroom.

5. sleep / I / in my bedroom.

(10 marks)
C. Look at the picture. Match the sentence parts correctly. Then rewrite the
sentences in a paragraph.









(10 marks)