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Project Location :
The site of Hospital is located on Jail Road, behind the Institute ofCardiology which was
once its part.
Hopital Capacity And Designing Concept :
The hospital is spread on area of 50 acres, comprising of 1400 beds for inpatients along
with the outpatient facility which caters 500-600 patients daily. The building of hospital
was constructed in different steps, therefore buildings of different styles are designed
and constructed in different time periods.

History :
The Punjab Institute Of Mental health, Lahore was founded on its present site in 1900
to cure the mentally ill patients. First it was named the “Lunatic Asylum”. At that time
it was comprised of an area of 172 acres which now has shrinken to an area of 50
acres. The name of hospital in 1996 was changed to“Government Hospital For Mosque:It isfar from allmale
Psychiatric Diseases”, which was again changed 2002 to “Punjab Institute Of Mental
Design Philosophy :
Basically hospital constructed in colonial era .Its purpose of construction is healingof blocks and it is small.
mentally ill soldiers at that time . Linen store: linen store is far
away from the laundry.
Laundry: it servesboth male and
Design contents female units.
The clinical setup on which the placement and division of spaces Kitchen: the kitchen isnot
in hospital is designed is asfollows; managed properly

 Admin Block
 Emergency Department Out-Patient and
 Out-patient Department Emergency Department:
 EEGDepartment
Out-Patient and Emergency
 EECDepartment
department are placed side by
 Dental Out-Patient Department
side. Architecturally, both are
 Rehabilitation Unit (Mand F)
Emergency block of hospital and opd different buildingsin terms of their
 Drug Addiction Unit (M andF) DESIGNANALYSISANDPLACEMENT Layout Of Punjab Institute Of Mental feel and function..
 Occupational TherapyUnit
Clinical Psychology Department Planning
Other facilities Occupational therapy
Nursing Care Setup
Private rooms Four building blocks arranged around the central large greenarea. workshop
Pharmacy Department
Mosque Units are rectangular in form
Indoor Patient Departments (M andF) Tailor shop
Laundryunit Every unit has 4 wards which can accommodate 30 patients
1. Unit-A (M andF) Loom shop
Linen store Wards are not welllit
2. Unit-B (M andF)
Patients have no privacy Carpenter shop
3. Unit-C (M andF)
Guest rooms for the visitingdoctors Each block is a double story block Blacksmithshop
4. Unit-D (Mand F) Main Entrance towards north Female Units Severe patients are kept on the upper story. .
5. Unit-E (M andF) . .
 Psycho-Geriatric ward
 Male and Female special care units The structure of Punjab Institute Of Mental Health isConclusion : the entrance. The facades of building structures are designed such
very imposing from
 Private ward that giving the feeling of a jail. This imposing feel of buildings develop the sense in patients that they have trapped there.
 Kitchen •In-patient units are not designed, considering the segregation of different types of patients. The patients who have recovered and now
 Laundry they are in stable condition are also living with the patients who have recovered..
Continuing Medical Education •Rehabilitation Centre is provided but for those 35 patients who are now in a stable condition. Whereas rehabilitation and therapy program
Program is part of the recovery process.Different therapies and rehabilitation programs help the patient to recover soon, and are tools to develop
 Supportive services
In-Patient Units Male wards confidence in patients. Therefore, the rehabilitation program should be on a large scale and according to that space should be provided. .
MALE-UNITS •The lush green environment is provided to patients in the form of grounds. But the use of ground is very minimum. In my two time visit I
The hospital comprises of 11 male units have not seen hardly a single patient sitting in ground. Patients should be encouraged to use grounds and have communication to each
with almost 900 patients. The units are other. These grounds can be made interesting by providing sitting in an organized way. And some area of each ground can be used for sport
designed in imposing brick structures activities. .
(Fig.13e,Fig.13h). All units are designed •The space which is provided to Punjab Institute Of Mental Health can be very effectively used to develop a Recovery-based design. There is a
on the same layout and all are double need of understanding by government authorities of this issue. Another problem is that, the hospital is dealing a large number of patients
storey, with ground floor is designed and the truth is this, for mental health facilities such a facility of large beds is not recommended, because the mentally ill-patients require a
for serious patients and first floor is Grounds: full-time attention.
designed for less serious patients. For The all building structures are surrounded
serious patients cells of one or two by lush green grounds and trees. Benches
patients are designedwhile for less are provided over there
serious patients wards of 10-14 beds NAME : MUDASERAHMED
are designed. In some units, both floors THESISPRESENTATIONDATACOLLECTIIONSHEET ROLL NO : B– 14120
are consisted of wards.
CASESTUDYOFCraigavon Adult Psychiatric Unit
Category Health
Location Portadown,
United Kingdom
Architect Hall Black
Douglas Architects,
Belfast, United
WAFEntry2008 Landscaping plays a key part in the design of the 74-bed unit. Situated on
the site of Craigavon’sAcute Hospital but tucked away from the main
74 inpatient beds - 20 of these will accommodate older people
complex, it is set almost in its own parkland with views toward a semi-rural
experiencing functional mental illness, the remainder are forgeneral landscape. As one moves towards the four ward areas, the two wings both
adult psychiatry. These are single en-suite rooms thus improving offer access to smaller, more intimate landscaped spaces, some with seating
patient care, privacy anddignity for only three or fourpeople
An outpatient unit
A day hospital (to open later in theyear)
Psychology services
Enhanced therapeutic activities such as Health Promotion, Eating
Disorders and Depression Group Therapy
Support for medication advice, understanding of symptoms, stress
and anger management


