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Hon. ___________________



Dear ____________________________,


The residents of Purok ___ of barangay Palo, Loay aims to help our barangay in
implementing Programs and Services for the best welfare of our neighbourhood.

We experienced hardship in finding venue for some of the Purok activities like Meetings,
Focused Group Discussion, etc. We, therefore, come up with a plan to build a Purok
Center for the mentioned activities in a vacant lot located in our Purok. The fathers will
help in carpentry works while the mothers will help maintain the venue. Our Project
needs construction materials, chair, tables, etc.

In line with this, we are asking some support from you to help us make our Project
possible. Any material thing or amount you can give us is highly appreciated for the
better implementation of our Project.

Thank you and God Bless.

Respectfully yours,

Edmund Calibo
Barangay Kagawad
Palo, Loay