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info final exam

Applies knowledge in the context in which it will be used

Select one:
a. Facts
b. Information
c. Wisdom
d. Data

Dimensions provide information that are used to be able to put data into context such as a time
period,a region or a product.
Select one:
a. False
b. True

It only logs onError events , nothing more.

Select one:
a. Verbose
b. Performance Logging
c. Basic Logging
d. None of the choices

The core of the data warehouse is the concept of ____ and ______

Select one:
a. Facts and measure
b. Data and retrieval
c. None of the choices
d. Resources and supplier

These are people who are experts in a certain field of expertise

Select one:
a. Data Scientists
b. Data Analysts
c. Consultants
d. Subject Matter Experts

It's the first phase of the Ongoing Prioritization Process

Select one:
a. Prioritization
b. Resource Allocation
c. Idea Generation
d. Deeper Analysis

When planning initiatives, it is advisable to focus only on those that will give you enormous amount
of improvement today and completely disregard petty initiatives
Select one:
a. Maybe
b. Not always
c. True
d. False

It's made up of a series of techniques and tools aimed at improving business processes and
ultimately eliminating defects
Select one:
a. Seven Sigma Program
b. Six Sigma Program
c. Five Sigma Program
d. Five Sigma Program

It's a law that forces corporations to store and retain documents deemed necessary by the
government and disallow them to intentionally destroy them
Select one:
a. Sarbanes-Oxley Act
b. None of the Choices
c. Bangsamoro Law
d. Haynes-Williams Act

COBIT Stands for

Select one:
a. Copy of organizational bits
b. None of the choices
c. Control Bits
d. Control Objectives for Informational Related Technologies

These are hypotheses that tend to be longer-term and bigger picture, and just as with events, they're
related to market planning, product lineup and other strategic decisions that aren't necessarily done
Select one:
a. None of the choices
b. Strategic Hypotheses
c. Data Driven Hypotheses
d. Operational Hypotheses

What does CLV stand for?

Select one:
a. Customer Lifelong Value
b. None of the choices
c. Customer Lifetime Value
d. Customer List Value

Which of the following is not a dimension of quality in terms of services

Select one:
a. Accuracy
b. Price
c. Consistency
d. Reputation
Database Management System is the program or the set of programs that surround and manage a
database to make sure your rules are applied.
Select one:

It is the process of finding the best way to do something.

Select one:
a. Forecasting
b. Management
c. Filtering
d. Optimization

They are time periods beyond which a particular type of claim cannot be filed.
Select one:
a. Repose
b. Statutes of limitations
c. Mortgage frame
d. Refund Policy

t is a legal term that refers to spoiling evidence by preventing its use in some sort of legal
Select one:
a. Spoliation
b. Regress
c. Evidence Recession
d. Evidence Degradation

Structured Query Language is the common language that lies at the heart of every relational
database management system and it is considered as declarative query
Select one:
Word used to measure the worth of a person, object or service.
Select one:
a. Quality
b. QoS
c. Accuracy
d. Reliability

The area where people are specifically placed in order to serve them in an orderly manner
Select one:
a. Lobby
b. Waiting Line
c. Office
d. Bench

They are a fundamental concept of prescriptive analytics because they allow us to go beyond our
traditional limitations of only acting on a factual basis.
Select one:
a. Business Hypotheses
b. High-Velocity Analytics
c. Big Data
d. Data Warehouse

It is considered to be more subject oriented, or not as broad as a data warehouse,

Select one:
a. Data Mine
b. Database
c. Data Mart
d. Data Warehouse

These are the people responsible for anything that happens with an initiative
Select one:
a. Goal Leader
b. Team Leader
c. Initiative Manager
d. Initiative Owner

This type of slowly changing dimension's function is to overwrite data only

Select one:
a. Type three
b. Type two
c. Type one
d. Type four

Sports utilizes analytics in order to be able to draft and create scenarios that may prove vital to the
player's / team performance.
Select one:
a. False
b. True

