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P PTE Essays with answers.


1 . M a s s M e d i a Mass media plays a pivotal role in our life. Many people and
businesses rely on thesemediums for their day to day transactions. On the ip-
side it also bombards us with toomuch or unwanted information. This essay will
shed a light on various aspects of thisissue.ewspapers! radio! television! and
the "nternet#including e-mail and blogs#aresigni$cantly inuential on our

society! especially in a%rming attitudes and opinions thatare already established.
The news media focus the public&s attention on certainpersonalities and issues!
leading many people to form opinions about themMass media sets the news
agenda! which shapes the public's views on what isnewsworthy and important. "t
is a system used by advertisement agencies and mediaoutlets! such as television
channels and radio stations to (convince( their audiences to door act in a certain
way. "t appeals to the vulnerability of the desired target. )or instancefamous
person or persons who are recogni*ed! admired by whole communities.
Theseindividuals have the (Power( to convince their followers or fans into ta+ing
any +ind ofaction or decision. Therefore! these famous people usually are lin+ed
or wor+ for somemedia outlet and are used! to inuence the community

accordingly. The media has changed signi$cantly in the past years. ,ecause of the
availability oftelevision and radio all populations and classes have been eposed
to various types ofmedia. The "nternet has provided an even newer media
resource. The maority of peoplelive in a very fast paced society. They have very
little time for reading and eploring thetruth of information. The producers of

media publication are aware of this and use themedia to inuence public choice
and opinion. The problem lies in that many people aregullible and society as
a whole is easily inuenced by the media representations. Themedia also
responds to public demand and provides the information that the publiccraves./
positive aspect of the media&s bias has been that it has facilitated change

in people&sperception of races in a positive manner! eposed people to
other cultures! made peopleaware of environmental needs! and the needs of
people far away. 0hile there can alsobe negative implications the media also has
to reect the public&s point of view. 0ith thegrowing representation of
ispanics! /frican /mericans! and other minority groups! themedia is under
pressure to present them in a more positive light