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TP Task 3 – Planning for Learning

This task is linked to ECE3503: instructional strategies and planning for assessment. It
asks you to take on an active role in planning and preparing for active learning
environments. This task requires you to meet with your MST, and through his/her
guidance, plan a weekly plan using the school template. Evidence of implementation
of this plan is also required (added to blog with a reflection). You need 4 weekly
plans for WIKS.
Is a process to have a professional observation,
planning and reflection to improve the student’s
skills and abilities and reach our goals which is a
What is the planning cycle?
useful and creative way of teaching to enhance the
students levels by doing plans, creative activities,
reflection, observation and questions.
Plan a weekly plan with your MST

Choose 1 subject and diagram the planning cycle that takes place in your school

United Arab Emirates

Ministry Of Education
Sharjah Education Zone
Sama American Private School
Weekly Plan KG -2
Term 1. Week 9
Oct 28th –Nov 1st, 2018

Subject Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

28/10 29/10 30/10 31/10 1/11
Group Songs: ABC / Days of the week / months of the year/weather/ school/ phonics
Discussion A/C/P/ T
Big Book: Mouse shapes. READING BOOK: The Playground. STUDENT BOOK.P:104-
107.High frequency word: see-we-to-a
English Phonics: High Phonics: Blending words Flag Day
Letters: frequency Letter : with /a/.
A-C-T-P word: we- A/C/P/ T Cap Celebration
Vocabulary see-to-a Vocabulary Map
words: Reader’s words: Tap
Pumpkin- Notebook. Peanut-
cow- Pg:59 cone- teeth- READING BOOK:
alligator- ambulance- The Playground

axe- ten- cane- STUDENT

towel READING pajama. HW: send the
Reader’s BOOK: The Reader’s reading book: The
Notebook. playground Notebook. Playground
Pg: 61 Pg:64
BOOK.P:104- BOOK.P:104-107
107 H.W. Notebook
Pgs: 30-31
Domain Represent, count and write numbers 6 to 9.
Math Ch 3: Ch 3: model, Ch 3: model, Ch 3: model,
model, count and count and count and write HW: CH 3:
count and write to 6. write to 7. to 7. P: 141-142
write to 6. P: 127-128 P: 137-138 P: 139-140
P: 125-126 HW: CH 3:
Flag Day
P: 129-130

Science Habitats.
Where do animals and plants live?
Name and recognize different habitats.
Dimensions. Vocabulary:
P: 108-109-110-113 Desert- forest.
HW>Science booklet .P: 22
Include photographic evidence of the implementation of the activities in your blog.
Record the learning outcome, and reflections.