It is a part of sentence in a website or web page that caries a hidden hyperlink pointing to a different
webpage or website.
Select one:
a. Bit.Ly
b. None of the Choices
c. Text Link
d. Long URL

It is a software or hardware that serves as boundary to keep the dangerous things outside while
scanning all the data that coming into your router from the internet.
Select one:
a. App Store
b. Antivirus
c. Firewall
d. None of the Choices
They are sedentary numbers that can be summed or distributed in order to have values.
Select one:
a. Data
b. Sources
c. Measures
d. Facts

They often involve multiple passes through our workflow with processes looping back to some
previous point as new data is acquired and processed.
Select one:
a. Low-Velocity Analytics
b. High Gear Analytics
c. High-Velocity Analytics
d. Low Gear Analytics

These are waiting lines that manages invisible people

Select one:
a. Automative
b. None of the choices
c. Less Visible
d. Physical

It is the process of utilizing a prototype of a system to test out the functionality of the real thing.
Select one:
a. Filtering
b. Forecasting
c. Optimization
d. Simulation

He developed the method of analytics called range factor

Select one:
a. Bill Gates
b. Derek Wolowitz
c. Bill James
d. Derek Jeter

They operate on a Wide Area Network, or WAN, providing internet service to many homesover a
large geographic area.
Select one:
a. ISP
b. DNS
c. VPN
d. None of the choices

The Default duration for Log file retention in SSIS

Select one:
a. 30 days
b. 90 days
c. 180 days
d. 365 days

It is a central repository that integrates data from one or more disparate sources.
Select one:
a. Data Mine
b. Database
c. Data Warehouse
d. Data Mart

It uses the SQL Server Agent to write data to a new set of tables.
Select one:
a. The Change Data Capture
b. Streamwriter
c. SQL Server Data Writer
d. None of the choices
This refers to the data that because of its size, speed and format (its volume, velocity or variety)
cannot be stored easily, manipulated or analyzed with
traditional methods
Select one:
a. Big Data
b. Program
c. Database
d. Language

These are people the who partner with a data scientist and they're the ones who help determine
the overall business and decision flow that the analytics will support.
Select one:
a. Data Scientists
b. Subject Matter Experts
c. Consultants
d. Senior Business Strategist

Which of the following is not an example of Big Data for Research?

Select one:
a. Fraud Detection
b. Google Flu Trends
c. NASA Kepler Space Telescope
d. Brain Initiative

It's a type of data that rarely / never changes

Select one:
a. Database Files
b. Static Data
c. Core Data
d. Dynamic Data

The duration in which the accountant / corporation should retain documents

Select one:
a. 15 years
b. 6 years
c. 5 years
d. 10 years

Analytics data sources are connected by default. and has no issues in communicating with each
Select one:
a. True
b. False

It is the Final phase of ITIL life cycle

Select one:
a. SP
b. ST
c. CSI
d. SS

Value creation begins at which Phase?

Select one:
a. Service Design
b. Service Planning
c. Service Strategy
d. Service Implementation

Which of the following is not a physical product?

Select one:
a. Wholesale
b. Retail
c. Drop-shipping
d. Manufacture
This the process of gathering ideas from different persons involved in strategic planning
Select one:
a. Brainstorming
b. Documentation
c. None of the choices
d. Listing

It Provides Context to Data

Select one:
a. Logic
b. Analysis
c. Information
d. Facts

It's a prioritization tool that compares two objective functions of the company
Select one:
a. 2x2 Matrix
b. Crossfire
c. Comparative Method
d. Pronged Method

Helps the company during legal arrangements by providing evidences of contractual relationships,
acts and omissions, putting a party on notice etc.
Select one:
a. Testimonies
b. Documents
c. Memorandums
d. None of the choices

It converts the signal into digital data that can be interpreted by a computer, game console, or other
Select one:
a. DSL
b. ISP
c. VPN
d. Modem