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To communicate clearly in the language of instruction, both orally and in writing, using correct grammar, in 
various contexts related to teaching.  
• Uses appropriate language when speaking to students, parents and peers.  
• Observes rules of grammar and stylistics when writing texts intended for students, parents or peers.  
• Is able to take up a position, support his or her ideas and argue his or her subject matter in a consistent, 
effective, constructive and respectful way during discussions.  
• Communicates ideas concisely using precise vocabulary and correct syntax.  
• Corrects the mistakes students make when speaking and writing.  
• Constantly strives to improve his or her own oral and written language skills.  
By the end of his or her initial training, the student teacher should be able to:  
• master the rules of oral and written expression so as to be understood by most of the linguistic community;  
• Express himself or herself with the ease, precision, efficiency and accuracy expected by society of a teaching 

How have I developed this competency during this course or professional seminar/field experience?  
I have
  developed this competency by communicating respectfully and humbly to all students and staff members.
    first internship was in a French immersion school which means all classes are in French from grade 1 to 4. I had the
   to make sure to speak to all students in French even if it’s not their first language. I assisted in a reading
workshop where all teachers get together to help students read the letters and words in French. I would help correct students'
  and assist them while reading the sentences. From grade 5-6, students are allowed to speak in English when
responding to ask a question or add comments, even in a French class. I made sure to encourage students to communicate in 
  and explained why it is important for their future to keep this language. I also told them being bilingual is truly a gift and 
a privilege. If ever they are having any difficulty with the language, I would make sure to let them know that it is okay to make  
mistakes, as long as they don't give up. One tip to get stronger and better in a language would be to read books in order to  

improve our vocabulary; and to listen to the radio or TV shows in French.  
Growing up, I struggled a lot when it came to French Grammar and reading comprehension. Given that, I understood students' 
frustration whenever they couldn't complete a task. I personally have no problem when it comes to communicating in French  
  English but need to improve when it comes to grammar, writing and reading. I am fortunate enough to be bilingual and  
made sure to let all students know that they are lucky to be in a French immersion school where they have the freedom to
 speak English and French at such a young age.  
   Attach additional sheets if necessary. 


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*Use the features of the competency (listed above) and the professional competency rubric. 
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