The Bluestone Unit, the complex is designed to be •A relaxing and non-intimidating patient environment
welcoming and bright, with a strong emphasis on 74 inpatient beds - 20 of these will accommodate older people experiencing functional •Therapeutic environment - quality of daylight, connection to landscape, delight
mental illness, the remainder are for general adult psychiatry. These are single en-suite rooms of integratedart.
legibility for users and visitors alike. A major feature of thus improving patient care, privacy anddignity
•Clarity of department identity, and a simple legibility of layout for patients and
the design is the use of protected landscaped
A day hospital (to open later in theyear) visitors.
courtyards.. The plan reveals the close intertwined Psychology services •Safe detailed design forpatients and staff - anti-ligature design, safety systems
relationship of internal and external space. Psychotherapyservices and space layouts
Enhanced therapeutic activities such as
Health Promotion, Eating Disorders and All windows are pre-finished Within the completed building, several
Depression Group Therapy painted timber, double-glazed with pieces of integrated art are installed
Support for medication advice, ranging from internal glass art & wall
understanding of symptoms, stress and low E coating. Suncoolcoating has mountedmosaic panels to external mirror
anger management been applied to limited areas. & metal sculptures which have been
. The roofs to the wards, & facilities There are a number of areas commissioned from four individual artists.
buildings take the form of curved mono boasting full height curtain walling,
pitched roofs covered using standing seam
aluminium panels whereas the roofs ofthe including the day room links,
more linear . patient common areas and the
main entrance. Circular and square We believe this building is a unique
SITECOVERED AREA rooflights are used extensively response to the Brief and Model of
throughout the buildings. Care set out by the client at the
The unit itself comprises some 6,659sq outset.
m over a single-storey, although there
is a small area of two-storey Hospital provide the proper segragation of patients according to their age .
SITETOPOGRAPHYANDCONDITION accommodation providing a day unit Adult sector is separate than aged.
on the upper floor. Construction well use of passive tecnhques.
Work began on site in September 2006. Ground Open spaces are provided enhance the social movement act as catlyst for patiect healing
comprises cavity walls with traditional
conditions were poor due to the site being previously strip foundations. processs.single storey building avoids from hazrads,
filled. With load bearing capacity poor, the structural
technique of lime stabilisation was employed to
upgrade the ground conditions on site. This has also NAME : MUDASERAHMED
helped to level the site, which had a 7.5m fall across it. INTERNATIONAL CASESTUDYPRESENTATIONSHEET ROLL NO . : B – 14120
Project Details: Ellsinore Psychiatric Hospital, Denmark Program 2:
Ellsinore Psychiatric Hospital is located in . Day’s Space, Psychiatric Offices:
Helsingor, Denmark. The clients of the .
Day’s Space
project are Frederiksborg and Helsingor Psychiatric Offices
hospital and its Architects are Big-Bjarke Treatment Offices
Ingels Group+JDS Architects. The project
is constructed on area of 6000 square
Waiting Areas
meter. It was completed in 2005 with Terraces
staircase Buffers zones nd roofgardens
the cost of €7,250,000.
Waiting Areas:
Architect’s Statement: Waiting areas aregiven
an importance in the
The functions of a Psychiatric hospital
sense that these areas
require to be clear and centralized butit
are provided in well-lit Landscaped Terraces:
should have a feel of anything like but a The Ground floor of hospital has large perimeter
corridors consisting of
hospital. The snowflake structure of the Gym area colorscheme badminton court than the first floor, this thing helps to design
skylights or in atriums
hospital allowed us to radiateall landscaped terraces on first floor . , therefore due
creating a social
functions in different directions from a to these landscapedterraces building of hospital .
central node, leaving interesting and
Architectural layout design spaces DESIGNING STRATEGYOF HOSPITAL
informal spaces within and around
different departments. The structure of
the Hospital allows it to fold and merge
into the surroundings ofhilly landscape.

Design Concept:
Privacy/Sociability: The spacesalong
with provision of Seclusion spacesfor

The hospital provides a peaceful environment
Easeof further expansion
Material used reduces risk of Injuries
Glass walls would make patients feel less trapped
Landscaping around the hospital is good forpatients

Connecting Bridge:
Connecting bridge is designed
between the Psychiatric hospital and Program 1: According to Designers; Conclusion:
General hospital.. The residential program of the hospital is located along the The both parts of hospital were consisted of many different functions that cannot The design of Ellsinore Psychiatric hospital is based on provision of
level of existing lake on site. The residential program consists of work together. First, they designed each program and arrange them in an Recovery-based and healing environment. The nature is acting the main
Site Architectural Contents following spaces; integrated differential way healing tool along with scientific medication.
Bright corridors The positive aspect of the Ellsinore Psychiatric hospital is this that
Patient’s bed rooms Artificial easy-cleaning respect is given to the site. The contour and hilly character of the site is
Meeting spaces materials like plastic paint, used in all possible ways. The half sunken structure of the hospital makes
Dinning rooms linoleum floors or ceilings it able to merge with the surrounding hilly and landscapearea.
Sportshall made of gypsum, etc. All Light and views are given prime importance in every part of its design,
Patios materials have their natural Patient’s bed rooms, offices, meeting places, dinning halls.
Offices surfaces. Cast floors in Long corridors are provided in Patient’s wards but with windows on
ServiceLobby concrete or one side and large open spacesin the form of meeting places and patios.
This thing makes the supervision easy and patients also do not get the
feeling of being trapped.
•Day light and Despite the structure of the hospital radiates from a single central
Large glass windows natural light usein point, it is different from radial plan in the sense because all branches
around the building The hospital;. carry the same independent program and they do not need to respond to
would have lessaffect the centre.
Program: ; against temperature. The scale of the building is on human scale, it is not imposing on human
One Program for living and Some of the corridors Meeting Spaces psychology. This thing provides a psychologically comfort and homelike
One Program for treatment feeling to patients inside
NAMEof building.
ROLL NO . : B– 14120